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    Slimmer couch cushion?
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    Only because the age of Mississippi high school students finally dropped below 21, so no one was old enough to drink beer while playing any more.
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    We met with Wilson in their Chicago HQ in June to discuss potential improvements. We solicited input, including from @MadMax, before we arrived. While the meeting was great, I know this was a major transition year for them on the catcher’s gear side of their line with the new NOCSAE certified CPs now required with high school catchers. I remain hopeful that the input provided will lead to progress in the future. We will keep pressing, and I will update UE members here if there is anything definitive.
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    they were investigating the Sox parallel with the Astros investigation Cora was the mastermind at the Astros (benchcoach) .... so when doing the math ... yeah, he's guilty. Karma for being an assclown and turning down the trip to the White House .......douchebag
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    [I know you're not a lawyer...but I am, so I'm going to use the lawyer analogy. It is not perfect, but here goes:] That's like a lawyer saying. "I read all the statutes, but I'm not going to read any Supreme Court or Court of Appeals decisions." Such a lawyer would be committing legal malpractice. Court decisions give meanings to the statutes; they interpret the statutes and tell persons (and lawyers) how to behave or act accordingly in a particular situation. The NFHS casebook (and the MiLB and MLB Umpire Manuals) tell umpires how to interpret and apply the rules. These publications do not make "suggestions" as to how one should apply the rules (as written in the applicable rule book) on the field during the game. Rather, they tell umpires how they "must" apply the rules (as written in the rule book) during a game. The casebook is binding authority...just like the rule book. Let me give you an example: In OBR, it is written (to paraphrase) that all runners are awarded two bases from the time-of-the-pitch on an overthrow by an infielder that goes into DBT if that overthrow was the first play by an infielder on a batted ball. The key word in that entire definition is "play". Unfortunately, if you were in umpire school with me in 1997 you would not be able to find a definition of what constitutes a "play" for purposes of this rule no matter how hard you looked in the rule book. Rather, you would have to go to the applicable umpire manual to find that a "play" for purposes of this rule is a (1) tag or attempted tag of a base by a fielder in an attempt to retire a runner; (2) a tag or attempted tag of a runner by a fielder in an attempt to retire a runner; or (3) a throw by one fielder to another fielder in an attempt to retire a runner. Without the appropriate casebook, one cannot understand the rule. This is just one example. There are many, many of these in every rule set. Heck, the MLB Umpire Manual has three pages of binding authority on when the defensive team may (and may not) execute a valid appeal of a missed base or a failure to re-touch a base. I am making a friendly suggestion that you re-evaluate your current practice of not "look(ing) in the case book all that much. ANY year."
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    Why apologies? NCAA hasn't changed anything. My response was to @Forest Ump to reinforce why FED is more onerous than NCAA regarding the DH. But I like your question as to "why" for multiple times. No need. In my neck of the woods when we get a 9 man lineup we look it over and confirm with the coach one time: "straight nine?" That one question/observation should suffice for the new change also.
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    Sold! @Thunderheads lock it up and thank you for the promotion!
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    It's a case of having rules because they've seen the rules in other places, or blindly reusing rules that had been created many years prior when they made sense, and not understanding why the rules were actually made...and then being too stubborn to realize they screwed up.
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    I signal/no signal based on the situation as it unfolds: Simply, something quick with no confusion, then less signals (maybe "yes he did" with a point and a strike signal, then an out signal when he is quickly tagged after the catcher retrieves the drop). If there is any confusion or doubt, then i signal at least verbally and will also signal no catch with a safe sign. For example, Doubt whether the ball hit the ground, and the catcher shows me the ball in his glove as the BR just stands there: If i know it hit the ground, i will verbalize "NO", and maybe even "no, hit the ground" and then signal safe (no catch) with my arms. This will probably lead to an off-to-the-races play. Same situation but after i verbalize "No" the catcher immediately attempts a tag, then i am skipping the safe signal and judging tag or no tag. To eliminate any confusion i will signal a no tag with my arms (safe) and also verbalize "NO TAG", or, on a tag, point with my left and signal out with my right while verbalizing "he's out" or "on the tag". Another example, Ball skips to the backstop on a pitch out of the strike zone, BR attempts to check his swing. if i judge that he went, I will verbalize and point with left "Yes, he did" and signal strike with my right, and skip signalling a passed ball, because it's obvious. If i judge that he did not go, I will verbalize the ball, and be aware and ready to quickly grant an appeal to my partner if asked by the defense, to give both sides a fair chance to react if my partner judges a swing attempt. Same situation, but I call strike three on the pitch that was in the strike zone: last season, I would verbalize "Strike Three" with a hammer hand signal (i usually signal strike three with a chainsaw, so i tone it down so i can get out of the way and react to the play of the passed ball), and make sure the batter is reacting. If not i would add a safe signal and verbalize "ball's on the ground". I do this in case the BR was confused from my hammer signal. From this post, i will consider changing my signal to sticking the arm out on called strike threes on passed balls from now on - this would eliminate the hammer and may reduce any chance for confusion. So yes, i believe there is no "written" hand signal because this situation falls into a game management category, but is probably a good thing to talk over with your partner pregame (or bring up at an association meeting) to make sure everyone is on the same page.
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    As long as F3 are still on the market any other shin guard should be disregarded. YMMV.
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    I had ordered the previous model off of U-A's clearance but they were out of my size when I ordered and upgraded me to the V3. I'll be able to give you a review when they get here next week.
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    2015 BRD PAGE 7 OFF INTERP 1-D4: FETCHIET: If no NCAA rule or interpretation exists to cover the situation, the umpire should adopt the OBR rule or interpretation. ( phone call to cc, 11/27/01
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    Looks like a Wilson titanium. Wires are too small to be steel
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    A force out is one where the runner was forced too advance due to the batter becoming a runner and is retired before reaching the base he was forced to. Therefore, the BR can never be forced out, though it looks very similar at first and is essentially the same. If the BR is retired before reaching first on a play the third out is recorded on, no runs can score. So, if the BR abandons his attempt to first for the third out, it doesn't matter what happens, no runs score. Similarly, if the third out is a force out, no runs score. In your situation, R1 is forced to second and is retired for the third out before reaching the base he was forced to. Thus, no runs would score.
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    No,....FM25s have a square throat extension... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I found the following interpretation from Rich Marazzi at baseballrulesacademy.com. It is about a catch made by George Springer of the Astros in a game played against the Brewers at Miller Park on September 4, 2019, when Springer made a leaping catch to rob Ryan Braun and end the fifth inning. It is similar to our OP in that the fielder fell backward and landed on his back side and was hurt—he then discarded his glove with the ball inside it. Video does exist if someone can find it and post it here that would be great. Here is an excerpt from Marazzi’s analysis that might help us here… If the ball fell out of his glove the moment he made contact with the ground, it would be ruled no catch. The same would be true if the ball in glove became detached as a result of hitting the ground. But I think he intentionally flicked the ball and glove from his hand after hitting the ground. Therefore, the ground did not cause the ball and glove to be detached. If a batted ball is gloved airborne by a fielder, but the glove/ball combination is ripped off the fielder’s hand and drops to the ground with ball still in glove, it is no catch. If the fielder falls to the ground and is incapacitated with ball in glove still on his hand, the ball would still be in flight and the closest fielder should pull the ball out of his glove to legalize the catch. The ball would still be in flight because it never touched the ground, a wall, a foreign object, an umpire or an opposing player.
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    I'm a bit late on this, Rush has been on of my favorite bands for 35+ years, I tried to learn to be a drummer after listening to Peart. RIP
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    I don't even try and keep track any more. we have to work 10 or 12 varsity games, and then a "peer rating" (here it comes) groups the crews. 1-4 is Crew #1, 5-8 is crew #2, etc. (Do you see the good ol' boy network working here?)The top crew is usually the one that if moved into states, is the one to go. I've probably had more training and field time than most in my chapter, that based on training/experience should probably land me on crew 2 or 3. Never been higher than crew 4 and 2 or 3 district games. No biggie, not it in for the fame or accolades, so I just move on to the next season.......
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    ha! maybe if he threw subs instead of baseballs he'd be ok
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    Again, for using external technology...not for on field sign stealing/decoding.
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    Yes it has the white F3 logo on it. It is brand new. If you pm me your number I can shoot you a pic. @wolfe_man
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    That's why I used a in my post too! It's a very valid argument, don't get me wrong, ... he was a genius for sure, ..I just look at it in a more specific way that's all. For you sir: Red Barchetta from Exit...Stage Left Mystic Rhythms from the Counterparts Tour (Detroit stop) AND ...this tribute I just found .... A portion of Hemispheres II from the Hemispheres album
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    Here's my take: If this is so awful, as to require the removal of all the offenders and the manager, why is this rule optional for the local league in the regular season? This is only a made for TV rule, because some announcer called it cheating on an ESPN broadcast, and someone is a sportcoat in Williamsport lost their mind. No other reason, folks. Oh, I guess it's okay to steal and relay the bunt sign, right? BTW, the warning only pertains to this lame sign stealing rule (please make them stop, Mr. Coach). You can still dump a player for calling you blind without a warning. Idiots.
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    I think the key word in the question is "immediately" - he immediately turns and throws, so we leave the play live. If he turns and doesn't throw - then kill it. B
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    There is really only one BS question on this test, and it's the one with the BR being obstructed before reaching first base. The information given to render judgment on the placement of R1 is insufficient. It's kind of a coin flip between awarding second or third.
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    @MadMax ...... WILSON, ........coming out with something new ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
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    Hey, If I'm going to be the official supplier to whatever, I'm looking for product placement. Whether it be a shwoosh, a bigass N, three stripes, or a corporate logo. And that's going to be in my sponsorship deal. Discreet logos are pointless. Majestic, IMO, was stupid for not making their logo bolder, and not taking advantage of all that TV time. Ask any baseball fan if they know who Majestic is, and they be more likely to point to Yemen on a globe than give you the correct answer. Hey, they'll know the brand on the MLB players next year. I'm really looking forward to see what Nike does in 2020 with umpire uniforms. And, if they actually allow NB shoes in The Show. (I can't see that happening).
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    At least, Smitty doesn't make umpire uniform tags look as goofy as they do football uniform tags. The Smitty logo on football and lacrosse uniforms is MUCH more noticeable.
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    For now, I've ordered a new Adams HDX XV and plan to use the D3O foam jacket and padding on my Gold. I'll use the front of the existing Gold jacket and remove the padding. Cut the D3O to match the Gold's padding profile and then insert it, then have it stitched back up. Or I may just add new Velco attachments to the Adams jacket so it can be attached via Velcro like the existing Gold jacket does. Or I've thought of Chicago screws holding it on to the Gold carapace. Right now, it's just a plan until I get it all together and begin doing the real work.
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    Excellent - thanks. Good to know too re: the US guy!
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    Yeah, but they were under the Smitty name. I'm fine with that for clothing but when wearing a plate coat having "Smitty" emblazoned is not a good look, I thought anyway. So bought from Jeff Cook @ Douglas.
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    An article right up your alley to start the new year. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2019/12/31/top-25-baseball-stories-of-the-decade-no-3-baseball-teams-become-cash-cows/
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    Absolutely no need to take off your sunglasses..leave them on.. i wear them all the time... what if it was really bright and you can't see and your squinting when he is talking to you? does that seem unprofessional? Just leave them on. I'll tell you coaches do not care if your wearing them.
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    From watching a lot of Minor League baseball two man, it became clear to me that the safe signal was for when the ball was dropped and the catcher did not apply the tag within the area of home plate as the Batter Runner ran to first base. As a HS umpire it was being applied as soon as the ball was dropped by the catcher, so I was seeing and myself included mask off, safe signal to then be turned into an out. This is not a sport of immediate calls. HS baseball is a different beast in every part of the country. I will continue to verbalize strike 3. I will use my regular hand signal. I am not changing my verbiage because of the signal change.
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    I missed this, i apologize....Chris was using the steel frame at the end of 2019. https://www.closecallsports.com/2019/09/mlb-ejection-204-chris-guccione-2-dale.html
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    FED 6-1-2 specifies how F1 may "assume" the windup: "A pitcher assumes the windup position when his hands are: (a) together in front of the body; (b) both hands are at his side; (c) either hand is in front of the body and the other hand is at his side." F1 MAY assume the rubber with his hands together in front of him. The key provision for determining a balk/illegal pitch is the time of pitch definition in 2-28-3: "Time of the pitch is when the pitcher has committed himself to delivering the pitch to the batter. For the windup position, the "time of the pitch" occurs when the pitcher, (a) first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) after stepping onto the pitcher's plate with his hands already together in front of his body; (b) with both hands at his side, first starts any movement with both arms or leg(s) prior to the pitch; (c) with either hand in front of the body and the other hand at his side, after bringing his hands together, first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) prior to the pitch...." Note that, if F1 starts with his pitching hand at his side and brings it up to adjust the ball, per (c) above, that movement is legal, and his next movement commits him to pitch. If he then puts his hand down again without pitching, that's a balk/illegal pitch.
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    3-1-4(b) The Starting DH may be any one of the starting defensive players. In this manner, the starting defensive player has 2 positions: The defensive player, and the DH.The role of the defensive player may be substituted for by any legal sub. If the defensive player has been substituted for, the original player/DH may re enter one time. The role of the DH is terminated for the remainder of the game when 1. A sub, or former sub for the defensive role subsequently participates in an offensive role; or 2. The starting defensive player/DH is substituted for either as a hitter or a runner.
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    I will include the throat guard, extra harness, and the bag as well.
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    Any of these Adidas -produced Icon -shaped masks are not titanium. Instead, they’ve been showing up in one of two constructions. The majority of them are a really well-made hollow steel. Instead of being a large, thin-walled tube that gets dipped in vinyl cladding (as most of the Nike Icon hollow steels were), these are a narrower tube with thicker walls, and when lightly powdercoated with what amounts to a sealant, looks a lot like titanium. The welds are neat; much neater than the Nike Icon steels, primarily because the Nike completed masks were dipped, and the dip would obscure ugly welds. However, I adamantly maintain I had a different variant in my hands in the past 2 years. Looks exactly like an Icon, but instead of hollow steel, was solid wire. In order to achieve similar lightweight-ness as aluminum and titanium, steel must be hollow. So, if it’s solid, it’s gotta be titanium or aluminum. We already established that these are not titanium, so could it have been aluminum? Doubtful, because pure aluminum masks usually have brittle welds (prime to pop). So, what’s an aluminum alloy that allows for more steel-like ductility and more effective welding? And, something a European company like Adidas would have access to? Titanal... invented and controlled by an Austrian company. So, my writings and suggestions that these masks might be Titanal are speculative, but are deductive based on the available evidence and factors.
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    Baseball's been around for over 150 years - it will still be around when you're ready to return. Nothing is more important than time with family.
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    Most good umpires will clean that up pretty quickly. "In my judgement...So by rule..." Any way the coach frames this it seems like arguing balls and strikes. The coach is basically saying, I don't know if you are ignorant of the rules or just bad at your job. Not likely to be well received. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I use an original black Douglas and black Douglas shins.
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    Here is what I did for a more effective throat guard on the Mag.
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    A few thoughts here ......... sorry ..........late to the party I actually thought that CGs throat guard was a chopped All Star mag TG (shortened), but @wolfe_man is correct ... it's not and it looks "home made" to LOOK like the AS TG. FOR ME...I don't see his "dangling" ....so I thought it was actually 'welded' in place, ...but I'm probably wrong (maybe not?) Anyhow ...... I have a MAG w/ the 'graphite' pads, and I use an All-Star plastic TG (6") and have no problem looking down when I do (not often). I understand the irritation w/ the TG not allowing you to move your head however, because for a short time, I had a Nike steel (Titanium copy style) and you can't use a TG in the standard position! One glance down and it'll move your mask! Anyhow, .... YMMV, but .... I again, I have no problem w/ my AS TG under my MAG. Photo attached
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    Looking for a Team Wendy West Vest Gold Chest Protector...Mine was stolen and hope to replace..,call 708 446 7203. Will buy with or without the pads...
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