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  1. Time for a little perspective. When I started working D1 games in SoCal. the pay was $40 per game. And, hold your breath, $45 if it was a conference game. Also, while I'm at it, one of the reasons umpire pay is low is because umpire associations keep screwing each other by offering a league to do games at a lower than the prevailing price.
  2. FYI, the first league championship series was in 1969.
  3. FYI, Here's the high school rule: (5-1-4) After a dead ball, the ball becomes live when it is held by the pitcher in a legal pitching position, provided the pitcher has engaged the pitcher's plate, the batter and the catcher are in their respective boxes, and the umpire calls "Play" and give the appropriate signal. NCAA (6-6) After a dead ball, play resumes when the pitcher engages the rubber with possession of the ball, the batter assumes his position in the batter's box, and the umpire calls or signals "Play." MLB 5.01 (b) After the umpire calls “Play” the ball is alive and in play and remains alive and in play until for legal cause, or at the umpire’s call of “Time” suspending play, the ball becomes dead. The bottom line seems to be that whatever an umpire does, it should be done in a way that everyone knows the status of the ball.
  4. BigBlue4u

    Bases loaded

    More information: Which runner did he tag? Where was the runner when he was tagged?
  5. JM... That's pretty close. One of the reasons high school doesn't use the word "hybrid" is that there is no longer a consideration as to the placement of the non-pivot foot. Beginning in 2023, if the pitcher's pivot foot is parallel, in front of, and in contact with the pitcher's plate, the pitcher is considered to be in a set position. Anything else is considered a windup. Thus, it's either or. I think most umpires can appreciate the fact the new rule takes a lot of guesswork, as you mentioned, out of a pitcher's position, windup or set.
  6. This information is absolutely incorrect. There is no such thing as a "hybrid" stance in high school baseball. What is your source of this? (A no answer will indicate to me you just made it up or have a very questionable source!!)
  7. High school baseball has the answer. For 2023 it will be easy to tell whether a pitcher is in a windup or set. If his pivot foot is in front of, in contact with and parallel with the pitcher's plate, he is in a set. Anything else is considered a windup. There is no such thing as a "hybrid" stance in high school baseball. It's something MLB should look into.
  8. Ask yourself this: 1) Does it give the pitcher an advantage not intended by rule? 2) Is it distracting to the batter? If, after seeing the delivery, my answers are "no," I don't have a problem.
  9. Things have really changed since I played LL. Back then, the parents were very supportive of the players, (catcher, trying to throw out stealing runner at second, throws ball beyond centerfielder and two runs score) "That's OK Billy, get him next time. " I don't recall any interactions with the fans towards the umpires at all. Oh yeah...forgot to tell you. That was 55 years ago.
  10. Well, here are some things that may help in the future. At the pregame meeting, emphasize to both coaches you are by yourself and may not always be in the best position, but you are going to work hard and do the best you can. If a coach tells you he is not talking to you, your response is: " Coach, if I can hear you, you are talking to me." In the quick pitch situation, call "time" go to the coach and tell him his pitcher is quick pitching and you'll give him a chance to fix it with his pitcher. If he refuses, tell him, "OK this is what I am going to do, the next time he quick pitches, he's going to get ejected because it's a safety issue. And, if you argue about that, you're going with him." You have to remember that you are a young umpire and you have to expect this type of behavior from some coaches. It's either that the coach really doesn't know the rule, or he is trying to screw with you. And when you get the coach who says, "You are the only umpire to call that all year, etc.," just tell him that's fine, but this is what we are doing today. As far as your safety, there has been so much publicity about umpires being assaulted, etc., that any fan today knows he'll probably be in jail for assault if he does anything physical. God forbid, if anything physical does happen, report it to the police immediately!! In any event, I admire the fact you finally did eject the coach. He richly deserved it. Good work!!
  11. BigBlue4u

    Balk no balk

    Where is his pivot foot? If it's parallel to the pitcher's plate hie is in a set. Otherwise, he is in a windup.
  12. My state will be distributing "Standards of Conduct," for 2023. This type of conduct is specifically mentioned. The result of this or any other blatant violation of the rules: Ejection.
  13. Pretty good, Rich. I have breakfast every Wednesday morning with a bunch of (also old) umpires. We have a blast!
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