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  1. If I recall correctly, the late Steve Palermo was one of the first umpires not to use an indicator. When asked about it, his usual reply was, "Why use an indicator when they have million-dollar scoreboards." What is left unsaid is, "And you better hope the scoreboard operator never makes a mistake."
  2. Coach Carl, The best thing to do is to handle any situation based on its entirety. The first time something happens will be handled a lot differently than dealing with a situation that has been building up.
  3. Very good! Can we all say, "Common sense umpiring?"
  4. Did it ever occur to you that a coach does know the rule, and he just wants to know if you know the rule?
  5. You'll learn. Next time, replace the words "I just laughed at him," with "I just ejected him."
  6. You'll learn. Next time, replace the words "I just laughed at him," with "I just ejected him."
  7. Nothing, unless the umpire ruled the drop was intentionally made to interfere with the catcher's opportunity to make a play.
  8. A perfect example of why one cannot reduce a game to one play or one call.
  9. As a former broadcaster, I absolutely agree with the thoughts of others as to shot selection during periods of the game. One of the biggest offenders are producers and directors and their shot selection after a foul ball is hit into the stands. Do they show the excitement of some fan who acts like they have found a buried treasure? No. They show the batter adjusting his batting glove, etc. Give me a break!
  10. This is exactly how coaches take game control from the umpires! The FIRST time any of this happens, the message to the coach is "We're not doing this today. This is your warning for the rest of the game." PERIOD! Many coaches will chirp, bitch, complain, etc. etc. UNTIL YOU STOP THEM. You are doing favors to nobody by allowing this type of activity to continue after a first-time warning. Also, good points from those who recommend getting paid before the game (s). It's a heavy burden to carry thinking you'll have trouble getting paid if you have to discipline the coach.
  11. Anyone with a line on the 2025 NFHS baseball rules changes?
  12. Can you also say, "A disservice to the game?" Keep people informed, within reason, about what's going on. And, while I am at it, don't be one of those umpires who "flash" the count. Hold the count just above your head and hold it for a few moments for people to see it.
  13. I could be wrong, but I don't believe one can play "20 questions" when asking for a review. A manager/coach gets the review he asks for and nothing else.
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