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  1. It would be easier to understand your question with some proper grammar, punctuation, and a little better explanation of the situation.
  2. I just wanted to give a shout out to our very own @kylejt Had the distinct pleasure of working a SoCal LL state tournament game with him today. Great guy and great umpire. We had a wonderful time today! Very cool to work with another UE guy! He even gave me one of his old Elbeco shirts. I never had one, but always wanted to get one and use it sometime in a game. I may have to travel up to his league and we can rock the throwbacks sometime! Definitely a class guy! JC
  3. I don't think I would tolerate this type of behavior on any of the levels I do, especially LL. I'm fine with however you want to handle this situation, either ignoring, warning, ejection, etc. But a coach coming out of the dugouts and yelling dropping obscenities to a spectator, no way am I letting that go. I'm going to have to intervene in some way. I'm certainly not going to ignore it. Situations like that often have a way of spiraling out of control. It could also reappear later in the game, too. I'd rather deal with it right away and perhaps prevent some future shenanigans. I thi
  4. No problem MIB. I remembered posting this a few years ago and luckily was able to find it. And that stupid rule caused me to eat crow, too!!!
  5. This is from an old post of mine in 2016. The plus one rule does exist in slo-pitch softball. Not sure if it is still there, but it was in 2016. "Sadly, the 1+1 rule does actually exist in USSSA slow pitch softball rules. I play Adult softball and at one game I was questioning the umpire on an overthrow award that I thought should have been two bases putting our runner on third. (Of course I asked between innings and did not make a big deal about it.) The umpire ruled (correctly) that in this situation it was 1+1, putting our runner on second base. Thinking he got the base awa
  6. JonnyCat


    Just to clarify my comments, perhaps a better phrase would be scorekeepers often work in tandem with umpires, particularly when you are acting in the capacity of an official scorekeeper, such as we would see in some leagues and in the LL all star tournament. It appeared to me that the OP was acting in that capacity, so hence my remarks. An official scorekeeper does in fact work for the game and in tandem with the umpire. In games and tournaments where I'm required to report changes to the scorekeeper, verify pitch-count, etc, I expect the scorekeeper to be impartial. There are many times
  7. JonnyCat


    After seeing the video, are you really getting that worked up over one strike call? As a scorekeeper, your job is to keep score and be quiet. You work for the game and the umpire. As a scorekeeper, you do not work for the coaches, teams, or players. As one of my respected colleagues replied, why don't you strap on the gear and see how you do calling a game? Until then, continue to be a self absorbed crybaby over meaningless games and calls. You're one of the reasons why youth sports has seen a huge decline in officials. No one comes to a game to hear your whiney ass complain about st
  8. Awesome, I'm using that! IMO, any tournament under 10 is a waste. One of my grandsons played in 5u tournaments this year. 5u, are you effing kidding me? They even had 2 umpires for these games. And now his coach wants to move the team up to 6u, wait for it.................to be more competitive! How much more competitive can a 6 year old get? They can't even tie their shoes! It all comes down to idiot administrators, coaches, and parents that allow and promote this ridiculousness.
  9. Not sure what ruleset or level this is, but in the men's softball league I play in, you cannot tag the runner after they pass the commit line. Runner will be awarded home. We play under USSSA slow pitch rules. Not sure if that is in the USSSA book, or a local rule the complex has implemented. Like flyingron said, consult the league that is in charge.
  10. To clarify, if this was perhaps a community league such as LL, Pony, or some other youth league that he may work almost exclusively, then he could join the BOD and perhaps make some changes from within. Many umpires work a local league in their community and have some ties to the organization. Perhaps their kids play(ed) there, or maybe they did. Not every umpire works for an association. I don't know what MulletUmp's situation is, I was just mentioning that as a possibility. If he works for an association and only see's that league sparingly, then maybe joining the BOD is not the answer.
  11. You probably don't have any say so in whether the coach should have been suspended. It's up to the league Board of Directors how they handle this. Unless you're on the BOD, then you really don't have any say so. Maybe attend the next BOD meeting and voice your opinion or get some answers? I'm in agreement, maybe this guy should not be coaching. Does he sit on the BOD? If you don't think he should be coaching, then you should take some steps and get involved. Not sure how this league functions. You'll just have to decide if you still want to do games in that league. Maybe you don't ha
  12. It's a regular season and tournament rule. One manager and two assistants. Rule 1.01. LL did update that rule this year to allow for one manager and 3 coaches in the Tee-Ball/Minor League Instructional Division.
  13. The short answer is just go when asked. Just go! Don't be the guy that doesn't go because you feel that your BU didn't have a "good look" at it. I don't understand why some teach not to go in certain situations. Always go to your partner when asked. Go to your partner when not asked if you think you got blocked out, too. Especially on a U3K.
  14. Correct call. The out at 3rd is not a force out. For some reason many people think that play is a force play. It is not. You ruled correctly that it is an appeal play. As long as R2 scores before the appeal, the run scores.
  15. Interesting question. I've often wondered about that, too. We have signals for time plays, as well. Maybe the powers that be think that type of signal will give one team an advantage? That, or no one has ever though about it. Curious to see if anyone else has a take on this.
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