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  1. Not to highjack, but I have a similar story. I've coached LL baseball for 13 years in the same league, coached both my boys at different levels. Had a kid, Max, that I coached in T-ball, and later in Juniors. Max and and about 3-4 other kids I coached went to play for a Local HS. When they were all seniors, I was PU for their last senior game, it's a special event, not sure if other areas do that. Anyway, Max is the starting catcher, and it was an honor to work the full game with him as catcher, and call balls and strikes against him and the other kids I coached. After the game they all c
  2. Whenever someone talks about all black base shoes, that's exactly what I think of. That or Grampa wearing those and his best Sunday coveralls walking down to Denny's for the early bird dinner special! I use the Nike Air Diamond Trainer for my base shoes. I like a little white in my base shoes, not a fan of all black base shoes. Plate shoes, I think all black looks nice, but I can go either way with plate shoes.
  3. Not a technicality at all. LL has 3 divisions above majors on the baseball side, and 2 divisions above majors on the softball side. All have regionals and world series, as well. The hidden ball trick can and does happen at least on the baseball side.
  4. It can happen in Intermediate division and above.
  5. I often see with some umpires, usually newer ones, that they get hung up on the term "deceitful," or the use of the word "deceive." Many believe that you cannot practice deceit in baseball, yet that is not true. I think it comes from the verbiage in (old OBR) 8.05 comments (or note on p162 of the 2020 LL rulebook) which use the phrase "prevent the pitcher from deliberately deceiving the runner." It's often misinterpreted as you can't practice deceit. I've found in few instances in the rulebook where changing a word, makes it easier to understand, and this is one of them. Changing the word
  6. The scenario is without runners on, and without a U3K. How or why would you award bases with no runners on and when the BR can't advance? No runners on and no U3K, doesn't matter if the ball gets stuck.
  7. I'm going to weigh in on this and offer my perspective on LL umpiring. I think I can offer a couple of perspectives to illustrate what I often see with LL umpires. This is in no way a criticism of anyone on here, or any organization. It's just my observations over years of doing LL and other levels, and also how LL training differs from other levels of training. First a little background. I umpire anywhere from low level college summer ball (very low level), HS, travelball, and LL. I'm active as an instructor in my HS association. I'm also active in my local LL district as a District Sta
  8. Are they the same color and material as the regular ugly GD pants?
  9. Just a couple of thoughts highlighted in red. I think you are doing well, also. Game management is a difficult thing to learn and master. It takes a lot of time, mistakes, and experience. I commend you for seeking out answers to questions and for your willingness to accept constructive help.
  10. With that kind of requirement, my usual answer would be, "it just wasn't possible to restrict!"
  11. Hahahaha! Sometimes I wish I had that option. I'd eject all spectators and we'd all have a fun game!
  12. Was there league modifications that allow restrictions to the dugout? OBR does not have that option. The runner who was stealing made it to 2nd without the catcher even throwing the ball. Then the DEFENSIVE ASSISTANT COACH started yelling for the runner to return to first. He was yelling at the opposing team's player (who was 8 or 9 years old!), but I intervened. "Coach, the ball is live on a foul tip. He stole the base and gets to stay there." The ASSISTANT coach (in my area, appeals must be made by the head coach; this is probably true in most places) stormed out of the dugout
  13. Ok, no more political talk. We should discuss George Floyd instead.
  14. We just think you're a crackpot anyway!
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