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  1. Just a couple of thoughts highlighted in red. I think you are doing well, also. Game management is a difficult thing to learn and master. It takes a lot of time, mistakes, and experience. I commend you for seeking out answers to questions and for your willingness to accept constructive help.
  2. With that kind of requirement, my usual answer would be, "it just wasn't possible to restrict!"
  3. Hahahaha! Sometimes I wish I had that option. I'd eject all spectators and we'd all have a fun game!
  4. Was there league modifications that allow restrictions to the dugout? OBR does not have that option. The runner who was stealing made it to 2nd without the catcher even throwing the ball. Then the DEFENSIVE ASSISTANT COACH started yelling for the runner to return to first. He was yelling at the opposing team's player (who was 8 or 9 years old!), but I intervened. "Coach, the ball is live on a foul tip. He stole the base and gets to stay there." The ASSISTANT coach (in my area, appeals must be made by the head coach; this is probably true in most places) stormed out of the dugout and started shouting at me about how a foul ball is dead and the runner must return. I replied, "Coach, the ball is live on a foul tip. A foul tip is different than a foul ball." At this age group, I like what you have done so far. Any further argument from the AC, and it's "dump time." Even if there was a restrict option, I wouldn't have used it. Coaches at this level need to learn quickly about on field behavior. He was most likely going to be a problem for the rest of the game, and would have had to go sooner or later. As far as the manager's comment, I would have dumped him. And as I was dumping him, I would have thought to myself, "and you'll learn something right now." I understand your rationale for letting it go, but you're just kicking the can down the road. As uncomfortable as it can be at times, school them early and avoid another umpire cleaning up the mess at a later game. As stated above, coaches at this age group usually are less experienced and don't know proper on field behavior. Let them know early what they can and cannot say. Any experienced coach that says "you could learn a thing or two", probably knows they are going to get dumped, or is testing an umpire.
  5. Ok, no more political talk. We should discuss George Floyd instead.
  6. We just think you're a crackpot anyway!
  7. JonnyCat

    Ruling on this play

    100%. Don't go to your partner just to appease a coach.
  8. The food is good, better than any chain steakhouse, cool atmosphere. They have family style table, booths, and upstairs seating. It's a huge place, fun to go to. Should be on everyone's bucket list when traveling through Amarillo!
  9. Senor. We were replying to Grayhawk's question in his OP. He asked, "let's say the bat hit the catcher's mitt rather than the ball. What would you have on that play?" See post #2 in this thread. Highlighted in red.
  10. I would be inclined to have CI if the bat hit the catchers mitt. I suppose you could get BI if he obviously threw the bat into the catcher. However, in real time, I'd probably grab CI. In this play, it looks to me like Molina made a legitimate attempt to hit the ball.
  11. We're going through Amarillo in a few weeks on our way to Oklahoma to visit the grandkids. We always stop at the Big Texan. Most times we are there, some poor sap is trying to eat the 72 ounce steak challenge. Quite entertaining! May have to try Bubba's 33, too!
  12. JonnyCat

    First One

    When he said, "that's on you." Time to dump right then and there. No need to discuss it any further. He's implying either you're incompetent, or you've favored the other team. No need to tell him anything else, IMO.
  13. He could just be mistaken. Or he is quoting Litte League mechanics for the small diamond and applying it to 90' mechanics. On the 60' diamond (2 man), LL has BU on 3rd base side (C) with R1 and R3. IDK.
  14. Could you have missed my point any more? As a CONTRACTOR, deemed essential by my state, yes I need to be at the Home Depot. THEY are also causing a supply chain issue as well. I'm talking about the kind of people hoarding toilet paper and ordering a bunch of useless SH*# on Amazon or whatever. These are the same ones that could care less about following the guidelines. I don't give a crap about what anyone thinks, I know what I see and experience at the Depot on a daily basis. So unless you're in my shoes, STFU! The point is, if you don't need to be out, stay at home! That's what they want us to do. Correct? Buying potting soil for some flower garden is not essential. If people are not going to follow the directives of the state, which are only go out for absolute essentials, then what's the point of restrictions? You might as well just open everything up and let people figure it out on their own.
  15. Sorry, didn't mean to insult your political or constitutional prowess. The point I was trying to make, and you obviously missed it, is there is only so much elected officials can do, and parts of the US constitution may stand in the way of enacting some restrictions.
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