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  1. JonnyCat

    First One

    When he said, "that's on you." Time to dump right then and there. No need to discuss it any further. He's implying either you're incompetent, or you've favored the other team. No need to tell him anything else, IMO.
  2. He could just be mistaken. Or he is quoting Litte League mechanics for the small diamond and applying it to 90' mechanics. On the 60' diamond (2 man), LL has BU on 3rd base side (C) with R1 and R3. IDK.
  3. Could you have missed my point any more? As a CONTRACTOR, deemed essential by my state, yes I need to be at the Home Depot. THEY are also causing a supply chain issue as well. I'm talking about the kind of people hoarding toilet paper and ordering a bunch of useless SH*# on Amazon or whatever. These are the same ones that could care less about following the guidelines. I don't give a crap about what anyone thinks, I know what I see and experience at the Depot on a daily basis. So unless you're in my shoes, STFU! The point is, if you don't need to be out, stay at home! That's what they want us to do. Correct? Buying potting soil for some flower garden is not essential. If people are not going to follow the directives of the state, which are only go out for absolute essentials, then what's the point of restrictions? You might as well just open everything up and let people figure it out on their own.
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to insult your political or constitutional prowess. The point I was trying to make, and you obviously missed it, is there is only so much elected officials can do, and parts of the US constitution may stand in the way of enacting some restrictions.
  5. What could they do? Seriously, what more measures do you want them to take? We can't be forced to sit at home for 2 years until a vaccine is available. And there's that pesky thing here in the US called the constitution. You can mandate all you want that people wear masks, wash their hands, stay away from others, stay home when sick, blah, blah, blah. How do you effectively enforce it? Please. It's entirely possible that we did the best we could and that many more people could have died as a result of this. If it is so contagious and deadly as everyone is saying, how could we not expect many deaths? A lot of people are going to die because of this. It's unfortunate, but it's the reality of this novel virus. It's very contagious and spreads easily and quickly. Honestly, I don't need more laws. I could use less, especially here in California.
  6. Agree. This is a problem I'm runing into on a daily basis. As a contractor, I got to the Depot frequently and I see the exact same thing. Lately, everytime I set foot in the Depot, better than 50% of the people there are not tradesman or contractors. They are just people bored and working on a home project, or wasting time it seems. That's all well and good, but do they need to be there? People are just making excuses to go out and do something. Wal Mart, Home Depot, Target, Grocery Stores, anything that is open are all packed with people that don't necessarily need to be there. So what's the point? People are going out anyway, so you run a risk no matter where you go. Might as well open things up with reasonable precautions. No matter where you go, you're potentially exposing yourself. Unless you decide to hunker down at home, you're putting yourself at risk everytime you go out, and not just for covid. Bottom line is, you're never going to be able to rely on most other people to make you safe. You must decide what type of precautions you are going to take, and assess your own risk/rewards. I can't rely on dipsh!ts to wear masks and try to take necessary precautions such as washing their hands and staying home when sick. No more that I can expect someone to not drink and drive, or not to do other illegal things that may put me or my family at risk every day. All I can do is take reasonable precautions and measures to try and make myself safe. May not happen, not just with covid, but what else can you do? We can sit here and bloviate all day long about what people should do. But the reality is, I have, and always had very little control over what other people do. No one is going to protect me more than myself. I will always be as safe as I can and accept the risk/rewards on my own volition. So stay home, go out, do whatever you want. But don't expect people to do the right thing and don't act incredulous when they don't. People have been screwing up since the beginning of civilization, and don't expect it to change anytime soon. Protect yourself and your family as best as you can. In all practicality, what else can you do?
  7. Sounds to me like a lost cause and waaaaaaay too difficult to do. You should just buy another chest protector and sell the Power to me.
  8. Not coming around on anything, thank you. Matt hasn't changed my mind nor did he need to, that wasn't the point, he provided us more information and clarification on the subject at hand. It was never my position that hospitals are making money hand over fist on covid 19. Aging_Arbiter brought up in his post that hospitals get more money for covid 19 and that hospitals are classifying deaths as covid when they are not. I provided evidence that backed up Aging_Arbiters claim. A claim that many are making. Matt and I just provided clarity. Do whatever you want with that information. The rest of the discussion with regards to increasing revenue was just that, a civil discussion. Medical billing and hospital finances are far more complex than most can imagine. I appreciate Matt providing insight. And your analogy is not flawed. From a strict revenue standpoint. Did you increase your revenues that day? Yes. Did they offset your costs? Who knows. But you did increase your revenue, $120.00 is more than zero. You would list that figure on any financial form as revenue. Whether you made a profit or not at the end of the day/month/year, that would remain to be seen due to many other factors.
  9. Excellent, thank you for the info. I think we were largely understanding each other and mostly in agreement, just that we may have been arguing different points. Often happens in online discussions. I think one of the problems here is perception and the lack of in-depth and accurate reporting on the subject. When people hear that Medicare pays more for covid 19 patients, many just jump to conclusions that hospitals can charge more for covid 19 and would assume they would want to bill as much as they can, going so far as to falsify claims, without understanding the totality of the situation. While it is true that Medicare pays more for covid 19, it may not be the cash cow many people believe it to be. Thanks for the discussion and input!
  10. You don't have those patients anyway, so that doesn't matter. It's not business as usual as hospitals are not seeing many patients they would normally see. If covid 19 is all you have, then you to try to maximze your revenues as much as possible. Sure it wouldn't be the same as a normal period for a hospital, but you don't have the normal patients you would see. Never said anything about profits, only revenue. Regardless, it is entirely possible that a hospital could increase their revenues with the additional funds Medicare pays out for covid 19. The fact remains that hospitals do in fact receive more money for covid 19 patients. There is at least one incident of abuse with falsely reporting a covid 19 death. There are probably more. Dr. Birx has clarified how covid 19 deaths are recorded. Aging_Arbiter was at least partially correct in his post, and I have provided some citations as evidence. Is there any direct evidence you have come across that disputes this? If there is, I would be interested in studying it further. Out of curiosity, what is healthcare finance and what role do you play in that industry? I've never heard of it and am genuinely interested in what it is.
  11. How so? It would be one thing if you had high margin patients, but if you don't, why wouldn't you try to increase those margins on the patients you do have? Just because in your estimation, covid 19 patients are low margin, if they're all you have, of course any business would be trying increase the margins on the business they do have. If you see enough covid 19 patients, then you could increase your revenue on volume even though the margins are low. Many business' operate on that principle and do very well. Honestly, it is entirely possible hospitals somewhere in the US are increasing their revenues through covid 19. Even if their revenues are not what they used to be, they can see an increase with covid 19 patients. A hospital could definitely make more money seeing covid 19 patients than one that didn't see any covid patients.
  12. Understood and fair enough. However, if the hospitals as you say are not making the same revenue because they are seeing less patients, wouldn't the increased revenue from covid 19 help offset the decreased revenue from less patients? If a hospital is seeing less patients, it's entirely possible that they will help their bottom line by the increased revenue with covid 19. That is assuming their profit margin is greater on covid 19 patients, which is entirely possible. Your last statement doesn't make sense to me. If a hospital is losing revenue, it makes perfect sense to me they will try to increase revenue where ever they can. Why wouldn't they try to help their bottom line by increasing revenue with covid 19 if possible?
  13. Okay, but they do get more per patient, we agree on that. But how do you know for certain that the hospital does not make more money on the covid patients? You're assuming that their expenditures equal the increase in caring for covid19 patients. That may not necessarily be the case. Assuming the hospitals make money on medicare patients anyway, (I don't know how lucrative medicare is for hospitals), but assuming they do, it's entirely possible that the "markup" on covid patients nets them more money. Unless you're a hospital executive directly involved with accounting, how do you know they don't make more money? Can you cite some figures? I understand that they might not make more money, but I also understand that they could, as well.
  14. Hospitals do make more off covid 19 patients from Medicare. Not saying that this is being abused, but they do get more money, especially if they are on a ventilator. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/04/24/fact-check-medicare-hospitals-paid-more-covid-19-patients-coronavirus/3000638001/
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