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  1. Honestly, in my limited experience, there are no real pitfalls. The highest levels I do are HS varsity and sometimes some very low level college summer ball. For a number of years, I've been fortunate enough to do San Diego State inter-squad games during the winter months. It's D1 baseball and the highest that I will ever see. Granted, they try out a lot of freshman pitchers, but I do see some of the top flight guys getting some work in. And I know it's just inter-squad games, so the pressure is not there, other that what I put on myself. But in all honesty, I think it is a little ea
  2. JonnyCat

    Joint tape.

    This, 100%!!!!! I wish more coaches across the board would have this philosophy, then maybe we wouldn't be hemorrhaging officials. I grow tired of coaches hinging on every pitch, and holding us to MLB umpire performance. The best coach I ever saw was at a 14u travel tournament my son was playing in Nevada. The opposing teams coaches barely paid any attention to the game. The 3 of them just kind of talked with themselves and only occasionally said words of encouragement to their team. They were one of the most fundamentally sound team I've ever seen. The kids just played and knew what to d
  3. I have a low profile Wilson TI. I'd like to part with it. I can text you some pictures. PM me if you like.
  4. I believe you're right about current LL season. IIRC, when you accept the nomination, you agree to no paid LL games. I don't think you agree to that when you apply, as I was probably mistaken in my last reply. With that being said, I've known guys that worked paid LL games during their Regional season. I don't know how LL would police that anyway, or prove that you accepted income for a game. Some of our leagues in our district use a combination of paid and volunteer umpires. So it would be difficult to prove who got paid and who did not. In our district, we've even had paid and volunteer
  5. "Allowable Terminological Sloppiness." Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Retentiveness getting the best of you today? I see you're bantering with Ives today, too. Only one person said that it was a force play. Regardless, a play at 1B, at least, shares some of the same characteristics as a force play. Serious question? Even if it was defined as a force play, what difference would it make? Even MLB gets the definition wrong. https://www.mlb.com/glossary/rules/force-play#:~:text=First base tends to have,not caught in the air.
  6. There is no language that designates the U3K a force play. As others have said, it's essentially a force play, but classified differently. The rule reference you are looking for in Little League is 4.09(a) exceptions. Page 115 of the 2021 LL rule-book. A run cannot score before the batter runner touches first base for the 3rd out. Same in all codes, too. OBR 5.08(a) exception. FED 9-1-1 exception(a)
  7. You can work paid games outside of LL, in fact you can even work paid games for LL. The restriction comes when you apply and are accepted for a Regional or a World Series. Once you apply for a Regional or WS, then you have to agree to not do any paid LL games. But it only covers LL games, not anything else. Just because you have worked paid LL games, does not automatically exclude you from applying for a Regional or WS. Hope that makes sense.
  8. That's not true any more if your league adopts time limits. You can have an official game when you hit the 1hr-45min mark regardless of how many innings are played. You just finish any inning started before the time limit hits. This is a new rule for this year if the leagues choose to adopt it, and IMO they should. Refer to the rules I cited in my previous post.
  9. You don't have to do that any more if the league wants to use time limits. It's a new rule change for this year if the league adopts time limits. Not sure if your league has done that or is aware of the change. I would absolutely have time limits on minors games. Actually, I would on all LL games. See regulation VII(h), and rules 4.10 and 4.11 in the 2021 rule book for details. As far as Froggy goes, he might not do that again. Maybe now he'll listen to his coaches. If not, there's not much you can do.
  10. That's exactly what it is. The only Regional's and WS are for the 12 year old Baseball and Softball divisions. All others, Juniors and Seniors, will end at the State level this year.
  11. JonnyCat

    Walk-up music

    We actually have a town crier in our HS association. He, a certain umpire (when working the plate), always feels the need to announce the score in between innings. Maybe I can talk to him and maybe he can add who is due up each inning, too!
  12. Okay, now I understand. I misunderstood what was happening. It was 3-1, then the home team scored 2 more runs as a result of this situation, and ultimately won the game 6-5. With that being said, the protest needed to happen right after the play, otherwise you lose your right to protest. How the protest is handled is dependent on the organization. Umpires probably made a mistake, it happens. What to do next is up to the protest committee. They could do nothing and leave the game as is, they could have you replay from that point. OP has not chimed in yet about the level or if this was
  13. What level was this? Probably just move on and understand that sometimes people make mistakes and the outcome of the game is just not that important. I mean, the home team won anyway. What actions would you think is right to mitigate a mistake like this?
  14. JonnyCat

    Grand Slam

    In your described situation, providing there was a proper appeal, (and it appears there was) the umpire ruled correctly. Since the appeal was the second out, the other runners all score. As described, this is not a passing situation. It was a simple appeal play that was ruled correctly. Senor Azul provided the proper rule cite. Unless there is something we're not understanding in your explanation, seems like a very cut and dry ruling.
  15. It is a 2 base award. It's because when disengaging, the pitcher is now a fielder. You have to look for the rule that describes what happens when a fielder throws the ball out of play. It won't say pitcher. Start with 8-3-3c. You can also use the awards table in Rule 8.
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