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Forum Rules

In our continuing quest to make this the best umpire forum and overall best umpire related site please adhere to the following rules.

Rule No. 1 -Flaming, Bashing, Trolling & Spamming

First most, remember we are all on the same team here. The purpose of Umpire-Empire.com is to promote and advance umpiring and those who umpire or are interested in umpiring. Posts questioning or commenting about an umpire’s (of any level) mechanics, judgment, rules applications or other factors is encouraged and is a great learning opportunity especially when paired with video or other media. Flaming, bashing, trolling and spamming run contrary to the mission of Umpire-Empire.com and will not be tolerated.

Flaming – Hate posts and/or personal attacks directed at other members.

Bashing - Judgmental comments with no constructive or educational value

Trolling - Posts topics specifically designed to provoke a negative response

Spamming - Posting senseless, vacuous, or empty messages to gain a higher post count, or just to annoy others

Rule No. 2 – Integrity
Integrity is the cornerstone of officiating and members are expected to maintain their integrity while on Umpire-Empire.com. Integrity violations include but are not limited to:

Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User('s)Account
You may not impersonate another member. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited.

Defamation/ Dishonesty / Privacy

Posting material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, harassing or invasive of a person’s privacy is strictly prohibited.

Rule No. 3 – Multiple Accounts
Members may not create multiple accounts without prior permission from the owner.

Rule No. 4 -Nudity/ Porn / Bad Words / Drugs / Hate & Other Objectionable Material
Please remember that this board is a 'PUBLIC' forum. All posts should be no stronger than PG-13. There are 12 year olds here just as there are 60+ year olds. Posts containing nudity, porn, bad words, promoting the use of illegal drugs, promoting violence or hate are prohibited for obvious reasons. This is not an all-inclusive list of prohibited items. Members of the management team have the discretion to remove any content that is deemed to be objectionable. Do not post pictures with BAD WORDS written on them because the word filter will miss this.

Rule No. 5 -Copyrighted Material
Umpire-Empire.com users agree not to post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner(s) of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. You may link to others protected material.

Rule No. 6 – Linking
If you have a site you want to link to, please do. Links are allowed in your signature and in your posts. If you want to promote your/another site please be obvious about it. Any site linked to must not contain or promote Porn/Nudity/Spam/Hate/Drugs or objectionable sites. Unapproved commercial links including affiliate advertising program links are prohibited. Umpire-Empire reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users of Umpire-Empire, with our own internal tracking.

Rule No. 7 - Signatures
Signatures will be allowed once you have 25 posts. Signatures should be no more than 3 lines and contain no more than 3 links or images. Signatures may have links but must conform to rules on linking.

Rule No. 8 - Language
This is an English speaking forum, please type your post in English.

Rule 8.01( c) 
The Umpire in Chief has authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules.

Have fun and make this the best umpire site on the internet.


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