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  1. Kulpa admitted he should have been called out after the game. Interesting.
  2. To be fair, Chris is the one that answered his question. I was just trying to give him the information he sought (who makes the case). Max provided much more insight and attention-to-detail on why he doesn't want to use what he thinks he does.
  3. LOL I almost threw out our head coach. Every close pitch, he'd sigh/inhale deeply and then walk out of the dugout down towards the fans (out of play). I finally had enough and told him just to stay out there if he didn't like it. Guess who's son the pitcher was?
  4. No brand shown, but closer. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/dp/B00WRHA0UO
  5. I think it's a standard box trunk (wood) from what I've seen. Here's a link to a neat article on how their stuff gets around and includes pics of their trunks. https://www.ttnews.com/articles/two-freight-carriers-make-sure-mlb-umpires-gear-always-safe-and-arrives-time
  6. I've had the experience of umpiring for my son's LL team. Never, and I mean never, again. I will never umpire LL baseball again. If you think you'll get a pass because your son is on the home team, you're so wrong. If anything, they think that you'll give them every close pitch - will be a strike for them and a ball against them when they bat. Every close play also is supposed to be theirs. I was to be paid $30 a game which I gave back to the coach after the first game after hearing so much griping/whining/complaining from our parents. I kept my word and fulfilled the rest of
  7. LOL I miss a few every game... not because I want too, but for one reason or another. Sometimes, my timing is off, sometimes the catcher does a poor job of receiving it, sometimes it's something else... that's part of the game as far as I'm concerned. Sounds like you did great! And more importantly I hope you had fun!
  8. @Thunderheadslock it up please. Thanks
  9. I’ll think about it. Not sure I want a Zett. Thanks
  10. Grey, added to post. Sorry about that.
  11. $30 shipped obo. I bought them last Fall and never use them. Once ball has started I just leave my shoes on the floor of my SUV, so figured I may as well pass them on.
  12. I’m curious too. Might be a one-off.
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