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  1. I gave up also... loan kept getting smaller and smaller and got tired of the hassle. Not worth it for the tiny loan amount.
  2. What about using bicep protectors? They're already curved and are about the right size. Just remove the padding and use the plastic and secure using Chicago screws or another method.
  3. #5 - needs a maybe. I'm not dumb and going to purposely go somewhere with extremely high infection rates, but its less of a factor in "normal" areas. I answered "yes" simply because if the scenario was bad enough, then I wouldn't accept the game in that locale.
  4. I'd say an old-style Diamond or old-style Honig's
  5. 17 pages in... what's the score anyways? Who's winning? Any minds been changed yet?
  6. Where did you get these? Thanks
  7. they do fit the Adidas pretty well too, but a little tight up top.
  8. I'd think Honig's would fit well, but have no personal experience. The top pad on a Honig's is pretty bulky though, it may be a little snug.
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s a Mizuno Belgard. I took too quick of a look at it, but the semi-rounded ear guards and pads are definitely Belgard.
  10. In other words, you'll be a good umpire if you do this. I've found that most of our calls do this - make me loved by half and hated by half no matter what I do. But hey, I have at least a 50% approval rating!
  11. Did he go? If you gotta ask, it means you thought he went. Okay, joking aside. I make the call I see. If I got blocked out or didn't get a really good look, then I'd not be hesitant to ask my partner if he had a better view. To be honest, for the level of ball I call the coaches normally would see if I got blocked and ask me to get help if that happens anyhow, so moot point.
  12. Thanks. I don't have to sell them, but I'd rather see someone use them. I'm only getting rid of them as I found an almost new pair of Reebok Magistrates in my size on eBay. I appreciate it.
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