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  1. I can second that as well. I have these in both navy and black. Perfect match to Smitty shirts too - which is a plus.
  2. I hope I'll step in and help, but like others have said it would depend on the situation, if my family were with me and I'd be putting them in danger, etc. But I really hope I'd help... But this quote above - a thousand times yes! Words are not potent enough to express my disgust with the cell-phone news media age that we live in that need to record everything. I'll stop there before I get worked up.
  3. Not your fault… but seriously All Star? You can’t sell both in the marketplace when you’ve already had both made for testing? 🤯
  4. wolfe_man


    LIke this one perhaps?: What mask/CP is best for ___________ level of ball?
  5. I'm just disappointed in AS again. It's becoming a trend with them unfortunately. First, the Cobalt CP wasn't up to my expectations after such an encouraging promo/start. Then, the helmet just doesn't do it for me either. Finish is bad and just doesn't fit my head right - plus not sure I love the look. Now, I have loved the mag mask all along and AS did test out both a silver and a blue visor - but then they only bring a blue to market?!?!?! I mean I get it that the product line is called Cobalt, but does the visor have to be that color too?
  6. Watch here! https://portal.stretchinternet.com/nwl/full.htm?eventId=650501&streamType=video
  7. Personal preference. To each their own, but all black mask with black pads looks silly to me with a tinted blue visor. Grey pads and blue visor is fine, navy pads with blue visor is fine - but not black on black IMHO. Again, personal prefence. YMMV Smoke/silver matches everything. I can only hope AS is getting these in soon also. If not, I again call into question their product testing/marketing group's touch with reality.
  8. Paint it. If I get one it will be spray painted or painted somehow. A blue visor on a black mask is.... ugh, not good IMO.
  9. I'm not familiar with the Diamond one, but could you possibly rivet it? Are the holes lined up all the way through? If so, a pop rivet may hold it.
  10. F3 V3 I've tried almost all of the big name CPs' except a Carlucci and the original Douglas WV - and, for me, the F3 V3 is the lowest profile and best form-fitting CP I've ever put on. Next to it, the Douglas can be pretty low profile if you take the time to form it. But then, many of these CP's will conform to you much better if you spend some time with them and a heat gun. Mold it, heat it, re-mold it and then flash freeze it for memory. Be careful not to overheat it or you'll melt the plastic completely. I'm quite a bit heavier, but found the Schutt to be quite conforming af
  11. I see your point and it's probably a cleaner call your way.
  12. Okay, <whistle blows> we have a flag on the play! Way too much common sense being used here, this is the internets and it's not supposed to be accurate and factual. Although, to your point, I've heard many newer umpires use this type of argument thinking it would immediately calm the coach and all would be well - much to their chagrin. Nothing but rules knowledge and application will get you out of some situations... and only a strong backbone will get you out of others. But this argument never wins in my experience. Most coaches have been around awhile and will see right th
  13. I don't see a problem here. Did you actually call anything along the line?
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