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  1. That’s why Jim is a better umpire than Keith. We all agree on it. I don’t know why but this is confusing the life out of me. I’ll try to go read again. Thanks for clarifying it for me though. I honestly appreciate the feedback and am learning... if slower than I desired.
  2. I always try to use WWJD in these cases. What Would Jim Do. If a thrown pitch hits the runner, then I’d call time. Declare the pitch a ball or strike - and then determine the runners fate according to my call of the pitch. Strike, R3 is out and inning is over - if a ball, R3 scores and batter walks. If I judge it to be intentional interference of a thrown pitch, then R3 is out regardless of my pitch decision. What did I miss?
  3. I don't mean to sound too cynical. There are the good ones too, but man I've seen and heard a lot from the others recently. I really want to get more training but can't afford the time or the funds for a month off in January for the camps. I really would like to get more guidance and training here in Central OH.
  4. That sounds too much like common sense. From what I see and hear (read as personal experience), those who train or who have been trained like to lord it over those of us without said training and make statements that we are expected to understand and follow without question. And God help you if you do dare to challenge or ask why.
  5. My son loves Oakley boots... I can't believe how lightweight they are and under your pants leg you wouldn't think they're boots at all. They appear almost like tennis shoes to the casual glance.
  6. It didn't make sense to me as I read it, but I'll not push it either. Thanks amigo!
  7. Edited: I went back and re-read the rule until I think I understand it better now. I was fully on board with the dead ball part of it, but I was struggling with calling him out on a pitch low enough to hit a sliding runner on the leg/shin 4 inches off the plate.
  8. The gunmetal is dark gray and has some metallic sheen in it. It is an amazing color and will go with about any set of pads (navy, black, grey, tan) well. I've heard about it a lot over the years, but until you get one in your hands you can't understand how great of a color it is. Then, when you take it outside into the sunlight - it's a whole new ballgame again! The brushed aluminum is a lot brighter silver/chrome for lack of a better word. It is very light and shiny and is more along the lines of a new All Star System 7 mask before it fades, or the color of a new Nike Ti before it oxidizes and begins turning grey. I got the idea after seeing that @rjdakin had a +POS Zro-G done with it that looked sharp, so I gave it a try too and liked it. Tony's black matte is also spectacular as you've seen already. I'm trying his Baby Blue now (@mbkcoach had it done on here) and I'm trying his USA flag wrap this time around. I was going to do @MadMax's Bay Blue Metallic idea, but i don't think it'd match Smitty shirts close enough so passed. I think the Bay Blue is more of a traditional powder blue. I was going to try a digital camo wrap also, but Tony said he's still working on that one for now, but may have it soon.
  9. Just got a grey pair on Amazon for $21.39 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0196YSPXO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Black is $21.98 https://www.amazon.com/Rawlings-CMP-Catchers-Mask-Black/dp/B0196YS7JG/ref=pd_sbs_200_1/143-1343958-8184824?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0196YS7JG&pd_rd_r=d09de65b-9134-4fc6-a801-d8dd008f0033&pd_rd_w=5HB06&pd_rd_wg=mjSrq&pf_rd_p=b65ee94e-1282-43fc-a8b1-8bf931f6dfab&pf_rd_r=GG6NJB6MK6QR55C1WFZC&psc=1&refRID=GG6NJB6MK6QR55C1WFZC
  10. This is a pic of black matte (bottom), gunmetal (top LH) and brushed aluminum (top RH). I think the brushed aluminum looks like a new Nike Ti color.
  11. I knew the ones on the Adidas were, but wasn't sure about what was on the Wilson Ti. I have never tried them, but they fit those masks well. I may have to give them a shot.
  12. Aw, come on Jeff... it's a brand-new F3 V2... who hasn't seen it? I will add pics later if necessary... was hoping this would go fast at that price and not need it.
  13. I'm selling a brand new silver framed Force3 V2 umpire mask with a silver sun visor. It has a set of new tan and also a set of new red pads for it. It has the black F3 umpire harness. Asking $185 shipped.
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