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  1. Wilson pads and 1 set of Adidas gone. 1 set of Adidas pads and 2 harnesses remain.
  2. I'm not sure where you work, but the reason most safety gear (climbing harness, belts, hard hats, etc.) have expiration dates is for multiple reasons. One is they only warranty it for so long, then you have to buy new to be under warranty. This doesn't mean the gear is bad or unsafe (think milk past an expiration date), it's just not warrantied any longer if something should happen. Normally, that's enough for most people to go and buy new gear - especially when insurance or liability comes into play. Another reason they put dates on there is because they know people will see it and come back and buy new gear. A tertiary reason could be due to other factors, such as sun-rays coming into play. We know the sun plays havoc on exposed Kevlar and other materials, so anything that's used outdoors will only be warrantied for a short time as a result. When thinking of climbing gear for linemen, the ropes and such can get too elastic over time and create a danger, so they recommend replacement every couple of years so people will buy new and avoid accidents. For us umpires, we know to change out pads every 1-2 years per MLB recommendation. I'm told it is because of the ozone in our breaths that make the pads decay over time. Harnesses I replace when the elastic is too stretched out, so I think those are good too. But a car doesn't have an expiration date does it? And most new cars are mostly plastic with a metal frame. So if a car does not expire, then I feel safe wearing umpire equipment without an expiration date. CP's and masks should be fine as long as we take care to replace worn parts just like we do for our vehicles. It would be good if we could replace the padding every so often (like we do for our masks) though.
  3. I think he sold his on FB a week or so back.
  4. Bump - new items added and sold items removed.
  5. Yes, went on eBay to get one and yikes! They're only $32+ now, but then another $20 S&H. I can't find one for less than that. And Rakuten took their global store down, so can't do that anymore either. So (Samuria Gears) hasn't carried them and is out of the Sluggers (Spyder-style). Edit: There is one at $45.41 shipped now.
  6. Just so you’re aware, they’re $50 shipped now from Japan.
  7. I’m sure the Velcro can be changed, where there’s a will - there’s a way. Its only a matter of how much time you want to put into it.
  8. As somebody who had both of these, I'd recommend waiting on the new All Star Cobalt. The HDX is cool and safe, but they use the cheapest Velcro available to hold the plates on. The F3 is protective, but too wide across the chest (I wear a 46-48 jacket) and takes a while to form to you. It also is heavier than you'd think due to the kevlar and layers.. and as a result is warmer than you'd think (as the post above states). I've tried most that are available today (All Star CPU4000, Douglas, Wilson Platinum, Gold, Schutt XV, Adams HDX-XV, Champion, Champro, etc.) and I like several things about many of them, but none of them are perfect. All this said, I have ordered a Cobalt and I'm still wearing my Wilson Gold L/XL with the "wings" removed until something better comes along. I just wish it had thinner padding so my shoulders didn't look so stinkin' large! My top three that are available right now*: Gold Douglas with t-hooks and gap mod All Star CPU4000 * this is MY top three, this doesn't necesarilly mean these will fit you as well as they fit me. CP's are like opinions, we all have one and think it's the best.
  9. I have had a similar thought, but at $40/set that gets expensive fast. My thought was to find guys getting rid of their old pads, have them ship to me, wash them, then disect them into thinner pads and create my own pad jacket. It was going to be a lot of work even IF I could find guys willing to send me their old pads. I do believe that the TW retrofit made the CP thinner than the stock Wilson foam padding. This was a major factor as well in guys deciding to have their CP re-done. I've seen Douglas and Wilson CPs with it on them and while I would love to own one, I can't drop that kind of cash on one right now. If you do end up trying it, please share pics!
  10. wolfe_man

    Lineup Change

    Sorry, I was not thinking clearly. Of course, you are correct. Regardless of the reason for the sub, the new pitcher would have no re-entry.
  11. wolfe_man

    Lineup Change

    I'm not in disagreement with the rules, but if the pitcher can't get loose I'm thinking there's an issue (injury) that's preventing it. NFHS rules are all about player safety. I guess I'm listening for those words from the HC so he can switch pitchers without an issue since no pitch has been thrown. Now, if he just wants to switch them for any old reason, then I'm going to stand hard to the rules and explain he loses that sub.
  12. They don't do them anymore, that's why they're so hard to find now. One just sold on FB a week or two back, but I've only seen maybe 4 all year. TW is primarily focused on US military contracts now, so they don't have time to do these any longer. To be honest, we're lucky they still make the mask pads.
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