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    Baseball's been around for over 150 years - it will still be around when you're ready to return. Nothing is more important than time with family.
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    One of the attitudes that is driving me the most nutty these days is the one about umpires “injecting themselves into the game” because we are forced to police the poor behavior of the offender. That has just become a push-button with me that I am aware of and have to be consciously cautious with. Nobody would know I am here if you (or your team) weren’t acting like a petulant 4-year old child, Coach. You brought me into it, not me. My job is to put a stop to it. Some of us will still be here afterwards, some of us won’t, but the behavior stops.
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    Congrats @tpatience
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    Any of these Adidas -produced Icon -shaped masks are not titanium. Instead, they’ve been showing up in one of two constructions. The majority of them are a really well-made hollow steel. Instead of being a large, thin-walled tube that gets dipped in vinyl cladding (as most of the Nike Icon hollow steels were), these are a narrower tube with thicker walls, and when lightly powdercoated with what amounts to a sealant, looks a lot like titanium. The welds are neat; much neater than the Nike Icon steels, primarily because the Nike completed masks were dipped, and the dip would obscure ugly welds. However, I adamantly maintain I had a different variant in my hands in the past 2 years. Looks exactly like an Icon, but instead of hollow steel, was solid wire. In order to achieve similar lightweight-ness as aluminum and titanium, steel must be hollow. So, if it’s solid, it’s gotta be titanium or aluminum. We already established that these are not titanium, so could it have been aluminum? Doubtful, because pure aluminum masks usually have brittle welds (prime to pop). So, what’s an aluminum alloy that allows for more steel-like ductility and more effective welding? And, something a European company like Adidas would have access to? Titanal... invented and controlled by an Austrian company. So, my writings and suggestions that these masks might be Titanal are speculative, but are deductive based on the available evidence and factors.
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    Too bad there's no button for X% stupid posts.
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    Two points, without speculating on the OP's motives: F1 gets slack if he almost fails to stop. That's the opportunity for preventive officiating. I don't know an umpire instructor who recommends "ignoring the first one" or any such. I'll balk a first offense if it is one. As for an explanation of "a situation where it would be a balk by this part of the rule," I'm afraid that's not terribly satisfying: it's a motion with no stop. This will, of course, be umpire judgment. I try to remind newer umpires repeatedly that coaches will disagree with our judgment calls. That's fine: they're entitled to their opinion. The OP evidently disagrees with the umpire on his game (and most of us) that this F1 stopped. Fine! And if he wants to coach his F1's to stop longer, also fine: they're less likely to be balked that way.
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    Yep, the old saying, 'no good deed goes unpunished'. We tried to do good and give the coach a chance to fix the problem instead of just warning, then tossing the offenders. The thing I have learned over the years is, it's better to eject early then wait, because waiting only will make it worse.
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    Yup. NO WAY he stays after that comment. Definitely a missed ejection there.
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    Thats what is so bad about travel ball. No real league oversight . Thats why the behavior is so crappy. I have gotten to the point i will not work the last day of any travel ball tourney, only the opening rounds. the absurd behavior to win a 2 cent crap trophy is amazing
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    First and foremost I didn't see any of games 4 or 5 this weekend. But the morning after I go to check out the highlights. This morning I Google " World Series Game 5" the entire first page of results barely relate to the game. On the first page here are the results I get The Google game summary POTUS being booed Women flashing breast banned (damn I should have watched) A real story from the Washington post about the game Several results about Barksdale's aweful game Scherzer being scratched This pisses me off... So I pull up the actual story on the game, and think pretty routine game, but then I enter the trolling world and read the articles about how awful the umpires are... So apparently he missed 2 pitches. All 3 of the articles referenced this. One puts trys to say Lance did it out of spite b/c a catcher showed him up.. Really not at this level and not a guy like Barksdale. Here are the tweets references and the pitches... Really... If those are the 2 pitches you are going to hang your hat on to have 3 articles on the #1 SERP to blast Barksdale thats a shame... No they didn't hit the Foxbox or whatever they want to call it. But we all know how inaccurate that is. I want to see Close Call sport's rating of Barksdale. Give me some objective data. If that's the worst they can come up with for how he did, that's not news worthy. That's trolling, instigating etc... So you take the 228 pitches recorded in the game and want to crucify a man on 2 missed pitches (.877%)??? I'll go a step further he may have missed 10 or so but that doesn't hold any water with me any way. Since these had such high SERP I was expecting to see really egregious misses and more of them. But 2 out of 228. Go screw yourself this isn't news.
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    The rule isn't about the throw, it's about the catch - that is very clear in the language of the rule. Turner was inside the line (ie. outside the lane) not for just the final 45 feet, but the entire 90 feet. He impacted F3's ability to catch the ball...doesn't matter if it's a bad throw. The rule protects Turner from the bad throw if he's within the three foot lane. If he had run inside the three foot area the entire time and then his last step was outside to touch the base this would have been a whole lot of nothing. But that's not what happened. Yes, if the throw's on target he's out. And if he's in the lane he's probably out too. The throw beat him. The ball was dropped only because Turner hit the glove. Not to mention that it is very possible to touch the base without leaving the lane. There are dozens of rules that could have their language cleaned up - if I'm prioritizing editing the rule book, this one probably doesn't crack my top 25.
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    What I really want to know it what in the world they could have been talking about with NY that took that long. That has got to be one of the most obvious RLI that you can get.
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    Not enough time for the umpire to move the bat. Probably not enough time for the catcher to move the bat -- but he'll learn to try to do so. The infielder will learn to make a better throw.
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    Heavy compared to the others, yes. Heavy as in "you're going to have a hard time with it", not a chance. This is the one that I love, but primarily for a reason not shown here - it's notched so that you never have to look at it - you can "feel" the balls, strikes, and outs while it's still at your side. I had a friend borrowed mine and said something about it being heavy. I told him if that was the case, he really needed to work out more.
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    Reebok didn’t pull out, they were directed out by their parent company, Adidas. This move coincided with taking Reebok out of the NFL and NHL, and reducing their catalog to CrossFit. While I wouldn’t, myself, wear Reebok Zig Plates or Field Magistrate Plates (or any Reeboks or Adidas, their lasts don’t fit me), I appreciate their simple effectiveness of design and execution. Also, by having multiple options of plate shoes available on the market, competitively prices, it helps keep all the models prices reasonable. It’s a shame that another manufacturer hasn’t acquired Reebok’s planform and produced their own line (like Smitty did with the NB 460v1’s). Guys, baseball may still use belts and button-up jerseys, but there’s no reason we have to stick to patent leather shoes!
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    Nope, as long as he legally steps back before making any motion to throw or feint. At that point, he's just an infielder. But be sure he legally steps off backwards.
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    Ok, I think the talk of a permanent ban is just a wee bit of hyperbole here. Garrett flipped out and crossed WAY over the line, but 6 to 8 games seems sufficient. It's an extraordinary violent game...and we expect these people to just shut it off at the blink of an eye? That's not an excuse or an explanation or even a minimization, but it's not like he just walked up to Rudolph and committed an unprovoked assault. Rudolph was immensely frustrated at basically throwing away the game and playing like ass, Garrett was amped up and overly aggressive in bringing him down on that meaningless play sack, Rudolph got all upset about it and yanked helmet's first, Garrett escalates it further by pushing him down, Rudolph takes it further by pushing him away with his foot in Garrett's groin, Garrett yanks the helmet off, two Steelers linemen start pushing him away just have Rudolph charge back in like a maniac, and then Garrett goes full psycho with the helmet hit and all hell breaks out. If he would have just dropped the helmet and punched Rudolph, it's a couple games max - and it was 3 Steelers on 1 at that point. Some of the pearl clutching going on by ex players is laughable - notably, Jonathon Vilma - the central figure in Bountygate, deliberately trying to concuss opposing QB's - acting like he's never heard of such a thing. Heck, it's not even the only helmet swing I've heard of this year - just that this one got on a national game on Fox. Again, it's not an excuse or a minimization - it's just that this isn't some beyond the pale, unimaginable thing. It was a sports fight that someone flipped out and went way too far. I think the other punishments are just about right. Totally understand Pouncey doing what he did, but it's a bad look. Thought he'd get 2 games, but 3 is fine. Ogunjobi got off a little easy for his weenie cheap shot. Wouldn't have minded 1 game for Rudolph, but the greater punishment for the Steelers may be having him play anyway.
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    The runner's base path might be a direct line between the bases but it might not! The runner makes his own base path. Once a fielder has the ball and is attempting to make a tag the runner's base path is a direct line from where he is to the base to which he is advancing/retreating. He cannot deviate from that line by more than three feet in an attempt to avoid the tag.
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    'Fairness' is a matter of judging candidates by the same criteria. For high profile, highly paid positions, there will always be too many candidates who meet the criteria. The criteria for working high-level basketball used to be connections: if you were connected to the establishment, you got a job. Then it became connections plus skills, and some folks who only had connections screamed "unfair!" Then it became connections, skills, plus athleticism. Then racial diversity became an additional criterion, then gender diversity. Always the cries of "unfair!" Some push back that diversity (or whatever) is irrelevant to officiating. Even if that were true, surely we could say the same about connections, which have always been a criterion (even, for a long time, the only one). There will always be qualified candidates who don't get a job (any job). Why not spread the dissatisfaction across all groups proportionately? Nobody really thinks they're entitled to these gigs, do they?
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    Thank you! Please consider registering.
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    AFAIK, the final draft of the rule has not yet been posted. Here's the announcement on NFHS.org: In your example, it sounds as if you're envisioning Jones being P/DH, and then being just DH when Smith comes in to pitch. That sounds as if it would be allowed under the new rule. Your next statement sounds incorrect: a runner for Jones (now just DH) would simply be a sub who was in the game as DH. Jones could re-enter as DH in his next at bat. With one exception, only a sub could legally run for Jones. Such a substitution would NOT terminate the role of the DH. The exception is Smith, who occupies the defensive half of the F/DH spot in the lineup. Yes, he may indeed run for Jones, and THAT would terminate the role of the DH, for the same reason as always: if either half of the pairing does the other half's job (fielder plays offense, or hitter plays defense) then the role of the DH is terminated. And yes, Smith entering on offense puts Jones out of the game, and he may use his reentry. At that point, however Jones would also have to play on defense (though not necessarily pitch, and unless another sub entered or Smith re-entered). These provisions are part of the current rule.
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    Just to be clear - you mean he tagged up in the first place, right? This is what Rich means by the run being "legally scored". I wasn't sure if maybe you meant he had tagged up by beating the throw back to third. Also - to add to the above - this only applies with home and the run scoring. If he were to leave second, reach third, and then run back to second believing he hadn't tagged up, he would have to stay at second.
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    Joe, it must be evident to you that what is a "discernible" stop is a matter of each umpire's judgment. In my judgment, the stops are discernible--noticeable, perceptible, detectable (pick your synonym)--although a couple are borderline, where I would probably engage in some preventive officiating. And, please, take into account the possibility that you may be subject to confirmation bias.
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    I seem to recall that it used to be the standard to carry the bar. No, I don't have any specific reference and it might just be anecdotal, or it was the standard in one local league of something.
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    It's never been a rule - this was brought up by self-titled know-it-alls watching Major League claiming Cerrano should have been called out for carrying the bat around the bases on his home run - no...he should not. In fact, you can carry it around the bases on a live ball (if you really want to try to run the bases with a bat in your hand) - as long as it doesn't interfere with any play.
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    Children, don't fight. You're both equally wrong. Celebrate that.
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    It is tournament baseball... Every weekend is a new season. There is almost never any carry over of penalties.
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    When you miss a call is much more important than how many you missed. Miss first pitch of an AB - not really a big deal. Miss a 3-2 pitch - significant. 3-2 was missed for both teams. If you are in the slot I can't understand missing in inside pitch. I can understand the parallax problem on the outside pitch. I don't quite believe the stats. While the TV box may not be as accurate as it could be it is consistent. So when watching you can see a pitch in location X get called a ball or strike on different pitches. And as the plate doesn't move the in/out lines should be accurate. The high/low is "off" (think Judge vs Altuve).
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    A Salty, but funny story from this year: i get assigned a LL game out east here on LI, which had a start time after a Varsity HS game I had plate for, so my assignor for the LL knew i was out there and asked if i wanted to pile on a decent fee for an easy LL game solo after my HS game, and I gladly accepted. I show up and it's sub-minors, so maybe 8 and 9 year olds, with coach pitch after 4 balls before 3 strikes.... So you know the level of ball... Anyhow, about 3rd inning or so, after a half inning I am standing on the 3BL while the pitcher throws his 5, with the team to be on offense in the 3rd base dugout and I hear this conversation behind me: "Hey Johnny, guess what penises are really for" "What are they for?" "You stick it in a girl's vagina and make a baby" "NO WAY!!" "WAY!" "Hey Nick, Guess what penises are for!" I turn around, probably with a shocked look on my face, and catch the coaches eye, who has his jaw dropped to the ground in shock also.. He yells "BOYS! Stop that talk now and concentrate on the game here! Baseball talk only!" We both laugh at each other, the catcher on the field throws down, and the coach of the other team comes over to the 3B side to let us know about some subs (like I even care at this age). So I tell him " You may want to stay away from this side, the dugout talk is getting salty here" Same game, one kid comes up to bat, doing the whole routine of knocking dirt from his cleats, adjusting his batting gloves, spitting, and digging in, then tells me "Hey Mr. Umpire, keep the strike zone real for me please" THAT is why I will take the younger age levels!
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    Can always count on you to give me a chuckle. After Mizzou's game yesterday I needed that. Thanks, Rich.
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    I sure treat it the same way. Meaning anything I say on here is public and I adhere to the same things I would say on Twitter. I'm not going to post complaining about a team and give specifics. I won't specify a partner. I won't bash a specific coach. If someone can piece together the facts and know who and where I'm talking about, then I feel like I'm in violation of most org's social media policies.
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    it would be obstruction on the catcher if the ball was dropped. Since it was caught for an out it's nothing.
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    I think watching it from the moment the pitcher starts his delivery to the catcher receiving the ball. You see where it goes through the zone as you should. But Watching it to the mitt helps with timing as @Young_Ump mentioned, but gives umpires the judgement we need. I've mentioned a few times lately, the pitch can just miss the corner and be made to look great by a catcher and you can get the strike or it can nip the corner and be butchered and lose a strike.
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    Search YouTube for baseball instructional videos. Not all are good, but you may find something that speaks to you. Look at the old NCAA Umpire Bulletins, too.
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    "Have your team seek shelter" has always been "MY" out. I'm not directing anyone to go anywhere. My luck, as soon as I did, lighting would strike that location and now I'm held liable. Nope , no way!
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    Admit it - you miss working with me, and once I left, you found you couldn't find the strength to carry on.... [All the emojis we have in the software, and NONE are barf ones??!?] Congrats and best wishes to your son, and a belated "well done" to your daughter.
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    That's the OBR rule; in FED all runners must advance.
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    also, odd how that's not review-able, seems like a easy one to see on replay
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    I'd have safe. The next time, the fielder will be sure his balance is tighter.
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    Do you have discretion on clearing the fields when the detector doesn't go off? As I said above, I have no issue at all in having someone or something alert me to weather I can't see or hear. But I'll never use it as a method to stay on the field.
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    Board member in charge once. Umpire told me he was the only one that could suspend the game. I told him fine but the fields are now closed so he'll have to find another place to play it.
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    Especially when FED has a policy covering this. I would allow site management to stop a game that I'm allowing to continue. I won't allow them to continue a game I'm stopping.
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    I thought we were over the patent leather look. I did spot my old ones at the LL field, in the umpire dressing room, this morning. The kids will wear them every once and a while. They were great, when the only other option were the old +POS oxfords. But since then more athletic shoes have taken over. Gerry can wear them because works 4 man, and rarely has to bust out from behind the plate. The rest of us need to move.
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    Nobody comes here for that. Apparently.
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    The thread is a year old.
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    Was his mom on the field? Was she within the fence? Was she in the dugout? If she was none of those places, then there’s nothing you could... or, really, should do about it, despite it being a crass outcry, bordering on profane. We are to govern that which occurs within the confines of the fences (the ball field); ours is not outside the backstop and the fences. If she is causing a disruption that is affecting gameplay, then it needs to be addressed through proper channels, whether that be through or in conjunction with the team’s head coach, or the Tournament Director, their Field Marshals, or a Site Supervisor. You should not, though, go independently in picking a fan out, ejecting him/her, and then holding up the game to have that fan removed. Please understand, whether our calls or judgements are right or wrong, they are not immune or impervious to reactive outcries from the spectators. You can’t possibly expect to do this job devoid of being questioned or reacted to. Do you see college, Minor League, or Major League Umpires tossing fans during their games for their displeasure on a call? Lemme tell ya, what that mom said was Sunday banter compared to the verbal filth spewing from college and Minor League fans. Have I experienced this? Yes I have... I had a dad bang on the fence and call me a m’er-f’er... in Spanish... so loud that the other team’s parents recoiled in stunned disbelief and shock. What did I do? ... I was already beckoning over the Head Coach of that team to fix it, while the Site Supervisor and Field Marshal wove their way through the crowd and removed the fan on their own.
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