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  1. So where did we end up? Is the state of the force at (A) the time of missing the base or (B) the time of the appeal used to determine if runs score? Thanks for your patience if missed it in the above.
  2. I'm guessing he's said all he can and maybe more than should have already 😉
  3. Velho


    https://www.mlb.com/gameday/astros-vs-red-sox/2021/10/19/660923#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=660923 "Tensions rise after strikeout" 6th row down on the left when I pull up the page currently
  4. They eject themselves Banging that drum 3 times, he certainly wanted to go. Don't let any one ever say you don't do things for the young folks. 😁
  5. Thanks @johnnyg08 Sam did a good job. Only nit I have is I think it'd be more powerful to refer to the rulebook directly. The language is so clear already. Take out of the middleman of the MLBUM and quote the source. Also, his intro stated the assembled media there never let the umpires speak. I found that odd. I expect they'd always give them time. Not to mention why he thinks he needs them to get his message out.
  6. Question on a minor point: Is everyone referring to this instead of 5.05(a)(8) because they are referring to the MLBUM which refers to an older version of OBR? Reference of 5.05(a)(8) : https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/mlb/atcjzj9j7wrgvsm8wnjq.pdf
  7. For example, does the fact that Batter bailed out of box factor in? Or does CI take precedence? If so, what if there was no CI but batter bailed out of box? Is that an automatic strike?
  8. Seconding this because if they ask "how's my zone?" they may not genuinely be open to feedback - even if delivered delicately (analogous to a "do I look fat in this dress?" situation).
  9. I liked how the broadcast didn't have the strike zone overlay up the whole game and only went to it on "close" pitches. I found it refreshing.
  10. Not making this into something bigger than it is (grand scheme it's a minor technical point) but watching the game back now it seems extremely unlikely they went through the pomp and circumstance of a proper appeal. They got to replay very quickly and you have to imagine they'd replay the ceremony - also the announcers clearly say "there was no call on the field by Laz Diaz". Completely allowing for the chance the broadcast did a poor job here 😂 Nice catch of Turner calling it out but since OBR doesn't have verbal appeals that's only step 1.
  11. I thought exact same question. I don’t think there was one. Announcers said they went direct to replay.
  12. Great point. Famous example for those interested.
  13. That warms an old baseball guys heart
  14. And U2 is certainly quoting Lady Macbeth at the moment.
  15. I appreciate these interactions so much. Hate that the situation happens of course but love being on the same wavelength.
  16. Between not knowing and teaching a rule that bite them continuously and repeatedly not calling for instant replay in time (or so the excuse goes) at what point does Martinez get called out for being a poor manager? Or is he already (I'm not a Nationals fan and don't follow the team)?
  17. Wider field of vision is what led me to originally try HSM. I've liked and stayed with it since.
  18. 😬 LOL Sidebar - About two years after coaching a kid from 6 to 8 I saw him show up with glasses. It sure helped explain a lot of things
  19. There is a low profile eye glass style called ‘Asian fit’ that may work for your son. Best of luck. Hope the injury recovery goes ok.
  20. Doing LL, BU1 are taught from the very first clinic to watch the flight of the infield throw about 1/3 to 1/2 way to ensure it's online before we shifting focus to 1B - for very obvious reasons at that skill level. It's understandable at the MLB level that they don't do this. With those being the extremes, I'm curious at what level BUs mechanics change. Is it gradual or a step function?
  21. Velho

    Home Run

    We are talking about MLB and Manfred, right?
  22. These baserunners are turning into magicians and matrix defying spoon benders within a 3 foot space. When I get back into coaching I’m going to teach get the ball, smother the base like it’s a grenade, then make the tag 🤣
  23. I'm not Gil but I'll jump in @Thunderheads. If batter was out on the pitch, R1 would be out for Retired Batter interference since batter can't be out twice. No idea why the review took more than 30 seconds.
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