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  1. I was pretty sure it was something like that.
  2. You use both? Which do you prefer?
  3. 2015 BRD PAGE 7 OFF INTERP 1-D4: FETCHIET: If no NCAA rule or interpretation exists to cover the situation, the umpire should adopt the OBR rule or interpretation. ( phone call to cc, 11/27/01
  4. One of the unnecessary rules differences, IMO.
  5. Great question. Off to work so no time to look through case plays, though I can't recall ever seeing one like this. I'd side with a force out. Just because I'm not a fan of TOI runner placement.
  6. 1&2 no run scores. 1. no runner can advance on interference unless forced. IOW had there been one out, r3 would go back to 3b even if he touched home before R1 interfered. 2. No run can score with 2 outs if the BR doesn’t reach. 3. I’m assuming R3 touches home, R2 3rd, R1 second, BR first, and then BR walks off the field? Then score the run.
  7. Brand new. Although it looks great on my mask, it's just too long for me and my stance. I can tell it's not going to be comfortable for me. I paid $50 shipped. $40 shipped and it's yours. Or if someone has a new pair of black TW pads laying around, a swap would work.
  8. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this tactic used to extend an ace through the game. Then again, our state allows 110 pitches so an ace who’s on his game should be able to get through 7 innings
  9. In NJ.... ummmmmm. ..... I think it’s a secret.
  10. Richvee


    I like the way the rule book and case book are set up in arbiter on the NFHS page. Each rule has a link to the related case plays. Very helpful at times.
  11. Deepest condolences Steve.
  12. That’s why I say in a small cafe or the like. It would have had to be totally by chance. Like eating lunch in some diner and NP riding up on his bike, pulling up a stool to grab a bite to eat, and you just happen to be on the stool next to him. Even then, you may not have gotten more than a nod, and a polite “hello”.
  13. Right there with you brother. I wasn’t a musician, but I have a very strong love of rock and roll. Progressive rock was always some of my favorite stuff, and Rush had always and still is one of my favorite bands ever. Neil meant a lot more to me then some rock and roll band drummer. I grew up on his lyrics. They are inspiring, thought provoking, and real world. They often hit close to home. His songs and lyrics were scribbled over many a high school yearbook, notebook, and desktop. And as a bonus, There was none better on the kit. I always wanted to meet the guy. Not in a meet and greet to shake his hand and tell him how great he is, but to sit in a cafe somewhere and just shoot the breeze about anything and everything. I feel in some strange way like I lost a family member. RIP Neil. And condolences to family and friends.
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