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  1. Ignore unless it’s verbal. I’m a little surprised how many are saying they don’t see it from “ good baseball guys”. I see it at every level I work, and levels higher than I work…. All the way up to MLB. Not only the coaches, the runner too…….usually before he even touches the base. For me it’s harmless. I just laugh. ( on the inside)
  2. Not sure what’s worse. Ads on the umpires ,or the hideous player uniforms.
  3. Like I said, I don’t do, I don’t know, nor do I care to learn any code’s softball rules. I simply cited a softball base award that MAY be a source of the one base award myth.
  4. My guess is there may have very well been a memo after the missed call here. https://www.closecallsports.com/2021/06/intent-to-advance-when-overrun.html?m=1
  5. I'm not a softball guy. My understanding is this is where the baseball myth originated. Here's a link to the FED softball dead ball table. Check out #28 https://nfhs.org/media/1017910/softball_dead_ball_tables_2020.pdf
  6. Yep a common myth. I think it has some origins in a softball rule. So I’ve heard.
  7. Yep…. And of course eliminate the running lane. Pander to the overpaid, coddled crybabies who can’t follow/don’t like, or can’t learn the rules.
  8. Richvee


    I think little Johnny needs to learn how to act, speak to, and generally get along with people.
  9. They May have felt worse if the that had to pony up money for a protest, because it would have been over ruled. they should learn the rules. Two base award from the time of the throw is pretty basic even for a daddy coach. Were they actually trying to tell you r2 only gets 3b? Because the actual touch and safe call on the appeal is not protestable. That’s judgment
  10. You have the award right. two bases time of throw. FED allows dead ball appeals, so , the appeal is legal... it's the last play of the game, under FED rules on the last play of the game an appeal can be made until the umpires leave the field. you say R2 went back and tagged, so rule the R2 safe, game over. If dead ball appeals were not allowed and the team wished to appeal this game ending play, you would give the pitcher another ball, put the ball in play, and let them throw to 2B. In this case the defense would have had to remain on the field. Tournament rules vary greatly on me
  11. Richvee


    Strap on the gear, then you can call balls and strikes. Until then….. STFU and keep score.
  12. And just ignore the ridiculousness of the hybrid rule once again.
  13. Too often this jump turn no throw is not balked. I’ve called it numerous times and every time I get the same thing….. A pitcher pointing to his right foot behind the rubber saying “ I stepped off!”
  14. Richvee

    Balk or no!

    Oh , I agree. The blue you highlighted is what made me say , “ Huh? “. But I was in no mood that day for a debate… Especially with the person who said it.
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