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  1. Follow up....When should the PU announce to the official scorer the run scores? At the time R2 is called out, or after the defense loses it's right to appeal? (infielders have left the field)
  2. Richvee

    Another oldie

    Not me. Someone mentioned earlier, I’ll go with the timing if I’m straight lined on the pulled foot. If it was indeed pulled, the BR and 1b coach will surely let you know in a hurry that they think you missed the pulled foot. Then, conference with PU, and see if he had the pulled foot. I don’t see placing runners as a issue on this play. BR safe, or out, no one else is running anywhere past the base they’re on.
  3. Richvee

    Another oldie

    This is a MUST PREGAME subject. Especially if I’m PU. I’ve worked with a host of well trained umpires, and opinions on the “correct” procedures for this vary. Basically, I’ll pregame this and it’s pretty much up to BU what he wants to do. Personally, I’m strongly entrenched in the BU makes a call first” camp. That said, if I’m PU, and partner likes the “ ask first” mechanic, that’s what we’re going with that day. If I’m BU it really doesn’t matter what my PU prefers, because I’ll be making my call without asking him first.
  4. Richvee

    Run Scores?

    Preach it , Brother 🤘🤘
  5. Richvee

    Run Scores?

    That’s why any umpire who is serious about advancing and learning would know this by now.
  6. Richvee

    Run Scores?

    Unfortunately he sounds like the type that rarely opens a rule book. He knows it all because he played college ball. The guys who are doing JV who want to learn and advance will look it up. Guys like you had will keep getting JV assignments and complain about why they don’t advance.
  7. Don’t let play start until the music ends. If if gets tiresome, were you have to hold up play several times, inform whoever is on charge “ that’s it. If you can’t stop the music before the AB, there will be no more music.”
  8. Richvee

    Interference call

    Sorry... computer acting odd...
  9. Richvee

    Interference call

    correct. I think we have FPSR in all codes. Including OBR given the quote I gave.
  10. Richvee

    Interference call

    Why is this not a FPSR in OBR? From the MiLBUM "When a runner who does not engage in a bone fide slide makes contact with the fielder for the purpose of breaking up a double play, such contact will be deemed to have "hindered and impeded" the fielder for the purpose of interpreting rule 6.01(i). However, there may be instances where the runner does not make contact, or makes minimal contact with the fielder. In such cases , the umpire will use his judgement to determine whether the runner "hindered and impeded" the fielder and thereby violated the rule.
  11. So I was a little slow finding the MiLBUM.
  12. The 2018 MiLBUM has no mention of the fly ball being in the outfield. 6.16 BR OBS before reaching first base "When the BR is obstructed before reaching first base, it is not always the case that the batter runner will be awarded first base. For example, if the batter-runner is obstructed before reaching first base on a fly ball or a line drive that is caught, the batter-runner is out. The reasoning here is that the obstruction had no bearing on the fact that the batter hit a fly ball that was caught by the defense."
  13. Right. This year was all the questions. Last year was random from the pool of all questions.
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