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  1. Look for FED to adopt this around 2030... a year or two after they outlaw the feint to third.
  2. Richvee

    Gorilla arm

    Can you imagine the $h*tstorm if you call an illegal pitch for this with no one one??
  3. Richvee

    Gorilla arm

    Under high school rules, this is a balk. He cannot swing the pitching arm back and forth while leaning over looking in for a sign. He’s 10, break him if it now before it becomes an issue in high school. You will also find this is inconsistently called at the high school level. He may get away with swinging the arm one day, and get called for the balk a day later by another umpire. There’s also the slight chance that by the time your son gets to high school , the rule will be changed and conform to other rule sets. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
  4. Remember back to week one or two. Very few base umpires were masked up. Here comes the Marlins followed by Cardinals outbreaks, and like magic, EVERY umpire is masked. It’s been said above. Optics, make it look like the norm, If there are more team outbreaks don’t blame us. Set the “ correct “ example. Mandated by the powers that be? Absolutely
  5. Yes, really. Depends 100% on the material of the lens. Safety glasses lenses are made out of the same shatter proof material (polycarbonate) as are most quality sun lenses.. And yes, I'd rather get smacked in the face with a line drive wearing my Oakley' s than not have any eyewear on.
  6. Well, of course. As far as positioning, I've been trying to read pitchers as to what side I'll stand on. The optimal view for me was opposite side of his throwing arm. However, if you have a pitcher who falls off to that side, you have to go to the other side. being on the throwing arm side made in and out a little trickier for me. Indeed, I've lost more than one count this year. always on steals and pickoffs, mainly at 3B. I don't know...Seemed easier to make a call, and move the indicator while pivoting to 2B. Moving the 45 foot line to get an angle for plays at 3B,I tended to forget the indicator, then wondered if I moved it or not. Looks like this may be over for me as summer ball has wrapped up, and I just got an email stating we can go back behind the plate for Fall ball.
  7. You may be able to apply 1-5-5 Defensive players are permitted to wear face/head protection in the field. If a pitcher or any other defensive player wears face/head protection , it's outer covering shall have a non-glare (not mirror-like) surface. It's not that big a stretch to call sunglasses face protection.
  8. Thanks for the kind words LRZ. I'm just an optician. I'm not a doctor. That's the optometrist. When people want to know the difference between am optician and an optometrist, I tell them about 100K a year. This isn't a review, just some optical facts a few tidbits that caught my attention as an eyecare guy... I don't think the lenses are polarized, or they would say so. That is your best lens for reducing glare. Though these look like they have a mirror coating on the front, that reduces some glare as well. That said, polarized are not a must on a ballfield, as Oakley has demonstrated quite well with their Prizm Field lenses. The 2 minute review said something about the repelling water and sweat, and reducing glare...Probably an anti-reflective coating? I don't know. I'd hope the back has "AR" on it. Most mirrored lenses do, otherwise reflection becomes an issue. Lenses that repel water have what's called a "Hydrophobic coating". Most all mirror and anti-reflective coatings have at least some hydrophobic properties. That's a good thing...Less smudging.... Which brings me to your "features" writeup. I don't think "Hydrophilic" is the word you want to describe the rubber nose pads and temple ends... hydrophilic having a tendency to mix with, dissolve in, or be wetted by water. The opposite of hydrophobic. I'm thinking Hydrophobic is the word your looking for there. The rubber doesn't get wet and slippery from your sweat. Hydrophilic is what a moisture wicking fabric would do. EDIT- OK, I went to their website. They say the rubber grips better when it gets wet, so hydrophilic would be correct. I was thinking the rubber was coated to stay dry and hold its grip. I must say I get a kick out of advertising....the term "optically decentered for less distortion". Wow, that sounds impressive. A lens with no Rx, cannot really be "decentered", (unless the lens is aspheric. But let's not get into a optical science lecture here. Suffice it to say, wrap, no Rx sun lenses are not aspheric) An optical center is the point on a prescription lens where the power is the sharpest and lens is the clearest. This point is usually "decentered" on a Rx lens to line up in front of your pupil. (Because on most frames, your pupils sit closer to the inside of the frame, not directly in the center of the lens)..There is no such point to decenter on a non Rx lens. And to "decenter" a lens when you don't know the distance between the end user's eyes amuses me. Anyway, besides the "decentered" claim..25 bucks.. Mirrored lens with a AR coat on the back, light flexible frame. I'd say a good deal. I wouldn't compare such a lens to an Oakley prizm lens, but that's a whole different price point.
  9. Richvee


    Agree. There's nothing to be worried about there.
  10. Pretty much how we're doing things. However, I've had a few big lefties up with R3's and I'm not gonna be standing 45 feet from them. I'll stay 10 feet or so in front of 1B. And if I'm running to cover the plate, it's easier to just let Plate guy take 1B. I still got swipes and pulled foot if he needs me. Depends on your partner. I've done games with partners as base umpires and they didn't move. basically called plays at 1B and fair foul. Waste of time and money. If it's done "right", two work real well.
  11. This weekend, with an R3, when I was “base umpire”, I was taking a starting position about ten feet in front of 1b, right foot just foul. That worked pretty well. Gives you a couple steps closer to get home and plenty time to read a throw to 1b and get that while still being able to get fair foul. As a matter of fact, from that starting position base guy also has the better view of fair/ foul up the 3b line. . Again, communication. On a ground ball, if r3 broke for home, simply tell your partner you going and he takes the play at first and all other bases. Just be VERY AWARE of BR. Don’t want a head on collision with him.
  12. Pretty sure we've got OBS in FED on this play
  13. https://baseballrulesacademy.com/batter-runner-beats-the-throw-but-steps-on-fielders-foot-safe-or-out/
  14. Alight, I'm going attempt to turn this back into a discussion on behind the mound mechanics and away from yet another thread on everybody's thoughts and opinions on COVID, which, frankly, I'm a little tired of on this site. Seems every thread gets taken over by COVID opinion. I'm doing a lot games from behind the mound. There's pluses and minuses. Of course, My opinion. Your results may differ 1. Dropped third strikes are easy to see 2. At the higher ages, it's pretty cool to know what pitch F1 is gonna throw. 3. In and out is not problem. 4. Up and down are a bitch. The depth perception is tough. Especially breaking balls. Where did it break? Where was it when it was over the plate? How far back is F2 catching it. 5. A good catcher can steal way more strikes than if I'm behind the plate. 6. It's not the worst thing in the world to not have put the gear on when it's 98 and humid. 7. On a well lined field, or turf, fair foul on the 3B line isn't all that bad. Faded or no lines, it becomes virtually impossible. 8. Getting to stay in "A" as the base umpire with a guy on 1B is great. Having to try and get home for a play at the plate on a passed ball, or R3 advancing on a ball hit to the infield sucks. 9. Base umpire actually uses a lot a 3 man mechanics. Communication is key as the "plate umpire" needs to know when U1 is going home and Plate umpire has to take all the bases. 10. twenty some-odd games into the season, and I don't have a bump or bruise yet. That's all I got off the top of my head. The more we do this, the more comfortable we all get with it. Would I rather be behind the plate? You bet. I miss talking with F2s. For the most part, F1's are too concentrated to chat with. It's better than no baseball. That said. I'm excited. Just got a game Tuesday night regular mechanics. Looking forward to strapping on the gear.
  15. Richvee


    Not according to the videos posted on the NCAA arbiter on the subject. I'm hard pressed to see the knee pop om some that they want called balks, let alone a "pause".
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