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  1. Manfred really worries me. When he talks I cringe. I heard the interview at Williamsport Sunday. His whole premise is wrong. He said something like “ the game is changing and we have to make changes to stay ahead of it”. Wrong wrong wrong. The beauty of baseball is its constant evolution while the basics DONT CHANGE!!! Then he goes on to say something about Robo ump and how great it’s going to be because they can manipulate the strike zone?? HOLY CRAP!! He’s dangerous. LEAVE THE GAME ALONE !!!!!
  2. Second, can a base runner ask for time to change shoes? 2018 MiLBUM 3.6 Playets shall not wear shoes with pointed spikes similar to golf or track shoes. Players may not call time to change shoes upon becoming a baserunner.
  3. Kelly Dine with the great obstruction call at 3b. I had the pleasure of meeting her and one of he sons at a clinic in New York State. They drove all the way from Ohio for the weekend. She’s a terrific person and great umpire. Well deserved as evident by that gutsy call.
  4. So true...I went to an intro to 3 man clinic a few weekends ago...I have about 5 - 3 man games under my belt. No 3- man clinic experience. I can sit in the stands with an evaluater and go on about..he should have gone out there, he should have mirrored R1 to 3rd and covered home, he should have slashed in there, he could take that play on the outside to get in the wedge, etc....Then you get out there, and......
  5. nope. Missed it. Posting in between yard work and errands.
  6. Just trying to picture this...The sunglasses on his cap caused him to whiff on the catch how???
  7. I have seen a lot of decent umpiring in the little I've watched, but I've seen way too much poor mechanics, and I haven't watched a whole lot.. I've seen a roller past 1B with neither PU and U1 signaling fair/foul I've seen way too many umpires move off the line on fly balls close to the foul line Some real bad positioning on base calls, and plays at the plate. Nothing close to looking for the wedge. Real quick timing on close plays/bangers RFU calling fair foul on balls landing in front of him. (Maybe that's a LL thing? But I thought OF umpires only have F/F on balls that fall beyond them.) I know they're amateurs. I know there's nerves. I'm not bashing, just observing. It's easy to armchair umpire. We all know it's tougher on the field.
  8. Richvee

    What's the call

    At least a little blame has to go to F2 for putting out his hand for a new ball while R1 was scooting around the bases. In reality, the umpire shouldn't have had time to reach into his bag, pull out a new ball, and hand it to F2. F2 should have been chasing down the WP before PU got his hand out of the bag.
  9. 1. If it's not in the rule book as illegal, it's legal 2. Don't make $*it up 3. Don't be "that Guy" 4. Use the rules to solve problems, not create problems
  10. That's their story and they're sticking to it.
  11. NJ doesn't allow it by any players in high school. Perhaps you're seeing a "trickle down" effect in your area of NJ.
  12. Good point. I do hope we get some guidance somewhere. I know I have questions. Pitcher is on the rubber, batter steps in at the 5 second mark. Pitcher looking in for a sign, batter requests time 10 seconds in. Pitcher steps off, batter takes 5 seconds or so steps back in, pitcher steps back on the mound....... bang ......20 seconds. Who delayed? The batter asks no for time, or the pitcher stepping off when time was granted. Is it a delay at all? Does stepping off the rubber with a runner dancing off 3b reset the clock?
  13. Something you need to be clear on in your play. If the ball goes by F5 , hits R2, and F6 has a chance to field the ball, this is INT. HOWEVER....... If the ball was touched/deflected by F5 and then hit R2 there is no INT. ( the runner still can not interfere with F6 trying to make a play on the deflected ball.)
  14. I’m not buying into getting an out on R3. Assuming you call INT, ( which I disagree with , but is debatable) the ball is dead the moment of the INT. Therefore, there’s no way the interference by the BR ( or retired runner, whatever you want to call her) hindered a play on R3 because, the ball is dead and there is no play on another runner. So if INT is indeed called here, the ball is dead immediately the interference is on the BR for hindering R3’s ability to catch the pop up. Batter is out, ball is dead, fair foul is irrelevant and all runners return TOP.
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