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  1. You have gotten some good advice here. One concern I have. Twice you mention “being behind the pitcher” in “c”. I’m thinking your starting position is too far up he middle. You should be on an imaginary line from home plate through the grass/ dirt line on the side of the mound, and half way between the rubber and 2B. It’s really to the side of the pitcher. If you’re behind the pitcher, you are probably too far towards the middle of the infield.
  2. I was going to reply but @grayhawk and I are lock, stock, and barrel in agreement I have nothing to add that he hasn't already said.
  3. I’m giving the crew the benefit of the doubt ruling foul ball. Any other way the batter gets back in the box is by making stuff up.
  4. I’m in the no embellishments camp here. I’m not making any decisions. I’m reporting an outcome. I think perhaps an umpire’s opinion on the use of this technology may play a part in how he might signal the play. If you embrace the technology and see uit as a welcome enhancement to the game, you may still chainsaw a strike three or give the big punch out on a banger at 1b. If you’re anti- robots- ump you may consider yourself no more than the messenger of the computer call and no matter how close the play may be, I’m just relaying a computer call. A simple robot softball umpire hammer will suffice.
  5. Sounds to me like the umpire conference changed the call to foul ball. If the batter swung as you say and then the conference decided the ball hit hen batter r have a dead ball and a strikeout.
  6. I agree, and I find it funny Mafred's answer this week on a MLB radio interview when asked about the balls. He answer................................. 'The balls are hand made so we're going to see differences year to year". ....Who do you think you're foolin, Mr. Commissioner? .
  7. All of a sudden it's fun and games for the announcers...." Ohhh trackman got me, hahaha". Two days ago, the same guy would have been saying "That's just terrible, how can you take the bat out of his hands like that"
  8. I'm just going to give my 2 cents on the WP stealing 1B thing. I think it's it's utterly ridiculous. It flies in the face of basic baseball rules... 1..The batter hasn't completed his at bat if he can run on any pitch. 2..The idea of the catcher having to catch the 3rd strike is, for all intents and purposes, to complete the strike out with a put out. Every out has to be a put out. (runner tagged, caught fly ball, force out at a base, etc.)The exception for less than two outs and 1B occupied is to prevent the intentional drop/double play. Just silly..MHO
  9. I ran into this a lot when I was starting. You will run into good partners sooner or later. When you do, pick their brains. Seek out good clinics, and you have already found this place, which has a wealth of info.
  10. Richvee

    New Logo

    Nice. My address bar no longer says not secure. I didn’t think it was a big deal since, like you said, there’s not much personal info here, but it was always a bit unnerving seeing “ not secure” when browsing the internet. Thanks for fixing it.
  11. Edmunds conveniently omits the the fact that even less people came to watch a manager manage.
  12. Why is it different than a foul off a foot other than BI is PU's call and foul is shared responsibility? As BU, you're not calling foul unless you're 150% positive you saw the ball hit the batter in the box. Same here...If there's .01% of doubt, let it play out.
  13. So you prefer to let it play out. Maybe F2 gets to the ball and sees R3 off the bag, a rundown ends up between 3rd and home, BR and R2 moving, maybe more rundowns, maybe runs score, maybe runners are tagged out, maybe INT or OBS on the bases during all this. Then when we're done we're going to get together sort it out and tell my partner I had backswing INT so nothing happened? And then we're going to explain it to the coaches/...A defensive coach who may have tagged out R3 or an offensive coach who may scored a run that nothing happened because of the backswing INT I saw at the beginning of the play? All because that's the normal mechanic? No thanks. I'll avoid that $h*tshow. I'm killing it when I see it if my partner missed it.
  14. It seems to me it’s real similar to a foul off the batter in the box that PU doesn’t see right away. Call it from the field when it’s obvious and your partner missed it. From “c” he saw the swing, he saw the ball in the mitt, he saw the backswing knock the ball out. His partner evidently didn’t see it or didn’t know what to call. Why go through the BR running to first, maybe R 3 trying to score, and all kinds of throws around the field trying to get people out when none of it should be happening?
  15. “If you can’t handle your job behind home plate it’s time to move on”. Add Jim Edmunds to the list of ex- jock- know-nothing - announcers.
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