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  1. May be r1/r2. OP doesn’t specify 😉
  2. Ive seen the argument on social media that this could be tangle/untangle. I don’t buy it, but I guess you could interpret it as such. My opinion, the tangle/ untangle ship sailed after the batter stutter steps and allows F2 access to the ball.
  3. I’m hoping NCAA uses this in a weekly video with an interp. Until then I like the idea that “in the act of fielding “ hasn’t ended until the ball is released unhindered.
  4. Tomatoe: tomato. You get the point
  5. Laying flat, the bottom of the base pants are about9 1/2 “ pleat to pleat. There are a little baggy.
  6. I know. It’s just that this one bothers me because there’s absolutely no logical reason to not allow them on a belt.
  7. I agree. BR avoids interfering with F2’ s fielding, but consequently interferes with the catcher’s an ability to make the throw. I don’t think this is intentional, so my question is, when does the fielder’s fielding end and throw begin? Here, I would argue the BR interferes prior to a throw. So , interference. I guess it could also be argued the BR unintentionally interfered with the throw so it’s nothing. I’m guessing that’s what this crew decided.
  8. There’s lots of craziness in FED. This one drives me nuts. I’ve been watching more than my fair share of NCAA baseball this weekend. Almost every team has play cards on their belts. why does it bother me so much?? Because there’s no logical reason to not allow it on a belt. NONE
  9. NFHS 2 bases time of touch. Let’s say the pitch rolls far away from F2. If R1 has reached 2B, then F2 throws a mask and stops the ball, R1 scores. BR to 2nd, unless BR is already at 1b time of touch, then he’s getting 3rd.
  10. 13 years and still waiting for my first detached equipment call. 😁 This guy has great informative videos on all things NFHS. Here’s the one pertinent to your question
  11. As you can see, rule codes matter here. NFHS gives two bases for detached equipment on a pitch, whereas NCAA, and OBR is a one base award.
  12. Yes. It's 2 bases Time of Touch. If two runners were between the same base, the lead runner gets 2, the following runner gets one
  13. Tough to say without seeing it. My first concern here is the umpire allowing a pitch if the batter isn't ready and alert to the pitcher.
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