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  1. Wow!!! Even I can say that’s horrible. I’m liking mine a lot better now.
  2. Just think about how bad it’s gonna look now that I haven’t called anything since October? I’m sure not going to be working on it from the “B “ position
  3. That sounds about right. I can't imagine giving a chainsaw strike 3 from the infield grass. I feel like even my "normal" hammer and a "HA!" for a strike to overstated from there.
  4. No. Next week I accepted a few 50/70 games. Evidently the “rules” change as the age group changes. 50/70 is as stated above, 60/90 gets to use normal 2 man. Unless the field administrators say differently. We’ll see how it goes.
  5. We're doing 2 man. They want one calling balls and strikes behind the mound and then assuming the role of U1, while "PU" will start behind and back from the batter, doing whatever PU does minus balls and strikes.
  6. So, who has called pitches from behind the mound this year? Are you using your normal tone, and point/hammer on strike calls? Are you giving your full strike three looking punch out? Asking for a friend
  7. FYI- I can go straight through 2021 for USABL. For MAC, I get to December 2020 and it says "You have no right to view schedule past November 2020."
  8. We're never going to know the true facts.
  9. If I decide to do any games, the first time a parent or a coach wants me to play the covid police, I'm done.
  10. Maybe it’s not news to the better informed. There’s plenty people who think touching an object an infected person has touched is a death sentence. Many don’t realize even if a bat/ baseball was handled by an infected individual the “ dosage” left on the object is far from enough to infect a healthy individual. I think his analogy of an army fighting off a few intruders as opposed to hundreds is spot on. As far as others on a field acting responsibly? I have to agree with you. But for me, if little Johnny doesn’t wash his hands, it Timmy and Joey decide to trade gloves, it has little to no effect on me. I can keep my distance from a coach who doesn’t think he needs a mask. I’m willing to give it shot. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I won’t do any more games. I 100% understand not wanting to be out there. We all have our own thoughts, opinions on this. No one is right or wrong.
  11. Here's someone's opinion with a little more expertise on the subject than me, and probably many of you. https://www.usabl.com/njbaseballcoalition
  12. Richvee

    MiLB Shake UP

    Right there with you. I've been on this bandwagon from page one of the thread. The corporate greed machine never ends. I'm seeing it again, first hand at my company. We cut back to emergency hours only during the lockdown, running on minimal staff. Now, as things pick back up, once we reach a predetermined number of units per week, we can call back employees and add hours based on a tier system. (hit "x" # of sales, add " y" # of hours) . The catch? Once we reach the level of sales we had pre-lockdown, our hours allocation for our location is about 20% less than what it was before this all happened. Surprised? Hardly.
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