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  1. Yeah , you don’t want to be out there in 2 man. When you’re in B or C in 2 man you are never starting on the outfield side of the bases. Ever. With F6 in, get where you’re most comfortable. In front of, next to , behind. … it’s all going to depend on where F6 is and your comfort zone.
  2. No issues there. Probably the only time I’m staying normal C is on turf where F6 has a tendency to be a little deeper on the carpet.
  3. Never ever ever start in the dirt. The infield grass/dirt line is the line of demarcation. If the grass/ dirt line is where F 6 is playing, stay inside him in normal C. If F6 is way in that’s when you can move back to the grass/ dirt line. This lets you get into position for plays at any base with just a few steps.
  4. You keep saying "outside" . You are only outside F6 if he's way in. You're never any farther back than the infield grass/dirt line. I wouldn't call that outside...Just deep "c" There's not going to be a steal of 3B. R3 would be stealing home and that's where the play is going to be. Infield is in...That means they're trying to cut the run off. 99.9 % of the groundballs are going to home or 1B. I can't think of many scenarios where a ground ball to an infielder is going to result in a play at 3B. MAYBE on a bunt where there's absolutely no play on R3. In any case, on a groundball, you're busting into the working area behind the mound as soon as the bunt is down because you will most likely have play on the BR @1B. If you've moved into the working area and the throw does go to 3B, a step or 2 to the 45' line between 3rd and home gives you a nice angle on a tag play on R2 @3rd.
  5. ooops. Only smalls left. https://stripes-and-strikes.myshopify.com/collections/umpire-shirts
  6. And given that, I can see why it’s not a balk. . I had a kid doing something similar last weekend in an 18u tourney, but the continuous movement was more obvious and the final stop was a bit more pronounced.
  7. I’m fine with no established time. But from where I’m watching, he’s either pausing multiple times or never pausing. .The amount of time between each “tap” is the same. .
  8. I don’t think missed. I agree they don’t want to call it.
  9. That’s where I disagree. That free foot/ leg bounces several times. Each time the pause ( or lack there of) before the next bounce is the same. Furthermore, the last pause( or lack there of) before he delivers is just as long ( or short) as each previous pause. So you either have multiple pauses, or no pause at any point because , from what I can see , each “ pause” is identical.
  10. Scroll down the highlights to Fernando Tatis' RBI shingle. Can someone tell me why this isn't a balk? https://www.mlb.com/gameday/giants-vs-padres/2021/09/21/632378#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=632378
  11. I think you have a case for interference here. OBR 6.01(a)(5)…. It is interference when a lead runner who has just been put out or scored interferes with any play being made on a following runner. The other side of the coin is the runner is just continuing through the plate, which, in and of itself is not reason for interference. 6.01(a)(5) comment; if the batter or runner continue to advance after being put out he shall not by that act alone be considered hindering or impeding the fielders. ( I think it would’ve safe to extrapolate that to include a runner crossing home plate. ) So, I think what we have here is another classic example of a “ judgment call”.
  12. Didn’t even notice until I got to this post. 😂
  13. The only time I have seen that rotation called off pre pitch is 2 outs, full count. Runner is going to be off on the pitch, so PU isn’t gonna get to 3b on time. In your play, why would PU not rotate on a clean single? On the hit in the gap, obviously PU would call it off during the play, but pre- pitch? Why?
  14. So true. Anyone who says they’re as good in game one as they are in game 4-5-6 is fooling themselves.
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