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  2. Brand new frame and brand new pads. Nike decal applied to pads.
  3. Pads and harness are navy. I can include them with purchase for $130 total - including shipping.
  4. All Star Magnesium umpire mask frame. Pads and delta flex harness are navy. Used by catcher so has some wear on it, but still fully functional.... would be a great one to send off to Mask-It to have re-done in gunmetal or flat black! $130 shipped.
  5. Michigan Governor has closed k-12 schools for the school year. Supposedly, the MHSAA will announce it's direction no later than tomorrow, however other MHSAA brothers are reporting their Arbiter App blowing up with cancellations, with some already completely wiped out
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  7. My honest opinion: The only state that even might have a shot at a season is Iowa, since they don't start until summer anyway.
  8. On Monday, 3/30, PIAA announced that it is continuing to postpone the basketball and swimming championships, rather than cancel them, and postponing any decision about spring sports. I have no idea about the summer baseball leagues I work, but I haven't paid that assigner's fee yet. If PIAA can postpone decisions, so can I.
  9. Confirmed today by several unnamed sources - the suspensions end the day after 2020 post-season ends, whether it's played or not.
  10. Nebraska (NSAA) cancelled all spring sports. Edit: They are rolling our 2020 registration fee to 2021.
  11. In more serious tones, try here: https://www.tombihn.com/products/parts?variant=16645153735
  12. If you can't find any, just send me the Power and I'll take that terrible thing off your hands.
  13. Side clips? You mean how the harness attaches to the body? Can you show it on the CP itself?
  14. Matt

    Side clips

    Those remind me of my bag clips, without the retaining piece. https://armysurpluswarehouse.com/gi-duffle-bag-clip/
  15. Anyone know where I can pick one of these up or a metal version for my power? My home depot said they didnt carry them.
  16. AL-Ump


    The outside protector pre dates my umpire career. How did you hold the thing? Left arm? If so, how'd you take off your mask? How did you make a "safe" call?
  17. udbrky


    One day, I stopped by the mailboxes and this guy asked me if all the mail was in. I said yeah, I think so. Thought "wtf is he asking me?" Then I looked at my umpire uniform.
  18. Why don't they have a class for Underwater Basket Weaving? I mean, they seem to have everything else on there......
  19. All, ... I've deleted all of the extraneous comments (I'm at fault also!) that were added to @AL-Umps orignal post. He's still trying to sell this. If you want to discuss how/why this is a great CP (which it is, and it's a great deal by the way!) ...... go to the EQUIPMENT forum, do a search, and find a thread about this CP for info/discussion, please. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Remember, this forum is to sell things, not discuss them You can respond here if you have questions for AL-Ump regarding this CP, or, you can IM him questions (recommended)
  20. Moved to the TRANSACTION EXPERIENCE THREAD .........
  21. Just looked, and while there are courses for officiating softball, basketball, football & volleyball, I couldn't find a course for officiating baseball. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. It's not a fear, so much as it is an observation of history.
  23. My thought on both topics! That is just so very generous of the NCAA! I received an e-mail from our local USA Softball organization that hey are cancelling the remaining clinics and waiving the requirement to attend ... we just need to go ahead and send them the $100 registration fee to be eligible for this year. I’m guessing they don’t plan on refunding anything either when the inevitable plug comes out. So glad I hadn’t paid anybody yet ...
  24. We received an e-mail from IHSA today stating NFHS is offering free online officiating courses through July 1. We may not get back on the dirt this year, but we can still get better! I haven’t checked any out yet, but the link is https://nfhslearn.com/courses
  25. Illinois schools are closed through April 30, and the IHSA is holding out the remotest of hope. At least they recognize any delay beyond that will mean the season is done. https://www.ihsa.org/default.asp That said ... it is likely that I have already worked my last game here.
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