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  2. @Thunderheads go ahead and lock this one up too please. I think I'm going to Frankenstein a CP using the Adams padding and arm plates. Thanks!
  3. @Thunderheads go ahead and lock it up please. Thank you. @boyinr and @ArchAngel72 thank you for stepping up so quickly!
  4. Hey @NGuzman, just curious...in my market we have varsity games played frequently with one umpire. Do you guys actually get good coverage on those 8U machine pitch games? If so, how has your market generated that level of interest in local, amateur umpires? ~Dawg
  5. If that is the mask you sold me a while ago I will return it to you. aluminum mask I believe it was
  6. Is this an opportunity for new umpires to learn, or does this level do more harm than good?
  7. I've got pads. How much do you want for it shipped?
  8. I have one with a chopped TG if that would work. Let me know. I have the harness but no pads.
  9. They definitely are on the denser side of things. But then again... soldiers are willingly padding their helmets with this stuff. So I'll leave it to them to tell me that the product is top notch.
  10. I never really had an issue with them being to stiff. Even at or below 50 degrees, they softened up pretty well pretty quickly. @Umpiresrock74 I too got a concussion while wearing TW. However, I truly believe they helped save me from a moderate or major one to a minor one. As for the MAG... I LOVE THAT MASK! Wicked lightweight and the vision is outstanding. Like Keith said, it will take some getting used to. The chin pad is oversized to say the least. But once you get past that is it extremely comfortable!
  11. It was like a hotter day. Lol. So I don’t know why it was stiff. Just how they are. Lol.
  12. TW's do warm up to your face in cold weather as you wear them, but they are definitely harder at the beginning of a game. A lot of guys that wear them in colder weather (below 40 degrees) put them in the car near the heater or defroster to "soften them" before wearing in the game. The Zorbium properties are stiffer, which is why it absorbs the impact better than other foam pads - but the downside is that they can be a little stiff in colder temps.
  13. Hi all, If anyone has an Adidas (Reebok, Nike, etc) Icon frame they'd like to sell, please message me. I'm wanting to pick a steel version up for a project and don't want to pay $80+ on eBay or one of the other sites that take taxes and add shipping. Thanks!
  14. I found TW pads were better for me at 70 degrees and above below that they were on the stiff side.
  15. The mask is wicked light and the pads feel great on your face. It takes a little adjustment to use the mask, but once adjusted it's a great mask. It looks great, feels great and protects well - especially if you pair it with a skull cap. Without the skull cap, I'd recommend using a TW pad on top or accept a greater risk of getting a concussion as the top pad is too thin and will crush to the bars on a hard impact. It's one of my two favorite masks out there today, with the other being the Nike Ti.
  16. I feel like the problem with team Wendy pads is that they are too stiff! I got hit with like a 70-80 pitch in the upper jaw wth team Wendy pads and got a concussion. Softball game. Lol. I just wonder if they absorb some shock, but then the rest goes the mask. Like with Wilson pads I think the memory foam ones absorb more of the shock. sorry mad max. Thoughts? Mike
  17. Lol. I know they do still sell them with the mask. But ump attire doesn’t sell it, but purchase Offcials does. Anyone have a all star? Anybody like it?
  18. WHOOPS! My bad. In dark mode, it looks grey. Probably helpful if I actually read what is on the screen next time.
  19. Arik, ... that is WHITE, w/ a black interior, not gray
  20. Interesting, because this was directly from the All Star site. Wonder if maybe a difference between desktop and mobile or something? That being said. I don't think you can even see the black while wearing it.
  21. That is about the same in my state, can’t wait!
  22. Arik, He's talking about this - the grey with black inside are not on here anymore. The grey have grey inside & out.
  23. Grey with black inside... https://all-starsports.com/collections/helmet-parts/products/fm4000-magnesium-replacement-pads?variant=40790346760249
  24. Okay. All I saw was the grey on grey. Maybe they discontinued them?
  25. Yes the graphite, or grey if you prefer, have black cloth against your face. $75 a pop is BONKERS! I'm glad I traded/bought mine two years ago before I took a break!
  26. Yesterday
  27. My link is to All Stars website. They are the creator and manufacturer of the pads. They have all they sell on the link. I do believe that the graphite pads have black against your face and hat (on the underside).
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