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  2. I have a Nike that was powdercoat matte black and chopped by Tony. Would like to sell as a complete mask (UL or Diamond harness, TW or Wilson MF pads, Nike 6" tg) though. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Ah yes...where all of this BS began travel ball. (NFHS) To my knowledge, in any rule set: NCAA or OBR, it's one player. In my state, it's supposed to be a max of two and one during the 1/2 inning, but it is not enforced, in fact, enforcing it is bad form b/c nobody else does in my part of the state. Most of the rules I've seen refer to an "on deck batter" (singular) Again, it's one. Decide if it's worth enforcing in your part of the country.
  4. Appreciate everything you do UIC! Keep up the good work! You know us low-level umpires are high-value targets ...
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  6. You use both? Which do you prefer?
  7. As many of us work multiple rule sets, I find it valuable when additional rule sets are brought to the table even if the original question was specific. Personally, I think it helps to provide context — both as an understanding of why a misinterpretation could happen and to help me explain to a coach why he or she is incorrect. I find it very helpful when I can say, “Coach, you would be correct if we were playing Rules XYZ. However we are playing ABC and there is a difference between the two on this one.”
  8. The Wilson Charcoal CP is no more lower profile than the Platinum, or the Gold, for that matter. All three use the same upholstery-grade foam in their vests. One of the reasons why the Charcoal can become more low-profile than its siblings is because the all-important chest-to-shoulder joint is segmented, not fused. The one-piece plate on the Platinum is a protection feature (of the collarbone), that much be certain, but if not fitted and adjusted – correctly – then it stays as a flat wall and looks hulking. How do most Platinums ship? As flat as possible. How do All-Star CPU4000’s ship? Already pre-curved and formed. So right out of the packaging, the Charcoal CP can hinge on that segmented joint, and if the user really cranks down on the (pathetic) stock harness, they can achieve a rather conforming fit. The Charcoal is marketed as Wilson’s Best Value Chest Protector, primarily because it offers a great deal of coverage at a sub-$100 price tag. So why do the Platinum and Gold cost so much more, sometimes nearly double? Because Wilson has to cover the cost of maintaining the Patents, the MLB Licensing, and the royalties to Joe West! Those Patents have done more harm than good. The carapace (the shell) on both the Platinum and Gold are actually quite nice and effective. The Platinum is an outgrowth of an effort to improve protection of the collarbone, based (loosely) on the original WestVest (while the Gold is actually descended more from a set of modified football shoulder pads). The Patents are in regards to how the padding vest connects and anchors to the carapace plates. Altering either model jeopardized the Patents’ enforcement. Of course, challengers to the Gold have largely died off (All-American went bankrupt, Riddell is out of baseball, etc.), but the Platinum has sparked competition (the CPU4000) and replication (the Diamond Pro CP) due to its lack of improvement and development. What these two CP’s need, at the very least, are new, latest-generation foam vests. However, the hope is that Wilson lets the entire line drift off into the sunset alongside Joe West, along with letting the patents lapse (or at least, reapply for them in an updated manner) and the MLB Endorsement License. That license is a money-draining millstone Wilson doesn’t need to be successful with umpire gear. Neither do they need to wastefully supply retail with four different product lines. Simplify and strengthen, make at most 2 model lines and make them with the best materials and techniques to two market-sustainable and relevant pricing tiers.
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  10. They just need to do a little more housecleaning. leaving 5.1.1Q nee S in there implies there would be a base award. "5.1.1 SITUATION S: With a runner on first base, on a bounding ball F6 lays out and catches the ball in his glove. After several attempts to remove the ball from his glove, he is finally successful after the batter-runner acquires first base. RULING: There is no base awarded; the play stands. The ball was temporarily stuck, not lodged, in F6's glove."
  11. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says computers are "more accurate" than human umpires, stating the automated ball/strike system (ABS) or similar technology will be used during Spring Training and MiLB's Florida State League season, though an anonymous source told ESPN that the home plate umpire would... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  12. That cinches it. They left it out of the 5-1-1f text but it is in the dead ball table.
  13. How to Use Plate-Pro Umpire Shirt Stays View the full article
  14. Mr. Jimurray, if you look at the Dead Ball Table (Ball Dead Immediately) in rule 5 of the 2020 edition you'll see the following entry on line 12— Fair ball bounces over, through or lodges in player’s or umpire’s uniform or equipment (except ball lodged in glove) The italicized words are highlighted in my copy of the latest rule book as changes made in the 2020 edition and then it references rule 8-3-3c.
  15. I corrected my reference to you in that post. What I am saying is that the editorial change to 5-1-1f5 was "5. lodges in player's or umpire's equipment or uniform." You have to go to the editorial (rule?) change in 8-3-3c to see the exception for a ball lodged in glove. They did not make that exception in 5-1-1f but I'm not going to quibble over it. It's going to stay live with a ball lodged in the glove. But, what if the coach was not aware of any change and the kid with the lodged ball stands there befuddled as to what to do. We keep it live and stuff happens. Then the coach asks why we didn't kill it and we quote 8-3-3c. He says that change only remove the 2 base award when that happens and so the runner stays where he was when we were supposed to kill it. The coach says 5-1-1f still makes the ball dead with a lodged ball and has no exception for in the glove.
  16. I just want to give you an update as to what's been happening. Someone got into an @umpire-empire.com email account and sent out thousands of spam email. The company I lease the server from shut down the site for violation of the TOS. Go figure spamming is frowned upon. They realize this was not done by me and reopened the site. First level support just told me to change the passwords for all things relating to the site, email addresses and more, which I did. The initial passwords were fairly secure, the new ones were VERY secure. BUT that said, early this morning they struck again and the site was shut down again. I did not believe a hacked PW was the root cause and the second instance confirmed my belief. I have been working with advanced level support and am having a complete threat analysis done as I type this. They tell me this should be able to identify the root cause and exactly how people are getting in. Important things to know. This appears to be an issue regarding an email vulnerability and not the forum software Emails which were sent were sent to random people - not U-E members Email addresses of our members remain secure in the forum SW
  17. Mr. Jimurray, I am not sure what Mr. MadMax has to do with this thread--so far he has not posted anything here. But let me assuage your concern about any possible differences between editions of the printed rule book. The information I posted earlier was found easily and simply by searching the term 2020 nfhs baseball rule changes. That took me to the FED website page showing the announcement of the rule changes for 2020. It turns out that only one rule was listed as being changed: rule 3-1-4: Designated Hitter (DH). That change has already been discussed on U-E. In addition the following editorial changes were listed-- Baseball Rules Changes - 2020 July 09, 2019 2020 BASEBALL EDITORIAL CHANGES 1-3-2b1, 3-1-1, 4-1-3b, 4-2-4, 5-1-1f5, 7-4-1, 8-3-3c, Dead Ball and Delayed Dead Ball Table, Baserunning Awards Table and Rules by State Association Adoption https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/baseball-rules-changes-2020/
  18. I know. And that's why the items ordered weren't a big deal, and I can easily cancel the charge with my cc company if need be. I just wanted to see where they stood, business wise. I'd like them to succeed, in all honestly, after dealing with Mom for so many years.
  19. LRZ

    +POS, again

    You know the clichéd definition of insanity, right?
  20. Well, I did give a great review of their plate brush, which I mentioned to Dan. We'll see how THAT goes.
  21. This was a simple question that got derailed by the injection of other rule sets. I always find it amusing when someone brings FED to the party, as they rarely get invited.
  22. ...so you can get the free shoe bag that's offered on the website if you give a review? I thought it was weird that you have to give the review before they ship your order...
  23. No clue in Texas as to any change last year. The only clue this year was a TASO test question that could not be answered unless you knew the interp had changed. it was not even covered in the Texas Regional rules clinic I just attended. And, in fact, @Senor Azulmy 2020 hard copy rules does not list any editorial changes in the prefaces but does highlight 8-3-3c as regards to the exception. In 5-1-1-f5 it does add an apostrophe to players after the y in players and adds umpire's to the wording of that rule. But you may have downloaded a more recent version of the rules and caseplays. NFHS seem to not want to update their rules and caseplays on arbiter and so we are left to pay $7 each for the phone apps which is not a bad thing and I will do it. Regarding the actual interp change it would be a good thing to align with other codes. It would not be a good thing to make it a question on a rules test without any notice of a change.
  24. It’s impossible for you to give a good review - to a person like me who hasn’t used them - at this point.
  25. Last year it was presented at our clinic as a “new interpretation” without any rule change ... which caused great consternation.
  26. But there are rules that give the umpire authority to take action.
  27. Yet one more reason OBR should not be used for youth sports. For NFHS, isn’t this a case play or point of emphasis?
  28. It's my understanding from the responses to my original post is that the answer is, "No. There is no USSSA rule that dictates the maximum number of batters that can be out of the dugout on the change over."
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