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  2. When your wife is discussing something in a prolonged manner and you interrupt her with "Hey skip, did you have a question?"
  3. That was for the champro pro plus on their website. Different one.
  4. I thought I saw a Facebook post by Ump-Attire taking a new cp out of a box. But I didn't pay much attention to it at the time and am not able to go back and find it.
  5. This is not some special exclusive. I saw these in the 2022 Wilson catalog two months ago. All retailer should be getting them around February-ish… Purchase Officials just decided to do a pre-order… Probably just trying to generate some buzz. Platinum is discontinued as well as the the triple knee black shinguards and the gray shinguards.
  6. One of my tasks at work is to visit potential project sites for the preparation of proposals. Worked on one today with eight different sites spread out over a couple of counties. When reviewing the Google Earth KML file with the sites marked I found myself thinking: "OK. This one is near so and so field. Easy to find. This one is just down the street from such and such park. And this is around the corner from Here and There Township Park." Five of the eight were near fields where I typically work. Umpiring experience made the entire day so much more efficient. Anyone else have any "You Might Be an Umpire If..." experiences?
  7. Anyone close enough to conduct a welfare check?
  8. For God's sake, don't adjust your cup during a game!
  9. Yesterday
  10. I dont know him IRL. But I feel like this might be a first. Lol Regardless... once he does join the fun, it should be epic!
  11. Thanks! This looks like a contender for me. Even though I really like my Douglas.
  12. @Scissors Ive seen this one out there, seems identical to the WV gold. Hadn't pushed myself to pull the trigger but I may just have to now that you've called me out!
  13. You're the PU and for whatever reason you are not ready and the pitcher starts his motion or actually delivers the pitch: TIME!!!!! Noting matters after that. Don't care if the ball is in flight, the pitch now is nothing. Hit the ball, don't hit the ball, does not matter. I now have rules support as I killed the play. Yes, you may get gruff from a coach, but at least no play can happen.
  14. Tom Hallion wins the UEFL's 2021 Crew Chief of the Year Award [2020 Winner: Jim Reynolds].Voting Results: Hallion (30.8%), Joe West (18.9%), Dan Iassogna / Alfonso Marquez (7.1%). Tom Hallion is the 2021 UEFL Crew Chief of the Year. In what may be his final MLB season (subject to the outcome... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]View the full article
  15. You can buy three of these (one of each size) for the cost of just one new Wilson or F3!
  16. First thing I thought also. Or maybe he is still in shock from disbelief? Literally stunned speechless?
  17. This will be fun! If it isn't a full page long, something is wrong. Lol
  18. I wonder if this is an Out West - All Star Cobalt kind of thing? Where they shared the product prematurely.
  19. @The Short UmpireHoping for a review from you 😁
  20. Better price here... only $83 shipped. https://sportsfacilitiesgroup.com/store/champro-air-management-plated-umpire-chest-protector
  21. Just saw this one today. Very interesting. I'll have to find out more about their Air Management Technology (AMT), but with a 5-section waist area it should wrap around you very well. And at $96.95 83.00 shipped you can't beat the price. Three size options, 13" to 16", should cover the ribs on almost all umpires too. That neck roll is very comfortable and is found on Douglas and Wilson Gold CP's. It makes getting that CP up under your chin more comfortable with less chafing. Features 13” - medium 14” - large 16” - x-large Air management technology Exterior contour molded 3mm PE armor (3mm is 0.11 inches) Adjustable pectoral pads Full shoulder coverage 5-way adjustable harness The plated umpire chest protector from Champro utilizes Air Management Technology to evenly distribute impact force from stray balls, providing ultimate protection behind the plate. Easily adjust for the ideal fit and comfort of this chest protector with the adjustable pectoral pads and the 5-way adjustable harness equipped with durable T-hook clips.
  22. That or else he had an aneurysm upon hearing the news.
  23. The odd thing here is Wilson's website, as well as no other retailers, have made any mention of the new & improved product. Only one retailer is mentioning it and selling future shipments.
  24. And every pitcher does the exact same thing when you call it. Arms spread out, look down at their pivot foot that they have now placed behind the rubber, and proclaim “ I stepped off”
  25. The easiest scenario that I could see this happening is if the HP umpire is staring down a coach while standing in position behind the catcher. If he isn't placing his hand up to stop the play, him, the pitcher and catcher are all in place and that could signal to the pitcher to pitch.
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