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  2. Well, he clearly was a graduate of the required BMW a-hole training...
  3. Feinting to second base is legal in all codes. So if the move is otherwise legal, then it's clearly not a balk for the feint itself.
  4. Careful how the word "appeal" gets thrown around! There are certain plays that are "appeals" of the offense committing a running violation. Whether or not the ball was fouled is NOT an appeal play! So don't use that terminology like that. You do not ever have to "ask for help" from the other umpire unless you want to. (No coach can force you to, but it's often courteous that you do--good form--, but by no means can you poach--overturn--a call that isn't one of yours. That's one of those myths of baseball.) Anyway, you gathered data from your partner. That's a good thing as long as you don't keep doing it for every other play! Mainly understand the difference between the terminology of "appeal" and "going for help". Its important that you use that language precisely. Here's a play I had that was quite the opposite! 2-2 count and the batter swings and.......well, I heard a tick. I ruled FOUL as the ball rolled to the backstop. Everybody else was telling the kid to run (as if it were a U3K). There was all kind of bedlam going on. I had my hands raised, and I ruled foul and the ball was dead. Batter comes back with a 2-2 count. The claim was made that the "tick" sound was the bat hitting the plate and NOT the ball. (Could have been.) I did ask for help, and my partner (in "A") said that he was not sure either way. I pronounced the following: "I cannot UNfoul a ball. The call stands. I am NOT Angel Hernandez!" You had a better choice! If you let the play go, and then you and your partner were 1000% sure it WAS foul, you CAN reset it! And that IS making the right call. In my case, I thought I was right--I had it "foul" and so called it. (I might have been wrong.) At least I felt I handled it gracefully as I could, and I did get help from my partner. Mike Las Vegas
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  6. Guest

    Picking from Windup (OBR)

    I kind of get that but I also saw that the rule doesn't differentiate between inside move or outside move. I can see not going to first, as is not allowed even from a stretch, but second would seemingly be the same move. I know it's pressing the envelope - and I'd guess it would be a gamble. The inside move would be trying to get them simply to jump on movement - thinking they have free reign. Let me ask you this - if he did it in a way you thought was legal - but didn't throw it - (meaning sees the runner took off to third), would that be okay with you? (I'm just trying to play within the rules - even though I know this is one of the most misunderstood) By the way, I think the windup pick works best to third (as the windup is not uncommon then), but safer at second not knowing what may be called. Fun stuff.
  7. umpstu

    National Anthem

    What field is this?
  8. Not funny. Not even to the players.
  9. But, I think it aligns with the new HBP standard where the batter isn't required to move to avoid the pitch. Batter stays still, they might get their base. Batter moves they might get out.
  10. An umpire ejection cycle (all umpires had ejections) a New Britain batter refusing to steal first base, and Somerset's General Manager on the field during a dispute with the umpires featured in the Atlantic League's latest edition of screwy baseball, highlighting Sunday's modified doubleheader... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  11. I always say coaches ought to stop acting like children.
  12. The NCAA put out a video last year on a play where the batter was forced out of the box by a pitch and unintentionally hindered the catcher's attempt to retire a stealing R1. The official NCAA ruling was interference, even though the batter was just trying to avoid the pitch. Sometimes, life just ain't fair.
  13. Not funny Agree! . . . not funny :-(
  14. Could have been worse: imagine if he tried to brim the PU.
  15. Just saw this on FB, while amusing to a degree, sets a bad precedent IMHO
  16. No question. I consider myself still learning. Haven't worked more than LL, 10Us and a few 7th-8th grade games. Thanks to all for the feedback.
  17. At our pre-tournament meeting, the TD said he wanted to have us get the calls right - that meant getting together whenever asked to even if we were sure of our calls. At a majority of the plate meetings in the 5 games I did, this was relayed to the coaches. We didn't have any more problems than the last tournament we did. I have no problem at 10U of having coaches ask us about calls. Most of them are learning as well. YMMV.
  18. And you're there to make sure rules are followed?
  19. I agree with @beerguy55, assuming the helmet is still on the batter, the batter cannot intentionally or unintentionally interfere with a catcher's throw. 6.03 (a) (3) I believe is the rule in OBR. If this is Little League, I believe it's the same result but I can't seem to find the language other than they can't hinder the catcher from fielding the ball, but ti says nothing about a throw from the catcher in the interference section of 7.09.
  20. I don’t think an AA or vsport will either
  21. beerguy55

    Feint to Third

    Because physics. As has been alluded, it may not be 100% but it's probably 99.99%...as you step towards third with your left foot your right foot is (likely) going to come off the rubber, in any credible feint attempt - especially one that involves a subsequent attempt to throw/feint to first. Now, are you asking "if a pitcher feints to third, and never breaks contact with the rubber, now what must/can he do?" Otherwise, what are you asking - because you've been told that most of the time the feint will (naturally) cause him to disengage, but if he doesn't disengage his pivot foot he's still subject to pitching rules, so I'm not clear what you don't understand
  22. Assuming the helmet was still on the batter's head this sounds like interference to me. Batter out, runner returns to second.
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