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  2. I primarily work my one true love: baseball, but I do some basketball for the HS chapter (mainly MS and a bit of sub-varsity) during the winters. I took this season off and am glad I did since I would have lost money with all the cancelled games around here.
  3. I am familiar with Bucks and Montgomery counties, but if York is anything like them, there is indeed a need caused by not enough umpires and an aging crew, at that. If York is similar to Bucks/Montgomery, school ball is a weekday/afternoon affair, so your work hour schedule would be an obstacle. But you might consider umpiring junior American Legion, which is, again assuming it's the same, involves evenings and weekends.
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  5. I needed this thread. I was feeling old, having just retired from my first career, but I'm still the youngest one here.
  6. I’m considering that, I probably need at least one season of rec ball/travel ball back before I would do that. I umpired from like 15-18 I was basically a kid my whole time as an umpire. So I think getting my feet wet is gonna be important. Why do you ask? Is there a shortage? And when do PIAA games happen? I work 8:15-5 so i don’t know if I’d be in a position time wise for that.
  7. Will you be getting PIAA-certified?
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  9. Watch the cars go round and round. Do the timing for time trials. Watch for wrecks, signal slower cars faster ones were coming up behind them. Before electronic scoring became common, we'd spend time putting cars back in the right positions on cautions (for those cars involved and those not involved). Generally, come up with the official finishing orders. Weigh and inspect the cars, occasionally tear down the first few to check for illegal stuff. Unlike Baseball (or most sports), our rule book is pretty much just full of safety stuff. We have local track "ground rules" to insu
  10. coaches = nobody ;) (we kid, rich, because we love you)
  11. Are 3n2’s a bad shoe for someone who works 16 at most?
  12. "Anyone here" ≠ coaches
  13. Hi everyone. Not new here but returning, with years of college and working retail being an umpire fell to the side, but now that I’m working a 9-5 I’m picking it up again. I’m excited to hit the field again and to be back in this community again!
  14. From the 1976 NFHS Baseball Rule Book (inside front cover)— RULES DIFFERENCES FROM LAST EDITION (Each rule change in this book identified by a screened background) 3-1-4 A hitter may be designated for any one starting player and all substitutes for that player in the game. For complete application of the designated hitter rule see new rule 3-1-4 on page 18 in Rule Book. Rule 3-1 (pp. 18-19): Art. 4 …A HITTER MAY (IT IS NOT MANDATORY) BE DESIGNATED for any one starting player (not just pitchers) and all subsequent substitutes for that player in the game. A Designated Hi
  15. I was, but not HS ball. My first game would have been in 1971, I think. Players may leave the game and hen re-enter at a later time, but only once
  16. I doubt that anyone here is old enough to remember that. I'd guess that it was first discussed shortly after the AL adopted the DH in 1973. Maybe noumpere was officiating in the 70's. It's also not that simple: I expect it was phased in over several seasons, first experimental in a few states, then adopted in some version, then tweaked into something like its current form. IIRC the new provision allowing P/DH was first used in Florida about 3 years ago. I'm curious why the OP wants to know: has Trivial Pursuit™ come out with a FED edition?
  17. Our series on abuse-of-officials continues in Texas, when Edinburg High School Football defensive end Emmanuel Duron became an alleged criminal after attacking a referee following his disqualification/ejection from Thursday's game, leading to police involvement. After a late hit on the quarterback... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  18. This was not the question I was expecting when I saw the topic. Lol
  19. That's an interesting point from both Spencer and Keith. On my Android web browser, I also can not find my notifications or inbox. Not even from my profile page. And speaking of emails. I am still only getting a partial snippet of the responses to posts in my normal emails. It is quite frustrating.
  20. The American League adopted their DH rule to take effect in 1973. The very first man to appear at the plate as a DH was Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees on April 6, 1973—he faced Luis Tiant of the Red Sox and got a walk. It didn’t take long before the NFHS adopted their DH rule which first appeared in its 1976 rule book.
  21. Nobody asked me but... If some clown is setting off an airhorn as described here... I am calmly calling time and calling my crew and both managers together far from the fence and stating that in the interest of player, coach and umpire safety, the game will not continue until the airhorn(s) are secured in the dugout. If it's a game with a time limit, then I remind them of the time limit. Either the airhorn is secured or we hit the time limit and we go home. If it's a game without a time limit, then I tell them they have 5 minutes to secure the airhorn. If we are unable to s
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    NFHS Designated Hitter Rule

    What was the first year the NFHS adopted a designated hitter rule?
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  24. What's Ty's umpire cap size? He said in the video he was wearing a large and it worked great. Thanks .......
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