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  2. For what it's worth, we started down here in Texas, despite losing a week of scrimmages - and a few paying gigs - to snow and/or cold. Tonight, just finished games eight and nine for the week, thanks to tournament play.
  3. Okay, not only has this thread gotten well away from the OP - I should know, having been the author, and we're not talking about baseballs and NOSCAE any more - but it's also getting a little testy. Soooooo, again, because I brought this thread into the world, which means I can take it out AND because I have moderator abilities (blame Warren for that), I'm locking this up.
  4. Item donated to a local association’s rookie sale, mods please lock.
  5. I would have to check. I might still have a 40x32 pair of polywools.
  6. Hey everyone! Long time forum troller, first time poster. My name is Matt and I’m from the Rochester, NY area. 2021 will be my 5th year umpiring but still consider myself newish. Hoping this year will be my first year doing high school (barring any interference from the COVID gods.) Lastly, I have found myself to be a giant gear whore (just bought a plate coat, super excited to wear it!) It’s a pleasure to meet everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Take a wire brush or some sandpaper to it. Problem solved. I’ve had mine 5-6 years now. It’s none the worse for wear.
  8. I could not agree more @kylehutson. I don't use it because of the polished finish. Matte would be great...of course, oil rubbed would be sublime. ~Dawg
  9. I'm needing charcoal plate and base pants, 38 waist in an expandable waistband or a 40 in non expandable...Send me a message!
  10. I left them out for a day as well and they smelled fine after that
  11. Yesterday
  12. https://www.tommiecopper.com/2-pack-community-wear-face-masks/ Greetings brothers, With the start of the 2021 season hopefully right around the corner for most of us, I've heard and seen a lot of discussion about suitable PPE masks for umpires. Before I talk more about the above link I posted, I wanted to take a moment and say I don't want this to turn into a political argument about PPE masks, whether the public should be wearing them, whether umpires should be wearing them, etc. Some of you have struggled to find the right PPE mask. I did, too and simply wanted to share one I
  13. My sample size indicates a lot of this (not all of it!) is generational and occupational. I work in an association with a lot military and law enforcement personnel. Those in that line of work have a much finer degree of detail to their umpiring uniforms and on-field appearance. Generationally, (military/law enforcement or not...) older guys are more particular about uniforms and younger guys are less particular. The following techniques have served me best...First, acquire as many different shirt colors, sleeve lengths, undershirts, ball bags, caps, shoes and jackets as your budget
  14. My daughter doing her best Jordi LaForge impression
  15. https://www.force3progear.com/f3-sport-shoe-bag.html Force 3 also sells them directly. (Make sure you click the gray, LARGE button below the price to select the correct size.) Admittedly, if Ump-Attire is out of stock on these, the manufacturer might be, too so you may want to contact them prior to placing an order. ~Dawg
  16. 😲All-Star...please...take ALL my money now. I want all the colors, charge it please and thank you very much! Thanks for posting this! ~Dawg
  17. Just found a pair of low cut plate shoes in my actual size. Very cool.
  18. First of, what size are you on shoes? The story behind the shoe bags. The so called original regular bag fits up to size 12 base and plate shoes. Then the brilliant mind of Force3, I'm using the term loosely, thinking about guys with bigger foot decided to make a longer and wider bag. I can't recall who came with the marketing strategy of calling the larger shoe bag a plate shoe bag, either Force3 or Ump-Attire. To find out will have to do a little bit of history research. But, whoever of the 2 was, planted a marketing strategy seed on the umpires minds and pockets that is working beautifu
  19. https://www.tommiecopper.com/2-pack-community-wear-face-masks/ I will leave a full review on this mask on another thread but...these are very comfortable masks. @Gfoley4, I wear glasses, too. Make sure you get a mask with wire sewn into the nose area so, it can be shaped around your nose to seal your warmed exhalations from leaking out the top of the mask and condensing onto your glasses. Be sure to clean your glasses (with an alcohol based cleaner...) before you have to wear your mask. There are no fog proof chemicals or techniques but, cleaning with an alcohol cleaner helps minimiz
  20. Shirts are sold, thanks @wingman3110! Still have everything not crossed out in the listing!
  21. I understand. But, honestly,...no one here would not be allowed to say what I said. This site typically has always had a pretty loose rope on things. Unless of course, things go off the rails. Over the years I'm sure you yourself have said worse [emoji6] (in a different context of course). Stupid comment? Hardly. And I won't explain why it's not a stupid comment because that will probably ruffle your feathers based on this conversation. I just edited my comment...... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. You have admin rights and are saying things that others probably wouldn't be allowed here. Not to mention, it's a stupid comment in itself.
  23. Think about it this way. Many of us know now not to deal with certain companies or be wary of dealing with them. This is because other umpires have mentioned their dealings and have been backed by other members with the same experience. +POS would be a good example of this. The leader in officiating gear for years. But now have fallen on hard times. Sadly, on this list right now it seems, is Samurai Gears. But we would have no clue if not for other umpires telling their story. So... what company is it?
  24. I’m good with naming a company you have had issues with. Many times, other members have had similar experiences or better yet gotten resolution in a way you may not have thought of. Either way, the membership will be wary when dealing with that vendor.
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