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  1. Wider field of vision is what led me to originally try HSM. I've liked and stayed with it since.
  2. 😬 LOL Sidebar - About two years after coaching a kid from 6 to 8 I saw him show up with glasses. It sure helped explain a lot of things
  3. There is a low profile eye glass style called ‘Asian fit’ that may work for your son. Best of luck. Hope the injury recovery goes ok.
  4. Doing LL, BU1 are taught from the very first clinic to watch the flight of the infield throw about 1/3 to 1/2 way to ensure it's online before we shifting focus to 1B - for very obvious reasons at that skill level. It's understandable at the MLB level that they don't do this. With those being the extremes, I'm curious at what level BUs mechanics change. Is it gradual or a step function?
  5. Velho

    Home Run

    We are talking about MLB and Manfred, right?
  6. These baserunners are turning into magicians and matrix defying spoon benders within a 3 foot space. When I get back into coaching I’m going to teach get the ball, smother the base like it’s a grenade, then make the tag 🤣
  7. I'm not Gil but I'll jump in @Thunderheads. If batter was out on the pitch, R1 would be out for Retired Batter interference since batter can't be out twice. No idea why the review took more than 30 seconds.
  8. Does the ball come back down?
  9. Thanks @dumbdumb LOL. When you look at them side by side you can see what appears to be wierd AI plagiarism going on with the vitalnews story.
  10. Why assume he was passing judgement on NYT's business model? Maybe he was simply letting OP know that he couldn't read it and therefore couldn't engage in conversation about it.
  11. Especially in LL. They're meant to come off their base. 🤪
  12. Imagine if he was throwing 100mph!
  13. Yikes. No red flag, let's see what happens, come on back leaving early stuff there.
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