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  1. I agree with this. This all depends on who A10 was announced as replacing.
  2. Kentucky says "Oh yeah? Watch this." fwiw, in my local t-ball (4-5 yr olds) every kid got a single (even on the 0.00000000000000000001% of the time they were putout) and the last kid up each inning got a home run. Biggest game managment issue I had as manager was getting the batting order rotation right so every kid got his home run turn (3 inning games, 13 or 14 players (can't remember)). Took me a bit to clue into the issue - I was helpfully informed though No score was kept, no playoffs or championships.
  3. taking a tangent... LL 10U All Star game ~5 years ago. I was PU and sweating chlorophyll. BU's years of experience >75% my age. Last out of the game, HT down by 1, banger at 1st, crowd erupts, OHC calls time to talk with BU. I expected BU to conference and I say to the fence "relax, there's a process". OHC and BU finish, OHC marches back to his dugout unhappy. I hightail it out of there thinking "welp, I'll never do that again". lol
  4. Woe be the ump you vocalizes "FAIR!" ... and all play comes to a stop. Said ump will only do it once though. 😉
  5. This addresses end of the game. You could analogize it to the 5 run rule with less than 2 outs I suppose. Preventive umpiring can come into heavy play here as well. Failing that, I'm still going with "Coach, isn't the real question vanilla or chocolate?"
  6. Velho

    Base running

    ^^^^ This has my vote for most ironic, but most true, post of the year Had this the other night in 10U. R3 missed home by a mile on a double (so no action). Catcher even saw it - gave me that sequence: look at me, look at home, look at me. I no sold it. They never appealed. Two plays later? Runner landed square on home plate in a late tag situation. Dugout "APPEAL APPEAL" (at least they didn't call time first ) 100%. As a coach, I'd have my guys Run Run Run while the Defense was trying to get back to tag the missed / left early base.
  7. Hey @Umpire in Chief site is broken. I can only like this once.
  8. Similar story: first game of LL AAA (anything close to real baseball; our local AA is station to station). Kid I had coached since T-ball hits a sweet double... and goes headfirst into 2nd base. 🤦‍♂️
  9. In OBR, you don't ask on a strike/swing, but you ask on a ball/no swing. You come to me, I'll give you what I have. If there is a right to an appeal, the appeal should be handled honestly. IMO, YMMV. Yeah, it was apparent PU was going to BU out of obligation but managing to the "no swing" outcome. Not a good look. Ha!
  10. I need to do this more. After all year working with RPV* I can do this now. Hope they’re ready. 😁 Better pregame it! I did this last night (not on a bunt but normal check swing). Check swing... Did he go? Probably not but I guess he could have. Hey! Let's ask Nick. "Did he go?!?" "No he did not" "The count is 3 balls no strikes" Felt great.
  11. Son's HS playoff game last Saturday, after getting an early successful appeal from PU in A, the catcher went back to the well ~5 more times - yep, even when in C. PU went to him but led BU with a little safe sign flick down near his belt line. Not as subtle as it could have been but subtle enough that I didn't hear anyone say anything. I saw it twice. Add: Catcher was awesome. 100% constant hustle and aware. Called the game (not the coach). Tagging kids on possible U3K, THEN going for the appeal. Firing the ball back to the pitchers (D1 commits including Texas) just as hard as it was comi
  12. Agreed (at most). R3 touch home at least. 5 runs is a severe limitation that's changed the game already and I've only seen it in LL 10U and lower and Fall ball 12U and lower. Both clearly Rec ball. DHC that's going to get picky on that should be worried about other things like A) snacks after the game and B) not giving up 5 runs.
  13. My uneducated $0.02: Score 2. Play end in a dead ball, same as a home run. The results of the play count. Term that comes to mind for me is a "baby home run". Also, wanted a reason to pull this one out since it feels applicable.
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