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  1. I know I gained a few pounds this fall but, geez...
  2. Velho


    Yep. It's a bizarro Alice Cooper.
  3. Velho


    You're proposing a consolidated location for the interaction about non-existing item? Isn't that what got us into this in the first place?
  4. There's a story about the Picasso: A woman asked him to sketch something on a piece of paper. He did and said "that will cost you $10,000". The woman was astounded. "$10,000 for 5 minutes of work?" "No, it took me 40 years to make that in 5 minutes" Picasso replied.
  5. 💯 Though I didn't realize they approved it for regular reason only. Another "I know coach but not regular season anymore" item. sigh
  6. This is the key. All those others sports have lights or are short enough duration to end before sunset. @SH0102 makes solid other points that I think can be worked through (no reason there can't be a mix in of non-Varsity umps in JV game for example).
  7. Saw similar (I've been told) in our local HS league. Story goes that the coaches didn't get along with the primary ump group (didn't like the calls? someone called a wife ugly? idk) so they went with a splinter group of the umps that weren't getting post season assignments because of poor performance (new group runs 2 man, old group 3 man plus new group "doesn't have ongoing education requirements"). The league is going back to the primary group this coming year.
  8. Did you tell us that story yet?
  9. Same for me. As I look into moving out of a major metro I worry that the youth LL (or equivalent) won't be as sane as mine and if I have to expand to travel to get the number of games I want.
  10. I hear you and and also the counterpoint that "the pitcher is going to blow out his arm stopping the pitch after he's started". And, not to be argumentative, but there is the case where batter is ready and then randomly stops paying attention or asks for time - so is no longer "ready". That's a subtlety underneath your statement. Batters also have to self identify that when to be ready when they step in the box. I balance it out the best I can each unique time it happens.
  11. This is why I don't use it when time is in. I shifted to going the illegal pitch route (in LL) and getting the pitcher to self identify that the batter isn't ready.
  12. Bit off topic but reminded me of this: "[Ted] Williams wanted [Tony] Gwynn to turn on the inside pitch in order to drive the ball with power. Throughout his career, Gwynn swung at pitches from the middle of the plate to the outside, but usually didn't swing at anything inside. The result was that Gwynn hit line drives through holes in the infield. In 1997, Gwynn took Williams' advice. He used a heavier, longer bat, which produced 13 home runs by the All-Star game. That was it, Tony said. "After that, they stopped pitching me inside," he recalled. "And a light went on." Gwynn spoke to Williams again a short time later. "Mr. Williams, it's taken four years, but I finally understand what you were trying to tell me. Show them you can hit the inside pitch with power, and they'll go back outside, to your strength." https://bleacherreport.com/articles/784811-san-diego-padres-when-winner-tony-gwynn-lost-the-chance-to-hit-400
  13. I'll second this, at a minimum pass them along. After I had my first EJ last year (after 9 years in) 3-4 folks came up to me with stories on how bad the Manager had been all year. As I heard those horrible stories I made sure that person would never manage again. Once our UIC heard those stories - one first hand from the team coach as I pulled UIC over from 10 feet away, it happened naturally so I didn't have to push hard. I am proud I made that happen I am not pushing anyone to take it as far as I was prepared to but I it is important to eject these donkeys (otherwise the issues stay silent) and give all the information available to the League.
  14. That sounds correct. Others touched on this and I think it's the root of the some yes, some no: batter had time to get away in OP vs. F2 is throwing to F5 for R2 advancing where batter gets more leeway since he can't "simply disappear". Those that say no INT may be equating the two situations.
  15. South Bay Area, CA Little League: I'm in two different districts. One has 192 members on Arbiter and the other 153. Those are post season umpires (i.e. those that took a step beyond just a parent roped into doing games) but I'm not aware they ever purge that list though so take those numbers with a grain of salt.
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