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  1. You try to defend the INF that is caught well into the OF.
  2. I do pay attention to the right hand being the power hand but not exclusively. I'll award bases with right hand. Ask for help with left hand (trying to - I'm emphasizing to work that into muscle memory). OBS, initial signlal of INT, or fair ball I'm going to do whatever flows with the play ( @Mudisfun stated it well). I don't think a right hand action will confuse anyone on a delayed dead ball since the ball's not there. HPU with a OBR balk (or illegal pitch at LL) would be verbal only (to me) as I want to stay in my stance since the play is still live.
  3. Meaning HPU should be farther to his right and just off the catcher's left hip (which in this case looks to be roughly 3BL extended)?
  4. I will throw in my usual in case you don't have one: wear a long and properly fitted throat guard. Beyond safety upgrades and said above, one thing I didn't have at first but appreciate now is a lineup holder/game wallet. Adder: A friend shared a template for managing the lineup instead working on the coach given paper - that's been good (and cheap since you just print it out yourself )
  5. Velho

    Ball Modifying

    Completely agree. Let's just say that following my polling, the knowledge is still alive. 😁
  6. Velho

    Ball Modifying

    Tangenting... I've thought about as well so I started polling. Small sample size to date (3 HS pitchers) none had any idea what I was talking about.
  7. Velho

    2021 MLBUM?

    Big 👍 @johnnyg08 It’s a great quote. Some historical context for those interested: “Pressure is a privilege” was said often by tennis legend Billie Jean King “Usually if you have tremendous pressure, it’s because an opportunity comes along.” She remembers thinking about the phrase on Centre Court at Wimbledon, realising that she had been dreaming about this moment and feeling a lot of pressure. Even then, she could appreciate how incredible it was to be standing there. “Most of the time... if you really think about it… usually it’s a privilege.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jodiecook/2021/02/22/pressure-is-a-privilege/?sh=10ca37157de2
  8. Thank you. Great call out that the "safe" / "out" call isn't the only place we need to slow down. "Respond vs React" is a mantra that comes to mind.
  9. and now I see very explicitly why they are coached that way. Also, as my UIC says, "the batter can't just disappear".
  10. Mr. Blue posted it as a quote from the 2021 minor league ump manual. I think that overrides your comment about "nowhere . . remotely implied". Exact degrees of "remote" ad "implied" aside 😉 there is a difference between "may" vs. "must" / "obligated". My read is tat the movement isn't automatically protected, even if natural. The way I see the batter coached is "be a statue".
  11. Velho

    Dropped bat

    That is exactly it. And I've seen it go fair more than once.
  12. For completeness: (12) In running or sliding for home base, he fails to touch home base and makes no attempt to return to the base, when a fielder holds the ball in his hand, while touching home base, and appeals to the umpire for the decision; Rule 5.09(b)(12) Comment: This rule applies only where runner is on his way to the bench and the catcher would be required to chase him. It does not apply to the ordinary play where the runner misses the plate and then immediately makes an effort to touch the plate before being tagged. In that case, runner must be tagged.
  13. I love making the warm-up catcher throw down
  14. @Bob M Assuming the above from the Fed is still accurate (see LRZ post for rule section), that language covers it. The team at bat SHALL indicate whether or not to decline. “Offensive Coach, the catcher obstructed your batter. You want the penalty or the result of the play?”. Saying that they HAVE TO pick but you can’t tell them what the choices are is plain silly. It’s certainly not scholastic umpiring. @lawump obviously has the most standing, but that’s my read.
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