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  1. grayhawk

    balk call

    I’d say at least 50% of the guests that use “Ask the Umpire” never reply to the answers or follow-up questions.
  2. Correct call in MLB. Nothing in NCAA and NFHS since it wasn't intentional.
  3. Just bad timing. F3's foot came off the bag and Gibson was about the make the "safe, off the bag" call when F3 stabs back at the bag before the BR arrives. Changes the mechanic from safe to out mid-stream.
  4. For reference, only the NCAA requires F1 to either step and throw to second or pitch to the batter when the knee of the free foot leg (any part of the stride leg) crosses the back edge of the rubber.
  5. Do nothing. Think of it this way - if he had touched the plate on his first time by, and then come back and stomped on the plate after a following runner scored, what would you do?
  6. grayhawk

    How to award bases

    This was a base left too soon, which base coaches are usually aware of. We’ve all heard it, “Baaaaaaack!”
  7. grayhawk

    How to award bases

    In the LL games I used to work, there was always at least one adult base coach out there. I wouldn’t expect a 10 year old to know the rules, but his coach should definitely be telling him to go back and touch first.
  8. grayhawk

    How to award bases

    Yes, it is 100% lack of rules knowledge. If they don't know that they are required to retouch the base they left too soon, then they lack a fundamental understanding of the rules. Definitely not my problem.
  9. grayhawk

    How to award bases

    I really do see your point, but with respect to the crap show, my answer is, "So what?" We are not responsible for the game participants' lack of rules knowledge and ignorance is no excuse for them to blame us for their deficiencies. Make the proper award, and handle your business if they voice their displeasure when the runner is called out on appeal. Not my circus, not my monkeys.
  10. I'm going with backswing interference (OBR) and follow through interference (Fed) on this play. I believe that is within the spirit and intent of the rule. While the bat didn't go all the way around, the batter clearly hit the ball AFTER his initial intent to strike at it (check swing ruled a swing).
  11. grayhawk

    Time Play

    Yes, the run scored. Madden asked for a review too late.
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