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  1. I've been to Angels' games many times, and trust me, you cannot find a beer - ANY beer, for $4.50. A beer cannot be had there for less than $12.
  2. Where the heck can you get a beer at a ball park for $7? Or since $7 is the league average, where can you can one for less than $7? I was at Petco recently and I think beers were around $14. I know for sure I saw a Margarita for $30.
  3. Sounds like a Daddy ball coach who doesn't know what he can and can't say, and doesn't know you NEVER approach an umpire after a game. So far as I can tell, the only thing you did wrong was bring your phone onto the field (I know, It's summer...)
  4. Yes, this isn't football where a player who runs out of bounds can't be the first one to touch the ball after running back in bounds. It only matters where the fielder's feet are when he first touches the ball. Where he was prior to that is irrelevant.
  5. I don't think in terms of benefit of the doubt in this situation. I either saw firm and secure possession and voluntary transfer, or I didn't.
  6. Don't get me started on "rabbit ears" criticisms. It ain't rabbit ears if I'm supposed to hear it...
  7. Do they hold runners in softball? I mean, runners have to be on the base, right?
  8. Or, read your PARTNER. Something most folks that don't work much 3-man are not used to doing.
  9. Legal to have one foot in foul territory in HS.
  10. Moving "with a purpose" is the key. Most umpires who are new to 3-man are guilty of happy feet, especially when they're working as U1. The hardest part of working 3-man is fly ball reads. It is crucial to working together as a crew and how we are rotating. As PU, it drives me crazy when U1 goes out on an obvious gapper to right center because they just got happy feet rather than taking the immense amount of time we have to PAUSE, READ and react in the 3 umpire system.
  11. Seems to me that you created a problem that was avoidable. I do the opposite - I put the pearls in my right ball bag (I'm also right handed) and the gently used ones in my left ball bag. I use the pearls first and when I run out, then I put the used ones in play. What happens after that doesn't matter because they're all used. Also, I prefer to start with 8 baseballs, if possible. If they only give me 4, I'll be asking for baseballs all night even in the middle of at-bats. And unless they have a designated ball runner, it gets to be a pain in the ass.
  12. In another thread, there was a question about applying the general interference rule on a play where a more specific rule should apply. This is the opposite - where no specific rule exists about a runner knocking the ball out of a fielder's glove (intentional or not @BLWizzRanger), we apply the general rule on interference (as @SeeingEyeDog said) which is found in definitions: INTERFERENCE (a) Offensive interference is an act by the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play. If the ball had been knocked out of the fielder's glove, we have interference, runner out and all other runners return to their bases attainted at the time of the interference.
  13. In the 2-man games I work, I position myself in regular B with R1 or R1/R3, though I do work slightly deeper when there's a big lefty at the plate. I'll take a slightly worse angle on pickoffs at 1B over getting smoked. In 3-man, I'm more than comfortable working deep and on grounders to the right side, it only takes a few steps to get a good angle. On grounders to the left side, I'm already deep and it's just a few steps "back and to the left" to get a great angle.
  14. That would be great. Next time I'm in the market, that vendor would be an option (though I do like the white logo over the all black).
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