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  1. Blaming and berating umpires has been woven into the fabric of baseball for 150 years. Once the suit and top hat were cast aside, umpires transformed from gentlemen into ogres. Unfortunately, it ain’t gonna change anytime soon.
  2. grayhawk

    Late Season EJ

    Yup. NO WAY he stays after that comment. Definitely a missed ejection there.
  3. According to Gil: 10/27 HOU@WAS Gm 5: Lance Barksdale: 96/97 Balls + 41/46 Strikes = 137/143 = 95.8%. +0 Nu.
  4. Knew it would happen. Eff me for encouraging a new umpire to get into the books...
  5. Do you know what rules this game was played under? If so, do you have a copy of that rule book? When umpires come in to ask these questions, it's always preferred that you attempt to locate the correct rule before asking. Teach a man to fish, etc. If not, no worries. We will be happy to help you.
  6. Exactly. Only Fed would be so ridiculous (which they are, of course). The FB post was frustrating because people just ignore all evidence that doesn’t support their position. I posted the WUM reference there and there was not a single comment about it. Like I said, it’s an old reference and it’s possible that Wendelstedt has changed his interpretation since then, but to ignore it is simply confirmation bias.
  7. Found this in the Wendelstedt Umpire Manual. I don't have the latest one, but I am unaware of any rules changes on this play over the last few years:
  8. Sure, there are rules against fielding a pitch, a thrown ball or a batted ball with detached equipment. Attempting to stop the ball with your foot is none of those. And kicking it as opposed to muffing it changes nothing on this play. Both are missed attempts at fielding the ball.
  9. I don’t remember if it was in a video bulletin or it’s own video. Regardless, we don’t even need it because it’s codified in NCAA: 2-51 A.R. 5 If a fielder chases after a deflected batted ball ahead of a runner’s arrival and is in the act of picking up the ball (fielding) when contact is made by an offensive player, interference is the call. If the fielder is chasing after the deflected batted ball and contact is made between the two players, obstruction should be the call.
  10. That’s what I have. I am assured by all responders that I’m wrong for NCAA and OBR. They claim that the fielder can not regain his protection once he has to chase the ball. Hiler said this was interference a couple of years ago but I haven’t been able to find the video yet because I haven’t had time.
  11. Probably not a make up call. More likely he lost his focus because he was still going through what happened on the previous pitch. Maybe not actively thinking about it, but at least in the back of his mind.
  12. If the other runner has already scored, it’s exactly the same thing. Neither are viable runners and calling out the runner who missed the plate and was assisted doesn’t require an appeal.
  13. Nitpicking, but always start awards with the runners closest to home first.
  14. Notice the absence of an appeal in the following play: ___________________ 2013 NFHS Rules Interpretations Situation 11: A runner misses the plate. The on-deck batter physically stops him and shoves him back to the plate, where he touches it. Ruling: Physical assistance by a teammate is not allowed unless both players are viable runners. The assisted runner is out and his run does not count.
  15. CI is usually a delayed dead ball but not in this case (because the batter didn't put the ball in play). As soon as F2 catches the pitch, just call the interference and then time. Award R1 second and the batter first.
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