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  1. The thing that pisses me off more than anything on the baseball field is this kind of petty BS. Coaches are such frickin children sometimes.
  2. Smokin deal on a great bag. Don't even think - just buy this bag.
  3. That looks like a cool hybrid solution between a skull cap and a bucket. Might have to try it if we're ever allowed to umpire again in CA.
  4. Definitely interested in the new CP. Maybe a slightly lower profile version of the S7 with the grayhawk mod already there?
  5. I would have said, "I know, I can't believe he didn't slide either!"
  6. LOL. Hey, I was just correcting a statement made in error by aaluck!
  7. Fed does address it, by using the phrasing "position." Carl Childress addresses this in his last BRD: 52. ALSO: OFF INTERP 58-36: WENDELSTEDT: For the purpose of an obstruction award, a runner guilty of missing a base or leaving a base too soon is considered to have touched or left the base legally. After the award, if the runner fails to correct his infraction, he will be declared out on proper appeal. Note 49: OBR OI 58-36 above is important because it harmonizes the way umpires should officiate all three codes. But don’t forget § 376 157. Play 42-36: Following a single BR misses first, tries to return, and is obstructed by the first baseman, who tags him out. Ruling: At all levels the umpire awards BR second.
  8. Why are you quoting OBR when we were talking specifically about Fed?
  9. There is a difference between his position on base and his last legally acquired base. The award is second base.
  10. It's different from region to region. In general, each conference has a coordinator of officials that maintains their umpire staff. Those coordinators usually will drop some umpires and add some umpires each year. Usually, a great place to meet these coordinators would be at a camp in your region, though not all of them would necessarily be there. I would speak with and get to know college umpires in your area. Start with community college, NAIA and D3. This may not be a great year to find a camp because most of not all of them are likely not happening because of COVID.
  11. This is incorrect. Since the obstruction occurred between first and second, the award is second base. If the runner doesn't go back to correct his base running error prior to touching second, then he would be out on proper appeal for missing first. As you said, this is for Fed baseball. No idea what the softball ruling would be.
  12. grayhawk

    First One

    I do understand what you are saying, but when you think an umpire is having a bad day, perhaps it's you who are having a bad day. I've had coaches tell me that I missed a call, or the dreaded "that's two" and be 100% dead solid certain that I got them right. So he probably walked off the field thinking I had a bad day when, in fact, he was the one having the bad day (judging my calls, that is).
  13. I scored 100% on the survey. What do I win?
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