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  1. Glad no one had it. Do you know if they are doing one of the quicky tests all the time which tends to give more false positives, or the more thorough tests that do not. Seems that could make a big difference with results and more possible oopses. Wonder which kind the NBA are using?
  2. Same answer no matter what level or who umpire is. But if by rule that should be BI, then it is BI no matter the umpire or level and the MLB umpire missed it. If I am wrong and missed it then I am wrong and missed it.
  3. no BI-catcher moved quickly over to his left and had quick and unhindered release and follow through before the batter might have leaned into him and made contact. had catcher gone up the middle of the plate, he would have been more likely to have been interfered with by the batter leaning in and would have hit him or his arm or hand on release. But if the rule says that is BI on the play, then it is BI.
  4. dumbdumb

    Joe West

  5. somebody just tested positive from MLBU https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/ap-sources-mlb-umpire-tests-positive-virus-crews-73060036
  6. I am quite surprise that Washington (have they got Rizzo's back?) has not HBP'd Freddy Freeman who made comments about Rizzo being the one who was yelling (code violaton/snitching/ratting out, etc., I can see them not doing anything during the rest of that last game of the series last Sunday. However, with the current 4 game series, with still today's game to go, with no chance to retaliate in this series if they plunk him today. Maybe they have given him some chin music as I have not been watching that series.
  7. dumbdumb

    Joe West

    This guy has been abusing/ bullying umpires for years with altercations. With only a slap on the wrist because he is special, do you know who I am?, and basically no repercussions, he continues. Obviously he would say he is being bullied (some players etc. say a missed call is disrespecting them) by umpires due to missed calls, so they are even. You bully me, I bully you, no harm, no foul. Until commish grows some intestinal fortitude, he will continue to abuse and bully. I am just sticking up for my players/team/organization so we don't get pushed around by umpires making bad calls. Go ahead, call me out, I don't care. I will do whatever I want to do. You cannot stop me. His attitude and bullying seem to be working in his favor so far, so why stop now. Seems like he needs to show some intestinal fortitude and hire a staff that gets tossed all the time so he will not have to, and let them do his bidding for him. Obviously he is having too much fun doing the abuse and bullying. What a tool and embarassment, nor will owner step in and demand he stop. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29812877/major-league-baseball-umpire-joe-west-never-missed-call-just-ask-him
  8. Djokovic defaulted for unintentionally hitting lineswoman when swatting the ball, after play had ended. Lineswoman is all right but injured enough to have to be replaced. You spend all day trying to make correct calls with 120-135 mph serves coming at you and dodging them while making the call, and then you get whacked by a player even though not premeditated or intentional, during downtime from out of the blue, which you should never ever have to worry about no matter what. Only 2 courts using human linespersons (Ashe and Armstrong). Will this lead more quickly to robo calls which were being used at all the other courts and no arguing or challenges to robo calls. Only ones on court would be ball persons on each end of the court, 2 at each end. P.S. Djokovic had drilled (much harder than the lineswoman) a sideline panel out of frustration without penalty apparently. Waiting to see if he by chance got a warning for that, even if an off the books one. Added 9/10 Start at 1:45 for earlier incident mentioned above in P.S.
  9. I think in the old days they leaned toward complete control and voluntary release/exchange which was called much stricter than today. If the ball upon touching the glove with the throwing hand grabbing at the ball, and the ball falling downward it was thought that the possible complete clean catch/control and exchange to the hand was not clean or controlled. If the ball went in an upward direction then it had been grabbed by the throwing hand and a clean exchange and controlled catch had occurred first and then slipped out of control. This is like, has the quarterback started his forward motion, play in the NFL. Years ago guys would paddle the ball on the outside of their closed glove and throw to first, so the ball never entered inside the pocket or the heal of the glove. No matter how you slice it and dice it, there is judgment no matter how you write the rule, and just like strike zone judgment differences occur from umpire to umpire, so will all judgments/definitions on any play in the field, no matter how concisely written, and no matter the level of play.
  10. ATP, WTA, and now major tournament except the 2 Major Courts at US Open using Hawk eye only. pretty much no challenges and just go with Hawkeye for ATP. 2 Major Courts using lines people and challenge system. No lines persons equals no way/path to get to chair umpire. Chair official only in future probably till they figure out how to eliminate those. Top chairs get (175k plus for most experienced Gold cards/ badge) and expenses per year. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/03/sports/tennis/us-open-hawkeye-line-judges.html?smid=tw-share
  11. Played high school hockey to go with the baseball. Baseball with all the time away from class and getting that engineering degree from Johns Hopkins. Guy is no slacker. Turned down finance career to try and become a MLBU.
  12. Was this in reference to the Reggie Jackson hip or leg play against Dodgers. Joe Brinkman at second possibly had the best look although Frank Pulli had his own look/angle at first.
  13. Very gutsy and correct call much like the famous Dick Dietz call made by Harry Wendelstedt on May 31, 1968 in the Giants Dodgers game. Drysdale was into his consecutive scoreless innings streak trying to break Walter Johnson's record, when Dietz was plucked in the elbow with the bases loaded. As Dietz starts going to first Wendelstedt calls him back for not trying to get out of the way of the pitch and a major argument ensues. Dietz is put back in the box and Drysdale gets out of the bases loaded jam. The record stood till Orel Hirshisher broke Drysdales record of 58 2/3 scoreless innings by going 59 scoreless innings. And whom did Hirshisher play against in College. Non other than umpire Jim Joyce, as they were both pitchers. Hirshiser made 1st team all conference and Joyce was 2nd team all conference. Obviously anyone who attended the Wendelstedt umpire school has heard about the play which happened in Harry's 3rd big league year and they never let him forget it when he went to San Fran. Enjoy the old replay with Vin Scilly who thought Harry said/signaled the ball hit the bat. Juan Marachel said Harry made the right call as Dietz had said if Drysdale came inside on him that day he was going to take one for the team.
  14. Great one there. Looks like Will Little that I just found for the younger current pups, in his 4th game, which was the plate, got Machado. He should get a prize for that one. I like your one and done version the best.
  15. Bill Klem, 2nd day 4-15, on the job in 1905. Made it through the first day like a charm. 4 ejections at 2nd base in the second day. He was working 1 man both days. Probably others over the years, and even more recent, but that is a big database to comb through. But, Ceja did tie with the famous superstar two professional sport hoops official Jake O'Donnel who got Ken Harrelson on balls and strikes in his 8th game in 68. O'Donnel did not get Weaver till the next year. More recent times, Gary Darling in his 6th game. Rick Reed. 1st game. HP. Balk call. John Shulock. 1st game. HP. Helmet throw.
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