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  1. but AAA adds it. ABS job openings. any takers??? https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/baseball/robot-umpires-at-home-plate-moving-up-to-triple-a-for-2022/ar-AASZ6rH
  2. i kind of figure provided wally the whale is not the runner, and going full speed from 3rd to home you just compare it to a runner that can run the 100 yard in 10 seconds, or 10 yards, every second the runner is held up somewhere on the field. the cutout is a like 12 feet from the front corner of home, yeh yeh extra 8 inches to the back corner, so every 1/10 of one second you take is 1 yard, so just a minor 1/2 (.5) of a second delay takes off 5 yards or 15 feet away from the runner (which is beyond the home plate cutout going up the 3rd base line). so it doesnt take much to slow a guy down and a catcher with the ball waiting at home and runner at the beginning of the cutout, that is not a bang bang play, but the cutout is as far as you get (closest to home as you can get) if you are held up by just .4 of a second(but if everyone says it is bang bang, then ok it is) but batters box on in or 4.6-5 feet on in yes, or less than .2-.1 tenths of a second in real time. just dont blink.
  3. ortiz (CPL 2009) becomes 2nd former umpire from the CPL to go full time after Lentz (CPL 2008) became the first. its not where you start, its where you finish. other CPL alumni working as call ups and games worked in 2021 include: Livensparger(96), Bacon(47), Merzel(93), Riggs(128), Bacchus(79), Rosenberg(3), Tomlinson(6). looks like things have changed since MLB essentially took over all MiLB operations. looks like the original cpl agreement 'may' have ended, or maybe it is still working, with some offshoot agreement, but the CPL has added a third umpire to the crews, and has a new leader apparently started last year. new CPL umpire news from (CPL) webpage for 2021. 2021: For the 2021 season, the Coastal Plain League has partnered with A Plus Officials, LLC., for its umpiring needs for all league games. Fans will notice a move from the 2-person crew that the CPL has had in place over the previous 12+ years to a 3-person crew. Serving as the Umpire Supervisor will be Troy Fullwood. Fullwood brings 13 years of field experience as a collegiate, minor league and major league umpire, and has served multiple years as a conference coordinator for the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big South Conference and Conference USA. Fullwood’s NCAA postseason experience included five conference tournaments, five NCAA Regionals, two NCAA Super Regionals and the 2017 College World Series, where he finished his on-field career as the home plate umpire in the championship game. Additionally, Fullwood served as a Minor League umpire for 11 seasons and spent parts of four seasons at the Major League level. PS. it looks like the schools starting up has started the new round of off season information as usual. just remember, some of the new hires may have gone to different schools, so with a few good natured zingers and competition (ie bestest/biggest) naturally going on, the schools just might not mention new MLB hires that did not attend their own school. not saying that is true, but just a thought that comes to mind.
  4. come on BT-Blue--Big 10 D1 (conference ranked, RPI 11, out of 31 d1 conferences), so i know they will not see you, for one of your personal d1 conference games (there's the cheapshot, if you do not work d1 out there) even when they go west, or so it says from googling. hey maybe postseason by 2050 if you are still working.
  5. so a wv gold for 1/2 price. seems like a great entry point, especially for guys looking for something that can take them from LL to MLBU.
  6. things are being run by analytics now. pitchers for stress to their arms. not only with amount of pitches thrown (with everyone trying to throw 1000mph) causing arm stress, but the recovery time after each pitch. the longer taken (time) before the next pitch, the greater the recovery time for the arm obviously and therefor the next stress to the arm, and longer the pitcher can last over time. it behooves the pitcher to take as much time as possible in between pitches, whether manufactured by that pitcher or the game itself. so, finding sports with clocks, or time limits involved could possibly make them more enjoyable to watch and to officiate. (what is it, aka 1:50 time limit for most movies before our instant satisfaction/gratification runs out. gee how did anyone last through harry potter, lord of the rings or gone with the wind back in the day, but the beauty of baseball is there are no clocks (yet), or so they say. of course the time involved may just run them out of business, or take them from billionaires to trillionaires, but who knows. maybe just lobbing it in underhanded could speed up the game if you move the fences back another 400 feet.
  7. good to see those retrosheet numbers for 2021 have been posted. nobody recently: getting those 134, 137, 138 numbers has been denied entry to MLBU.
  8. 2. from back on June 1, 2004, which is the issue date of the patent 6,743,312 application 10/260,394 applied for with a file date of October 1, 2002. Title: Method of fabricating a ball protective mask the patent belongs to; Yu Hsun Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taipei Taiwan inventor is Jung-Tso Shih from San Chung Taiwan customers of Yu Hsun Enterprises Co., Inc. for baseball is showing as Diamond Sports and Team Athletic Goods. 1. 6,497,773 was issued 12/24/2002 on x-mas eve. application 09/920,934 filed 08/03/2001. Titled: Method of manufacturing a mask for team games. mentions aluminum alloy mixed with copper and molybdenum at a temp of 410 degree C to 430 degree C same inventor, same company https://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1=6497773&OS=6497773&RS=6497773 https://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=2&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1=6497773&OS=6497773&RS=6497773 sorry, i reversed the date order in the post
  9. i will give you 2 googled links which you have probably already done, for just a wimpy general answer. i would let others on here be more specific on who/whom to touch base with. use to be a guy on here that was from Florida and the worked both high school and college, and even if not from the exact area you mentioned, i am sure he would know or could find out the exact person(s) to contact all over florida and for all levels high school and above. good luck. https://palmbeachbaseballumpires.com/board-members-1 https://www.bbua.net/letter-from-the-president
  10. at the collegiate umpiring level, if it could be done and i believe midwest ump says it just doesnt happen. but if if if you could work the 5 days a week that the teams play, 3 conference games on the weekends and 2 non-conference game during the week that is 5 games a week for each team and they play a 14 week schedule that would be a total of 70 games, which again, will not happen. but if it could happen that would be 70 games to umpire, if none go away to weather etc. there was a video, probably taken down now of someone saying the ACC, one of the big 5 or 6 conferences) pays 2200 for a weekend series (733 per game in addition to air fare, a room and meals, with one rental car for the whole crew), (no room, air fare, meals for games during the week non-con, just straight game fee) and this was prior to covid. so, if it were possible which it is not, that would be a 51k max or so for a season. However, the weekends plus 1 game during the week might be more feasible, or maybe just 13 weekends for most, with one week off. some of the other conferences may pay 3-400 per game per weekend so, you can see how that ratchets down. if you want to work all 7 days, you might have to work d2,d3 to get in a full 7 day schedule if you are on caffeine overload for games. dont know what the grand total could be for a maxout, but i doubt, unless you are going solo, you could make a living when you include health care etc others have mentioned. And of course after those intense 14 weeks (remember conference tournament week is no guarantee nor NCAA playoff work), you would have the rest of the year to do travel ball, etc to try and make a full time living off baseball softball other sports etc., especially going back to the OP in the areas that have been mentioned as all year areas to work.
  11. here we go. there is only 1 professional official of amateur players where you can make a living, and of course you will have to work your way to that level to start with. It is without a doubt, D1 basketball, major conferences ie top 5 or 6 big conferences. The top lead officials, if they have not retired, Roger Ayers, Mike Eades, Ted Valentine, etc. make between 3500-4000 (all inclusive expenses included in that total, ie: game fee, flight fee, hotel fee, rental car fee, meal fee) per game and work or can work 75-105 games a year. So those are some pretty good W-2's in which you could pay for your own healt care, dental care, retirement plan etc,etc. They would be able to set up a schedule that sometimes lets you just drive from one city to another, (just dont get car fatigue and overdue it. max 200 miles sounds about right to cut down on airfare travel costs). one who has retired use to fly his own plane, but he was also a school principle or superintendant i believe back in the day (Mr. Hightower). you will be thoroughly vetted for a position on the staff due to massive betting on this sport to try and prevent an incident like happened in the NBA. The Steratore brothers of NFL fame run their own private company and do basketball D1 mens and womens hoops on the side if my memory serves me correctly. College football white hat for major conferences, ie big 5 or 6, pays pretty much the amount listed above but there are not enough games to make larger salaries. i am only including regular season and not conference tournaments and NCAA assignments in the above, but they are probably included in the total amount of games. the top guys take a financial hit to work NCAA tournament.
  12. pick me, pick me, pick me, ew, ew, ew, pick me, says little johnny for the first part. here is the 101 mph list. A.J. Burnett, Rob Dibble, Kyle Farnsworth, Eric Gagne, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum, Jose Mesa, Seth McClung, Guillermo Mota, Tony Pena, Billy Wagner. And the winner is. I am going with Rob Dibble. Apparently, from old ariticles, he also had a nasty (isn't that his nickname) slider to go with that fastball. hope you got to see that, sounds neat. gee, and you remember when the old plates had that black around them. don't tell anybody. and whats the old joke about accountants and engineers. if you line up 10 feet from a girl that wants to kiss you, and you her, and you make her keep walking half the distance towards you, the accountant says she will never make it. the engineer knows when it doesn't make any difference anyway.
  13. yes, but do you have the other jacket in the picture. come on, you know you want one. (where's the letters on some of the hats) https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/07/04/sports/1973-new-fashion-baseball-umpires-was-strictly-judgment-call/
  14. v man-- looks like that good organizer stuff is right up your alley. do i see a future assignor in waiting. that can be quite lucrative. just dont tell them they cannot ever eject if needed or they are basically fired/shunned from any more work. and then let's extrapolate. i wiil go the school route. 10 high school sports (varsity, JV), boys and girls at $150 assigning fee at each level for each sport to the schools. So. 3,000 per school. get a wide area of 50 schools. make officials pay an assigning fee (flat right up front for the year or game by game). oh la la. quite lucrative if you can work it. notice, no travel ball is included. they can probably make their own fortune. remember, there is more coverage/accountability on unsportsmanlike conduct of players, umpires, and school personnel/, which hopefully means less incidents like those recent hockey ones, or the baseball one in Tennessee, Tennessee couple years back if you go with the schools. Also note that no freshman or middle school was mentioned above.
  15. i believe CC would have loved you and probably tried to team up with you. that old guy that went to umpires school, showed me an old equipment brochure and i believe the company was SOS back in his day (not that there were not any others), and CC looked to continually make a much better product than they did. too bad there was not someone that could take over for CC. if it is good enough for TB after all these years that says something about the quality right there. and that is without the plastic. it was not made to say you never felt the shot you took at all, just severely limit the power of that shot. i believe you mentioned being a former catcher. i have never seen a catcher in garb with protective plates all over the front of it. why don't you just retrofit the best catchers chest protector out there that the MLB catchers use (back to your roots) and add or modify where needed, even if plates are just needed to protect collarbone, shoulders, etc and show the finished product. just don't get in the way of those patent protection lawyers. i would assume,,not always a good idea,, that TB still wears the pair of CC shin guards also. seems like CC was on the right track a long time ago with quality performance gear for PU's.
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