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  1. And Gil, am i reading right, that MiLB is being blamed by MLB itself and the judge, for it's whole system of advancing candidates to the AAA level where it looks like/appears at which point, that MLB itself takes over with the scouting/supervising and all things leading to possible full time employment as a MLBU.
  2. the ball was caught in the glove over the fence and was being pulled back in the glove towards the field, when it dropped out of the glove over/behind the vertical plain of the fence, with the glove over the yellow padding in the picture. But the momentum of the ball back towards the field, kept bringing the ball back into the field of play after it had been touching an object over the fence (the glove) when it originally fell out. Obviously if he kept control it is ok to have the glove over the plane and the ball over the plane to rob the hitter of a home run, but when the ball fell out of th
  3. little blurb on what some umpires were doing or at least greg gibson https://wchstv.com/news/local/ashland-ky-mlb-umpire-excited-for-the-start-of-2021-baseball-season
  4. what are the covid protocols for the umpires this year as well as teams. have they all been deemed essential to jump up the line for receiving vaccinations. can the umps and teams, travel by air without a private charter situation? can they eat in the lobby, or go out as normal. obviously they are wearing masks. are they being spit tested every day/other day or PCR tested. can they force the vaccinations on their employees who do not want a vaccine due to their anti trust exemption. Just what is going on in that covid arena this year as compared to last year.
  5. Rundown and long day at the yard for PU with 17 walks. https://www.mlb.com/news/tigers-phillies-crazy-rundown-play
  6. does the runner have to magically disappear by 'leaving the base' to help the F3 catch the ball, or is he protected by just standing on the base the whole time and not trying to hinder F3, while standing on 3b in any way. Yes, i know the OP says he interfered (so we know R3 did something to interfere somehow), but """if"""" he is just standing on the base and not moving "off" ( a little or a lot) the base to help out the 3b trying to catch the ball, interference in itself, just like batter just standing in the box and not moving as the catcher throws to second base. Does the runner
  7. They better be on those planes the next 3 days to the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues for those working the opening this weekend. https://www.closecallsports.com/p/mlb-umpire-roster.html
  8. A little more formal look of the new alignments from the last one. Looks like temporarily they are going by Triple-A, Double-A, High-A, Low-A as the League names along with a directional term, with the jury still out on the possibility or old League names or even new ones. https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/02/15/a-breakdown-of-minor-league-baseballs-total-realignment-for-2021/baseball/
  9. Just voted in. 2 the same as last year. 2 did not make it. The 2 that did not make it, could be next though https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/mlb-mlbpa-agree-to-2021-protocols-including-seven-inning-doubleheaders-and-runner-on-second-in-extras/ar-BB1dwbrw?ocid=BingNews
  10. Congrats to all. Other Little League Regionals that others know of are welcome to post. https://www.littleleague.org/region/southwest-region/news/umpire-assignments-announced-for-2021-little-league-southwest-region-tournaments/
  11. just for the historical "super slot" situation being taught purposes. It appeared here on April 10, 2015. https://umpire-empire.com/topic/61398-the-super-slot/
  12. Could not find ECU or any College football on yesterday (me thinks it is over and "The" University of Alabama won the big game already, but i did catch that 2nd game (NFL) yesterday, and kept my eye on #53 even though not an ECU grad. Sorry about that. Hope you kept an eye on #53 also. Added 1/19-And now you can watch #53 February 7th in Tampa.
  13. Shake-up - how it's looking as of now https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2020/12/11/22170088/mlb-realignment-minor-leagues-move-iowa-out-pacific-coast-leagues
  14. With the 2020 retro-sheet stats in. Joe West worked 34 games in 2020 and now has 5345 regular season games worked on the way to his goal of surpassing Klem with 5375 regular season games worked. West has 5476 and Klem has 5478 regular season and playoff games worked, so West passes Klem in that category with his 3rd game of the season. Klem only worked the World Series as playoff games and will hold that record at 103. Gerry Davis took a Covid year and has 4957 regular season and playoff games worked on the way to his goal of 5,000 total regular season and playoff games worked.
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