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  1. So, why is D1 college men in basketball, since the interest is there not reaching out. Imagine if your wife was D1 women and extremely talented and at the top with playoffs every year, but nobody from the D1 men were reaching out to her, recruiting her, when she saw the men being recruited all the time just because they were men. She would notice that men officials are being reached out/recruited for her women's D1 level to work with her, but no 2 way street for her working D1 men. Now, if she is being begged to work mens D1 and she has turned them down for whatever reason, then that would be a different story, but i do not see women being recruited for NBA turning down the chance, although some may/ or may not have. Here is the article with the lady who was the white hat (referee) at a Ohio State spring scrimmage and looking to move up in further in football and is already D1. Show the part, quote below, in print to the wives. Why not make the guy have to be better than the next gal because people are going to say "he got the job because he is a man" over the woman. and I do not agree with the statement made by the supervisor in this day and age. Imagine when you hired someone, you said they had to be better because they are a woman. If you are the best with some others, it does not matter, and after that statement he should have caught heck. So, if she is just as good but not better than the guy, the guy gets it. Why not have the guy have to be better than her, and if the guy is not better, she should get the job. Sorry Susan, i have 5 openings that i am giving to all the men who interviewed for this job with you, and you are just as good, but since you are only just as good but not just a little bit (whatever little bit means) better, I have to give the job to the men, because for appearances and the word on the street will be you got the job just because you are a woman. Gee whiz, has nothing changed. Is this what you guys say to the women when they are interviewed, or is that just still how it is in the back room where nobody hears. You basically have no chance unless you are better than the guys, even though you are just as good as the guys?? Are you guys out there still worried your buddies will cry woman lover, woman lover, and you will not stand up to them and say, she is just as good as you hoity toity guys are and she deserves a chance just like you for being just as good as you are. She should not be penalized and have to be better than you since I am hiring you and you are no better than her. Just what gives?? I just don't understand in this day and age with this type of statement, other than it is a way to exclude someone, rather than include someone, UIC. The quote which is in the article "Does she have the capability? Yes. Is she getting better every year? Yes. Does she fit in and do the right things on and off the field with the crew? Yes," Carollo said. "Now, are you better than the next guy? You've got to be a little bit better than the next guy (and of course the guys are men- parens added by me dd) because people are going to say she got it just because she's a woman. I am sure somebody has been in trouble in the not too recent past, somewhere out there by this type statement in the current day. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19254591/the-rapid-remarkable-rise-college-football-official-amanda-sauer
  2. Good for her. But, my main complaint, are the D1 women basketball women being reached out to/recruited by the men for promotion to D1 men's positions, like the NBA is doing for women officials. I don't think so. Same for D1 baseball. Men are being reached out to for positions on the women's roster and have been recruited for years, but that two way street does not appear to go both ways. There is an obvious feeder system in place already for D1 women to move from the D1 women roster right over to the D1 men's roster, just like the NBA has the women in the WNBA feeder system move over to the NBA, and they are being recruited and reached out to. This is not happening at the D1 level for the women, or IMHO you would have seen women working D1 already and probably even before seeing women in the NBA. Where was Dee Kantner after her NBA career?, or was she asked by the D1 men and she turned D1 men down? She came back to D1 women but was she even recruited by the men? And I could not find a plate assignment for Kelly Dine in the mid-American conference either. Just a based assignment. Cripes, she is former military, so getting the chance to work men is a no brainer and about time for her. Good for the mid-american. Now to get her on the conference list, not just the non conference list. And hopefully mid-American is reaching out to other softball women on their d1 mid-American softball list for future D1 baseball consideration.
  3. you don't get near Butcher Holler, being lost on an excursion, and figure out that there are probably other places all over this country in probably every state, and not know that what you say is true, irregardless of how I right in print, the spoken language.
  4. you got the one for ohio. he is from the city of Pataskala, in Ohio, in Licking County. Believe he was in Licking County Court. aha Licking county municipal court. n is middle initial which i believe to be nicolas with a white pages search and the same city (Pataskala mentioned). age 37 12/22/81 violation date 10/13/2019 violation--assault it is case number 19CRB01924-A. the file date was 10/14/2019 set for jury trial it says next date is for 1/09/2019 but that does not make sense. I would believe it is 1/9/2020 at 8:00 am. fees are $16.00 and it mentions no coaching (doesn't mean he cannot watch) which I believe was the stipulation during his not guilty plea till court case. it says/has under the word PRIORS the number 2----aha 2, speeding tickets, 1 in 2000 and one in 2001, and no seat belt with the speeding in 2001. now if I could find that possible 2008 case in NC (0169) , if it was in fact him. Kinda looking to see if there have been any other assault cases in his career. Oh well, interesting.
  5. I do to. and if i weren't so darn ignorant and scatter brained/lots of marbles up there, and could put my thoughts on paper more concisely etc etc when writing, that sure would help. here was a case i was following that did have some follow up and what i call (PFS) prominent family syndrome. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/former-suburban-mayor-pleads-guilty-to-attacking-umpire-during-youth-baseball-game-486980471.html I know the "Coach" of the youth football team with Christopher Deason was Bill Collins. And I am not saying that was Collins in the video. Both had children on the team. Don't know if anyone involved are/have PFS in the area and Deason is falling on the sword for whoever the first Coach to contact the official was, although Deason is pleading innocent. And of course the first person to make contact was not charged. There are many areas with former NFL football players, and of course families that are doctors, lawyers, store owners, bankers, judges, police, fire in every area, and are very prominent in their area of the country. If it was myself involved, they would throw away the key. Not a good look for the Service people as Christopher Deason was reserve Navy (former Navy electricians mate, former supply corps officer at US Navy, Supply Corps officer Navy Reserve, General Supply Specialist at Defense Logistics Agency(DLA)) at the current time, and also and adjunct professor at Park University. There was a service member that was located in Elizabeth City, NC with the same name in 2008 that had a case number 0169 in the Administrative Office of the Courts, whatever/wherever that is, in North Carolina. Don't know the case or if that is same person, but that came up when googling his name. Once again, just trying to keep tabs as the charges flow downhill towards a decision, like the one who was the Mayor. And, although there was no violence, a PFS situation in South Carolina with Mayor getting official fired. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/umpire-sues-south-carolina-town-mayor-alleging-he-was-fired-over-kickball-call-against-mayors-son-173923901.html
  6. Because I am interested in the 'outcomes' with all the violence towards officials. This happened in April, I am interested in hearing what happened in the courts or 'it's things are being swept under the rug so to speak. I am interested in hearing how the Deason youth football case recently is playing out since he pleaded not guilty. I am just looking, for the follow ups. And on that end, I am not hearing a name for that guy that did the first bumping into the referee as it was Deason who was 2nd in. I am assuming he was not charged, but that doesn't mean there are not officials and others who know who it is. Looks like a little favoritism of prominent family's in areas. I am not saying that is it, but that is the visuals of the situation of not hearing the follow-up to the situations. Just 'interested' if it is the same family just like all the Alonzo stuff. And of course I do wish the best for anyone's children.
  7. Is this player in the 1st article below any kin to the second person (coach) mentioned in the second article concerning a coach altercation with an official in Kentucky from a travel ball team from Michigan? Coach and player who live in Michigan, have same first and last name and high school player is apparently a superstar. Just reminds me of prior Alonzo Ball incidences but with a more violent outcome. What about the follow up, and final outcome from the April incident, or is there a cover up story going on, that we do not know about? Names are the same but that """"""" 'does not' mean anyone is related" """""". Just asking from the Michigan guys on here (or attorneys on here that have those legal databases of all court cases, already paid for it of course) after not seeing this mentioned (or did I miss it) on this forum concerning topics on officiating violence on this site from back in April. I know this was basketball, but it was not just verbal, which is why I am posting. Just asking. Article 1: https://www.mlive.com/highschoolsports/2018/12/flint-beecher-point-guard-keyon-menifield-puts-on-show-in-front-of-tom-izzo.html Article 2: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/preps/kentucky/2019/04/07/aau-basketball-coach-arrested-assault-paducah-referee/3397093002/
  8. Oh boy, NBA has added another woman to the staff and is working on inclusion. How many D1 basketball Power 5's and lesser D1 Conferences added women to their staffs with an easy feeder system with the D1 women. How many are actively reaching out and recruiting to women, not just men, like the NBA is doing, and working to have 1 opening for a female official for every 1 opening for a male official. Where is D1 equal opportunity for your (you guys on here) """your daughters""" who now have a better chance of NBA, with tons fewer jobs to start with, than the D1 NCAA, in which the D1 NCAA has 450 officials working (job openings), on a night when all are playing, just like D1 NCAA baseball has 450 officials. Where is the outrage when your daughters are getting the shaft for equal opportunity when your sons are not. What if you do not have a son? Why can your daughter not get that D1 NCAA men's opportunity that a son can get, and also get the financial opportunity (several D1 basketball men are working 95-105 games and making $200,000-300,000 maybe more) with the discrepancy between the men and women. Why do your daughters have to be treated as inferior/lacking opportunity against, still, in this day and time. Is your little girl not worthy enough, and only your own or someone's else's son worthy. Where are the men's conferences ""major reaching out""" to (is it really that hard? as they have been reaching out to men for years), and inviting the women, with the women's D1 feeder system already in place, like the WNBA for both men and women, in which the NBA is reaching out at their "acknowledged lack of diversity and opportunity". Does the D1 NCAA and men officials not care. Why are the D1 men officials who are fathers of little girls not screaming about no potential opportunity for their daughters to work D1 men's and follow in their father's footsteps, and only being kept down on the farm at the women's D1 level, which has a lower level of status and financial opportunity of the men? Look at all the men being reached out to, for working D1 women. Where is that reciprocal reaching out for women to work for D1 men? This is just embarrassing. How many D1 women softball umpires are being reached out to right now in the off season, to work on D1 men's staffs in 2020 to offer them a higher opportunity at the men's level and the financial opportunities at the men's level?, Other than the former Navy Officer Kelly Dine who just worked D1 last year, and the Little League World Series this past year. She cannot be the only one that could work D1 men. I have seen others on TV working the D1 women softball. Have Jen Pawol and Emma Charlesworth-Sellers been offered spots on Big 5 or non Big 5 D1 men's Conferences from mid February to mid March before they go to spring training like active men MiLB umpires are offered. Just where is that opportunity for women in D1 men's basketball and baseball? Oh the injustice, the inhumanity of the situation. Let's go with you guys who have daughters. Explain it to them with your wives present, why what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Why fair play and common decency are just lip service, and is a one way street, and what you are going to do about changing the situation, from your own exalted position, to make a wrong a right. You see it, you call it, you explain it. https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/10/23/us/nba-female-referees-jenna-schroeder-trnd/index.html
  9. Let's remember that in the reality of the here and now, every pitch from the get go, is a 7th game of the world series pitch, as each and every pitch changes the dynamics of the, at bat, for both the pitcher and the catcher both statistically/rules wise and personally, from their point of view. Any miss whatsoever, is putting them at a disadvantage and digging their grave every time a miss happens, and is taking away the fairness of the game, that the rules are made for and try so hard to prevent, each and every time a pitch is made, and for anything else that happens in the game. Not to mention the pay for performance metrics that the merit system of compensation is set up for. So every single pitch is crucial and life or death for the players and putting food on the table for their families, or it is back to the coal mines and possibly instant poverty for life. So, with all that in mind, since you are being trained to hear the beep in the sound system and give the result, how are you to know a ball from a strike when the system goes down and their are no stats to show your own ball strike capabilities from an analysis of ABS statistics/analytics and the fact the system only goes down once a year per umpire. How are you sharpening your skills with only one true plate job a year or none at all. Or, are they trying to get away from the football concussion issue from 2 separate entities, catchers and umpires, and just to make it a one entity, the players, to worry about with future CTE/ concussion compensation? Football only has to worry about this as a player issue, not an officials issue. Just put one umpire behind the pitcher to monitor the whole game and make all calls from that position on the field, and then get feedback from 'mission control' managed by Joe Buck when a review is requested. Face it, nothing is a game, work or whatever you called anything in the past. Life is now an analytic, nothing more, nothing less. All you are is an walking form of an analytic.
  10. Will be looking forward to it, but will not be able to catch up till Sunday and that's if you have collected your thoughts by then (take your time). Just wanted to hear some thoughts (good or not so good) from a level headed, very intelligent, well spoken and we'll written person.
  11. You need to get out more. Check out hoops on both levels and get a floor side seat and listen to Beheim whine and cry all night, or pros with players whine all night. On some power football games if you get a sideline pass you will here a lot at field level whining on holding and pass interference. Nobody watches the line in football as far as the fans. They only see an obvious clip or take down obvious hold. But, I think guys enjoy football the most because there are 5 or more working the game at HS and above and there is more fun in numbers. Soccer is whine and cry all night with players and the flopping. I think you need some responses from the heavily involved guys though. Go work volleyball swimming and curling for more fun.
  12. Oh my, even UIC has moved over to the dark side of the force. Never thought he would admit to the inevitable. How long do you think it will take for the inevitable to happen? What levels do you expect the inevitable to move down too. When do you start closing the schools that currently provide resources till the inevitable. How do you be fair to those already in the system rather than string them along at any level that will be affected. Let's get that game plan out there. It is right up your alley. What are your thoughts on the unravelling of the inevitable? It is okay if you miss on the how when where why, but give us your best analysis. Volleyball anyone?
  13. And for anyone (and there are many), what makes a lot of people think that had he not called interference, that Hinch (and he is no pollyanna all the time) would not have made a beeline (a man without a known heart condition), to Holbrook and do everything that Martinez and Washington did? A protest trying to be filed, then going after the umps many times and vigorously as opposed to wimpily having to be restrained, before being tossed, and everyone from Houston and their brother saying they have been hosed on a non interference call upon reading the rule or not reading the rule and just going by the visual. And then a player in the dugout going, he will not look at me, he is keeping his head down and on and on. And where is that home field advantage. Love it.
  14. Agreed it is on purpose, just like when they try and get in the way (on the infield side) of the throw home from a third baseman or left fielder when trying to score. They do not mind getting drilled anywhere in the back of the body since there is no running lane. Getting hit might also allow other runners to advance further on the play. And it is the catcher who is thinking about doing the drilling of the runner on the ball out in front of the plate, since his avenue to first is the most obstructed, unless he wasted precious time moving farther into the field or towards the dugout to get a better line to the first baseman. The other fielders pretty much throw to the first baseman like on any play.
  15. Martinez was remembering this play last year in the WS and Fairchild on the plate from CCS. He pulled this play up on his i phone and saw they were both the same play and wanted to know why it was being called differently than last year. He wanted to know if he was wearing the wrong color of uniform or something. He did get rather vehement with the call didn't he? Good ejection and good not to make Cedarstrom do the ej since it was the PU call. https://www.closecallsports.com/2018/10/runners-lane-interference-2018-world.html
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