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  1. Article for you guys in Florida. Susie might make more from his assigning endeavors than from his accounting endeavors at some point. https://www.heraldtribune.com/sports/20200327/coronavirus-florida-umpires-and-officials-also-out-of-work
  2. At 5:13 Max demonstrates legal sign stealing. https://mediaburn.org/video/max-patkin-3/I
  3. So, they are all going to be sitting at home with a 4 year degree in June after finishing the second half of the second semester of school work from home online. So, next year do they go take 4 level 1 courses in the fall and 4 more in the spring, just so they can play another year. Or do they just get a special dispensation to just show up in January to get ready to play ball, and goof off with their degree in hand till January. Or, are they not finishing out this semester and waiting till January next year to come back and finish their last four courses that they just ran out on after already starting, next year to play ball? That MLB chance dwindles for seniors, unless you are that lucky one like Piazza? And all the other guys from juniors down to freshmen are going to use this extra year playbook??? Just asking how this will play out.
  4. JC If you go back to my first post with the link to the video in Charlotte with Will Kunkel (is he related to former New York Yankees pitcher and the last player turned MLB Umpire Bill Kunkel), where the current pay rates are listed at about the 1:06-1:08 mark. 4 of the Major Conferences are listed with their per game fees. Big12 at $700, Big10 and SEC at $650, and ACC at $2200 for their 3 game weekend or $733 per game. Over and above those per game fees mentioned and in addition to the game fees (from a Big12 article or CBUA website a couple years back) are a free airplane flight, a free room, and $45 per day per diem for food and incidentals. Now that per diem was from a few years ago and may be higher now. Big 12 Non Conference games pay the same game fee as the weekend and a room if needed but No per diem. It did not mention whether a car mileage reimbursement was given or if that is just part of the regular game fee. I would tend to think the latter for non con. Now if you want to eat 3 square $5 dollar meals from McDonald's every weekend, you can pocket an extra $90 dollars for 14 weeks or $1,260 for the year, but that must be added as income at tax time. So, there were 14 weeks of regular play before the 15th week which is the Conference tournament in the Big12. Someone working 5 Big12 games a week (70 games in 14 weeks), 3 Conference and 2 non-con can make $3,500 per week which comes out to $49,000 for the 14 week regular season. I think if the opportunity to work the Conference tournament would come up that probably that same $3,500 would be given. So, 49,000 for 14 regular season weeks plus $3,500 for the tournament week would be $52,500, not including any extra per diem reported as income, and this would be total gross income, not net income for the year. The above is only true if it can be done exactly as described above. Any deviations or having to work other conferences would probably lower the amount. So, just go work D1 Basketball with Roger Ayers and get all the premier games at $3,500-4,000+ all inclusive, for the year and see that eye popping 300k plus 1099 at the end of the year, which does not include your real job that probably pays 6 figures also, and allows that amount of "time off". That would be a totally Major, out of this world life changing 1099, were i to just have that 1099 only with no other job. Also, Ayers works 90-105 games per year and I was only going with a 70 game total like baseball.
  5. An article for you New York guys. Ok, which one of you was the one in the article getting 90 D1 games and $30,000 grand all up and down the East Coast? That's 5-6 games per week for 15-16 weeks, plus Conference Tournament. http://www.oleantimesherald.com/olean/umpires-could-feel-impact-of-potential-lost-spring-season/article_90cd3354-cb46-5be2-a0df-6ee505318a3b.html
  6. Some old time footage to lighten things up. Players umpires commissioner. Positioning, equipment. At the very end with amateur ball, how do you like that pickoff move?
  7. Does not be able to vote remotely, give an incentive or non- incentive for our elected leaders to quarantine or self- isolate or get tested even though asymptomatic? Or, do they just go around giving everyone that they get near anywhere around them the disease, so as to not miss a vote, that might cause a vote to go the way they do not want the issue to go.
  8. Don't forget, you always have the chance of coming back a couple years down the road. The SEC has an umpire that is 68 years old, The Big South has a 73 year old working games. And if you will switch sports to volleyball where the World does not end if you lose, I am providing recent film of that 78 year old volleyball official i have alluded to in the past, with a #USVBA National Ranking" working a D3 game this past fall. And yes, he still works D1.
  9. Does this mean that by day 50-60 in the above chart, if everyone in the above chart were people in the USA, which has 330 million, and everyone caught the disease in that timespan, it would basically be over with and the percentages of all the different levels of severity played out. 264 (80%) million mild/moderate cases, 46.2 (14%) mil severe, and 16.6 (4.7%) mil critical, and 4.3 (1.3%) mil deaths, at our current rate.. If we moved to Chinas death rate at the moment of 4%, it would be 13.2 mil deaths for us. And this is just if rates can hold or get better, and everyone could get cared for appropriately in the US. Apparently we can all sit down and watch the movie Contagion or go read the WIRED article with epidemiologist Larry Brilliant (lives up to his last name apparently) who worked on smallpox. Like I said, if everyone were to get it, I might as well go volunteer for death row to make sure others who go critical can get the ventilators and care.
  10. Unfortunately, this is the point no one wants to go there. Who wins and who loses. Just watch those articles in sports the day after the NCAA picks are determined, except this situation is lost lives, not games. Who do we send to the leper colony and just let die. If it has anything to do with any kind of intellectual ability or shear strength, I might as well go (volunteer) now and just wait to meet my maker. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/03/22/coronavirus-crisis-medical-ethics-guide-decisions-doctors-cant-help-all/2882738001/
  11. Article for you Idaho guys missing games. https://www.kmvt.com/content/sports/Suspended-high-school-sports-season-takes-a-hit-on-local-umpires-568982371.html
  12. If you catch the right game on youtube, one might just see an umpire working a step behind the bag for a pickoff at first. Then when a double play ball is hit, just step into the infield cutout at first and turn with the play/ball to make the call at first, rather than backpedaling behind first to get into position and risk falling during the backpedal. Believe i might have seen Crawford do it on you tube once (maybe there were others), but I was too dumb dumb to save the video. Jerry that is, as opposed to Shag.
  13. You may be on to something chief. Rather than absence makes the heart grow fonder, it could be like "the stats" of those who stop school and take a little sabbatical, tend to not jump back on that horse again the longer they stay away on sabbatical. Found a little something (video clip) for you to enjoy. https://www.fox46charlotte.com/video/665822
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2020/03/15/coronavirus-updates-mlb-baseball-season-delay-opening-day-spring-training/5054445002/ Go to 140 game schedule like minors. Institute 7 inning double headers on regular games (yes, you would get 2 for the price of 1). Expand rules for extra pitchers. Work with player association for special exemption from full time status or some type of other status for a player who comes up to help out. Could cut down free agency time on back end if brought up for the emergency double headers. Give extra money in lieu of some benefits that would not happen if this were not emergency situation. This would effectively be a lot like what happened back during the war in 1940's as far as some players that might see a little time in the show who otherwise would not. All hands on deck, that is, if the season can be """""safely"""" salvaged at all. Let's go with some possible ideas if the game could not start back until June 20th. This is America's past time and an incident like this, happening now, that could end in time to salvage something, could let the game shine brighter than ever. There would have to be some out of the box thinking. Play games in warm states or at the complexes before a WS at the end in Florida or California So, any ideas from those who think outside the box for a living?
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