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  1. Interesting Checking retrosheet, this former MiLB umpire started MiLB in the exact year, 1979, with Gary Cedarstrom, Tom Hallion, Greg Bonin, Terry Craft and Chuck Meriwether. Cedarstrom, Hallion, West, Layne, Davis and DeMuth are the only ones left that started in the 70's in MiLB. http://www.nasospeakersbureau.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Steve-Javie-One-Stand-Up-Guy.pdf Left MiLB and went to the NBA now another path https://pressfrom.info/us/news/sports/-330644-he-was-the-nbas-best-ref-then-he-went-to-a-catholic-seminary.html
  2. Player version of blowing a bunted ball on the line,,, foul.
  3. Jose Navas received an AFL assignment after starting in AAA on July 11, having just worked the plate as a representative of the Southern League at the futures game July 7. He did 16 AAA plate jobs the rest of the year. Interesting to watch and compare with the two below. The last 2 umpires with less than 70 games in AAA before an AFL assignment at the end of that year were Pat Hoberg and Gabe Morales in 2013. That led to a Spring Training assignment in March and from that, a sleeve number and a 100+ game MLB fill in schedule starting at the end of Spring Training for the 2014 season.
  4. But some higher-ups/wheels/movers and shakers/etc, want more berating by players and managers,, and umpires to just look the other way, like a skunk with a yellow stripe down their backs and the butt end of all jokes. If you do not like it, you are too sensitive and a baby, because that is what the job is really all about, public humiliation in front of a crowd, and you got to like it or leave because we, the all seeing all powerful say so. But, if we were being publicly humiliated like we expect you to be, and take it, there would be retribution, because we own the dog gone game, and can take the ball and go home if we want to.
  5. https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/crime--law/player-head-butt-gave-football-ref-concussion-tells-ohio-senate/pfTQB7jMZlE566rBICNucP/ https://www.springfieldnewssun.com/news/local/dunbar-football-head-butt-incident-player-should-banned-referee-says/CRl1VPcRabbm9GWSd6yKvO/
  6. How come you Ohio guys are not reporting these instances on here? to be transparent for people considering entering officiating. Don't hide the bad, or the good. But let them have an informed decision and see some of the possible perils, other than just tripping over your own two feet and taking a nose dive. https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/crime--law/player-head-butt-gave-football-ref-concussion-tells-ohio-senate/pfTQB7jMZlE566rBICNucP/
  7. I will not contest the last sentence. However they do not care IMHO. The call, even though incorrect, would be consistent every time, even though wrong in their thinking. So everyone would suffer equally, but there would be less miss of a strike one pitch in that exact spot, but a ball in that exact spot later, in their humble opinion. It is moving rapidly with the AZL hooked up and starting their 2nd week of play. Back when computers (even the word itself) first came out, nobody thought they would ever play any part in our daily lives, they were just a toy that looked cute like a slinky. They could never replace a human for "anything". They were only as good as the human programming/working with them, so they could never take over any, and I mean any, human type work that is done everyday, in any way shape or form, because they did not have the human brain, that had got the world to this point to start with. I will let you decide if that thinking has stood the test of time.
  8. I think you hit the nail on the head. Protect the young guys if they are getting picked on. Notice how all of the attention is diverted from the young guy, to the crotchety, grumpy, butting his nose in, I did it my way, ole veteran. Strategy has been working for years. and for the progressive thinking, here is an old music video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TflugBpsBuQ
  9. Never had a winning season in his career. 23-34 career record so far on (lifetime 3.83 era, not bad), but I guess bias has cost him all his life and kept food off the table. He also gives up a dinger every 10-12 innings during his career. Perennial #5 pitcher. Can you say we need a left-hander/living with the angels here. But, he did appear/pitch in and does have a WS Ring, A NLCS ring and a DS ring all with Chicago Cubs. and the 2.44 mil for 2019, 611k in 2018, 570k in 2017, 515k in 2016, & 505k in 2015 is not too shabby, along with the 988k 2008 draft bonus that he had to squeak by on (not including his regular/lowly MiLB pay (from several minimum pay articles on MiLB player pay) at each level) till 2015. Oh yes, and $368k for playoff money in 2016, 133K for 2017, and 16k for 2018, or over $500k in playoff money those 3 years to help with what he missed all those years at the MiLB level, and all the bias against him. added just use robots for everything https://www.royalsreview.com/2019/9/21/20876632/hok-talk-picking-on-umpires
  10. And, one thing that comes into play for the high schools, is a school uniform/swim suite that is not off the map $$$$$. As you well know, most of the women and men have to have a FINA approved swimsuit for many "top competitions", outside of school swimming, and this (below) are the type uniforms out there, (just like the best masks for absorbing fouls into the masks, shin shots, shoe shots etc, or any catchers gear). This includes Conference Championships, Districts, and States. The uniform most women wear for those final events are only good for about 10 swims, yes swims, not swim meets and practice. At that point the advantages of the carbon type highly competitive suits with wicking away water and tightness fitting on the body which starts to stretch, start to wain. You will notice there is no issue with these women's suits for appearance that are worn at the state finals or other highly competitive end of the season championships. I have left the price of these uniforms, which the individuals themselves have to pay for, unless they want to use their school bought swim wear. And trust me (or not, as this has been my experience when i go to swim events on off big 3 sports nights, just like travel ball kids all having their own personal bat), 99.9% do not wear the standard school issue suits at anything close to a championship event, only practice and regular season. sorry for the michael phelps endorsed company picture of the "arena" women's high competition uniform. Hopefully it shows the price(usually for women 350-450 and men 250-350). TYR, Speedo, Dolphin and Nike are the other big players. Since the young lady in question will be going to the championships, the below uniform being worn will not run into any chance of a violation. and no, i am not bashing anyone who does wear the school uniform for regular season or championships, whether they chose to or not or can afford to or not. https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/arena-womens-limited-edition-powerskin-carbon-flex-vx-open-back-tech-suit-swimsuit-8162313/?color=55463&clearance=y https://www.proswimwear.us/speedo-fastskin-lzr-pure-intent-closedback-kneeskin-black.html
  11. I think you should read this one Apparently, we are missing things???????????? 1. the original referee had to leave. 2. the referee who took over did the DQ. 3. The referee who took over did not DQ in a later relay race involving this student, while student was in same suit. 4. I am trying to find the box scores (yes, i know you can find it in "meet manager" but i do not have meet manager) for the whole meet as I believe she was in a couple of other races and not penalized. Why in one and why not in all the others unless you changed uniforms. The official did not tell the coach until after the race, rather than before the race in which the issue can be dealt with. 5. "Apparently" the official has disparaged with remarks in previous meets that could be heard by others, not a DQ, previously with this swimmer or her sister, about their uniforms fit. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2019/09/10/ref-disqualifies-alaska-high-school-swimmer-deems-school-swimsuit-too-revealing/ https://www.workingmother.com/teen-wearing-school-swimsuit-disqualified-at-swim-meet-for-exposing-too-much-skin oh yes--seek and yee shall find---the timeline of events in this saga https://www.asdk12.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&ModuleInstanceID=26493&ViewID=7b97f7ed-8e5e-4120-848f-a8b4987d588f&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=40797&PageID=14639 order of swimming events at a NF meet 200 medley relay.....200 freestyle...200 Individual Medley......50 freestyle...diving...100 butterfly....100 freestyle...500 freestyle...200 free relay....100 backstroke....100 breastroke...400 free relay. So, if in the 3rd event race, the 200 individual medley, the swimmer was legal, why was she illegal for a 4 events later assuming there was diving. Why wasn't the coach approached to change at that time. The 3rd event which is the 200 medley has 4 different strokes performed, 1 of which the swimmer is on their back with the front of the body showing. The other 3 strokes are on the stomach in which the backside of the whole body is exposed. So she was not DQ'd in this event. Plenty of time to see the illegal (supposedly) uniform here at this point. But, after the original referee left, the official that move into the referee spot DQ's on the 100 free in which the swimmers back of the total body is exposed. Then, no DQ in the same swim suit for the last 2 events with the same referee from the original DQ event. Big time problem going on here.
  12. don't forget there are 2 things to watch here. The legal step back off/not back off the rubber in which umpires need to be watching for at all levels and rules set. At that point, there is pretty much no step balk to worry about once the rubber is disengaged. The second thing is to watch the left non-pivot foot. This is what many pitchers do on a pick off move from the rubber with the regular jab step of the pivot foot, and then the non-step spin move on the left non-pivot foot. This (spin move) should not be legal for most rule sets either, falling down should not be the final determinant of whether the spin move is legal or not. It is an illegal spin move/non step to start with, and most of the time they will not fall down.
  13. They may remember this below from years gone by, but, he is not in the top ten worst (nor in the top 10 best) umpires in the statistics/study in which Ted Barrett was called the worst plate umpire for 2018 in the article and 10th over the last ten years, with Jerry Layne at the top/worst for those 10 years. CCS has mentioned the faultiness of the accuracy issue, as the analyst was not given a realistic set of parameters that come in to play before the start of the study, with some variables that CCS has acknowledged for years. https://thebaseballcodes.com/category/umpire-relations/mike-estabrook/ https://www.bu.edu/articles/2019/mlb-umpires-strike-zone-accuracy
  14. 11 of the 13 ejections were when the call was correct. Probably just means no playoffs unfortunately, even with the correct call being made during 11 of those ejections.
  15. so, you personally (i cannot tell) are going to let this go on all game????? So the coach wins and laughs all the way home. if not, how are you going to handle, c d e with the coach who is intentionally having this strategy employed because he wants you to call time, all the time. let's here what you say to the coach about this intentional strategy being deployed before the forfeit.
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