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  1. Not what they say in Te double n e double s double e, Tennessee. I think when some even better technology comes out that re-shows this play, we will see that ball still moving in the glove, towards that coning type position at the top of the pocket, and the runner touching while the ball was still moving. Of course now, once the ball is in the glove, even if not touching the back webbing of the glove and the glove not closed yet before giving the popping sound, and sight of the ball has been lost, it is an out. Picuture on the right with the ball showing from beginning to end would be where ball is still in motion. A class act then, and still a class act today. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/blown-detroit-tigers-call-still-haunts-jim-joyce-but-he-has-learned-to-forgive-himself/ar-BB14UsO3
  2. And what did they do for the umpires just hired out umpire schools with brand new jobs. Since they are not working on the field this year, are they going to cancel umpire schools for this year coming up, since that would be their, non playing year need for umpires. Or are they going to go on with the schools and release additional umpires who did not even get to work this season, and may have had a break out season in their careers had the season been played? If they are going to release more without a season being played this year, why did they not just release (more of them to start with) them before the non playing year even began this year??
  3. dumbdumb

    MiLB Shake UP

    Ready to go in Sugarland. Time to go catch a pro game this week. https://deadspin.com/as-covid-spikes-in-texas-sugar-land-skeeters-will-open-1844188675
  4. Article for umpire-in-chief. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/a-short-fused-babe-a-heave-ho-and-a-no-hitter-for-the-ages/ar-BB15PxPQ
  5. Umpire article on recent Colt league game. https://www.ellwoodcityledger.com/sports/20200627/players-umpires-adjust-to-calling-balls-and-strikes-from-behind-pitcherrsquos-mound
  6. All of us should be getting this type of covid care/access/prevention everywhere/everyday, not just these guys, as in the new regulations summary you might want to peruse, if you haven't already. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jun/24/summary-of-major-league-baseball-2020-operations-m/ And?? Do umpires get a special dispensation/well thought out risk category protection plan, called a high risk category with the same rights and benefits of that category as players. If not, why not? https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/1979308 Added 6/29-- do umpires get same deal /consideration under circumstances. Anf if not, why not. https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiENGrIM3ySx8VU_fhrBzhnZAqGQgEKhAIACoHCAowyNj6CjDyiPICML_fxAU?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  7. No arguing, but cheapshots from dugout will probably become the norm and more of it, maybe even more bat banging on dugout celing. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2020/06/24/thinking-about-arguing-with-an-umpire-this-year-dont-get-too-close-or-youll-be-ejected-possibly-suspended/
  8. Play ball https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEMMkzwZnKTO9MW_RN1qlywcqFggEKg4IACoGCAow5tYTMODEAjDCugQ?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen https://www.nj.com/yankees/2020/06/baseball-is-back-players-react-were-finally-coming-home-bryce-harper-tweets.html
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-reportedly-plans-minor-league-201319521.html
  10. Lot of no this no that going on here. Is there still beer?? A nice Labatts Blue sounds good right now.
  11. Are they including this new training right now in your area yet? https://www.readingeagle.com/sports/high-school/piaa-doubles-penalty-for-in-game-ejections/article_68a5438a-b00f-11ea-921c-03ba9cf67ac7.html
  12. Severe reputational injury is what Yankees are saying for trying to block the courts release of the scandal documents now. Well if you had not done anything (either directly involved by cheating or by being involved by intentionally ignoring the cheating) there would be no entity whose reputation could be harmed.
  13. Nice new tv contracts for all the billionaires crying poor mouth going forward. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2020/06/14/with-tbs-renewal-mlb-could-see-2b-annually-from-national-tv-contracts/#6abdd48e4411 article in Washington post today about them crying poor (cry baby faces). Why does Davis get penalized but not them. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/06/15/dont-let-mlb-owners-cry-poor-they-can-afford-do-whats-right-baseball/ Or this one https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/nobody-wants-to-hear-mlb-owners-cry-poor/ar-BB151Wud And they get to keep a monopoly antitrust exemption that a famous judge took away from standard oil years ago. https://theweek.com/articles/774406/how-mlb-gamed-way-into-baseball-monopoly And it has always been amazing how the Connie Mack family has always had MLB's ear. Notice how important they mention MiLB is in the exemption. Guess that has gone by the wayside. Let's see that exemption go by the wayside now that they want to make much of MiL b go by the wayside.I https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/1994/03/21/congress-to-examine-antitrust-exemption/962a17b1-bc5a-462d-90c7-c875f440c38b/
  14. "Oh may it be so" . Others feel the same. Only a little more than 12 hours away, est. https://www.yardbarker.com/mlb/articles/astros_players_react_to_yankees_potential_sign_stealing_scandal/s1_13132_32181677?utm_source=msn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=rl_msn&utm_content=rl_msn_32185301
  15. Uh oh for the Crankees possibly. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/report-yankees-told-to-release-letter-that-allegedly-details-their-sign-stealing/ar-BB15riyD
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