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  1. Camp training article from vero beach https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-umpire-camp-held-at-jackie-robinson-training-complex
  2. Seems like each sets of rules that we use may or may not have different interpretations of that written rule. Seems like years ago L League used OBR interpretation sometimes(or I guess you could say it backwards that OBR used L League interpretation sometimes). So it seems that I have read before somewhere (who knows maybe I dreamed it), that a runner did not have to move off the base, that rule is obvious, or they could be tagged while off, but they did have to make an effort to allow the fielder a chance to make a reasonable attempt to catch/make a play on the ball. Maybe the runner could lean one way or the other (like a fielder leaning over the rail in foul territory) or ducking down on the base so the fielder could catch the ball without the runners upper shoulders and head being in the way. Now could a player on the base actually 'unintentionally' cause the fielder to miss by not leaning far enough, who knows, just so long as the umpire believes he did not 'intentionally' move into the fielder to avoid. But, you could not just do a statue of liberty pose on the base and not make an attempt at all, to get out of the way while standing on the base. Maybe this has changed or never was, or different rule sets allow or disallow. Which leads into plays with the question of could someone be trying to get out of the way to help a fielder but in trying to help, still move into the way causing an 'unintentional' interference and a penalty would still be called for the 'unintentional interference' on a play (maybe plays with the base coaches involved) and not just players on the field as in the OP. And which plays in the rules would this 'unintentional' still be called interference/a penalty, and a penalty enforced and which plays would not be, with no penalty to be called. And just remember a no call is an actual call just like a call is. Isn't judgement a witch sometimes.
  3. Gee, and i thought is was because black makes everyone look slimmer.
  4. well here are the fill in's from the 2022 season per a previous CCS post with games worked per retrosheet. Maybe a guess of Riggs, Merzel, Wills if we go by seniority and all have about 350+ fill in games under their belt. So, no telling which one probably has the known Nelson spot right now, or maybe some of the guys who now have 250 or so games under their belt have the new job or jobs. who knows. But Wills did work 143 games (now that stats are in on retrosheet) in 2023 and no one working over 140 fill in games in a season, has not made full time MLBU at some point in more recent times. Nate Tomlinson also worked 148 games this year bringing his career total to 254 games and once again, no umpire working 140 games or more in a season as a fill in has failed to become a MLBU at some point in more recent times. In bold are the, new MLBU, hired full time in 2023. In more recent times since 2010 on, Dan Bellino became full time after only 144 fill in games, David Rackley 170, Malachi Moore 156 and for those who may not remember Chris Guccione worked 1255 games (2000-2008) as a fill in before getting the call, so he is basically a 22-23 year MLB veteran although the record does not fully count the fill in time which started at 106 games his first year, and Rob Drake the same with 1218 fill in games (1999-2009) so basically a 22-23 year veteran. and hoye, who started fill in during 2003 season and worked 734 fill in games is basically a 20 year veteran MLBU although fill in credit does not fully count or only counts towards a maximum of 2 years credit for fill in games worked. Nick Mahrley: 426, Shane Livensparger: 382, Edwin Moscoso: 332, Adam Beck: 253, Nestor Ceja: 253, Junior Valentine: 235, Eric Bacchus 234, Brennan Miller 195, Alex Tosi: 191, Malachi Moore: 156 Jeremy Riggs: 278 + (97 in 2023) = 375 Ryan Wills: 263 + 143 = 406 Dan Merzel: 251 + 126 = 377 John Bacon: 171 + 46 = 217 Charlie Ramos: 144 + 124 = 268 Clint Vondrak: 144 + 132 = 276 Jose Navas: 164 + 23 = 187 Nate Tomlinson: 106 + 148 = 254 Paul Clemons: 93 + 45 = 138 Alex MacKay: 51 + 82 = 133 Randy Rosenberg 59 + 12 = 71 David Arrieta: 58 + 17 = 75 Brock Ballou: 30 + 71 = 101 Lew Williams 37 + 5 = 42 all above have had 2023 games added now from retrosheet 2023 new 2023 below per retrosheet 2023: Tom Hanahan = 72 Edwin Jimenez = 79 Emil Jimenez = 114 Jacob Metz = 52 Derek Thomas = 85 Brian Walsh = 71
  5. And you thought only umpires went nose to nose. Watch it all and hopefully enjoy.
  6. https://baseballhall.org/discover/1918-flu-pandemic-didnt-spare-baseball https://baseballhall.org/discover/umpire-unmasked https://baseballhall.org/discover-more/stories/baseball-history/woman-in-blue
  7. sounds like you need a league where the coaches get that, come to (fill in your own word(s) here) speech, right from the start every year. the best leagues with the person at the top, whether its the td, president, etc and your scheduler/booking agent etc. do not allow any nonsense, especially in today's climate. the people at the top who run things, will not bow to peer pressure from either the pillars of society of the area you are in, or the well connected, nor the one's with deep pockets. those types who try to use their power/verbal, financial etc etc get squashed like a bug for any shenanigans, even those end around moves they will try on you. so, the best bet, is to look for some protection that the NFHS offers most of the time with JV or Varsity sports, or higher NCAA leagues if invited, and you can get a lot of games with them. usually due to the times, they have someone at the sporting events, just in case an incident does happen. a lot of times the coaches are employees of the school district and a bad situation caused by the coach, runs the chance of a bad article in the paper and disciplinary action up to and including termination, and even if not terminated, a less demonstrative coach. then, for any other ball one may want to call, you personally get to scout leagues who have the leadership that accepts no tomfoolery by coaches what-so-ever, and you can then apply to work those leagues, and not the ones where the administrators let coaches run wild, so to speak. Good luck.
  8. Would also include HBP on the batting glove in the back pocket or a baggy windbreaker type jacket worn under the shirt in cold weather if that type jacket is allowed as part of a uniform.
  9. here you go for comparison's. Was deputy sheriff Kelloggs take down better or stadium security in PHL
  10. https://www.aol.com/sports/nlcs-game-2-phillies-security-040833298.html
  11. https://www.aol.com/sports/nfl-could-soon-ban-tackling-050441590.html
  12. They don't feel safe Mark Uyl in the article and his brother Dave are big time officials Bhttps://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2023/10/15/parent-behavior-in-youth-sports-is-abusive-officials-dont-feel-safe/71194511007/
  13. from CCS comments tmac Mod Beeven8tor 15 hours ago Porter was indeed scheduled to work the ALCS. He was indeed replaced last minute. He is not injured, and at CCS we don't comment on personal matters! (not that you would ask) Russ Lucas 15 hours ago I don't think it's the amount of time that Hoberg missed, but it's the fact that he missed the last 2 weeks so whatever kept him out then is probably still keeping him out.
  14. Haven't checked all the above stats, but in recent years, anyone MLB would be looking to promote to crew chief in the very near future, that doesn't have a WS yet has been in the mix, since the optics/perception of promoting a WS candidate looks much better than one without. and remember the 2 biggest qualities MLB looks for in a potential crew chief are 'leadership and handling situations', (ie-not the best ball strike/safe out statistics=objective analytics) which are more subjective. and lets see if any of the up and comers can catch from more recent times, Drew Coble being name CC starting in his 10th MLB year (without having a WS yet no less, back when things were on a more rotation basis for the playoff assignments), after reading some old retrosheet stats. heck Klem was probably, (what's that term, digital since birth for your resume), CC since birth.
  15. you are just going to have to accept the comment on CCS under the wild-card comments, as a possible reason. unless you are just phishing for those in the know to expound on the, reasons unknown. Russ Sam Ryan 3 days ago Hoberg missed the last 2 weeks of the season for reasons unknown. and P.S. 5 minutes later a big thing to look for under 1st year DS assignments, is the confidence of the league to put a new comer into the HP rotation, rather than starting in RF or in the replay booth, like they did with Hoberg (HP opening game) in 2019. and with Hoberg hired FT in 2017, we could be looking at a future CC at the 10 year point or under, maybe since Drew Coble in his 10th year in 1991.
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