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  1. And here is where the rubber meets the road. The good old sports gambling scene. Better call up all those involved to help pay for the refund. https://www.nj.com/yankees/2020/01/mlb-rumors-sportsbook-working-in-nj-refunds-bets-on-yankees-in-2019-because-of-astros-sign-stealing-scandal.html
  2. Yes, the (them) men i have been listening to for all these years have been the only ones I have heard, in the vain that it is all about the men are the only ones who are and can get 'it' right, no matter the 'it' topic or situation.
  3. But if you do take charge of the situation, since one team or even both teams are probably not going to like what you do, and therefore since coaches rule and get to pick officials with all their preferred lists in NJ, you are probably going to get blackballed. Nice system, eh.
  4. Old article of Larry Youngs addition to Rules Committee, but also a mention of a Hinch ejection by Young for holding pitches when he was catching. Hinch still on Positive Coaching Alliance webpage. Thought they would have ditched him by now, as nothing positive was shown by turning a blind eye towards the situation that was happening right out in the open under his command, and him admitting he did not have the intestinal fortitude to stop (bashing a monitor does not count and only proves the knowledge) the situation. Of course he has no problem with intestinal fortitude of admonishing and putting down umpires when he feels the need. Guess they, PCA, think positive coaching means to condone and approve as acceptable the old saying of, if you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying. https://mikesrants.baseballtoaster.com/archives/182830.html
  5. Here we go again running up score and fighting. No need to have 64-14 score before end of 3rd quarter. Second team plays after starters get 5-0 lead for rest of game. Rebound, walk ball up court. Set up and run 2 plays with each player touching ball without shooting. On third play pass ball so that each player touches ball and then shoot. No 3 point tries, but tries just on or inside the line. No layups, no fast break. No overly aggressive rebound tries on follow up. Play 2-3 zone on defense. Nothing can be gained when competitive imbalance is so great for winning team. They can get better competition from their own practice scrimmages. There is nothing to work on, to get better, with such an competitive imbalance of ability. Seen the above way done so as to not embarrass team that could not compete. Shot ball once per minute. Actually ended up being a decent game with winning team up by 9 points at end of game. Better than some 21-20 old NCAA games i have found on you tube before the shot clock and both teams were equally competitive with their players. https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2020/01/riot-situation-breaks-out-at-girls-basketball-game-sends-player-to-hospital.html
  6. Same words can be used for D1 men's Collegiate or they would be there also. I will let you have the pro shortcomings which I totally agree with, and I will remind about the collegiate baseball shortcomings for officiating men's collegiate D1 with 450 Conference game staff positions on a full schedule weekend (and that does not include the Conferences that have 4 man crews which pushes the total needed with a full 150 game schedule to over 500 positions over the weekends) not to mention the non- conference positions during the week and only 1 recent hire to Non-Con last year that worked LLWS and is military like she couldn't have handled this level until just last year, give me a break. And of course not to mention the basketball shortcomings until the recent PAC 10 with just 1 hire.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/mlb/giants-make-alyssa-nakken-1st-ever-female-coach-in-mlb/ar-BBZ2hic
  8. Why does this article say former MLB umpire Gerry Davis??? Inquiring minds want to know. When were all you guys in the know going to let us know? Where was the memo? Did not see it here, or at CCS. Or??? Was this a misprint??? What's the scoop??? Real or fake news??? https://www.nbc26.com/sports/mlb-umpire-gerry-davis-bucks-legend-sydney-moncrief-honored-at-red-smith-sports-awards
  9. Any future "material violation's" of Major League Rules, and they will be put on the 'permanently ineligible list'. Just ask Pete Rose about that list. This violation comes under rule 21: misconduct and gambling prohibitions. It is section f rather than d where gambling is. Commissioner may invoke any penalty he sees fit for the misconduct. He pretty much invoked the 1 year of the gambling penalty for gambling on other teams. However any future misdeeds will be like betting on your own team (like insider trading in the business world), and permanent ineligibility which equals kicked out of baseball and no chance of the hall of fame while on the permanently ineligible list. Maybe veterans committee can overrule post humously.
  10. Does this mean he gets kicked off The Positive Coaching Alliances advisory board? Maybe a little pep talk from Jerry Crawford again could help, as he obviously did not listen to Jerry's wisdom the first time around and look what happened by not listening. Look at the scoreboard, that's your fault. So I guess today is also Jerry's fault.
  11. I like this writer's grasp of the seriousness of the issue and integrity of the game. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/rays/2020/01/11/if-youre-looking-for-victims-of-baseballs-cheating-scandal-you-can-start-with-fans/
  12. Just think at some time in the past???? the topic of a 5th umpire has come up and give the PU a total day off the next day. Just wishful thinking, considering the Red Sox scandal and the Astros scandal, do you really want Home personel handling the ABS system of relaying the pitch to the umpire?? If you ain't cheat'in, you ain't trying syndrome. A 5th umpire in the crew rotation to work the ABS system to take the integrity issue off the table would open up another 15 jobs. Not saying this is on the table or would be in the thoughts, just my wishful thinking. But, if they want a crew of integrity laden local umpires to handle the job to handle ABS in the parks, i hope someone will submit your name @Thunder. I am also thinking about local hacking of the ABS system, where a pitcher like a Glavine who likes to work the corners and keep the ball low, has the system hacked and the perameters of the system switched to the advantage of the local home starter, and nobody would know about the hack job. Just things that cross my mental wacked out mind.
  13. I am guessing that if you are not in the know, no one is. Seems like we might find out about some things after the ratification vote which I believe coinsides with their big meeting and health care checkups out in Phoenix coming up. Injuries discovered that require simple surgery can then be performed and given at least 6-12 weeks to heal and try to get ready for opening day. Most umpires who were originally hired in Feb./March/April would be waiting for their original hire date to be coming up before announcing. The students at the umpire schools may be hearing more of the scuttlebutt than anyone else, if they keep their ears to the ground. But of course that would not be something for them to blab about or announce, especially before the formal vote is finalized. By the end of this CBA in 2024, there are 20 umpires on the current staff that will be between the ages of 60-72 years old and all will have 25 or more years of full time experience except Hickox on the experience end. All the umpires that came up in 99 no matter their age, will have 25 years of experience under their belts by the end of this CBA and have the often mentioned 20 years of vested time. Should be quite a few job openings in the next 5 years and especially 10 years until things quiet down again. And if by some chance they make the ABS an extra position for umpires only, and go to 5 man crews in the future, that would make for an extra 15 job openings. Or just call 1-800-Bill Miller and ask. All in good time.
  14. dumbdumb

    MiLB Shake UP

    An article right up your alley to start the new year. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2019/12/31/top-25-baseball-stories-of-the-decade-no-3-baseball-teams-become-cash-cows/
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