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  1. Well here is your steal of first base on 0-1 pitch. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/07/baseball-rule-changes-atlantic-league-steals-first-video-mlb-umps
  2. agreed, and that dumbdumb guy is ignorant (dumbdumb-how do you think i picked that name--from a thin man movie or something???--i ain't that smart). Believe my thought was there are no umpires (just like only 1 on the MLB rules committee) represented with this group anywhere, and other than that bozo at Haywood High School that is not on the list (thank goodness), I would imagine there are some coach/umpires (Fielding Culbreth might have played with one) serving or have served in a dual capacity somewhere that should be on this committee. Yes, I know the article just says coaches in this organization.
  3. guess this esteemed group did not make it in time to Colorado. H"mm---What representation is nowhere to be found in this esteemed group, and is this by totally having a brain cramp?? If not, this is totally intentional and the representative group missing (and this group mentors and coaches, just in a different way and from a different yet no less important point of view) is just like a base or a doorknob. https://www.positivecoach.org/national-advisory-board-1/
  4. Not sure about staying out of the kill zone would help someone that is set up big time into the slot, much like West, but a cross up pitch inside that drills the umpire anywhere uncaught by the catcher, which does happen, will be felt no matter where it hits, and maybe, maybe not an injury. But, and I will let you physicist's and engineers decide if a ball off the bat back into the the umpire, should be coming off the bat faster than the pitch coming in, and the meat of the bat faster than the handle of the bat, therefor causing a now faster pitch to nail the umpire, causing more damage/possible injury/or at least pain, due to the faster speed. You will not umpire and not get hit in all different spots over a long career, or even a pretty short one, some to covered spots and still possible injury and some to non covered spots with no injury, just some pain from impact.
  5. I think the last 9 words from your post above were just mentioned below. P.S. CCS beat me too the punch, but I wasn't checking there first.
  6. Here are the ages now, of the next 10 umpires who would end up being 65-72, if another '5' year CBA is signed, and they stayed all 5 years for some reason. Joe West 67, Gerry Davis 66, Gary Cederstrom 64, Phil Cuzzi 64, Larry Vanover 64, Dana DeMuth 63, Tom Hallion 63, Jerry Layne 61, Mike Winters 61, Brian Gorman 60. Only West can basically catch the all time game record set by Klem and cannot retire without performing during the new contract for 2020 if he wants to go the whole year or sometime in July???? around 4th to the all star game time??? if he wanted to hang it up the very next day after breaking the record. The most WS worked record will never be caught, and the "most recent times", record being 6 WS has Ed Montague( retired), West and Davis at that mark. Of course DeMuth has 5 WS. Now Davis or West and maybe DeMuth could catch the little less recent WS record going back to the 60's of Al Barlick with 7 WS. The second group of 10 umpires below would all be 60 or above at the end of a 5 year CBA in 2024, and of course ready for retirement if they so chose with 25-30 years on the field for all but Hickox. Jeff Kellogg 63, Jerry Meals 63, Angel Hernandez 63, Kerwin Danly 63, Ed Hickox 62, Brian O'Nora 61, Laz Diaz 61, Paul Nauert 61, Fieldin Culbreth 61, Ted Barrett 60. And Kellogg has 5 WS so far out of this group to chase after 6 or 7. So, already there are 10 umpires 60 and above right now that might be replaced with-in the next 5 years and 10 more within the 5 years after that. And by the first 5 years, 2024, you will also have the rest of the 99 class hired during the dispute year, that would have 25 years under their belts and be at least 55-59 years old. And the age of the call ups right now. May 37, Whitson 37, Segal 36, Woodring 36, Marley 36, Bacon 35, DeJesus 35, Livensparger 35, Ortiz 34, and Blakney, Barber, Additon at 33. Youngster is still Lentz at 29.
  7. Hopefully they do not allow the jab step going to third by a right hand pitcher to step out of the pitching hole that has been dug by the pitchers themselves. Hopefully it is "back" off the rubber. This should take away that tremendous "analytics" advantage the pitchers have over the runners trying to steal currently, in addition to all the spinning on the non pivot foot rather than stepping or the 90 oops 45 degree step to first by left handers. Would be nice to see the steals and running game come back rather than a Super Slow Pitch Softball League game with a baseball being used, with just doubles in the gap and home runs, and a walk as the most profitable way to acquire first base. Seems like without the juicing era, guys were home run hitters back when the game had both a combination of small ball play and home run play. Mantle, Mays, McCovey, Clemente, Aaron, Killebrew providing doubles and home runs, and others both after their time and before their time, and with Rose, Brock, Henderson, Carew, and others providing smaller ball of singles and doubles and triples and steal attempts at second third and home. Hell of a lot of better batting averages to. Quicker games cuts down on the time for everyone to enjoy several stops at the concession stand. Moneyball and MoneyConcessions with a slow pace of play, go hand in hand. Just watch them cry after a 1:45 to 2:15 game with a packed house due to a promotion or give away or an appearance by a Mascot.
  8. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Ronnie Milsaps, Andrea Boccelli etc. could have called that one. Rather than have the intestinal fortitude to just say one of several terms, words, phrases, etc., and get dumped, they try to be a weasel and 'infer' the exact same words in other degrading or what some might call negative verbal judo terms, all the while LTFAO if one does not take care of business, and dismiss them. it is very bad to eject a person that should not be ejected, but it is far worse to not eject a person who should be ejected. (Al Barlick HOF).
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SOS-Baseball-Umpire-Chest-Protector/264309482588?hash=item3d8a12a45c:g:JHkAAOSw8L5cCelz&redirect=mobile Used during the doc gooden, randy johnson, nolan ryan, roger clemens, rob dibble, Jr Richards and goose gossage days, and I believe they all threw fast at 96-101 in the day, unless you had the carlucci special.
  10. Congrats. You are getting to be an institution there. Does this mean you get more pictures with Miss USA?
  11. I know you learned that sacroiliac word from you're favorite movie 'jungle book'. And you sound like Andre Dawson. Just go to the Cubs field to work your games. Do you need to carry your oxygen tank with you also??
  12. But, it is one of the 'few' things that is left to argue. Lots of plays that were within inches use to get argued but now they just IR things. And if Sandy Alderson who likes to see arguing on pitches and wants to see umpires cower to the players even more, gets his way, look out for who/whomever takes over for Joe West. An attorney, aka Bellino might be the way to go to argue fire with fire.
  13. And of course watch the video on The Lena Blackburne site of the Phillies umpire clubbie Danny O'Rourke rubbing the baseballs up. As stated, it does not take much.
  14. Seems like more umpires are going down than catchers. Are catchers wearing better protective headwear equipment or using better positioning to get missed. If being lower let's the catcher get missed, could umpires get lower.Like former Joe Crawford or Phil Cuzzi or Dan Bellino or way over towards the batter in the slot like Joe West. Or do some catchers and umpires just have that square boxers jaw or rock head like West and Barrett and cranium makeup helps prevent the injury to start with. What gives???
  15. update: 12 people cited now from the brawl. all are listed. Apparently there are at least 2 are with the City of Denver. David Williams from an early article, but the 2nd one has not been named/identified. Why? Let's get that Denver employees name out there with David Williams. Don't let David Williams be the only one, if there are 2 or more taking it in the shorts with his name and employer mentioned. Why are they hiding that other person with the City of Denver or giving them a special dispensation? You legal guys know. What does the rule book and case book rules interpretation manual say about that? https://kdvr.com/2019/06/27/12-people-now-cited-in-brawl-at-youth-baseball-game-in-lakewood/
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