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  1. Could not find ECU or any College football on yesterday (me thinks it is over and "The" University of Alabama won the big game already, but i did catch that 2nd game (NFL) yesterday, and kept my eye on #53 even though not an ECU grad. Sorry about that. Hope you kept an eye on #53 also. Added 1/19-And now you can watch #53 February 7th in Tampa.
  2. Shake-up - how it's looking as of now https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2020/12/11/22170088/mlb-realignment-minor-leagues-move-iowa-out-pacific-coast-leagues
  3. With the 2020 retro-sheet stats in. Joe West worked 34 games in 2020 and now has 5345 regular season games worked on the way to his goal of surpassing Klem with 5375 regular season games worked. West has 5476 and Klem has 5478 regular season and playoff games worked, so West passes Klem in that category with his 3rd game of the season. Klem only worked the World Series as playoff games and will hold that record at 103. Gerry Davis took a Covid year and has 4957 regular season and playoff games worked on the way to his goal of 5,000 total regular season and playoff games worked.
  4. obviously you get fired up about football. give it a shot in the arm and there are also more partners.
  5. same way this happened to West in a 2011 players poll, would be my best guess. "In a 2011 players poll, West was named the best MLB umpire by 5 percent of players polled, placing him fifth. However, he was named the worst umpire in the same poll by 41 percent of players polled."
  6. Johnny08 Get the Betts play at first in here that was overturned in the Dodger braves 10/14 game with everyones favorite plate umpire as a play coming from third and the runner inside that you would have to rule on even though the player catches the ball on the play rather than if he had missed the ball. Could an umpire be signaling an interference, if there definitely is one, even though/before the player does end up catching the ball and the interference can be ignored. Like a CI, batt on glove, and the player still hits a home run. Do you ignore the interference or call it, before the
  7. And what do you think they would have done with Angel on the appealed tag up call at 3rd base with the Braves in the third inning that Will Little was lining up perfectly in the replay pictures versus when Tim McClelland eyes (from the split screen replay) apparently did not have the tag up runner lined up. Did they reference that past tag up call in last night's game? So, if you live with the Clarences of the world you get a pass, but if you do not you get totally buried. It looks like/seems to be CCS is not? (i have not been looking at their twitter or FB feed) providing the field repl
  8. I think the big answer is that sentence, is indicating you will go, if you feel you missed something. Now let the guys who work over 50-100 or more games a year on the bases give the number of times they went for help in a season. Assuming the pulled foot or play that they went for help on the first time that year, did not happen exactly the same way several times every game. Maybe they can help with letting everyone know the exact distinction between an appeaser and a get your own call philosophy.
  9. Here is an article from one of the scoring systems that doesn't take certain data into consideration and inflates the numbers negatively. In this system since 2008 through 2019, there have only been 25 perfect umpire scores and that is only for 1 team in the game. No one has been perfect for both sides in a game. West, Visconti and Barrett were perfect for one team in 2019. Hudson has done it twice as has Culbreath. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/8/9/20798375/umpire-perfect-game-accurate-robo-umps
  10. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/appalachian-league-to-operate-as-summer-wood-bat-league/
  11. Glad no one had it. Do you know if they are doing one of the quicky tests all the time which tends to give more false positives, or the more thorough tests that do not. Seems that could make a big difference with results and more possible oopses. Wonder which kind the NBA are using?
  12. Same answer no matter what level or who umpire is. But if by rule that should be BI, then it is BI no matter the umpire or level and the MLB umpire missed it. If I am wrong and missed it then I am wrong and missed it.
  13. no BI-catcher moved quickly over to his left and had quick and unhindered release and follow through before the batter might have leaned into him and made contact. had catcher gone up the middle of the plate, he would have been more likely to have been interfered with by the batter leaning in and would have hit him or his arm or hand on release. But if the rule says that is BI on the play, then it is BI.
  14. dumbdumb

    Joe West

  15. somebody just tested positive from MLBU https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/ap-sources-mlb-umpire-tests-positive-virus-crews-73060036
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