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  1. johnnyg08

    Time Play

    Nice example. I wish there was video of the plate umpire's mechanics. This one was insanely close in real time. Probably 50/50...so whatever you decide in your games, Be big.
  2. Calling the proverbial "black"
  3. That was my question. Eagerly waiting. He shouldn't say what you're saying he said. But you shouldn't have a problem with a ball off. IMO, if an umpire isn't calling the diagram below, he/she could stand to start expanding a bit, their overall games will start to improve.
  4. That's beautiful and powerful at the same time. Wow
  5. Maybe so, but whether they do or not, is outside of our jurisdiction. It's not our job to worry about it. Some will, some won't. We have no control over who does/doesn't. Maybe that's a better way of saying what I wanted to say. I do agree about managing the game with regard to buckets, outside the dugout, etc..
  6. Abs are made in the kitchen
  7. An EJ isn't going to kill anybody. A properly timed EJ tends to accomplish the following, especially with youngsters: 1. This guy will not take any $hit. 2. You might be the first adult to put youngster in his place 3. Everybody else in the stadium, including the other team sees what happens when you act like a donkey 4. It helps the next crew/umpire who comes in behind you to work that team. It is not necessarily the job of the coach to handle unsportsmanlike conduct before or after the fact. We need to do a better job of taking care of OUR business. Sometimes...the method @lawump used will work. But if it doesn't be prepared for the next steps. The national visibility of games like that tend to gain a little more compliance from team leadership on those types of issues.
  8. To those of you who wear the Douglas rig, how have you handled the rigidity of the bottom? I've read threads about using a hair dryer to mold the shell to a curve. I like the rig, but I've never been a fan of how straight the lower shell fits. Thoughts & ideas? Thanks!
  9. 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. It's not distracting.
  10. Not sure I agree. At the time of the interference the ball was not fair or foul. It appeared to be in flight over fair territory. "A batter-runner is out when a fielder attempts to make an initial play" To have an infield fly, you need a fair ball. At the time of the interference, the ball was neither fair nor foul it was airborne. I have the batter runner out for interference.
  11. Softball and baseball definitions of IFF essentially the same definition.
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