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  1. Yikes...for sub varsity...2.5 hrs should be drop dead time. Eeeek!
  2. Also I agree...it's pretty likely that they paint the lines at that level.
  3. Yep...here it is...2019 MLBUM: Fair Ball Definition of Terms: When in contact with the ground, a ball must be in contact with fair territory and not merely over fair territory in order to be adjudged to be fair
  4. I think it was an interp from MLBUM. I don't have my stuff handy to verify right now though...in fact it might have been my post a couple years ago bringing it up.
  5. Correct. Welcome to the thread
  6. For $10 it can be yours https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/MLB-OBR-2020/2020-Official-Major-League-Baseball-MLB-Rulebook
  7. ump-attire.com In September.
  8. As weird as this season was, I'm not even sure dropping the ball is the right term. It's likely that they simply didn't care about publishing the rule book or updating the website. It's possible that most of that staff had been laid off too. Just checked mlb.com 2019 OBR is still the one hosted there
  9. I know. I'm pretty sure one of the threads is mine.
  10. I'll see if I can post the 2020 changes and you can cross reference with your "updated" WUM. The last WUM I have was the last one you could buy when they sold them publicly which I think was 2015.
  11. Well, I certainly wouldn't bring it up in front of everyone if you're currently down there at school. Pick a time when you can ask somebody about it in private so you're not "that guy" If you're trying for a job in MiLB next year...(since I don't believe there are any jobs this year)...don't bring it up at all. Do what you're told. Unless it changed from last year, their manual is not correct. I did purchase a 2020 OBR last year so I was able to get the changes.
  12. Unless it has changed recently...MLB.com never published the 2020 OBR
  13. Well, OBR is the guiding document. So at this point, I this Hunter's book is not accurate. What's the copyright on the actual text? Did they just put a new cover on? It's there word-for-word in 2020 OBR
  14. I have it and posted it above. It actually changed last year (2020). I don't have access to 2021 OBR until later this year.
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