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  1. Since we're approaching the post season, I decided to revive this thread in an effort to review FPSR.
  2. 8-4-1a The batter-runner is out when: a. he intentionally interferes with the catcher's attempt to field the ball after a third strike I can't remember, is the rule still exactly as it reads or did the Fed give a "clearly hindered" clarification like OBR and NCAA? By rule...it's pretty clear that we still need intent. What says the group?
  3. That's actually a good idea.
  4. Here's a situation that could be easy for an umpire to miss. When the runner takes off for third, there is high potential for obstruction. It doesn't occur here...but these are the types of plays where it will occur. Fielder makes an error, turns spectator, runner keeps running.
  5. I tried to show a team how many rules I knew one time when I called a ball after the pitch was secured by the catcher and the batter swung to try to protect his runner that still got thrown out. That was dumb. Just signal a strike on the swing. Everybody in the stadium expects it to be a strike.
  6. But he does admit that he was inside.
  7. You're right. Because it was edited out. Watched a manager who is not mic'd up argue on a video clip is a WOBW. I guess for me, I post clips to elicit discussion. FWIW, the call on the field was RLI and the most important learning on this play is that the runners return to their TOP bases.
  8. Well, I promise I'm not trying to be difficult...but the video is titled Runner Lane Interference. I promise, I'm not being a smart ass.
  9. The elements of the play seem pretty clear to me. Not sure what else you're wanting to see? Maddon pleading with the umpire for 45 seconds?
  10. I think it's a good clip to support another version of CI....even less traditional swings like this.
  11. Interesting play. Thanks for sharing. Here's a shorter clip of just the play for those wanting "Just the facts" and not all of the other commentary.
  12. We need to get this every time.
  13. johnnyg08

    2021 MLBUM?

    Any leads on the 2021 MLBUM? In the past I've purchased them from ABUA but now much of that site seems like it's loaded with malware which is unfortunate. I know ump-attire currently has stock of the 2021 OBR and will have stock of the 2021 MiLB manual. Thanks. If you have a private lead, PM works too.
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