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  1. FED rule is the same as it's always been...(well, maybe not ALWAYS)...but you get the point.
  2. Yep...under the old rule that would be true. In 2020 & going forward, we're going to have a foul tip by rule.
  3. This is the first thread in this forum about the rule change. I would have never looked in "Ask the Umpire" then inside of the "Tipped Ball" thread to see or notice that. Which is weird...I've had a lot of extra time in my mom's basement...I should have seen every post on the Internet regarding 2020 OBR rule changes considering the website still has the 2019 book published.
  4. I haven't double checked...but I didn't see that part of the rule changed..(so...not exactly the same as a catch for the other positions) From what I know right now...F2 would still need to secure possession of the baseball for it to be a foul tip vs a foul ball.
  5. Correct. Mask, chest protector, etc...they're treating it like any other batted ball in flight..and the requirements of a catch.
  6. It's not the same. The must hit the glove or hand first is no longer a requirement.
  7. No. With 2 outs and a ground ball to the shortstop a base umpire should be able to get to the 1B side of the pitcher's mound. In fact, I've seen some guys start in "B" in these scenarios for that exact reason.
  8. I haven't left my mom's basement since mid March.
  9. 2020 FOUL TIP: A batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher and it legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught, and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. 2019 FOUL TIP: A batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball has first touched the catcher’s glove or hand.
  10. In a perfect world, your base umpire/partner would do her or his job by getting to the 1B side of the pitcher's mound to get a good look at the play and he should make his call. Mechanically, be careful with this...as in the case play, with R2, most teams keep the runner moving full tilt to home plate...so IF your partner correctly has F3 off of the base, PU needs to be prepared for a play at the plate. If PU "false hustles" down to the 45' line to see the PF/ST, it's going to look pretty bad for your crew when every one is looking at your PU for a decision on the banger at the plate. This play can be covered with two umpires. I respect everything Evans teaches..but we need to remember that he's training umpires for professional baseball on professionally manicured fields where there are no bad hops and where players more often than not execute what they're wanting to do. We work the amateur game....so we can't always do things exactly by the book...that doesn't mean we ignore what he's teaching or make things up per se...but we also need to trust our base umpire to do her or his job so you can do yours...which is definitely what the professional game teaches.
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