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  1. Ah yes...where all of this BS began travel ball. (NFHS) To my knowledge, in any rule set: NCAA or OBR, it's one player. In my state, it's supposed to be a max of two and one during the 1/2 inning, but it is not enforced, in fact, enforcing it is bad form b/c nobody else does in my part of the state. Most of the rules I've seen refer to an "on deck batter" (singular) Again, it's one. Decide if it's worth enforcing in your part of the country.
  2. You got it. People are copy-cats. Many times, it's not done b/c the staffs likely aren't overly tech savvy. It's not like they don't have the budget for it. We'll see it eventually...somebody needs to do it first...then the rest will follow (assuming they make a rule to allow it) Mound visits could be eliminated, you want to speed the game up, go with the headsets. That's as close to a guarantee as you're gonna get on cutting minutes off of game times.
  3. I just wish they'd give them ear pieces. No different than the QBs and LBs in football. Stop messing around with signs from the 1850s.
  4. If I can sell my 46, I'd be interested in your 48. Or if you are looking to down size, I'd be open to a trade. Mine is in the same condition as yours.
  5. What a runner should do to avoid being called out for interference
  6. Retired MLB umpire Tim Tschida discusses the RLI from the World Series and other interesting nuggets
  7. Absolutely. And the runner is trying to get hit so he can get on base after his crappy 2ft swinging bunt. In this case though...the defender was trying to successfully retire the runner. Turner is one of the fastest runners in the game. If any of you have tried to make a play like that on a runner who is that fast....and can put the throw right on the base...congrats...it's a very hard play.
  8. Yes. That is exactly my point. It's not that the 2018 call was NOT RLI....it's that that "no call" was incorrect. And I think he got it wrong b/c the previous play at home plate didn't give him time to get into proper position for his secondary responsibilities
  9. I appreciate the discussion but I think it's exactly why they run inside. The line is literally a couple inches to the right. Yes...we agree that it is the shortest distance...and I will concede that it is likely part of the reason.
  10. He didn't beat the throw. No F3 above 6U fields the throw at the base. Sorry, but that simply is not true. In the still, the ball would have been caught by F3 had the glove not been dislodged by Turner's interference. Also...it's not penalizing a poor throw...the throw was off balance, and right to the base. The rule penalizes the runner...not this perception that the defense must make a perfect throw to exactly where the offense says it has to be...that simply is not the case.. How about this...Turner runs in the prescribed path and none of us are talking about it today?
  11. In my mind, those suggestions would make the rule more difficult to interpret or enforce. I haven't received an acceptable response to why doesn't the runner simply run in the lane that's drawn up for him versus try to change everything. We all know why he's running inside...it's to get hit by the throw. They may never admit it...but that's why they're doing it. Want proof? Watch tonight. If there's a play...you will see how easy it is for them to do when they want to do it.
  12. I'm sure they were required to do a rule check. That's why it took so long. Every one of them out there knew the call was correct. We all have bosses...they were just checking the box.
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