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  1. Exactly. I think these are the ones that the umpire can over ride. My guess is that they are not encouraged to over ride pitches like the one in the video. Listen to Brian talk about it here:
  2. Looks like they've got the computerized strike zone dialed in...
  3. Got that right!! Great postseason this year!
  4. Good call. Embarrassing on my part to forget the Carlucci
  5. Then comes with the age-old stupid line of "nobody came here to watch you umpire" I figured it had to be a former player...did not know it was Jim Edmonds.
  6. My top three for "low profile" 1. Force 3, probably the lowest of low profiles. 2. All American 3. Douglas
  7. It's still impossible to balk to second base
  8. But the penalty in FPSR is not on the B/R, but on R1, R2, or R3, B/R is a victim of the penalty enforcement. In FPSR, the batter/runner may very well have reached first base but it's irrelevant due to the penalty associated with FPSR. So I guess I don't see it the same.
  9. Here's a clip from the 2009 Preseason Guide: NFHS
  10. Makes 8-2-9 interesting then eh? NFHS
  11. It's an interesting one. My guess would be that it's either an EJ or nothing. I don't think they'd even warn formally.
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