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  1. Yep...that's the image I wanted to see. Thanks.
  2. Also are the pads, OEM Nike pads? I don't care either way...just curious.
  3. Can you please post a photo of the front of the mask but from over the top looking down? Are these being sold as brand new or used? Thanks.
  4. I know about the CCA and all of the other mechanics manuals out there. If any of you have a "Cliff Notes" three umpire powerpoint or handout that you'd be willing to share please send it to me via PM. A person I know asked for the "short version" of three umpire mechanics. So...without debating the rights or wrongs of that please send it my way.
  5. Interesting play. I think it's just a 3-4 put out.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, we should kill it immediately if we have it.
  7. A bluff and a throw to 3B would be a balk under OBR.
  8. Yes...but we all know that when we call FPSR or don't call it, we're getting a visit from the offense OR the defense. Every single time.
  9. NCAA is "must slide" that's one piece.
  10. Agree. In my state we have NFHS (Fed) baseball & now in the summer we have American Legion baseball which plays with the NCAA FPSR. To say it's confusing for participants and officials is an understatement!
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