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  1. Unknown what his middle name is but someone with the same name is scheduled for a jury trial on 4-13-2020
  2. Don't use magnets... It looks terrible on the sleeve. I use carpet tape. Double sided, comes off fairly easy and doesn't leave any residue if you take it off as soon as you are done.
  3. Oh I've already been in touch with him...
  4. So does anyone have any experience with getting certified with the WBSC for baseball here in the US? All the searches I’ve done have only returned results for softball.
  5. Oh that... I didn't watch any playoff baseball so I had no idea what you were referring to with him changing his leg kick.
  6. Would you please share this interp you are talking about?
  7. JSam21

    Late Season EJ

    It is tournament baseball... Every weekend is a new season. There is almost never any carry over of penalties.
  8. I don't believe that would apply here...
  9. You would also keep this play live because there is no play being made on the obstructed runner at the time of the obstruction.
  10. JSam21

    MiLB Shake UP

    For the players... it’s a good thing. Quite possibly a good thing for amateur umpiring since there will be a fair amount of umpires coming out of pro ball back into the college game. Iron sharpens iron...
  11. It is for over the fence HR only...Batted Balls that are touched by the defense before clearing the fence do not count against the total.
  12. With budget in mind and being strongly suggested to get a slimmer fitting CP while at camp... I have just purchased a Schutt XV-HDX.
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