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  1. And I think we need to have F2 clearly hindered by the deflection, not just the ball simply touching the batter.
  2. JSam21

    "31" Move Question

    This seems to be a sticking point in codes that don't allow the feint to 3rd. The feint to 3rd is the illegal portion, not the feint then throw to first. Now the question to the OP is, does the rule set that the games are being played under allow a feint to 3rd? If the answer is no, then this is illegal. If the answer is yes, then this is legal.
  3. If you have to wear this style... this is the shirt you want to get. Hands down
  4. I have officiated basketball, soccer and volleyball. I brought up the idea of getting back into working basketball to help stay/get in shape... she asked, “When is that season?” When I said November to March/April... she quickly shut that down.
  5. Short answer is yes. They are looking for the best umpires period. They don’t care where you come from, if you can work you can work.
  6. I will say this in every shoe post. Our shoes for officiating have become athletic shoes and need to be treated as such. They will last a season, maybe a season and a half and then it is time for new ones. That is just how it is.
  7. JSam21

    stealing home

    Well... maybe. Wouldn’t F1 have to disengage to the rear not forward?
  8. I use Hex laundry detergent on all of my umpire stuff that a launder... shirts, under shirts, tights, jock, socks... it is designed for activewear and I don’t have any problems with lingering stank
  9. Rags for cleaning shoes or throw away. I mostly wear compression shirts so if it is time for new ones they just get tossed.
  10. Did these happen to be LED field lights?
  11. Hey there all, I have a XXL Majestic ThermaBase coat, black with the black and white stripes. Mostly looking to trade for a XL majestic convertible but will listen to other offers like XL panel shirts or size 38 or 40 pants.
  12. It still has to be legally caught in flight... if a batted ball hits the umpire or batter, is it in flight?
  13. I know you are saying you don't want your money caught up more as a convenience factor than anything else... but we can look at it this way. It could be a gamble, and if you aren't willing to lose that amount of money, then don't gamble.
  14. The seller barshtur_0 seems to only have 16 transactions, one of them with negative feedback. All of the other items that they are selling seem to be housewares or pet accessories. It seems like it would be shipping from the states, so it might be a little easier to fight if something went sideways with the deal. I would research the other sellers on there.
  15. JSam21

    Fielders Balk

    Fed rules only require one foot be in fair territory. Touching the line is in fair territory. In Fed, both feet must be completely in foul territory at the time of pitch... it is an illegal pitch... with runners on it would be a balk... I'm not looking at the defender's feet at first base at time of pitch... especially as the PU.
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