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  1. I’ve lost my entire NAIA conference schedule. My NCAA conference is on hold until April. Lost one JuCo game for next weekend and waiting to hear on HS.
  2. Well going by your line of thinking you’re always “sliding head first” if your foot is on the ground. The interpretation for a legal head first slide is the runner’s chest/torso in contact with the ground before contact with the defender.
  3. JSam21

    5 Hole.....

    Think of it this way... if the runner has to do something other than run normally in order to get to the base... the defender is in an obstructive position.
  4. Missouri is also no mark, no play. In fact you have to have 3 to start and 2 to continue.
  5. That he discussed the play directly with interpreters for MiLB, MLB, and NCAA... and all three had the same conclusion.
  6. What’s up everyone, So I’ve journeyed from the world of 4xl stuff to now thinking that I am in need of XL jackets and coats. I’m looking for a black with white shoulder stripe full zip heavy coat and the lighter weight half zip. If anyone has those items in very good condition, ie you would wear it for college baseball, post up. Thanks
  7. They were an OBR variant
  8. Why would a rule set, when every alphabet soup organization in the world as some sort of rule variation, have any affect on recruitment of officials?
  9. Because they might not like those actual pads. It is possible to like the actual pads without liking the aesthetic of them.
  10. JSam21


    Well... that would probably be a question that you would need to ask the assigner for that organization. How much money you can make varies greatly on the level you are working, your availability, and the amount of games you want to do in a day.
  11. I can speak from experience on the Diamond baseballs from my coaching time. We used the DOL-1 as practice balls and the D1-HS as game balls. The D1 ball was a much better performing and durable baseball that wouldn't get "soft" during games.
  12. I believe that this is the style jacket that United Collegiate Umpires uses for their uniforms... It isn't the Majestic but I believe Stripes and Strikes has a version of it for sale.
  13. A clean, logo free look...
  14. I wouldn't say that it would be ANY complex umpire error. It appears that it would be when the umpire kills the play in error before anything else has been done besides a pitch being thrown and it hitting the bat, you would treat it as a foul ball.
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