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  1. Rule set matters on this play. Where did this throw originate from? Sounds like the infield. If so, there is no violation of the collision rule by the catcher under OBR or NCAA rule sets. NFHS we have OBS.
  2. If you don’t feel at least a little uncomfortable in B or C then you’re probably too far back.
  3. You can start deeper and have to work a whole lot harder to get a look at the quicker developing play (pick off) or you can start shallow and have to work harder to get a look at the slower developing play. The choice is yours, but I can tell you with 100% certainty which one I’m going to use when working the two umpire system.
  4. Doesn't seem like that is a color available to the public.
  5. We enforce the penalty, it is up to them to understand that they can take the result of the play if they wish. They have a responsibility to understand the rules as well.
  6. Until it is codified in the rule, with a restriction on size... yes.
  7. I find it extremely funny that no one would have thought twice about sending someone to first base if batting gloves in the back pocket were hit by a pitch until the sliding mitts became prevalent. Now umpires that think that sliding mitts are silly or dumb try to find anyway to punish a kid for having one solely because they don't like them. Send them to first base.
  8. Could you expand on why you feel it shouldn't be adjudicated as any other catch?
  9. That's because it isn't, until it is in the hand or glove.
  10. JSam21

    Game Fees

    St. Louis Area, Missouri side only. $96/varsity $75/Sub-Varsity (2 hour time limit). No mileage.
  11. This is likely because MLB TV deals are run via Regional Sports Networks that are controlled by the teams and the NFL is a national deal controlled by the league. The NFL has much more influence on the TV presentation and messaging that MLB does. It is likely that the NFL Official's Union requested that those statements be made in exchange for the use of the first down line.
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