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  1. If someone says come see me after the game to get paid... "No, we aren't starting until we get our payment."
  2. Here in STL, everyone goes through one person for HS baseball on the Missouri side. So, unless the schools want to find their own officials for games, that's who you have to deal with. Varsity $96/game with no DH discount, sub-varsity $75 with 2:15 time limit regardless of conference. While we do have more schools down here... there is only one person to get games from. Do you guys have an assigner up there or do the schools find their own people? I know when I worked in IL, there were a handful of conferences around the STL Metro that would go through an assigner while once you got outside of the metro area, it went to individual schools contracting officials (sometimes YEARS in advance).
  3. Here is the thing. If you don't like something about the proposal, don't work those leagues. I don't work a bunch in the summer because I don't want to travel, don't like the pay rate, want to get into the gym and want to spend time with my kids. Officiating isn't main source of income.
  4. Well the main issue was, they weren't paying full game rates for DH. The reasoning was the game fee includes your travel, so why do we need to pay you for travel when you are already here?
  5. A batted ball stops being a batted ball when it is secured by a defender or comes to rest.
  6. No, there would be nothing different.
  7. I just want to clarify your position here. You're stating that as long as ANY portion of the runner is in a direct line between the two bases, and providing that every other aspect of the slide is legal, then there is no violation on a force play?
  8. It really isn't that hard. If part of the runner isn't in a direct line between the bases, even as written, it is a violation. This argument has become pedantic. We all know how the NFHS wants it called. However, we decide to perform Olympic level mental gymnastics to try to say the rule doesn't say what it says. But hey do it however you wish.
  9. On a force play, the runner must SLIDE in a straight line between the bases.
  10. The rule isn't saying that they need to run there...
  11. Yes they do... However that has nothing to do with their slide into a base on a force play. It isn't a straight line from their position, the slide has to be a straight line between the two bases. That means, that they need to be inside the edge of the base closest to the defender.
  12. And the relative portions to our situation. 1) If the base runner is on the same side of the base as the defender, they didn't slide in a direction away from the defender. They don't have to make contact or alter the play for a violation, they just have to be in the same direction as the defender. 2) A direct line between the two bases is just that. If they aren't in that direct line, between the two edges of the base, and they are in the direction of the defender, they are in violation.
  13. When it comes to rules applications, let's get them right. In Situation 1, even if time was called, it didn't change the pattern of play. I would leave the runner at 3rd. Situation 2, get together and get the rule right. If a protest came from that you would have lost. If you lost it, it doesn't just look bad on the guy who made the call, it looks bad on the crew. If you see a blatant misapplication of the rule, fix it there.
  14. In the 4 umpire system, I would have likely tossed this catch/no catch to U2 since it brings F9 towards center or more than likely not gone out on it at all as U1. As a plate umpire, we have to get comfortable with NOT moving as soon as the ball is hit once we start working 3 and 4 umpire systems. This play, mask comes off and we just hang out point of plate in the 4 umpire system.
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