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  1. So under that thought...you'd be comfortable putting the batter/runner at 3B in this play?
  2. He did...I don't believe that was the correct judgment on that play...and as for Reggie's actions...I guess for me what was there wasn't enough...but what do I know? 🙂 Not a lot.
  3. Agree...at our levels...keep it live as often as possible. Keep things moving.
  4. What about this one? Pretty tough to get in real time...but perhaps another look via video tells a different story?
  5. Maybe...but the wrinkle it would add would be placement of runners. With video review it's pretty easy...in the amateur world...I like unintentional, two bases, TOP. Then I don't have to worry about where the runners were or weren't. I see that point though.
  6. I agree with that. My understanding, again from the MLBUM, is that the Crew Chief has the discretion whether or not to speak to the media. And yes, the rule book language helps the casual fan & player because very few people have access to the MLBUM...which I wish would change. The media & commentators could have one in their booths if they wanted to...or their fact finders.
  7. Here's another relevant play from 2019...coincidentally with the Rays, except they're on defense:
  8. Crew Chief make a rare appearance and clears everything up for the media:
  9. Nevermind...I understand now...the intentional drop on this play...which I think is relevant to this discussion...not the intentional drop but Reggie's failure to vacate. This clip is actually pretty cool because Lasorda and/or the umpires are mic'd up and we have audio of the discussion. Here's two videos mashed together. One is the TV broadcast and the Lasorda/Umpire audio begins around the 3:10 mark:
  10. I don't think there's any dispute there...but for the purpose of enforcement on this play, it has no bearing where the runner is running. And when we explain these plays to coaches, "Coach/Name, I hear you, but that's not how this is interpreted. He needs to do something inconsistent with simply running the bases" or some version of that.
  11. These plays are covered very nicely in the MLBUM: OBR Approved Ruling: 5.06(b)(4)(H) However, the Approved Ruling also provides that if the pitched ball (or thrown ball by the pitcher while in contact with the rubber) goes through or by the catcher (or fielder), remains on the playing field, and is subsequently kicked or deflected out of play, the award is two bases from the time of the pitch. The above rulings apply if the deflection is unintentional on the part of the fielder. If, in the judgment of the umpires, a fielder intentionally kicks or deflects any batted or thrown ball out of play, the award is two bases from the time the ball was kicked or deflected. Relevant Case Plays: If a fair ball not in flight is deflected by a fielder and then goes out of play the award is two bases from the time of the pitch If a fielder has complete possession of a batted or thrown ball and subsequently deflects or kicks the ball out of play, the award is two bases from the position of the runners at the time the ball was kicked or deflected. If, in the judgment of the umpire, a fielder intentionally kicks or deflects a batted or thrown ball out of play, the award is two bases from the time the ball was kicked or deflected.
  12. Exactly...that's what we're going to learn here! Great questions & things to consider!
  13. BUT...this is still an excellent training video for "What if...he didn't step off?" And maybe for the purpose of learning & discussion, maybe we continue down the path you began...because THAT is the valuable piece.
  14. I disagree. While I wouldn't teach it...if my base umpire is that dense to think that "Oh...I don't know...I thought you called it a strike" We shouldn't lock ourselves into processing what's happening around us to not realize what our PU might be asking us as the base umpire. Yes, we should go with the left....but umpires need to use their brains too...this falls under "sometimes you just have to umpire"
  15. Diaz may or may not have signaled "safe" on the appeal. We're forced to believe them b/c there's no video footage of an actual appeal. What dugout were the Dodgers in? Perhaps J. Turner was relaying what they were yelling from the 3B dugout, assuming of course that was the LA dugout. Or he was watching the play and was aware that he probably did miss 2B on his way back. I struggle thinking that Diaz would've missed it being that's essentially his only responsibility on that play.
  16. Here's the embedded video so folks don't have to leave the forum. You beat me to this today...so thanks for posting. I've had the benefit of watching this a few times and I believe the pitcher stepped off before throwing home. Here's the clip:
  17. I'm not trying to argue with people over this..but don't we think that if at any point Laz or Replay knew that he failed to retouch in in his last time by, that they'd have upheld the appeal? Here's J. Turner calling for the appeal for those who say (because they didn't see it on TV...then it didn't happen)...that they indeed appealed before going to replay.
  18. There was a video clip of Justin Turner pointing to 2B...it's entirely possible that a live ball appeal took place at that time.
  19. The appeal took place at 2B...R1, running on the pitch, flyout to F7, retraces steps to retreat back to 1b and replay was inclusive that he missed 2B on his way back so they denied LA's retouch/last time by appeal.
  20. Except it's not a cop out. It's the truth. There are all kinds of situations in the game where they offense & defense are simply responsible for knowing the situation. R1, and a check swing, ball 4, on appeal R1 is tagged as he's jogging to 2b on ball four...defense appeals the check/half swing and it's ruled a strike. R1 is out. Offense is responsible for knowing the situation. It's definitely not a cop out...I also don't think this situation was handled very well by U2...they're not mutually exclusive.
  21. I hear you...there are games that I work where it's really windy and there's no chance anybody's going to hear me and I'm certainly not going to scream it....I do that and it's likely everybody just stops...b/c why is the umpire screaming? Both the defense & the offense is responsible for knowing the situation...especially at the MLB level
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