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  1. I would say that the MSU rule book for baseball is the worst one of all of the rules books. So many myths, so many of them corroborated by our brethren.
  2. For a different thread, but there is a dead ball home run interp (related to coach assist) that I'm not sure is correct....in the Wendelstedt manual. But what do I know :-)
  3. Only the relayer of information Mr. @The Man in Blue
  4. Okay...here's what I have in its entirety from Wendelstedt: p. 137 (Cross references NFHS 3-2-2) Physical Assistance: A member of the offensive team, other than another runner running the bases, physically assists a runner in advancing or returning to a base 6.01 a8 Enforcement: When a runner is physically assisted, the umpire will call out the runner. The ball remains alive and in play. If other runners advance or are put out following the call, those plays stand.
  5. (NFHS) Lodged batted ball in F6 jersey...funny thing about my enforcement of that was I think both teams, my partner, & the entire stadium, would've been completely fine with F6 ending the half inning by forcing out R1 at 2B with the batted ball lodged in his jersey.
  6. Sure. I can look sometime this week.
  7. No harm in a little hope.
  8. Question....hypothetical...this play could have had the "Intervening Play" followed by Runner Lane Interference. Since the RLI would've been the third out the run would still not count...correct?
  9. Nope. The run would not have counted. Lack of rules knowledge with a mix of being caught up on the moment on an MLB field.
  10. Learn the terminology. Memorize the terminology. That is the key to understanding and applying the rules. Then, whenever there is a question about a play, look it up. The umpire groups (like this one) are great for that because users ask so many questions.
  11. I know a guy who essentially loaned out two sets of gear to a Northwoods League crew (crazy story) and still used his current gear inventory to umpire w/o skipping a beat. Great post to honor TimC
  12. Under OBR, Wendelstedt has an interpretation that states the following: No member of the offensive team, other than another runner running the bases, can physically assist a runner in advancing or returning to a base. 8.4.2e, p 160 My manual is from 2015 so the cite may have changed if there's a newer manual out there from Hunter.
  13. That's what they all say
  14. I think it is possible for a post season division 1 umpire to see a hand to the groin area on a slide into 2B working with ≥ to four umpires. If not for replay, I think this would've been a pretty big miss.
  15. Hence the more than necessary explanation and we agree.
  16. This play has a thrown ball out of play, a base award, a missed base, a retouch of the missed base, and a dead ball appeal of the missed base. Layers upon layers.
  17. Still photos can be tough for rule analysis...I found this one and thought I'd bring it to the group. Assuming all other requirements for FPSR are met...is there enough in this photo to justify a call of FPSR in an NFHS baseball game?
  18. Here's an embedded clip
  19. Since we're approaching the post season, I decided to revive this thread in an effort to review FPSR.
  20. 8-4-1a The batter-runner is out when: a. he intentionally interferes with the catcher's attempt to field the ball after a third strike I can't remember, is the rule still exactly as it reads or did the Fed give a "clearly hindered" clarification like OBR and NCAA? By rule...it's pretty clear that we still need intent. What says the group?
  21. That's actually a good idea.
  22. Here's a situation that could be easy for an umpire to miss. When the runner takes off for third, there is high potential for obstruction. It doesn't occur here...but these are the types of plays where it will occur. Fielder makes an error, turns spectator, runner keeps running.
  23. I tried to show a team how many rules I knew one time when I called a ball after the pitch was secured by the catcher and the batter swung to try to protect his runner that still got thrown out. That was dumb. Just signal a strike on the swing. Everybody in the stadium expects it to be a strike.
  24. But he does admit that he was inside.
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