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  1. blue32

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    Extremely protective and extremely hot.
  2. Currently, it looks a little like this...I keed, I keed.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/215811539543052/ Size 12 Magistrate's, never worn, forty dolla!
  4. Do what I did. Buy a gym bag with a shoulder strap from a thrift store for a buck or so and cut them off.
  5. Blue32,


    I can buy this mask from you. How would you like payment? PayPal works great! Brad 714-348-6232

  6. I will include the throat guard, extra harness, and the bag as well.
  7. **EDIT-I have found the original pads and harness, and btw I only wore those for 1 game. They are also the right color! I am asking $300 shipped, but am open to offers. I want to sell though, I'm not interested in any trades. This mask is in perfect condition. Thanks everyone!
  8. Give herman munster his boots back and get the V3's? Seriously, I always felt the V2's were and awful fit, but the V3's are very comfortable. I even dare to say I like them better than the magistrates.
  9. I have the V3 lows, and have been able to avoid this issue , but I have partners from time to time that do. I'm not sure if this helps, but I wear Under Armour tights, and I set the straps in my shin guards snug but not too tight, then I tape them so they don't loosen up while in use. When I put them on, I place them over the tongue of my shoes, but behind the metatarsal guard. They seem to stay in place, and don't put pressure on my metatarsal guard, shoving it down towards my toes, and tearing the threads that hold it in place.
  10. I would guess they are Oakley's with the Prizm lenses on Flak 2.0's. I have a pair of Radar EV's with the Prizm golf lense. Awesome product!
  11. Thanks fellers! It really is a great protector. I've had all of the usual suspects over the years, and none of them feel like the Power. "Cool Factor" aside, Riddell figured out the magic potion for the most comfortable, best fitting protector I've ever seen. It's a shame that it hasn't been made for so long. If the big gold W pulled their head out of their behinds, they should reproduce this exactly how it was made back when Riddell made it, but apparently they don't really care about the voice of the umpire, or don't realize that they can perhaps?. (Get ready for @MadMax to weigh in, in t-minus 10, 9, 8,....) Now that I put the W "batlight" in the sky!
  12. I have both. Smitty: “Scrunchy?” Material. Better for a rainy day. Adams: Much softer material. Good for a dryer, cooler game. Edit: I DO NOT like the cuffs on the sleeves though. I prefer plain elastic, these are straight sleeves with a rubber flange type thing that you can pull and Velcro to make it tighter. It just gets in the way and comes undone all the time. Hope this helps.
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