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  1. Pretty confident these are not F3’s. Patterns of the holes are not anything like the F3’s, and F3 also does not have hat extra knee cap like these do.
  2. @DerekGDS Hey Derek, just wanted to let you know, I had a partner this past Saturday that was wearing a black with grey panel shirt from you guys, and I was very impressed by the quality. Looks like you are doing great work!
  3. Love some of the blue shades, and the weathered metal.
  4. @DerekGDSI think it’s a great design. I agree with what people are saying: you can go from the field to the golf course or out to dinner in it if you had to. Much more understated and subtle than previous designs.
  5. I like the look of the latest MLB shirts. The contrast under the collar and in the button area are great. I think it would work very well if you were to use that template, but use some different graphics in those areas. (Camo, pink, stars & stripes, etc) The issue with some of those types of shirts that others are putting out is that it’s too much of those things, and they end up looking too gaudy. But just a splash in those 2 areas would be great, along with a more breathable and flexible material than what Smitty is using.
  6. Can’t wait to get mine back!
  7. Okay, I have worn this belt for 2 sevens and a nine. I can’t say if it does anything for my back because I don’t have any back issues. I will say that I really like the flex properties in it, without compromising the ability to hold 2 UL bags with a minimum of 4 balls in each. Tool a minute to get past it not being leather, but that didn’t take long at all. I feel great wearing it, and feel great coming off the field. The changes I would make would be to upgrade the buckle to look more like the Japanese buckle look, and add the sheath behind it like their regular baseball belts. overall I give it a Recommend rating. Thanks for the suggestion @Chris Hickman
  8. With all the 1099’s we are getting these days, I need the write off. Better to put it into gear than giving it to the IRS. 🤣
  9. I’ve got to hand it to you buddy, that looks pretty good!
  10. They have a couple items at pretty decent prices. The Wilson titanium frame is on sale for $179.99 and they have the black Wilson aluminum frame for $69.99. Both are frame only but great prices for both.
  11. @Thunderheads Lock it up!
  12. One is still in the package. The other was used one time. Selling the pair for $60, including shipping.
  13. Attaboy! You need to change your name now to "BigBaller" 💪
  14. We’ll, I would say it was the Nike Ti, but not so much anymore.
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