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  1. I just hope you guys change your underwear as often as you change your masks/pads or the combinations of such.... <said as a newbie, I will probably be in here next year with a different perspective>
  2. Would the bar closest to the eye on a black mask act like an athlete's under eye black stripe? As mentioned before, maybe the silver/gray reflects into the eye... IDK.
  3. Look into Teams. I have been on meetings with 200+ participants but i dont know the costs. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  4. No, i am looking at it from an umpires perspective. The umpire doesnt know how the players are coached and is only observing game play. And, the runner wouldnt be deviating, per se. He is supposed to just time the play as to when the F6 crosses his path - Acting notwithstanding. But i think you answered or confirmed what i was thinking. It comes down to the umpires judgement on whether it is nothing or obstruction. Thanks. Is there anything else it could be? Btw, the pickoff was successful one or two times. My thought of what the runner should do was never coached to the team. [emoji57]
  5. Ultematly its umpire judgement if it was an actual attempt or not, right? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  6. Understood. The part would be that the R2 is trying to steal third at that exact timing. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  7. Hey guys, sorry for bringing up a post 2 months old but i wanted to hear the thought process of an umpire in a similar situation and thought the existing content would be beneficial to understanding this. My sons 12yo travel team had a pickoff play to second with a few moving parts. It started with the F6 circling around R2 clockwise trying to set up the runner by blocking his vision as he crosses in front of R2. He would circle once per pitch. The F1 wouldnt be turning to look at 2nd but keeps his focus on F2. When the F2 thinks they have him, he drops his glove when R2s vision is blocke
  8. Hey guys, great insights here. Learning alot. But, why are the runners, say R1, and R2 awarded a base when, 'probably' the only reason the pitch hit R3 is because of R3's actions? Its not soakies, it isnt a batter standing there getting hit (which the batter is the only one awarded a base), its the runner putting theirselves in a position to possibly be hit. Why award other runners for that? Could it be that chances are the runner is in fair territory and the pitched ball becomes dead on contact and does not cross the foul lines - something akin to a balk? Ready to learn... Sent from m
  9. Thanks guys for the insight. There is an option for everyone. I guess if I was able to wear the tights spring, summer, and fall, and be able to wear them whether doing bases or the plate, there would be less dressing time before the games too.
  10. Hey Guys, Just starting out after my son has moved onto college ball and me wanting to stay in the game. Been lurking for a few years. Anyways, my first question is what are your preferred options for an under layer for shin guards? Just socks? Commando? Heat/cold gear? Full set of compression pants? Compression sleeves for calves? I have my first games on Sunday for 12U and may be able to get behind the plate. I am going with compression calves sleeves and socks. The very top strap of the SG will be commando but the other 3 straps will have an under layer. What would be yo
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