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  1. And if the stories are true, it will be the biggest grift of all time. Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  2. I guess we have it a few ways here. The larger schools usually have their own JV scedule that sometimes the opposite of the varsity. A @ B for varsity but B @ A for JV. Some play in complexes with two fields so V plays on one and JV plays on the other. But we do have some smaller schools play a JV game after the varsity. Most will tell us only 3, 4, or 5 innings max at regular game fees. Somehow these teams have to develop the underclassman and it is their way of doung so. Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Any review from someone who has had both knees scoped lately and are possibly looking for options to cushion the blow better? Asking for a friend...
  4. Probably should be in the slot more and up on the catcher so that you can see the whole plate.
  5. After reading these, I am reminded of the situation I had this past prep season. In the early round of the state playoffs, I had the visiting school's fans going ape crap over a few calls. The ring leader was the school district's superintendent. Yes, the one who should be showing the best sportsmanship and setting an example was the most vocal and most demonstrative over a few calls (BTW, his team did some stupid stuff but pulled out the win). In fact, he was so bad I asked a local police officer to go over there and have him warned that he needed to cool down. I mentioned to the PO who he was as well. (I had asked the HT Coach where their AD was and the coach was no help in finding them, thus asking the PO). The superintendent has pulled the 'do you know who I am?' routine before so I am sure he tried that one again. It calmed him/them down some, but, you could still hear the comments. If it continued at the same level, I would have thrown them out as they were that disgusting. I know the visiting coach and he is a very nice guy as my experiences with him came as he coached my son earlier (before I became an umpire). I don't think I am going to put him a position in telling his boss, the super, that he needs to calm down. But, in this situation, I was prepared to do the ejection if it came to it.
  6. Getting back to the OP, the pitcher barricuda stopped but he didn't, so Richvee called the balk while reppin the Navy Bluefin.
  7. Looks like everyone is chummy now.
  8. Hello, my name is BLWizzRanger and I use a Wilson CP. Lol. So first off, I'm not a gear hound. One set of everything and I feel protected. I will improve my gear when I need to. I read the threads about CPs but with no 'self' experience, i dont really ingest them. With that being said.... This past weekend, I took a 80+ mph fastball straight to the shoulder. You can see the battle scar the ball left. Fortunately, only sore afterwards and no broken bones, bruises, or loss of motion. I dont really know what I am asking, but, would I expect more or less protection from the other CPs out there? How much more? 5 percent? 20? How lucky did I get with the pitch only being in the 80s? I dont think the CP is compromised - just discolored. But is this something I should watch for? Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  9. One solution is to get Botox injections to stop sweating....
  10. Well, there is his second question on scoring it a triple and error or homerun. Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  11. Cant assume he would have been out on the throw to third. Missed tag, missed catch, swim move, ball jarred during slide....Give them the benefit of the Triple + error.
  12. As a Softball Dad, assuming scoring with kids playing, give them the Triple + error. In a beer league, that's a four base error. That should go over like a fart in church.... lol
  13. I would really love to let this thread die as it seems the comments now are implying we are the smart ones and you are f'n stupid. No, we are not f'n stupid, we have a lower risk aversion than others. And that is really what is comes down to - your own personal risk aversion. Some good points are in here from both sides but there is over a one in a million chance of being struck by lightning. Of course, the risk goes up if you see lightning. But let me point out to you what Erie Insurance says about Lightning Safety. This is one company who writes the checks, so to speak, so their risk avoidance would be higher or at least mathematically influenced to save their selves money. They use the terminology of "after you see lightning." They state you should start the clock when you see lightning. This isn't saying "when you hear thunder" take shelter. Anyways, this isn't meant to be a mic drop but showing another point of view from a company that has a financial risk if someone is struck by lightning. And, I think, the argument all along is when to start the clock. No one said NOT to leave the field if lightning is observed. Only argument is when to start that clock. Anyone deciding to wear their seat belts, take their umbrella, wear a bib, wear a helmet, not vaping or smoking a cigarette or taking shelter is all about their risk avoidance.
  14. I told this one before, but, I threw a 13U F4 out when he missed a tag on a steal. I announced the tag was missed on the safe signal. F4 walks past me and says 'Missed tag my ass!'. Five seconds later we were walking toward the dugout so I can explain why F4 was done. I heard the parents behind the fence say, "What? No warning?" Coach thanked me afterwards for proving him right. But, I have given warnings about language when the language was toward their selves. That usually knocks it off.
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