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  1. Now that the calendar has turned and I am starting to get the bug again, what would be the best bang for the buck to improve my gear? It goes without saying that I am happy with my gear and don't see any major adjustments or purchases. But, what would be most beneficial? A new CP harness? Mask Pads? winter gloves? Metal indicator? Thanks.
  2. Well, they could be trying to gain an advantage in an innocuous branding. The coach probably has coached up his players on how to use it if the mark is there on a consistent basis.
  3. BLWizzRanger

    Dropped bat

    Went on a thinking exercise with the above quotations and I answered my own question, I think. Focused on whether the bat was in hand or not - which isn't mentioned in the quotations. The ruling is the same if the batter throws the bat at a pitched ball and contacts it too. So whether the bat is in hand or not, on a pitched ball that touches the bat, the ball is live and can be fair or foul (or dead if it comes off the bat and hits the batter). I was trying to think of a continuation of the OP where the bat wasn't swung or thrown and all I could think of is at the younger ages where a panicked batter flat out drops the bat in the box and the pitched ball hits the bat. This was the same at throwing a bat at a pitched ball.
  4. I come late to this thread and not one of you asked what color the ball bags are? South Florida must use pastel colors, right? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  5. Unpopular opinion.... I dont like plate coats. To make this CP related, having your CP busting through the coat doesnt look good. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  6. The easiest scenario that I could see this happening is if the HP umpire is staring down a coach while standing in position behind the catcher. If he isn't placing his hand up to stop the play, him, the pitcher and catcher are all in place and that could signal to the pitcher to pitch.
  7. I just realized, after reading all of these messages, what an opportunity I had when I walked past the D1's equipment room before I did an intrasquad for them this fall. If only I had 10 foot arms to reach the 10 or so masks they had hanging there.... Being a newbie, I was surprised how light they were when I picked up the F2's mask to hand it back to them. My first thought was that it was no way going to protect them for being so light. I guess I am more a 2 ton vehicle type of guy needing to 'feel the weight' of protection. If I am so fortunate and able to do some intrasquads for them next year, I will let everyone know that.... well, I better shut up for now...
  8. This thread is getting as painful as this video... whoa-e whoa we goooo-eee-oooo
  9. Yeah, it was garbled so they either said 'Say no to Navy,' 'call more strikes,' or 'Wilson CPs are dense.'
  10. Every time I see POS the first thing I say to myself is Piece Of Shat. I have no knowledge if this is true for the CP, but still... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  11. I just went through my first year and I counted the following. Its not at the level of others here, but, I thought it was interesting. 56 - total games which includes 3 - Div 1 intrasquad games 2 - JUCO intrasquad games 2 - SemiPro games 15 or so games in two day tournaments and a few with various age groups from 8 yo to Varsity HS games - majority being JV and V games. 4 Ejections (2 Assistant Coaches, 2 players) 2 Pairs of pants 9 shirts 1 each of ball bags, masks, cups, tights, shin guards, chest protector 1 exterior jacket 2 hats 2 undershirts +1000 miles 1 missed call... ha! just wanted to see if anyone got this far....
  12. Would they be able to change the way they verbalize based on the guidance provided this late in the season? I would find it hard to change if I just got into my groove over 30 or 40 plate assignments and then I am told to verbalize more. You can't change a hammer to a gun overnight without having some muscle memory giving a mixed signal during the change period. IMHO. I guess it could be done but I assume this is the way their style was all season.
  13. I agree with this statement. I have come to the conclusion that in some instances, you have to keep moving to see what you need to see. This doesn't take away from hustling more, but, there are instances where I am a two or three steps from where I should be but I have stopped to follow the rule of still head/eyes make the best calls.
  14. Yeah, JC ball. Dirt, not clay. Home team had a decidedly fielding advantage. They should have named it Strawberry Field. Had two mini tornadoes during the games. On the bright side I learned how to clean my shoes again. First world problems. To paraphrase everyone, suck it up and get into 'C'. Got it.
  15. OK, start lambasting me. This was an all-dirt infield. Grass line in my mind for this situation/game was IF/OF line and not in-front of base-grass line. I don't know why you guys couldn't see that... lol... I was standing OF side of second on C side. Maybe that will help. So, after reading all of these again and using yall's perspective, stay in deep C, giving F6 room to make a play (can I say like the room given F3 when in A?). If a grass IF, stay in the grass. Maybe moving to the edge if F6 starts in front of the edge. I actually started in this general area for the first pitch or two but didn't feel comfortable there. I will have to get over that. Thanks guys.
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