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  1. Donny7, in the grand scheme of things, handle Maven's snarks as you would the voice from the stands, ignore and laugh at the silliness. Looked at it another way, its just the old grizzled coach testing ya on a nut cracker... Receive as well as you give...
  2. SECTION 24 OUT: FORCE-OUT, PUTOUT, STRIKEOUT, TAG OUT, THROW-OUT ART. 1 . . . A force-out is a putout during which a runner who is being forced to advance is tagged out, or is put out by a fielder who holds the ball while touching the base toward which the forced runner is advancing (9-1-1 for special case.) Who knew? Its says it right there. I can turn the light on now...
  3. Time. Time. Time. Got it. In my scenarios, since the force play was still on or available and the runner is positionally in front of the base they are being forced to, the third out ends the inning with no run scoring whether the fielder touches the base or tags the runner. Got it. The issue I was having was with the 'play on the runner,' the tag. As an umpire, he should see the bag wasn't touched and 'I' would think the force would still be on. The fielder could touch the base for the force for the out but the fielder chose to make a play, a tag, on the runner past the base. It i
  4. So they are finally having a new umpire orientation tomorrow. Right after is the monthly chapter meeting. Both are in person. I wanted to thank everyone for their knowledge they shared on this site. I hope that I don't start acting like Horseshack, sitting in the front row trying to answer every question Mr. Kotter asks because of what I have learned here. I would probably be seen like Cindy Brady being a teacher's pet. But maybe I can get a new nickname like wombat, badger, or bobcat. Otter and flounder would be cool too but they are probably taken already. No equipment is needed so
  5. A light went off on this after thinking about this. Maybe I an thinking about this too much. I understand the tag of the runner is not a force play in this scenario. And if I was the U2, I would not verbalize R1 missed the base and await for the play to end with the tag. Since the play on the runner finished the play, it was a timing play for R3 scoring and an appeal for the fourth out can be had. But, lets change this with the following two scenarios. Two outs, R3 and (a) R1 or (b) no R1. R3 breaks for home before the pitch and touches home plate before the third out is made. Th
  6. Looks like an End of March day in the Northeast... Game On! Do they sell snow shovels down there? Stay safe!
  7. Under the live and learn life lessons, I have a similar story that reinforced my rule that counting money as soon as you receive it is not a rude gesture. Long story short, an acquaintance shorted me on game fees that I didn't count as soon as it hit my hand. Racked this up to my fault for not doing due diligence. He tried again the next game by not showing up to watch his son so I went directly to his business to collect the game fee. He tried to 'catch up' on the next game but I didn't go for it. Turns out the next game was rained out. So the main morale of the story is that it isn'
  8. The coach for my son's 10yo Mustang team had an upper year player, who had no hits and no catches during the year, pitch to the final two batters in his last game ever. Struck them both out in three pitches apiece. I think it was the first and only time we saw him excited and smiling during a game.
  9. As I am learning here the do's and don'ts, the unwritten rules, proper protocol and such, take this as a novice question. If improper balls were presented at the home plate conference and a short duration of time was given to present the proper ones, how long is your's or your associations grace period for someone to present them? 10 mins? 30 mins? I know some would be an immediate suspension of the game, but if it is a trip to the AD's office at the school and it is a 40 min round trip on a good day, would you wait? I know I am nitpicking but some team just made an hour long trip to ge
  10. Crimany. I had 'B' all the way but now I have to worry about a 'possible conference' to determine if dusk is day or night? Come on man!
  11. The Olympic matches are intense (as I watched one night 3 AM in the morning). Just didn't put two and two together as a HS sport. You probably have Curling as a HS sport in Canada. Or maybe log rolling? lol
  12. CA has Badminton as a HS sport? Dont see that everyday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ using Tapatalk
  13. Has anyone used these on-line training sessions as their state's or association's mandatory classroom training? Just looking for options. My local chapter hasn't put out a schedule yet for one that is supposed to be done in Feb/Mar. Thanks.
  14. So who from UE was the model for this mannequin.
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