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  1. To the great points as to why carrying a cell phone on the field should be less discouraged, I started carrying mine, in my back pocket, after I received word the a family member passed and my family was trying to get a hold of me. Yep, it was more important to be elsewhere that day.
  2. https://www.wowktv.com/news/west-virginia/logan-county-wv/complaint-logan-county-man-pulls-knife-on-little-league-umpire-says-ill-gut-you-right-here/
  3. Only two of us has fessed up to know TS songs. My percentage is standing thus far... Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Actually, I just looked up the printed version of the 2023 NFHS rules, and Chapter 4, Chapter 4a, or Chapter 4b says no Taylor Swift songs is allowed to be played for walk-up songs or between innings interludes. But lets be honest here, 95% on us on here wouldnt know her songs if we heard them. Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  5. If you are talking about safety, I would expect the chances of an absent minded player walking into a swinging bat in that confined space would be greater than being hit by a foul ball on the on-deck circle. You know all fields are different. YMMV. You don't know how the on-deck circles are situated on my fields and the distance between them and the plate. Also, I don't have to worry about an absent minded player trying to run behind me when the pitcher is getting ready to throw the pitch because the player just has to be on that side. Heck, he can go stand by his coach down the line. Its roughly the same distance between the on-deck circles and the batter will have an active adult there to protect them. Sure, standing in the slot lessons the chance we will be hit on a foul ball that is hit straight back. But we are standing in the hot zone, say 0 to 20 degree angle from the batter, to be hit. So we can't use this straw man either to where we stand. The on-deck circle is in the 80 to 90 degree angle. I won't argue that behind the batter has a less chance of being hit, but, its not worth my time to wrangle the cats for that 1 - 2 % worse chance of not being hit. And really, I don't know how we compare to the games we have seen, but I have never seen it happen.
  6. Well, I mean, ahhh.... if we are ignoring the rule that the batter must be in the on-deck circle, then there is more than one way to fix this issue, right? They can stand behind the fence on their side. They can also venture closer to their base coach down the line where he can protect them, right? So, for the coach to argue that they must be in the back side on-deck circle when instructed not to do so, must be a hard-ass too, right? And its the total package right? How many times does one have to tell the first batter in the inning to stay on their side because the coach has told them to get to their hitting side? or to not encroach the catcher (be in the line of sight of the pitcher) when the pitcher is warming up? I have already given up on telling ten batters to go back into their dugout when they try to 'time the pitcher' when a new pitcher enters the game. Is that being a hard ass? And they go out there because when a new pitcher goes in, the coach signals the crew to go out there to time them up. So we aren't worried about ten absent minded players swinging a bat in a confined space but, we are worried about a physics of a baseball to actually go behind the batter's box or perpendicular to it and hit a player?
  7. I will have to say we played NFHS with modifications. One being no warnings on ejections. The TD backed me on every one, which was nice. I did hear a 'No warning?' on the player's tomahawk bat throw, come from the bench. Wait, the kid was warned about making comments to the other team, stares me down to where I send the catcher out to him to tell him to just pitch, and shows histrionic behaviors and they want a warning? OH! With this same team, remember they had the two coaches and player ejected, started arguing with me that a ball hit down the first base line was 'a foot and half out' while they were in the 3rd base dugout. My partner was no more than 5 feet from the ball when it HIT the line on the good side, I saw it from where I was, their F3 hollered at the F9 to hurry to get the ball, and they wanted to argue. After the one wouldn't shut up, I enforced the tourney rule that only 4 coaches could be in the dugout and kicked him out of there, as well as the sixth and seventh coach. Yes, seven coaches/parents in the dugout. He, of course, went to the TD to complain about me.
  8. Just curious, would this be an insult in Texas if true?
  9. Dawg, I did every single one of those because I learned them from you and everyone else on this site. And I agree with them and I thank everyone for helping me grow my experience and knowledge. I knew what I was in for and gave everyone the respect to start until they lost the privilege. Its still an eye opener when you experience something (again) instead of just reading about it. FWIW, I didn't say this before because I know everyone will say I am coo coo for coconuts, but my son was my partner. He plays college baseball but umpiring isn't a passion or hobby of his and he probably won't do another game this year (re: his pockets are empty, lol). But, I have taught him the basics so he knows A, B, and C, but, doesn't know all of the mechanics, so I cover for him. Anyways, I did all 13 plates because I couldn't justify putting him back there with a bigger target on his back. (We only had one mentally taxing game that went all six innings. The others were over in 2, 3, and 4 innings in those 13 games. The temperature was mid 60s also, so that wasn't too taxing either. Finally, all on turf.) I only recall one bad inning calling balls and strikes in the last three games. I am sure I missed others but the one inning cost the umpires another short game. My son did good. I only remember one or two missed calls that were blatant. However, seeing what I handled didn't help with his eagerness to get back out there. Why would it? Anyways, I am off of the ledge for now. A small break before legion and college summer ball start up. Looking forward to that. Thanks.
  10. So I am sitting here on this beautiful Monday morning trying to start my work day and I can't get started unless I vent a few minutes. We have all heard of this before. There is nothing new here. I just need a few minutes to mature and not allow this to bother me as much. I know these were justified. But, I am maturing to IDGAF anymore if these wannabees can't take disagreement and listen to the rules. I am still relatively new to this umpiring world, but, I do know that I value my experience and knowledge over any dang blanget daddy-ball coach and most pay-to-play travel ball teams. While I don't have my resume and test scores placed in my back pocket, I do feel like at times bringing it out just to say STFU to them. I study the NHFS and NCAA rule books, I watch the videos and take the tests from each organization.I have high scores and the experience. I know they don't. I might get somethings wrong, but, its on things the coaches don't know about anyways so I just kick myself in the ass quietly to get it right the next time. Anyways, 11 and 12 aged tournament. 13 games over two days. (I admit, too many for me.) A total of 3 coach ejections and 1 player ejection. And they were tossed because they were way too disrespectful directly to me. Mind you, these weren't one time happenings. They had their leash and used it to hang their selves. From ONE team, two coaches and one player. The player was easy as he was given a warning for telling the batter to get back into the box and ejected for tomahawking a bat into a fence. He also tried to stare me down while he was pitching, twice. lol. One coach was tossed on Saturday and one on Sunday. The HC was tossed for telling me I was terrible for enforcing FPSR. The other was was given way too much rope because, in the two games I had his team, he/they hollered and made comments about my partner and I didn't call a balk because the LHP moved his shoulder while throwing over to first base, or, that the same pitcher's knee crossed his other knee while throwing over to first. (They also couldn't understand why a two man crew couldn't pick up on these. All that we were told was to get better.) Or that it was a safety VIOLATION that I didn't allow the on-deck batters to go behind the player at bat. ( I told them that if they didn't feel safe, have the on-deck batter swing outside the fence. ) Or that since the catcher was still getting dressed between innings, I should allow his pitcher to have as many warmup pitches he wanted until the catcher came out. (I didn't say anything about his catcher (who must have had a sandwich while getting dressed, but I digress) ). After his catcher came out, the coach made it clear he wanted to leave so I made it happen. He goes into the dugout and throws his glove down and starts saying to the other teams FBC 'how do they put up with this SH*#?' Its funny that they want the technical balk called when the pitcher moves their shoulder while looking over it while in the set position, but, they don't want the technical FPSR called when their player could have their face split open with a thrown ball. The sad thing, to me at least, is that I know that they were defeated in the second game when they saw me and my partner walking to the field. I know that I was MF'ed by the team's coaches to their players. The whole teams energy was not there at all. They lost 15 - 0 in 2 innings because they couldn't make a play nor could they hit. Finally, the last HC was ejected because he ranted and raved over an FPSR call where his player kicked the legs out from under the F4. We are talking about a good old tornado on the field with his path and fury. I also had an argument from another team that by not giving their catcher time when they step out to give signals in front of home plate was a major violation to what they teach. 'All levels of play give time to the catcher to do that.' and 'Dude, you have got to figure it out' is what I just turned away from. lol The best thing I did do was, while my partner and I were in the home plate shack awaiting the next game, I explained to my partner what each of the rulings were while the HCs and a team parent were in the shack looking down and texting, but, listening to every word I was saying. Anyways, I am done. If you got this far, you need to find something better to do.
  11. You sure about that? With the videos going around, there is no respect anywhere anymore.
  12. Just a final update on the appeal. The appeal was denied and the coach served all three games. He missed the entire, other than the first three innings, round of playoffs for playing stupid games.
  13. Hey hey hey hey hey hey.... Ulf was a saint. I don't need to argue his saintlyness. He just is as long as he was on my team.
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    Base umpire

    This feels like an Italian IP with better grammer. Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  15. I am waiting in anticipation for any responses here as I think it will be beneficial to me as well. Thanks for asking the question. However, I wanted to commend you on your excellent use of blue text. Very nice.
  16. Update on the appeal. In today's print, I caught a glimpse of a picture where the 3BC was the substitute for the HC. So maybe they got one game, at the least? Not official but an observation.
  17. I mean, that is a fine line in making it a travesty, right? Stream of consciousness below... What could have happened, if they didn't learn and wanted to push it, was me calling it for the first four pitches and the BR would be awarded first. The pitcher would have gone from the set at that point and it would have taken a little bit of effort to get a runner to third. At that time, the pitcher might have gone from the windup and we would have a balk - R3 scores and others, if any, move up. And it would continue.... More likely was that after the first call in the inning, they would adjust and we wouldn't see it anymore in the inning. Maybe the pitcher would forget and do it, but given the benefit of doubt, it would stop for that inning. Next inning could be the same - first time call it and, maybe, we wouldn't see it again. Next inning.... The latter seems to be the best way in my mind. And, in the first inning, this was what happened. The second inning I let it go and they thought it was over with. The third inning I called it and the SH*# hit the fan. So self reflecting, I was part of the problem. But also, them not adjusting to what was being called was just as large of a problem. I wish I did this before the game. lol.
  18. Yes, I agree. My issue to overcome.
  19. It is supposed to be called in my board. Yes, the NCAA and OBR is what they try to point to, even asking how does Cortez (Yankees) is allowed to. But, he keeps moving. I havent seen it in the NCAA this year, TBH. The pros tighten it up and I haven't seen it there either. The unevenness of enforcement is frustrating, but, if the umpire tells them not to do something during the game that is backed in the rule book, and told 4 times not to do it, why is there an argument? Sent from my SM-F721U1 using Tapatalk
  20. I got to fill another square on my Umpire Bingo Card last night. I didn't ever think I would get one of these, but alas, I did. I ejected the HTHC due to him referencing the rule book and my willingness to read it during the game. Never, never, never thought I would get one of those. Backstory is that I had had this team for a previous game during the season and called two illegal pitches on his pitcher. I had a discussion twice with the HTHC and while he didn't do anything eject-able at that time, he whined and argued that it was allowed. Two times. The pitcher would come to a full stop during the windup. Imagine taking a step to the side with his non-pivot foot and keeping it there for a beat or two before for continuing with his delivery. Not continuous motion and not without interruption. Well, I had this team for the first round of the playoffs. I am U1. First inning, maybe first pitch, but definitely first batter, I called it. The HTHC comes out and it is the same argument, slightly more agitated due to the playoffs, I assume. I let it go. Second inning I could have called it again a few times, but didn't because I was thinking too much about it and the impact it would have on the game. Third inning, the second pitch, the pitcher did it, I called the illegal pitch. Mind you, its an illegal pitch not a balk. I think I am doing the responsible thing because if there is a guy on third, its a balk and a run scores. He comes out again and I should have stopped him there by not allowing him to come out. But I didn't (next time, I have that in my toolbox). As a courtesy, I try to explain it to him the he knows by rule that isn't allowed. He cut me off and said, Yes he had a rule book, yes, its in the dugout, and yes, we should go read it. After learning he wasn't needed anymore, he did all of the things you would expect from saying 'I got ejected for that' to taking a seat in the dugout, to calling my assignor walking down the foul line on the field, to finally leaving and taking a position withing arm lengths of the field but in the outfield (I saw him but couldn't hear him. Didn't think I should stir it up anymore by removing him further). He had a discussion about the rule with me FOUR times and still was surprised I called it. So guess what? The true axiom of notorious coaches was discovered again. He was a pain all season, no one ejected him during the season, he was surprised such little action caused him to be ejected. Did I mention FOUR times yet? Its a three game suspension during the playoffs (double elimination) although the school appealed it. I was asked for input with the appeal and I told them if I was a stickler to the rules for what I called, then I have to be one for the three game suspension by-laws. I consented that he needed something but if we are talking playoffs, an one game suspension would suffice. And his team won by the ten run rule. Live and learn.
  21. How many shirts can you hang in the back of the EV?
  22. So I had this one this past week. Imagine the F3 taking a throw from F6. The F3 has to pick the ball, but, doesn't get it clean and the ball rolls through his legs toward home plate. He tries reaching for it but takes one or two steps backwards looking for it and then turns and finds it and picks the ball up while off of the bag. He is straddling the base line at that point roughly 4 feet from the bag. The runner slows up because he sees the F3 fumbling with the ball and doesn't try to avoid him other than slowing down. I didn't call it obstruction though I thought it was after playing it through my mind. It was just one of those plays. Ultimately, getting to brass tax, F3 hindered the BR, making the BR slow down due to the F3 being in the base path without the ball. It was a middle school game and I got an out, so I didn't worry too much about it.
  23. BLWizzRanger


    does saying it must be almost immediate help? Otherwise, one is watching too long for it to be a coincidence?
  24. OH! the anticipation on a good hidden ball trick.... too bad when the pitcher ruins it. Had one last year that I was almost giddy watching the pitcher take the one step on the mound to get one. My timing was superb, it I do say so myself.
  25. *In the act of coming set* - imagine the pitcher bringing his hands together above his head and then bringing them down to his waist. Around his breast, he jump turns and throws to a base. It does say "during these preliminary motions and during the set position until a delivery motion occurs, the pitcher may turn..." If that act is a preliminary motion, I am fine with it, but I was getting that a 'continuous motion' in completing the set position would mean the hands would have been in the paused before throwing or disengaging.
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