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  1. What does Douglas charge to recondition a chest protector? Like add the gap protection & new padding?
  2. Thanks for the answers
  3. I have 3 year old team wendys pads in black. They probably have about 6 months of use ( I was not a fan & switched to Memory foam pads) Are they safe to sell or are they too old ?
  4. mw94

    MiLB Shake UP

    Well sort of , Fay Vincent was fired & replaced by another owner (Bud Selig)
  5. mw94

    Late Season EJ

    Thats what is so bad about travel ball. No real league oversight . Thats why the behavior is so crappy. I have gotten to the point i will not work the last day of any travel ball tourney, only the opening rounds. the absurd behavior to win a 2 cent crap trophy is amazing
  6. I know how to change the computer strike zone to the expected zone on the lower half of the zone . The new definition of the bottom of the strike zone" shall be the hollow of both knees of the batter" so a pitch that catches the hollow of the front knee but on the ground by the back knee would be called a ball.
  7. Good Evening I got asked to do a favor and work a Little League District game Majors . When at bat the one team would holler and root for their batter very loudly from the dugout . They did not make any negative or personal comments toward the pitcher. Just lots of typical" hit that ball hard " drive it out and other loud encouragements or chant the name of the batter. The Defensive coach says that this is not allowed and they have to quiet down during the pitch????? In the green book the only rule i can find is 4.06b ? Is that really a proper interpretation of the rule? I think its stupid ? This isn't golf .
  8. this is cluster F*#K waiting to happen!
  9. mw94


    The CC in AZ. Have the same language and code of conduct rule.
  10. ump: he must legally disengage the rubber. WRONG. Pitcher does Not have to step off on an appeal play
  11. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B21PSM2020B/Smitty-Mid-Umpire-Plate-Shoe.html?cid=25
  12. Who actually making these? and $90.00 is pretty steep for an amateur level umpire . I will stick to my Smittys poly spandex for now. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B08PTMLB001PL/MLB-Pro-Style-Plate-Umpire-Pants.html
  13. https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/umpires-ejections-and-player-ethnicity-an-analysis/
  14. mw94

    Invalid appeal question

    And it was the wrong call
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