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  1. Selling one of my Nike’s. $325 Includes frame and original Nike Harness
  2. I appreciate the offer. At the moment I’m still trying to trade. I’ll update the listing if I decide to sell it.
  3. Well that’s a Frankenstein if I’ve ever seen one. Sweet rig
  4. I’ve got a buddy trying a ChamPower. Be sure to post it if you get it worked out!
  5. Dang that’s wild. Do you remember where you saw it?
  6. We’ve got a thread for cool masks, but not for CP. Post away with your customized, rare, or just favorite CP that you wear, as well as what was done to it
  7. I believe they only came in one size for the platinum models. I’m away from my gear and can’t measure right now
  8. I have at TW retrofit Platinum in great condition that I want to trade for a TW Gold. (Harness not included)
  9. Can you post a closer picture of the triangle piece on the side?
  10. I’ll take the new balance base shoes!
  11. I’ve been working on something. I’ll update soon when the final product is done.
  12. I’m looking for a Mizuno 121. I can pay cash or we can figure out a trade
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