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  1. How do you wash them? Just throw them in your your clothes?
  2. I'm not a huge fan of that even, but that's a lot different from asking a coach outright if they want you to appeal to your partner. To each there own though.
  3. Gotta love "good" baserunning! Two things, I wouldn't go to my partner on this unless I thought I'd missed something. Sounds like you were pretty sure, stick with your call. Second, NEVER ask a coach if they want you to appeal. It will never end up well. If they claim something happened that you didn't see and can't rule out as a possibility, AND you think your partner may have been in a position to see it, that's when you ask them what they have.
  4. I thought you weren't supposed to leave TSMs in for plate at the plate, just HSMs. Am I wrong in that?
  5. If I'm getting out of my stance quicker than the catcher, I'll do kinda a "scissor" or side step, starting with the right foot while gaining some ground towards the mound, and turning my body to first. Your first step has to be a little more exaggerated with a lefty batter, with your right foot a couple inches in front of your left foot. This gets you inside the foul line and catcher, and turned so you can run up the line. Not sure if that makes any sense
  6. It's working again. Thanks UIC!
  7. This happening to me on my phone (Moto G6), but not on my laptop. Chrome on both.
  8. Cool! Let me know how Delby does!
  9. The coach is right. As long as it's not a batted ball, and it's not intentional, it's nothing. Play on. Edit: this is correct for FED, sometimes for OBR see @maven's reaponse
  10. "Okay, fine, he caught the foul ball for the third out"
  11. How many crews do they have for the ALWS? Just found out yesterday that the best umpire I've had work my games, and the best umpire I've worked with is umpiring the ALWS.
  12. Biscuit


    I picked up the F3's to put me over the free shipping mark on UA, and they've been fantastic. Only complaint (other Ethan the price) is that they could be a little longer. If you want knee length, these aren't the socks for you, but they've held up fantastic (probably 150 games, plus one season of basketball). I've meant to ask what people use for awhile, because I just don't have enough pairs of socks for umpiring. I'll be interested to see other responses to this thread!
  13. I've never actually umpired on a turf field, but as a player, I find it way less comfortable. First, because of the heat, second, because it won't conform to you. Now, that's not ALL bad. The other catcher can't dig to china in the catchers box which is nice, for both me and the umpire. Also, blocking on turf sucks...
  14. It took me a couple games before I wasn't stumbling through Ilegs. Just go over it a couple times, in the mirror, or just in your head, as if you were running a meeting. I always got through the acronym as I'm walking to the field. That seems to be the biggest thing.
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