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  1. Biscuit

    Stealing home

    Nope, at least in OBR, if R3 is stealing and you have CI, you get the balk added. @Senor Azul has the citation as always
  2. Biscuit

    Stealing home

    R3 was stealing (best I can tell from OP), so we're going to have to enforce the penalty for CI with a runner attempting to score. We kill the play the instant we have CI, send the batter to first, and score R3*. *Assuming we have only R3. Otherwise, all other runners would advance due to the batter becoming a runner, them stealing, or, in the case of R2 R3, R2 not stealing, the additional penalty of a balk.
  3. I'm at school now, and yes, it's been changed in OBR. The 2021 rule book/course manual we have reflects the change, and we covered it in class. So to summarize, OBR and NCAA, sharp and direct to any part of the catcher, and is legally caught (by the catcher). NFHS, sharp and direct to the glove or hand, and is legally caught.
  4. 2 days into instruction, it's going well! Pretty tired by the end of the days, but having a great time.
  5. In conjunction. They do it every year. It's also only 4 weeks now. A couple years back, MiLB told them they had to cut a week.
  6. What part of the country are you in? The Mid American umpire clinic in springfield MO happens every year in September(?), and is worth the investment if it's a reasonable distance.
  7. Semi related, anyone from UE headed to school this year? Last minute I decided to go for it, so I'll be leaving in a week!
  8. This makes me giddy. I read that answer on Quora by the great Murphy Barret a week ago or so. To see the two "forums" I frequent crossing over is real fun. And yes, Max's answers on Quora are just as good as his advice here on UE.
  9. Oh dear... I think I know what happened. Lessons in the new software!
  10. Just watched the NCAA clinic yesterday, and they talked about this. After you take care or ejections and informing coaches, issue those warnings. The more often you cane fit in official warnings, the easier it is to defend yourself, and, perhaps more importantly, the easier it is for your coordinator/assignor to defend you. Yes, this is from NCAA training/protocol, but it's just as applicable.
  11. Well, my birth year started with a 2... And the last digit wasn't even a 0...
  12. I really just don't see this being as hard as we're making it. Fighting and Malicious Contact are two (in my mind) very distinct things. Yes, fighting is going to be a malicious action. Of course. But we'd be stupid to think that the rules want us to cover a situation with one rule... Where there is another rule specifically in place to cover it. If they are fighting, apply the fighting penalty. If it's any other type of malicious contact, apply the malicious contact penalty. We sometimes create problems with the rules, when there really isn't a reason. That being said, I think the malici
  13. I don't know exactly what your goals are, but pro school is hardly a prerequisite to work college ball. I'll be working my first NCAA games next year, and I am still a few years from when I plan on going to school. If you work hard, read everything you can about umpiring, attend clinics, and, I believe this to be the most important part, network, you can get into college ball. Networking has been super important to me, not only because I have met those people who can give me opportunities, but also because I have found people I can ask questions from, and know that the answers I get back are c
  14. The longer answer is still yes, but it's getting harder and harder to get hired without pro ball experience, specifically at the AA/AAA level. There aren't many power 5 openings a year, and, as JSam said, they're looking for the best umpires available. There are always gonna be a few guys getting released from/quitting pro ball, and they've just spent 4-10 years working over 100 games a year with the best players, umpires, and standards. They've been 100% focused on umpiring in that time, without a primary job interfering. So, you either have to be better than some of those guys leaving pro ba
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