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  1. Biscuit


    A play is a legitimate attempt to retire a runner, so I would say yes, using the rule book type of play, he does. He may not have a play by the colloquial definition though.
  2. I disagree. We absolutely get to do stuff coaches can't, we just need to be careful about doing so. With the exception of an out if control, steaming umpire, would it ever be okay for a coach to physically prohibit an umpires movement? No. Might it be acceptable in reverse? Some times.
  3. My brother still hasn't seen Pablo Sandoval catch the pop fly from 2014... It still stings a little, even with the ring in '15 (The ring on MaHomes' finger is nothing but sweetness though )
  4. Huh, I just learned something. I thought it would count as a foreign object, thereby establishing the status of the ball.
  5. Depends. If the bat was thrown and the momentum of the bat causes it to hit the ball, that would be interference and the batter runner would be called out. If the bat had stopped or was rolling away from the ball when contact occured, it's nothing, play on. The key is, sis the bat hit the ball, or did the ball hit the bat?
  6. Missouri allows black, but I think Navy is still the play off color.
  7. I will note that no where does it say that there will be NO new MiLB jobs (though with the contraction of MiLB, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case), just that the Advanced course won't be held, so no one will be hired from there. If they have spots that need filled, they could reach out to guys who made it last year that weren't hired, or something of that sort.
  8. I'm somewhere between 120 and 150. The gun went off June 1, and I was slammed all of June and July. Haven't had much of anything this month, but that'll change here soon.
  9. Biscuit

    3 batter rule

    I am no where near certain on this, but I believe the visit should be disallowed. Tell the manager to stop, and that he can't make a visit. After that, your only recourse is to eject.
  10. Biscuit

    Orioles balk

    To me, it looks like he feinted, then realized, oh crap, this is stupid, and tried to save it with a throw (pitch) home. I have a feint to first, then a pitch. I must admit, I'm not 100% sure that's a supportable call. The question is, can you have both a feint and a pitch? Important to note, the step to first alone does not mean he cannot pitch. Taking in the whole thing though, I think it's obvious that the step was NOT for the purpose of pitching.
  11. I'm 99% sure your problem isn't tracking the ball off the bat. Your problem is tracking the ball to the glove. If you are actually tracking the ball I mean REALLY tracking the ball, this won't be an issue. It's possible to think you're tracking the ball when you're actually losing it just before it gets to the plate. Now, there's another thing that could be going on: this is just a call that gets missed by the plate umpire sometimes. When you won't have multiple umpires... Stuff happens. What you can do is slow down and read the reaction of the players. If everyone is not reacting, and the batter is hopping around in pain, it probably hit him.
  12. Just commenting too say, ooooooooh. SSK shoes! Saw a pair a couple weeks back and thought hey looked cool.
  13. You're killing it before giving that's nothing? Wouldn't it be better to give that's nothing, wait a second Jr two to make sure no play will continue, then kill it?
  14. She's a beut... I can't buy at that price, but if it drops I could be interested.
  15. Relax. What I'm about to say is gonna be controversial. Don't worry so much about keeping your head still. Your focus should be on watching the ball, not how much your head (doesn't) move. Another controversial statement, don't worry about timing. If you're tracking is good, your timing will be good. Now I need the qualify these statements. Both are based on the assumption of a few fundamentals being down. First, you must have a good stance and set up. You should be able to see the entire strike zone with both eyes without moving your head. This may mean you aren't square to the pitcher that's fine. If the ball is in the strike zone, you won't move your head, and you'll track with your eyes only. If the ball is way out of the zone, your head may move a little as you try to track the ball all the way. A great test of if you're actually tracking the ball is what happens when the ball is hit. Your head should move with the ba as it comes off the bat. If you watch MLB guys, their head will automatically move with the ball. This is a result of good tracking. Second, you have to understand when you should be making a decision. Good tracking means you follow the ball all the way, which then allows you to make a decision. You could have the best tracking in the world, but if you make your decision too early, it doesn't matter. This is where relaxing comes in. Set up correctly, watch it all the way in, make a decision. Boom, you'll never miss a call again* *I cannot be held liable for any missed calls you till make.
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