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  1. For the record, we never covered this situation at pro school this year.
  2. For the record (it's been mentioned a few times and noumpere explained it pretty well), the voluntary strike mechanic is approved and expected in MiLB. It is rare outside did that though, and should only be used if pre gamed.
  3. I really doubt that OBR (or NCAA) treats it as BI, and I don't think FED should either. I think it would be just bog standard INT. Same as a batter stepping towards first after ball 4 not being guilty of INT, unless it was intentional, on a throw to 3rd or back pick to 2nd etc.
  4. Yep, one shot. If you hit submit, you can't go back and change answers, even if the due date hasn't come yet. We get a packet in January with rulebook's, preseason guide, dates and times for meetings, and the 100 question test. A month or two later, the test opens, and you are randomly given 50 questions. About a month after that, it closes and you get your results.
  5. There were a number of questions that just made no sense this year, and some that didn't ha e the potential answers in the written test. Didn't care enough to dive into the rule book when I got those questions when taking it. Last year got 100%. This year got 92. In Kansas, you can only take it once, and then the day(ish) that the seasons starts they release your scores. 90% qualifies you for post season. They do let you review the ones you got wrong.
  6. D'oh, meant two strikes, not outs. That's a really dumb mistake on my part.
  7. Assuming that F3 was the protected fielder, that's type one obstruction (BR obstructed before first base), and assuming the ball was fair, BR to first, R3 stays at third. However, if the ball was foul AND dropped, BR comes back to bat with a strike added to the count (unless there were already 2 out)
  8. I will throw in that there are places that legitimately pay travel. I have a buddy who's association pays a fixed rate per mile driven.
  9. Personally, I don't think I would accept a (known) one man JV game for 2 game fees. Doesn't pay enough to make that headache worth it.
  10. I actually thought about this, and considered commenting on it. Even in this case, we don't aren't calling foul. If the ball falls, we raise our hands, call foul, and then point again.
  11. Fair enough, but I'd say that the pointing foul should be relegated to just those occasions. Even then, there is the verbal disambiguation, though that doesn't work if you have a loud environment so the point still probably is necessary.
  12. I'm of the opinion that we should entirely get rid of pointing foul balls. On a close fair/foul (the type that needs an umpire), you never see JUST a point to call it foul. The only time you see a ball pointed foul with out the raised hands first I'd when it's obvious to everyone, or the umpire has just killed the ball by raising their hands. It's always superfluous.
  13. I don't know, I see this as pretty solidly in the HTBT camp. I really don't think it's as black and white as accidentally pointing it foul always or never results in a foul ball. If I have a fielder pull up and not get to the ball resulting in a triple, I'm probably kicking myself all the way back to the plate, where I'm going to have an irate batter who just got robbed of a double. If the fielder nor batter runner immediately react, I'm probably triple pumping my corrected fair mechanic and living with the verbal assault that is about to come my way. Matt, I'm interested in your comment
  14. Crews haven't been assigned yet. That would be amazing though!
  15. I've got a buddy who drive 5 hours one way for a single game, and drove back the same day. Did it as a favor for the assignor. I do think he's crazy. Personally, my aspirations go much farther than HS, not that there's anything wrong with HS ball or umpires who stay there. Ideally, I will be in pro ball in 2024, and then make it all the way. If not, I plan to work my way up to the highest levels of DI ball. The quickest way to do that is to work your butt off, drive long(ish) distances, and do assignor's favors. The assignor that's next up on the food chain will often say that guys
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