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  1. Senior in high school myself. Losing this season (both playing, and the fact that it would've been my first baseball season working school ball) was/is crushing. It really, really sucks. Especially since I'm not good enough to play anywhere else, so this is pretty much the end of my playing career.
  2. When you're semi pro, your videos are good ery tyne.
  3. Way to put my poor reading comprehension on blast @Mudisfun What thread was that?
  4. Biscuit


    Yes, but even then, the difference between being set and not gives different requirements for a balk.
  5. Biscuit

    Balk or NO Balk

    I've never seen someone drive back a runner without at least hoping they could catch the guy napping. Yes they understand they won't get him 99% of the time on that throw, but they still are trying to get him out, so I'd rule it a play.
  6. Man Jax, you've really been digging up old posts recently. I respect you a ton (even though you don't know me), but maybe look at the last post date
  7. Biscuit

    Balk or NO Balk

    The no tag is just an indicator that the F3 may have been too far. Kinda like how when a catcher pulls a pitch he's telling us the pitch was probably too far to be a strike. If the F3 doesn't try to make a tag he is telling you he doesn't have a play. That may be because the runner was back easy, or it may be because he was too far to make a play. Have to use context.
  8. Biscuit

    3 Batter Minimum

    And the professional level for that matter.
  9. Gil just posted that Ramon DeJesus got hired full time. I hadn't heard that Kellogg retired either...
  10. Biscuit

    Making a call

    I'm not sure I understand the question... In the case of contradicting call and signal, the umpire will almost always immediately correct themselves. If they don't, the runner should stay on the bag until it becomes clear what the call actually was.
  11. That's where the assignor assigns. And when I say the assignor, I mean THE assignor for the area. He has 40 high schools (most of the big ones in the metro) and all their middle schools, plus a crap ton of other games if I want to add. Most of the best high schools in the metro are his, and all of the closest schools to me. I don't really have any reason to pay the extra money to get registered in Missouri right now. If I were to want to get registered in both, I would register in Missouri and then pay the reprocity fee to KS. But, I don't need both, and KS is cheaper to boot.
  12. Was this said at a rules meeting? I haven't made it to one yet (there's one more in my area), but that's consistent with what my assignor said.
  13. I live in Missouri, am registered in Kansas, can't get reciprocity in Missouri, bit I could get reciprocity in Kansas if I was registered in Missouri. Yeah, reciprocity is weird.
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