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  1. Yeah, not a voluntary release or opening the glove for a transfer. That was the equivalent of celebrating on the five yard line and getting the ball stripped for a fumble.
  2. This is just a personal opinion I have stated before … I don’t like the “What did you say?” interaction from an umpire. We should not escalate. My two issues are: 1.) Why are we baiting them into repeating it? 2.) It is very accusatory/stand-offish, IMO. I wouldn’t have asked, I would have just dropped him. Sadly, it feels as if the phone on the field has become a near necessity at youth tournaments where site administration is bouncing around locations.
  3. Ehhh … I’m questioning statistics that appear questionable and do not provide their source data (unless you want to pay for it). That site points to statista.com which does not openly provide its source data. They do say that was August 2023 data. I’ve been to Busch Stadium a number of times in the last several years … I haven’t ever seen a beer for $5.25. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.
  4. Yes/no, the runner still gets a lead, albeit after the pitch is released. F3 is bouncing back behind them for a back pick from F2. F3 can step into foul territory at that point. Rarely (but not never) have I seen F3 start on the bag.
  5. Yesterday: kid hits a double, raises his hands, I start to call time. He goes into the latest iteration of the jitterbug and handjive to celebrate his non-RBI hit with one out. I turn to home plate and throw the game back to my partner who puts us back in play. After the first pitch, his coach is yelling at me for time to get the kid’s armor. “Coach, I gave him time. He used it to dance. Take care of business first, Tik Tok dance second. We’re playing.” They took that surprisingly well.
  6. I'd say it is a matter of what works for you and a product of what the situation needs. I am working to use "discreet" more often rather than a tactic that leads to escalation. A coach is not going to say "You were right" because you bark louder. You have to ask what is the goal of your interaction: are you just wanting him to shut up, or are you wanting him to get him to "enlightenment" (e.g., what the rule actually is, how his actions are detrimental). The reality is: a warning barked or yelled from the plate to the dugout is an aggressive act. Sometimes that is indeed what is needed, sometimes not so much. If you are just wanting to be the man in control, bark away. If you are trying to keep your game on track, I would consider the approach. I would rather assert my expertise than my dominance.
  7. I always thought LL's mandatory play at those levels was more about not bringing 10 extra kids along or adding somebody's little brother so they could get a trophy, too. Your brought 'em, you need to play 'em. I agree ... however, if my kid was #13 or 14 on the depth chart without mandatory play, I would have to think long and hard about committing the resources to going on that trip.
  8. Not knowing the rest of the game atmosphere, I'll say probably the right call if that was it. However I would have been itching to dump him on that one.
  9. No, it is not. Last one was 2020 before NFHS decided to go all proprietary. It is still the one I use for quick searches (and then compare to the current paper one for updates). I had no issue paying for the Kindle access. I don't know which was a bigger mistake . . . taking them off of other platforms OR renting them to people. Yes, renting. You didn't buy it when you paid them for it on their terrible app, you rented it for the same price. I refuse to give NFHS any money through that awful system.
  10. 3rd time = HBP 4th time earns one more letter and allows four-letter words. 🤬 😉 I think it is absolutely reasonable to allow it and then give a little reminder, "I get it, but . . . " Those rules are intended to curb misbehavior. Reacting to pain and frustration (not anger) is not misbehavior.
  11. Are you trying to say my man-boobs are why I like my Cobalt? 😋
  12. I've posted it before, but our state gives us a rule book and a case book every other year. Some of the clinicians receive a digital file with those and will have them bound together in a full size book, but then ask you for $20 for it anyway. I've bought it a few times because it is nice to have the rule and case play pages together and in bigger format. (Insert blind umpire joke here)
  13. . . . and exactly why should I have to send NFHS another $10 for information they want me to use to work games their way? Let's think about the logic here . . .
  14. That was going to be my suggestion. I forget who it was, but somebody on here took an old shirt and had their tailor cover a pair of mask pads for a nice set of blue ones. I don't know about the durability, but I wouldn't think it would be terribly expensive because it is a small job.
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