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  1. I don’t know LL rules ... but that’s just goofy.
  2. Thank you @Umpire in Chief! I am very interested in seeing NASO’s “findings” because I think their questions and answers left a lot to desired in painting an accurate picture. It’s also good to see others making similar comments. For example, #4 lacks an adequate answer for me to respond. What will make me feel better? Seeing a change in the behavior of people and actual enforcement of the rules being handed down. And ABSOLUTELY NO to umpires having any added responsibility or duties. I already disagree with equipment checks (non-NFHS softball and middle school NFHS in Illinois). No way am I accepting any further liability in saying it is safe to play — that is a decision for public health and medical professionals, not me. It would be interesting to see the results broken down by states, so you could compare the “hot spots” to the findings.
  3. I’m a little older ... this guy was the ultimate bass stealer in my day.
  4. Whoops ... yes! Both lay out the two bases, but 8-3-3(c) doesn’t specify from where. Kind of weird since (f) seems to be the only part of 8-3-3 that does specify, with the rest of it taken up in 8-3-5. More clunky rulebook writing, or am I missing something? Thank you @Jimurray!
  5. I like the look and style @MadMax. Where did you order it from? Nobody going for the powder blue look?
  6. Trophy from me @HokieUmp I'm sure many of you have received the NASO survey by now. (For the record, I felt their answer selections sucked and did not encompass many factors.) The question was directly asked on another forum I frequent" as an umpire, are you staying away, why, and what would it take to get you back? I'm mid-40s. Overweight, but otherwise relatively healthy. My wife is now working on a COVID-19 floor. My youngest child has an autoimmune disorder. That said, I have a healthy but rational (IMO) fear of the virus. However, more importantly, I have an equal concern of me being the one to spread it to your kid playing a game. My biggest concern on the field is me breathing on the catchers the whole game. Being on the field doesn't concern me so much as everything around it though. If I could honestly believe people would follow guidelines and restrictions ... if I could honestly believe people would act courteous and respectful ... if I could honestly believe people would do the right thing ... but I don't. I have cut down on our grocery store runs. Not because I am afraid of going to the store, but because I have lost my tolerance for people's ignorance and callous disregard for their fellow human beings. The problem isn't on the dirt ... the problem is the parking lot, the entrance gate, the concession stand, the bathroom, the dugouts, just getting on and off the field, and even the umpires' area. The problem for me isn't the virus itself, it is the people. I have no faith that local authorities are going to do anything to support or enforce proper practices. I have no faith that a tournament director/organizer trying to make money is going to actually limit the attendance or take proper precautions. I definitely have no faith in sports parents to do the right thing. To paraphrase a quote that appeared recently from an unnamed MLB executive, "We have no good ideas, just degrees of bad."
  7. Yes, 8-2-5 in NFHS baseball. There is no equivalent in softball. Continuing the assumption that this is softball, she would need to return and touch bases in proper order.
  8. Correct, I went back and edited that in to clarify. The OP said "she" and @beerguy55 said softball, so I went down that path. There is no 8-4-3(anything) in NFHS baseball. In NFHS baseball it would be two bases from the time of the pitch (not the throw). 8-3-3(c)
  9. I gave up too. So far the only 1099 person I have heard of getting anything was Larry Kudlow’s wife.
  10. Using NFHS softball, 8-4-3(e) is your rule. In this case she would be awarded two bases from her location at the time of the throw. By your scenario, she would be awarded home. She is still obligated to retouch second base, then first, then progress around the bases appropriately. She would do this during the dead ball. If she does not touch the bases in the appropriate order, the defense could appeal once the runner has been “given the opportunity to complete their baserunning responsibilities” and before the next pitch is thrown; rule 2-3(b.2). If this is a successful appeal, the runner is out.
  11. I've only caught a little bit, but I thought this was interesting: Since they cannot high-five, a player who hit a home-run grabbed a stuffed animal and "booped" his teammates on the head with it. More cheerleaders though, please.
  12. @JonnyCat ... glad to see you are coming around on some of this and @Matt thank you for the direct information. Not from a finance standpoint, but from a labor and resource standpoint ... my wife is working on a COVID-19 floor. COVID-19 patients are very labor and resource intensive. Her floor is normally labor and resource intensive due to their specialty plus they are an ICU overflow. Their capacity has been reduced to a fraction of what they would normally have yet they are burning through more far resources (PPE, billable care items, labor, etc.) than they normally do. From a hospital standpoint, you have also lost a major percentage of your business from elective and even necessary-but-lesser surgeries, treatments, etc. They aren't making up for losing vasectomies, wart removals, and knee scopes by charging more for COVID-19 patients. This is further evidenced by hospitals that are furloughing and laying off staff from these other areas. A flawed analogy: you were hired to work six 10u games with 75-minute time limits at $40/game as part of a two-man crew. You arrive at the tournament and find out the 10u bracket was canceled, but you are going to work 14u games instead. However, you are only going to get 4 games with 120-minute time limits ... and you are working solo ... and you are still only getting $40/game ... and all your games ran over, plus there was a rain delay so you lost another game. You went from $240 for a pretty easy 9- or 10-hour day to $120 for a 12-hour+ day. The TD feels sorry for you, so they give you an extra $5/game or $15 ... OH THE OUTRAGE!! You made more per game!!!!
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