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  1. I'm really wondering if I am seeing the same play ... somebody mentioned the ball hitting straight down, somebody mentioned the ball going off the tip of the bat ... Watching it in full speed on the first viewing: I'm seeing a little line drive to the 1st base side of the pitchers mound. The batter initially thinks he fouled it off (OK). Then he picks up the ball, looks directly at the play coming in, and then (to me) appears to square up and make an attempt to bunt the incoming throw. Watch his hands and the bat. Sorry, I've got INT and 2 outs all day every day if I am calling this game.
  2. Max, you are right ... I didn't pay attention to the link when I clicked on it. That is direct from the NFHS's website. I am still going to split the difference with you on the purpose (not going to disagree!) ... the NOCSAE standard is a safety standard. What NFHS is doing with it is bastardizing it so they don't have to be on the hook or shell out more money for developing and testing another standard. Baseball (and softball) can inherently be a dangerous sport. Adopting safety standards acknowledges that. My issue is with the deliberate direction to DISREGARD rules involving safety standards, namely the balls AND the chest protectors. Why are we bothering with any equipment then? Who cares if their helmets are cracked and missing all the inside padding? Who cares what bats they are using? If you DON't want the rule followed, DON'T implement the rule in the first place. Yes, the "somebody's going to die" and "I'm going to get sued" lines are the extreme reaction, but they are not impossibilities. That very instance is what brought all this about (although the lawsuit people point to was focused on bats and the kid was permanently brain damaged, not dead). Unfortunately, as we know all too well in baseball, it is the extreme $#!t that has to be reacted to and causes things to change. So why are we making the change and then purposely ignoring it? I agree with @johnnyg08 that it would only take ONE instance of a game not being played and then it would be a non-issue from there out. It isn't like this is a surprise or an undue burden ... they had THREE YEARS of knowing this (balls AND chest protectors). Curious ... what is the NCAA's stance on this? They adopted the NOCSAE requirement too, didn't they?
  3. USSSA to Employ Automated Strike-Zone in 2020, Parents to Call Balls/Strikes from the Stands https://thedingervilletimes.com/blog/2020/1/14/usssa-to-employ-automated-strike-zone-in-2020-parents-to-call-ballsstrikes-from-the-stands?rq=USSSA 0
  4. Personally, I have always found working the plate much "easier" than working the bases for newer umpires (including myself back when). It seems from a teaching/learning perspective people pick up on it faster. I don't know if it is because of more repetitions on fewer different tasks (I don't believe it is really fewer tasks, but it is a perception some people have told me), or if people just focus more on it because they put their own stress on it. It is far easier to get yourself in deeper trouble on the bases, IMO.
  5. We already have Ball/Strike Specialists ... they sit in the bleachers.
  6. Some more baseball semantics antics ... First base precedes second base. Second base precedes third base. HOWEVER ... A base runner on third base precedes a base runner on second base. A base runner on second base precedes a base runner on first base.
  7. Try it with your boss or significant other ... how'd that go?
  8. What did Massachusetts use before? Why do you feel that way?
  9. Metallic looking gloves fit in better with robot umpires. IMO, I cannot see any way this wouldn't be considered distracting.
  10. I understand your point on the timeliness of some of these things (particularly on a 2-year publish cycle), but to me that is a huge and egregious oversight not to have included that when the replay rules were first introduced. I also understand that odd things happen which spur interpretations ... But "what you can and cannot do" ranks pretty high on my basic list of questions, particularly when you are changing rules about umpires' actions. They had a pretty good list of what types of plays could and could not be reviewed, so they did put some thought into that. On a tangent ... really, in this day and age of primarily electronic communication, is a 2-year publish cycle really acceptable? (This is more of my organizational development side coming out than my baseball side. )
  11. The Man in Blue

    Foul ball?

    Point ... point emphatically ... and for the sake of all things under the sun, do NOT SAY "FAIR BALL!"
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