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  1. If they are defunct and gone, there may not be anything or anybody to sue. However the site seems to still be accepting memberships ... that money has to be going somewhere. If you are really wanting to put some effort into it, contact the consumer protection division of the state's attorney's office in Colorado (where they are listed as being based). I'm not sure if this is truly considered insurance that would be covered under the state's department of insurance regulators, or if it is more like a car or appliance warranty which is unregulated (or ... I could be completely wrong on that). Disputing the fees is probably about the best you can do.
  2. Not all softball. We've been down this path a number of times. I wish people would quit saying things like that because they perpetuate problems. What is wrong with accepting a rule for what it is? Why do we need to thumb our nose and attribute it to "the other" whenever these conversations come up? (Yeah, I know. 'Cause we're 'Mericans!) "The runner should be out for leaving early!" Baseball Guy: "Nah, that's just softball." "The runner should get the next base, she was obstructed!" Softball Guy: "Nah, that's just baseball."
  3. No rule prevents that in any of the codes I am familiar with (NCAA, NFHS, USA, USSSA).
  4. OR ... offer insurance, collect premiums, and retire.
  5. Not classy at all. Necessary. You want to allow coaches to charge at you and physically threaten you with no repercussions, then you come back for another one of their games the next day -- after they have been told they are special and the rules don't apply to them? All the more power to you.
  6. Well ... clicking on the links from a Google search turn up suspect "click here to show you aren't a bot" links. Typing in umpire.org does bring up their site, but the last clinical update was for Jim Evans in 2019. Looks like none of their "news" links or store items have been updated since 2019 either. They do have a Facebook page, but I don't use Facebook so I don't know if it is current or defunct also. Huh ... looks like they were still selling memberships into 2022 ... which includes discounts for Jim Evans Academy! EDIT TO ADD: Their forums seem to still be active, but being pummeled by a bot selling hoist cranes (not to be confused with whooping cranes).
  7. NCAA 12.6 Base Runner Is Out The base runner is out: 12.6.1 When they leave the base they are occupying before the pitch is released and the defensive coach does not take the result of the play. Delayed dead ball in NCAA. Rationale: runner leaves early, batter hits a double-play ground ball. Why reward the offense by wiping the second out off the board and returning the batter for another shot?
  8. Found it on Overcast ... had to look under Fourteen-Twenty. Downloaded a few episodes to listen to while travelling tomorrow. Thank you!
  9. NCAA rule book is available free online. They even offer it in three different digital formats. Here is 23-24 with just a couple of clicks: https://www.ncaapublications.com/p-4662-2023-and-2024-baseball-rules-book.aspx
  10. Only petty people need to spend money to influence laws to further their behavior. Those who are really powerful know those laws don't apply to them anyway.
  11. @Velho ... shut up and give me your money and I will give you these make believe digital widgets. Since you don't have your money at that moment, your money will immediately be worth more to you. Since I have your money, it will be worth more to me. Then, with all your money, I will say to Wall Street investors, "Look at all the money I am making. Give me more!" That is how it works, right? PS -- I forgot the part where I live like a king and possibly disappear for a few months with all your money. Later, when I run out of money for hookers and blow, I send a message that says: "Send lawyers, guns, and money." Then I will come back and apologize. I will ask you for more money. THAT'S HOW IT WORKS!
  12. Can we combine all the FTX threads?
  13. When I was growing up, V/JV (or A/B for middle school) was the standard. JV may not be a full game, but it also wasn't the 3-inning affairs that most are today. The other thing that was standard when I played was that baseball and softball travelled together and played the same school at the same time. In Central IL, I do not see (m)any schools doing V + JV (or A + B for middle school) innings for baseball anymore. Many guys won't do JV baseball games because, well you know, JV 😫. I don't care about the level as long as the pay is the same. JV tends to be a lot less stressful on everybody. That said, I will drop JV baseball for softball any day of the week because softball still plays V/JV so it is more money for about the same time investment. In those "stacked" schedules, JV usually only gets 3 innings and uses 3 outs, 3 runs, or 9 batters -- so it isn't even a full JV game. In Illinois, they are recognizing that many umpires quit working middle school baseball because of low pay. They did up the pay, but the better move made by IESA was implementing a 2-hour time limit on games. While softball does move faster, they didn't up softball pay as much. I have found I prefer taking the baseball game and knowing when I will be done. @SH0102 mentioned the lower rate for the second game "since you aren't travelling twice" ... I have always taken umbrage with that view. It wasn't until we hit recent "desperation" days that I was ever offered anything for travel (other than a hotel for a tournament weekend). To pay a lower rate for the second game "because you are already here" is utter bull$#!+. If you WEREN'T paying me for travel originally, you AREN'T paying me for travel now, so why are you taking money away "for travel?" I wholly agree with @JonnyCat that we are being paid for the game -- our time, our knowledge, and our physicality. Like most any other contracted business transaction, my equipment, my training, my travel, my expenses are on me (unless I can negotiate otherwise). So, to say we should get paid less because we are already there is total bunk. To say that we should get paid less for the second game because it is a lower level is equally as ignorant. To make that really reductionist: Should the burger-flipper make less the second half of his shift because he just making fries?
  14. It is not "ALWAYS an out in softball." (We've been here before, I believe.)
  15. Here is my question ... How many people ever knew it was an advertisement? One of my former housemates was an avid baseball fan, but he had no clue what the FTX on the umpires was. He thought it was something official having to do with the umpire's rank or status. On a tangent ... you lost any caring or sympathy from me at "crypto-billionaire." You didn't f--k up, you accomplished just what you always intended to. You are making out just fine in this.
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