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  1. My thought on both topics! That is just so very generous of the NCAA! I received an e-mail from our local USA Softball organization that hey are cancelling the remaining clinics and waiving the requirement to attend ... we just need to go ahead and send them the $100 registration fee to be eligible for this year. I’m guessing they don’t plan on refunding anything either when the inevitable plug comes out. So glad I hadn’t paid anybody yet ...
  2. We received an e-mail from IHSA today stating NFHS is offering free online officiating courses through July 1. We may not get back on the dirt this year, but we can still get better! I haven’t checked any out yet, but the link is https://nfhslearn.com/courses
  3. Illinois schools are closed through April 30, and the IHSA is holding out the remotest of hope. At least they recognize any delay beyond that will mean the season is done. https://www.ihsa.org/default.asp That said ... it is likely that I have already worked my last game here.
  4. Ahhh ... I was missing the bit about leading off and tagging up ... I was assuming the runner had already retreated to the bag. Thank you!
  5. Legal, yes. Honor the appeal and call the batter out, yes I did. Been there, done that. Didn’t get a t-shirt though.
  6. No worries — I thought I was missing something! Yes, people tracking who knows what in, contacting lots of people, and tracking who knows what back out. Contributes to both their local increase and foreign exposures as well.
  7. Umm, yeah? Extra people there provides more opportunities for contact ... and extra people to take that back home ... to come in contact with more people ... and so on.
  8. For anybody who thought the Spring Break thing was no big deal and that we need to get back to business as usual as fast as possible ... Mardi Gras occurred in New Orleans about 4 weeks ago. Louisiana’s numbers went from 430-some positive cases on Friday to just under 1,400 positive cases yesterday (Tuesday). Think about that ... the numbers tripled in 3-4 days. Now, that rapid jump In the statistic is likely due to the lag in testing procedures catching up (hint: you don’t magically “have” COVID-19 once the test is positive), but it shows how rampant the spread can be from one large careless event.
  9. Who asked for time and was recognized first?
  10. Not in Fed. The runner can leave at first touch. A catch following the first touch does not require the runner to wait or retouch. 8-2-4 ART. 4 . . . If a fair or foul batted ball is caught, other than a foul tip, each base runner shall touch his base after the batted ball has touched a fielder. (See 8-4-1c for fielder intentionally dropping the ball and 8-4-2i for runner being put out.) There is more verbiage in the penalty as well. I won’t speak for any other codes.
  11. I guess we really haven’t missed much in Illinois ... the season would have just started this week. We had cold and rain on Monday and rain on Tuesday. Wednesday was nice, but the ground would have been too wet for most fields (anything not turf). Thursday was 60+ degrees, but a crap ton more rain and tornado warnings. Friday was 40 degrees. Saturday was 40 degrees and rain. Today we got an inch of snow. We probably wouldn’t have played much of anything anyway ... but at least with weather there is always the prospect of tomorrow!
  12. Every couple of days I have an assignor calling to tell me he is cancelling games in Arbiter and rescheduling them ... Dude, just stop already. Reschedule when we know there may be a schedule.
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