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  1. Not only ^that a million times, but I would add: What you describe is not an appeal. An appeal is something very specific. If you feel you may have missed some piece of information, you can go to your partner for help not an appeal. It may sound picky, but using “appeal” in that sense makes coaches think they can challenge any call they don’t like and get the other umpire to overturn the calling umpire. (See what I did there?)
  2. Curious to see where this is going ... (No)
  3. That is what had me confused ... and what was the shortstop playing on? The ball coming back in?
  4. So even if the ball hit the ground ... the BR should have run all the way to first base before contesting the call. Since he didn’t ... ... As the umpire, worst possible case on a bad day, I look at the runner and say “OK. But they just threw you out anyway.” There is NO such thing as a do-over. There are correctable umpire errors and uncorrectable umpire errors. This is an uncorrectable if the PU was wrong.
  5. I’m with grayhawk on this ... you’re not umpiring in that scenario. You’ve become a digital interpreter. Interpret, don’t embellish.
  6. I wish I had an update to post on the Schutt ... all I can tell you is my son likes it. I told him to try it and I never got back.
  7. I get what you are saying about 90/91 times beerguy ... but it shouldn’t be a shock or surprise and should not be met with any resistance. The rule doesn’t say “If 90 out of 91 umpires don’t say anything ...” It’s very easy to be prepared when you know what the rule is, and you should know what the rule is. You (should) get the same book the umpire does every year. Yes, umpire #91 just became “that guy”. NOT because he was wrong though, but because the 90 before him either didn’t want to deal with it or didn’t see an issue with it. As I said, my approach has changed. I was “that guy.” But now, until the orgs want to provide a firm YES/NO, I am no longer going to deal with it. Stupid stuff, like the “tape solution” you present aren’t helping anybody. (NOTE: the “tape solution” is a USSSA thing as their rule expressly says “exposed jewelry”; it is not a viable solution in USA.)
  8. The Man in Blue


    ^That. I never ask about a coach’s knowledge.
  9. The Man in Blue


    Bats!? Oh come on, Blue! His parents spent a lot of money on that bat, and you are going to tell them their kid can’t use it! This is about the kids, not you! Nobody has said anything all year and YOU think you are some super bat-cop now! That’s ridiculous!
  10. Stepping off the rubber ... I’m good with that. Everything else ... what in the everloving #### are they smoking? This is all a joke, right? Is it April 1 already?
  11. The penalty for chickensh!t plays like this (in any sport - baseball, football, hockey, etc.) should be a suspension greater than the amount of time the injured player misses. I know that will never happen though.
  12. State 12u semi-final and I had just that^. I noticed the catcher crying during her at bat. She ended up walking and I asked the first base coach to check on her. He blew me off. I asked him again. “She’s fine” he said. Catcher gave me a thumbs up, so we went on. When she came back on defense I could now tell she was in obvious pain. She was barely tossing the ball back to the pitcher and did not take a throw down to second. This is a catcher I’ve had a number of times during the year and am always happy to work behind her. She has a laser throw to second ... normally. I don’t know what she did, but it was her throwing arm and it had her in serious physical distress. I typically will not throw a ball to the pitcher to put it in play. That day I did though. I asked the coaches to check on her. That was all I could do. What irked me was they had two players sitting on the bench (one was the DP and the other was being used as a courtesy runner for the pitcher) and wouldn’t pull her.
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