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  1. Biscuit

    What's the call

    I rung up a kid on 0-3 two weeks ago.... I have no idea how my brain short circuited that badly.
  2. In the Molina play, the home plate umpire (Greg Gibson if memory serves) actually apologized to Ned Yost for killing the ball, after the play ended.
  3. Biscuit

    Rule Set?

    Well, what you don't want to happen is someone gets the call right... In the wrong ruleset. I could get behind a new thread, the only problem is what if someone only reads one of the threads?
  4. Biscuit

    What's the call

    The ball handed to the catcher cannot be used to record an out, as it was never put in play. I'm also not giving the runner third most likely. My intuition says that I'd give the runner second, and kill the play, but I'd be hard pressed to give a reason other than "that's what would've happened if I didn't screw up". I'm interested in seeing the rule cites that will come along.
  5. You over estimate rec leagues. You're lucky if the championship game doesn't have a time limit. Scratch that, you're unlucky if it doesn't. I did a championship game this year that went like, 3 innings, 20-5. Woo.
  6. Maybe this is just me being a homer, but was the video shortened in editing? The hook seems real quick seeing as Ned never left his position. Obviously don't know what he said though.
  7. It just looks... Bad. Outdated at best. Black looks much more professional. Powder or sky blue are also much better options imo.
  8. I think blank hats. Not sure if any of them would be looking for post season assignments, so maybe they're going against the dress code. None of the ones we get are great...
  9. Umpires were wearing black in pretty much all my high school games this year. Not sure if they're supposed to be doing that, but I certainly won't complain.
  10. Not to mention that those 72 are being paid $150,000+. I think they deserve every penny of it, but like it or not, that's a really bad miss for an MLB guy. Happens, move on, but let's not pretend like it's normal or okay.
  11. Love Jomboy. Hes not always right, though usually he is, but he's hilarious and fair. He'll acknowledge when the umpires are right, and call them when they're wrong.
  12. I suppose you are correct. I was thinking of delayed dead ball awards, but that still does involve a dead ball eventually. How do we deal with a delayed dead ball award where other runners are awarded a base past where the injured runner is? Do they have the choice of not accepting the award, or only accepting part of the award? Do you, at some point (and if this is the case, when), kill the play, allow the substitution for the injured player, then let all runners finish their awards? If it's not one or both of those two, runners would be forced to pass another runner, and I can't imagine that's correct.
  13. This is true of any base award where the ball is dead, correct? What about base awards where the ball is live?
  14. Dress for the gear you want, not the one you have A serious answer, many here on the forum's dislike Wilson's practices, so don't want to support them, but that's the gear they have.
  15. I don't do volleyball, but this is awesome! Wish there was a site like UE for basketball. The officiating.com forum's are okay, but not nearly as good as here (or hopefully refvb)
  16. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just a little superfluous. No need to acknowledge the fact that it's a strike AND he's out. There's already two strikes, so he's out. No need for both. In addition, a strike signal alone might not be enough. The out signal shows that you know that it's the third strike.
  17. There's a difference between hammering a strike, and using the out mechanic on a swinging strike three. On a swinging strike, except for on an attempted check swing, we're not actually calling anything, just acknowledging that yes, the batter swing. I saw that. Making a fist in the third strike acknowledges that yes, the batter swing, and that's the third strike, he's out. It serves the same purpose as a point, just adds a little information.
  18. My guess is it's to sell the call on what is often a controversial pitch. Someone pulled the chain once, people liked it, so they adopted it.
  19. Maybe an F followed by the numeral 3?
  20. So basically, you've been published in a fields leading journal?
  21. Could also have your pitcher slow down his motion so he doesn't have to commit until he knows if the runner is running or not. That being said, most ages where this would be viable, pitchers probably aren't good enough to do this, especially to also make it beneficial.
  22. As long as it's not thrown in a way to intentionally interfere with the play, ball hitting the bat is nothing.
  23. Just happened in the NYY BOS game. Bottom third, Aaron Judge (first batter) struck out on a check swing appeal. Looked like Dreckman pulls his eyes off the pitch early to watch the swing.
  24. Biscuit

    timing play

    Oh man. How did I... I'm going to blame it on the fact that this was the first time I'd touched my phone since getting off the boundary Waters.
  25. Biscuit

    timing play

    He's talking about a pickoff
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