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  1. Hopefully full. It's a beautiful planet!
  2. If the scored runner was continuing his normal running of the bases, and this wasn't intentional, I probably have nothing. If it was intentional or his actions were not part of running the bases, I have interference, call the BR out.
  3. Huh, hadn't considered the Karate Kid angle. @The Man in Blue what's the answer??
  4. For the uninitiated, the title is a reference to a song called Mask Off by Future. At least, I assume that's the reference. You may not want to play it over the air at work or with family.
  5. The sunglasses thing came up at the Mid America camp. One instructor (if you work college baseball, you know of this person) went off on a bit of a tangent about taking sunglasses off when talking to coaches. After he left, another one of the instructors (who was a little newer to the scene, but still working very high level D1) said that that was a little old school, and that newer school umpires have stopped the practice when not working with older school umpires. I for one think it kind of tacky to take sunglasses in and off each time you talk to a coach, but that's just my opinion.
  6. Biscuit

    MiLB Shake UP

    Unless something big happens, high schools won't go to three man. Not (only) because the added cost, but also because of the shortage. Some places they don't even have two!
  7. Biscuit

    MiLB Shake UP

    The biggest implication this would have would be the schools going to three man. Once College gets to three man across the board, you'd really be SOL for good two man training.
  8. Agree with everything.... Except that it's like rec ball. With the exception of the very, very, very worst travel teams, they're much better than rec teams (but that doesn't mean they're good. Just that they can reasonably play catch). I'd rather do an 11u travelball game than a 14u rec game. Parents are the same if not slightly better in travel ball. Not that that is much of an endorsement.
  9. After a couple games, I don't notice it anymore. My biggest complaint is that it's solid metal, and so, the few times I look at it, it blinds me.
  10. In my area, there's never a scorer provided. It's always the book (actually, it's almost always GC, almost never a book) of each team, with the home book being official if a dispute arises. Would be great if they'd provide one, but no such luck.
  11. I'm going to preface the main point of this post with the following: \I think these penalties are completely appropriate. Myles Garrett should never play another NFL game, or at the very least, certainly not this year. In my opinion, in the NFL (and arguably high level NCAA), it is no longer an educational experience, and it is no longer just a game. It is a show that thousands of people's lively hoods depend on. For that reason, I don't think fighting is as bad, and only egregious acts that can or do cause actual long term harm (such as hitting someone with a helmet) should be considered bad acts. A fight can be good for the product of the NFL. For the same reason, I'm not opposed to bean ball wars in the MLB (provided the head is not targeted). Pouncey deserves the 3 games, only because of the kicking to the helmet. The punches warrant ejection and maybe a fine, but, in light of what had just happened to one of his teammates, I don't think the punches are that big a deal. In addition, I think Rudolph should receive some penalty for his role in starting the conflict, and more importantly trying to remove Garrett's helmet. Certainly it should not be as stiff as the penalty for Garrett, but his actions in part lead to the whole issue.
  12. Biscuit

    FED DH Rule Change

    Even if they are still filling both roles, or only once they have been substituted for on defense?
  13. Is that acceptable most places? I don't think I've ever seen it. I'll have to check for KSHSAA.
  14. Should the cardboard be the same size as the patch, or a little smaller? Do you bend the cardboard so it conforms to your sleeve? Otherwise it seems like it could make the problem even worse, by making it flat, staying off the body even more.
  15. 3 year bump! Woo!!! I'm about to start my first year as a registered official (starting with basketball, but I'll be doing baseball come spring), which means I have to have patches for the first time. I bought some magnets (basically the same as the ones linked above), and... It looks awful. It doesn't lay anywhere closed to flat and if viewed from any angle other than straight on, exposes the magnets and a large floppy gap. Can anyone share pictures of how they have attached the magnets to combat this problem? For basketball, I can get away with sewing on the patch, though I'd much rather not as I think wearing patches for organizations you're not currently working is terrible optics, but I really don't want to buy and sew on patches for all my baseball shirts. My non NFHS work in baseball I take a little more seriously than that of basketball, and appearances matters that much more. EDIT: Oh, and I guess that's my 300th post!
  16. Biscuit

    Late Season EJ

    I git my first ever ejection during the last game of the fall season. This had more to do with coaches not having a clue on how to interact with umpires than last gameness. Maybe I should write a post on it.
  17. Biscuit

    Late Season EJ

    Sounds good, but I probably have the head coach after he talks about having a problem every game you do.
  18. Absolutely not. First of all, the play in question was correctly officiated. Call was right, mechanics were right, and penalty was right. Second, the "orange bag" creates so many problems, including increased chance of injury, harder fair/foul calls, a bunch of new rules needing to be made (depending in how they implement it), and also it just looks plain stupid.
  19. Let me see if I can breakdown your problems with this play 1. Runner interfered with catch, not throw You are correct, the interference was committed against F3. By this is exactly what the rule specifies 5.09(a)(11) "...and in the umpire’s judgment in so doing interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base..." [Emphasis mine] As we can see, it's all about the fielder, not the throw. 2. Runner has right to the front of the bag This is false. Kinda. In general, if contact happens between a runner and the first baseman reaching for a ball down the first baseline before the bag, it's nothing. Both people are doing what they should be, so don't penalize it. However, in this play, Turner had been running outside the running lane, and thus was required to not hinder the first baseman's ability to field the ball. If he had been running legally up to this point, he would be safe, probably on second. But wait, the bag is entirely in fair territory, meaning the batter runner is screwed, right? Not quite. The rule understands this impossibility it creates for the runner. That's why 5.09(a)(11) Comment exists. It reads, in part, "The batter-runner is permitted to exit the three-foot lane by means of a step, stride, reach or slide in the immediate vicinity of first base for the sole purpose of touching first base." Note, the batter runner is permitted to exit the lane to touch the base. To exit something, you must have first been in it. Turner was never in the lane, thus he is not granted this exception. 3. You think he beat the throw I'm not totally sure on this (if someone could chime in, that'd be great), but I don't think it matters. In this play, the ball gets past the first baseman due to Turner's actions, which would have allowed him to go to second. He still has an advantage due to his illegal actiona. In addition, he didn't beat the throw. See @johnnyg08's post above for a picture, or watch the play again in slowotion. 4. How long the rules check took (I agree with this one). Johnny already answered this one as well as I could. But I agree, the long delay doesn't look good, and I don't think it's needed. I think that covers your concerns. Anything I missed?
  20. Didn't even think about it being type 1, but y'all are right. Duh!
  21. This only applies to the BR, correct? For example: R2, no outs. Line drive, caught by F4. F6 obstructs R2 as R2 is returning to second, but F4 barely beats R2 back to the base. You'd have an out for the catch, and R2 safely back to second on the obstruction, right? Obviously both coaches are mad, but c'est la vie.
  22. There's another thread on appeals that I was gonna post this in, but it feels different enough that I thought I should make a new thread. I think I might know the answer(s), but just want to make sure. (In writing this question, I've become less sure.) BR over runs or overslides first without touching the bag and a) some part of the BR stays on or to the right of an imaginary line extended from the second base side of first base. b) the entire body of the BR ends up to the left of an imaginary line extended from the second base side of first base, but the umpire rules he made no attempt to go to second base c) the entire body of the BR ends up to the left of an imaginary line extended from the second base side of first base, and the umpire rules he made an attempt to go to second base. In any of the situations above, can the defense successfully appeal at first base? At what point has the BR passed first for the purpose of a play (not appeal) at first? I.e his entire body has past first, but he never touched the bag, by the time the ball reaches F3. I think he'd be safe due to the fact that he is assumed to have touched first until appealed otherwise... But that contradicts some of my thoughts on the appeal plays above. To muddy this post just a little more, does any of this change on a play at 2nd or third? Is it different in anyway for a force vs non force?
  23. I'm not sure what you mean in the last paragraph. In the BRD quote you posted, the defense made a separate appeal for each runner. Doesn't that imply that you must be specific when appealing in OBR as well? EDIT: Ah, I'm being dumb. You were talking about I the rule book, as opposed to an interpretation.
  24. Yes, they must tell the umpire (unless it I obvious, which in this situation it is almost certainly not) which runner they are appealing. Appealing one runner does not remove your ability to appeal another. In theory, you could appeal that every runner missed every base every play. But that's stupid, and you will NOT be making any friends doing so. Eventually, umpires would start pulling out nuclear options.
  25. I had that thought too, but it looked legit once I examined it a bit. You're approach is probably the safest way to go however.
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