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  1. What is your current experience?
  2. Biscuit


    Don't have to decide, I've had a game every day this week
  3. I too was 8 and don't remember it.
  4. You know, I agree when I think about. However, CCA has U1 in C with bases loaded. Anyone know why that is?
  5. Honestly, I think it's best just to teach it as No one one: A R1 or R1, R3: B Anything else: C You can throw in somewhere about the steal at second, but I think it's less confusing to just give them the layout. Repeat it three or four times and it'll stick.
  6. That sounds like prioritizing the wrong plays. Being in C allows for... Better looks at the pickoff to third? B is better for the double play ball (less than two outs), the steal, pick offs to first, and plays at first. Stick to B.
  7. @lawump said he had it in good authority (and with it coming from lawump, I believe it) that there will not be new rules or casebooks because if the pandemic. I wouldn't expect it to be the norm.
  8. Biscuit

    Runners Leave Early

    The first part is easy, and the most common question we get. Yes, the run scores. This is a timing play, not a force play. The second part is considerably more interesting, and involves one of my favorite things in baseball, the advantageous fourth out. Yes, they can appeal that the Runner left early and record a fourth out. If they do so, that run does NOT score. But, until they appeal that he left early at third, that run does score.
  9. I put together a full set of mechanics that Blue Valley Rec will be using this year. If you'd like, I can meet (either in person or virtually) to explain it to you (Or Lee, Mark, or Austin). You can also see the write up of it here, but be warned, we've changed out minds on a few things based on a little testing, and through teaching it this past week, and it's far from comprehensive. A few of those changes may not be reflected in the document. If you want to talk more, let me know. I think Lee should have access to my email/phone through KSOA/the CTG arbiter. If not, let me know here, and I'll reach out to you.
  10. BCD, where in Kansas? Is it the KC area?
  11. 6.02(d)(1) makes it very clear that there is not an option to warn before ejection. "The pitcher shall be ejected immediately from the game and shall be suspended automatically. In National Association Leagues, the automatic suspension shall be for 10 games." However, 6.01(d) comment does give the umpire discretion when the pitcher spits on the hand, ball or glove, and when he rubs the ball on his glove or uniform. In those two (five?) instances, the umpire can warn. Defacing the ball is not a warnable offence.
  12. I have spent a couple hours coming up with a set of mechanics. It's nearly complete, but still have 2 or 3 situations to think through. If you guys want to look through it and suggest suggestions, that'd be awesome. Click here to see the Google doc Now, with that posted, I don't think it's the best solution. With my mechanics above, you are absolutely screwed on a ball down the third base line or plays at the plate with runner's in scoring position. After thinking through the mechanics, I believe the best thing to do is to have the PU stand 10 feet (or whatever) behind the batter, and have U1 move to the middle of the infield at all times. This way, you still have nearly the same coverage, just U1 calls balls and strikes. It's not ideal, but I think it's the best way to do it. Unfortunately, I was unable to get that method approved at the league I'm developing the mechanics for. *sigh*
  13. Biscuit

    Ruling on this play

    What the OP forgot to mention is F6 is deaf. How is that relevant you ask? The sound of the bat hitting the ball 1000 feet in the air made everyone else drop in pain, so F7 couldn't call F6 off. Seriously guys, I think we all get it. It will never be called because it's a physical impossibility for this play to happen.
  14. I've recently seen a number of really experienced umpires (read: MLB, AAA, and/or high level college experience) say we should stop going to our partner on most timing based pulled foot plays. Replay/video has shown that the PU flips the call incorrectly more than they flip the call correctly. Sometimes you just can't see it and you should go to your partner, but if you judge that he held/didn't hold, the bag, stick with it unless you think there's a chance you missed something.
  15. Biscuit

    Ruling on this play

    IF the play happens exactly as the OP describes, i.e ordinary, yes, it's IFF. That's a big if
  16. I'm pretty sure this is just you looking to flex your Power Can't help you with the trade though unfortunately. Wish I could!
  17. As always, a lengthy, fantastic, and super helpful post by MadMax. I have a couple questions about some of the stuff you said. I inserted them into the body of the quote. Thank you Max, you're contributions to this forum are invaluable.
  18. If you have a ball down the left field line, you're screwed. Plain and simple. Do your best, eject anyone who complains
  19. You think he should be returned to second? Why?
  20. I haven't seen much (maybe 10 minutes of clips), so I probably just didn't notice the coaches wearing the. I know I saw the fist bump though.
  21. From what I've seen, the umpires are wearing masks and gloves, everyone else is exactly as they would be without the pandemic. Saw a 3rd base coach (without gloves) fist bump a player on a homerun (with batting gloves). No social distancing in the dugouts or anything either.
  22. Was just informed a couple hours ago that one of the leagues I work will be mandating umpires calling balls and strikes from behind the mound. Not may if you don't feel comfortable standing so close to the catcher and batter, have to. So it's safe enough to play baseball, but not safe enough to umpire? Okay. That doesn't make sense. I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts on mechanics (we're keeping two umpires). They're putting into place a few other rules, most of which I don't hate. Absolutely no use of the dugouts (a coach stands at the entrance of the dugout and doesn't let anyone through unless they're going out to bat or take their position in the field). When on the bench, the kids are to go sit with their parents. And oh, by the way, they're physically removing the bleachers and all benches from the complex. Everyone brings their own chairs. No team huddles (can we keep this one?). Extra time in between games, so teams aren't coming in while other teams are leaving. I don't see this working very well. Instead of shaking hands after the game, teams will line up on their respective foul line and tip their cap. Coaches who don't participate will apparently be punished, including a potential fine. The umpire rooms are going to be closed for the season (not a huge deal, I'll just come dressed. It's rec ball. I do it more to give back at this point.) I can get over all of these except calling balls and strikes from behind the mound (which means scrapping 90% of known mechanics). The others feel reasonable if a little over cautious. This changes the game. Rotations were one of the things I was especially focusing on this year too.
  23. Here's my Corona story. I'm 18, dual enrolling my senior year at a local community college. 90% of my work is from the community college, so I'm basically just taking a semester of college as my last semester of high school. I've been playing baseball as long as I can remember, and this is/was almost certainly my last year of playing organized baseball. Never got a chance to say good bye to my teammates, my playing days, or the game itself. I know it'll seem insignificant in the future, but losing your senior year sucks in the moment. Obviously, I still live at home. My dad is the primary bread winner, and he works in the live entertainment industry (theater and concerts primarily). As he puts it, he works in the most hated profession in the world right now. We're living off of savings and unemployment*. Officiating was my source of income, and my passion. This year was to be the first year I worked high school baseball, and I was really excited. Better baseball, better money, better partners, the whole nine yards. Obviously that didn't happen. Just got the word that a league I work will be starting in less than a month, so I will have some baseball, and I will have some income... But we'll be calling balls and strikes from behind the mound. Basically means this season is a wash when it comes to umpire development. My parent's are both in their 50's, but very healthy and not in any at risk categories. Me and my siblings are all young and healthy. I have no grandparents or older family that live closer than 10 hours away. I see them maybe once a year as it is, so that's a non factor. I don't regularly interact with at risk people outside of church. I understand that not everyone, very few people in fact, have this sort of situation, but it's quite frustrating to be in the stage I am, in the situation I am, and not even be allowed to take a small risk. Even if I were to be infected and spread it to everyone of my family members and the friends I spend time with, it is very highly unlikely that any of them would die. Personal opinion on the whole thing: We should shut down huge gatherings of people. We should encourage people to telecommute. We should advise people on what the risks are. We should quarantine those that are sick. We should protect those who are considerably vulnerable (eliminating visitors to assisted living facilities, stuff like that). We should take precautions and eliminate the highest risk activities. What we should NOT be doing, is dictating exactly what everyone can or can't do. People should be allowed to weigh risks for themselves. Maybe a business decides that they are able to work completely or primarily from home. Great! Maybe someone decides that they don't want to risk it. Perfectly fine. Maybe someone realizes they've had some minor symptoms (of Corona or otherwise), and stay home. That's the responsible thing to do. But what about those that can't? What about those who don't have any reason to suspect the activity has any significant danger? Yes, some people are going to make stupid decisions. That's part of the risk you have to weigh. Basically, I'm frustrated by a situation where the cure is worse than the treatment for me. It makes no sense to be confined in my house for me. For others, that's not the case. For those who are at risk or live with loved ones at risk, they absolutely should stay in home as much as possible, have food delivered when possible, and take all the precautions they can. But a one size fits all solution has a high risk of doing more damage than what it would prevent. *Side note: I'm a dependent, so I don't get my own stimulus check, but I'm over the age of 17, so my dad didn't get anything in his check, nor does he get a child tax credit for me. Both of these hold for my older sister who is living at home. That's... Irritating.
  24. This is a seperate incident that happened after the one I was referring too. Different set of circumstances, different potential motives.
  25. Thank you all for the suggestions! To answer @yawetag's questions, he's a Senior in High school, played ball all his life. No officiating experience that I'm aware of. I expect I will have to break some of his perceptions as a player, but he seems to understand that there's a lot more about the rules than he knows. I'm excited! Any other topics are welcome additions.
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