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  1. Agreed. The gun is anywhere on the field or in the dugout, I’m uncomfortable and either it goes to the car or I’m out. I don’t care if there is a law protecting it or technically no “baseball” rule against it.
  2. Name for the head coaches, as we shook hands and introduced ourselves…using our names. I will use their names throughout. “Hey coach” when addressing a head coach just sounds so odd. He’s not my coach, after all. Sounds like a 10 year old trying to get his coach’s attention. Travel coaches don’t remember much, so I just deal with blue if I must. HS game? Not remembering my name irks me a bit. They also usually have it ahead of time. Assistsants, players (except a catcher), fans? I better not hear my name used (I better not hear from them much regardless).
  3. I don’t work college, but I’d never do this in a HS game. They aren’t supposed to touch us, and we aren’t supposed to touch them unless absolutely necessary. The optics here don’t look great to me. The push/contact is fairly aggressive and prolonged, and he’s running with him. I would maybe try to verbally get him to move (which he was, he wasn’t just standing there, but the umpire didn’t see if he was going to start jogging at all), but I wouldn’t do what he did here. Seems to be a bit overzealous. But again, if this mechanic is taught in college, so be it.
  4. This is exactly how I’d handle it in Fed. Time, no that’s not an out, knock it off. Coach will likely want an explanation. Well coach, the runner came off the bag only due to your fielder’s action, swiping at his foot. We’re not getting an out for that.
  5. What do you have here? Fed rules. Watch it a few times so you can see when and why the runner came off the bag. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdyunr3PlI6/?fbclid=IwAR1r8qtbVw7KajAP0B1qH9xsTUZ4vXVl1NxYCdvc0kP8LZvxOKbxqlZceXE
  6. I clean the plate during a live ball all the time. Runner on second. Base hit, slides in and scores. Runner now standing on first. Pitcher holding the ball. Nothing happening. Why do I need to call time to clean the plate for three seconds? It drives me nuts when PUs call time to clean the plate when nothing is happening, no guy on 3rd etc. Just take three seconds, we don’t need everyone to know you’re cleaning the plate by announcing “TIME”.
  7. When the infield is playing in, where do YOU position yourself and why? Stay in regular B/C, almost next to fielders toward 2B bag (can be considered behind at that point), X feet behind the infielders, etc.
  8. R2, no outs. Base hit to left. R2 is clearly obstructed, then barely thrown out at the plate. Immediately after making the tag at the plate, the catcher throws to 2nd base to try to retire the batter runner. We’re going to award R2 home, but when are we killing the play? Are we letting the action take place at 2nd? To me, end of playing action would be letting everything play out at 2nd, then circle back to the award at home, but I want to make sure that’s correct.
  9. I’ve also stopped enforcing it over the past couple years. For many years I’d do it in a subtle way, tell the player or coach to have X guy take Y off. Never an ejection - because who wants that reputation. But as time went on, I found out I was one of the only ones at least trying to have no jewelry on the field. Lots of “you’re the first one to say anything” etc. I don’t think it’s much of a safety issue and if I’m in the 5% group enforcing it, I figure I’m worrying about something that just doesn’t need my attention anymore. On top of that, a lot of summer tournaments, though they play Fed rules, have a “just let them wear it” policy when talking to tournament directors etc. At most, like some of you have mentioned, I’ll just have them tuck it in. Playoff time, I’ll circle back on enforcement (as you’ll have admins around etc). It would be great if this rule disappeared, as then we wouldn’t even have to pretend to care/pretend we don’t see things.
  10. What do you have under FED rules?
  11. An irrelevant condition doesn’t make an answer wrong. Unless I’m missing something, both are correct and it’s a poor set of answers.
  12. So far everything seems to center on does R1 interfere with the throw of F6. I’d like to tweak this a bit and get a better understanding of a different scenario for Fed. R1, ground ball to F4. Bobbles it a bit (or maybe the runner was moving on the pitch). F4 makes a throw to F6 who is standing on the base. Runner goes in standing up, and that initial throw hits him in the back when he’s a step or two from the bag. What’s the rule on that one?
  13. As long as you have pants deemed charcoal gray, you’re fine. Yes, a ton of guys are moving to the poly spandex. I used to be worried about matching brand to my partner. Then I realized it’s not only impractical to try to own every brand and every shade of charcoal/material, but that no one cares (and you’re standing next to each other for two minutes). If the umpires are wearing charcoal gray pants that are close to the same shade, good is good enough. Even in summer, sometimes we have different styles of black or polo blue - some guys work college and have those shirts. It’s just not worth worrying about depending on the game/level.
  14. All valid points above. Many issues at play. But if you were to try to fix one thing and have it make the largest impact, it’s $ per game. I realize it varies around the country, but $60-65 for a HS game, while it sounds great for a 2 hour game, isn’t that much. Your total time away from home (family) and work is over 3 hours, sometimes even closer to 4. Your hourly is closer to 15-20. In some areas, in cold or hot weather on top of it. Most of us here do this because we genuinely enjoy it - but I don’t think there is, or will ever be, a large enough pool of guys out there that will do it for that reason. You have to attract some guys that will just simply do it as a side gig, even if they don’t love it. Furthermore, the powers that be use the “enjoy it” reasoning to figure out the minimum they can pay to get guys on the field. Most of us don’t do this for the money, but we should still be compensated fairly for our time - and not just the game time. If guys were making, say, 90-100 per game, you’d definitely get a few more people feeling that it was worth it. With any job, one of the biggest ways to attract new applicants is to throw more money at it. Start there and then work to solve the other issues.
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