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  1. Good point. This is the line I try to use. If I’m to the point I’m sweating, it feels like I’m wearing a wet garbage bag. Any chance I sweat, I go to a long sleeve, under armour cold gear underneath. If it’s 40+ with minimal wind, I can do that. Start to get below that and/or bad wind, I think about jacket, as I won’t be sweating. The UA cold gear is a lifesaver.
  2. While I’ve never worn a long sleeve on the bases - essentially because I’ve never seen anyone do it and I have a light jacket - it doesn’t make sense that it’s “for the plate”. It’s the same version of a short sleeve, which is worn on both the plate and bases. In theory, it shouldn’t matter. Couldn’t we make the same argument about the short sleeve jacket? “That’s for the bases”. Same logic. HS ball around here, the majority of guys are in the standard pullover jacket on the plate. It looks totally normal. Not everyone is buying a plate coat, and sometimes it’s too much fo
  3. In this day and age of data and testing and product features everywhere, it’s kind of odd to me that there isn’t real data alongside each mask. Like a collision rating in a car. If companies are testing things in a lab and running these numbers, why aren’t they shared? If they are good, it’s going to help sell the product. You can differentiate from the competition. It’s one thing to describe how it works. But we are all making educated guesses, or even leaps of faith, on what actually protects, how much, etc.
  4. Lot of pro guys are wearing it this year. Do they look like umpires? I think Jim said it best - the more you see it, the less awkward it looks. In an extreme example, if everyone had it, it wouldn’t look out of place whatsoever. It’s kind of like when mlb base coaches started wearing helmets. At first you noticed it. Now it’s hard to remember what it was like when they didn’t. And everyone has one on. I get that it’s not for everyone, but I don’t think it’s an issue about not looking like an umpire if MLB guys are wearing it more and more. Catchers wear helmets. Batters wea
  5. Extras: Mask, shoes (both), shoelaces, belt, pants (both), indicators are the big ones for me. Always have the usual backup undershirts, socks. All cold gear. I don’t have an extra chest protector or shin guards with me. I figure even if something goes “wrong“ there, they are still usable. Plus they are large pieces to haul around as extras. Save the space.
  6. Just as a heads up - GD size 32 only have two belt loops, not three.
  7. This. Absolutely looks like dress shoes. That should go with a navy shirt. Some white, some trim, some sort of contrast does indeed look better.
  8. Lightning and baseball coaches/parents will never cease to amaze me. Every time the umpire is the bad guy. It doesn't make any sense. I had a game a few weeks ago where we threw a pitch, and then there was lightning w/some rain. Clear the field guys, lightning. 10 minutes later, rain ends, the teams apparently take the field (I'm in the locker room) and a coach is like blue, everyone's ready to go. I'm like no, it's a lightning delay, not how this works. Game eventually restarts after we follow correct protocol. Few innings later, you hear thunder (but don't see lightning). Not a h
  9. Thanks Jim. I look forward to this coming out. I saw another one yesterday, and I haven’t even caught many games outside my area.
  10. More guys in MLB this season appear to be using a helmet or skull cap instead of a hat. It seems to skew younger too. Were they given advice on using that during their latest equipment/injury session? It seems more “in” now. I’d like to know which ones they are using, and would definitely try one out.
  11. While sitting on your face, or when hit? Or both? I can’t say I notice much just resting on my face like any other pad.
  12. The games I’ve done have been behind the mound, though that’s just the specific tournament I’ve worked. We’re handling HS level kids just fine. I don’t want to be behind the plate anyway - risk far outweighs the “reward” of calling games normally. It’s travel baseball, not MLB. So there’s a hole on the 3b line and some weird rotations - so what? They should just be happy to be out there. That said, they aren’t. People are taking COVID frustration out on umpires. It’s as bad as I can remember, and I’ve only worked four weekends. I wear a mask at the plate conference, as do some coaches. The
  13. I use a force 3, because IMO it’s not just about the pads. The technology can help. And I think force 3 is the mask to do it. So many catchers in MLB are using it now. I have a backup I use for younger age groups, and those are Wendy’s.
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