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  1. A coach has no authority over parents? Yes, shoot them. Great talk. Really intelligent discourse.
  2. I disagree. It’s unclear if the speaker was in the dugout or just outside of it. Either way, it’s not way down the line. It’s the team’s music for all intents and purposes, not some random fan’s music. That’s on the coach. You simply tell him to turn it off. I don’t need any sort of game admin for that. The coach is also responsible for the behavior of his fans, and therefore the music, even if it were to be down the line in a different situation. Only way I need TD there is if the coach doesn’t want to take care of it. Since you heard it between games, I would have told him no music
  3. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it, the catcher is 99% responsible here from the way you’ve described it. He dropped to block pitch and it clearly skipped, no? Mental error on the catcher. But, I’ll take this note and learn from it. Does everyone say “no catch” on skips at the plate? I feel like by the time I’m coming up to signal safe, the catcher is reaching to tag the batter. I can’t say I’m consistent saying no catch on a skip. I don’t say anything on a blocked ball that’s somewhere rolling in the dirt after hitting the catcher.
  4. If you ejected him, I wouldn’t have had an issue with it. He (theoretically) threatened injury to a player on the other team, and you were still within the confines of the field. Without an ejection, you could (should?) probably just submit a special report to your state association. Let that make its way from the state office to the AD/coach. Not only is it terribly unsportsmanlike...it’s about as dangerous as you can get on a field. I’d put people on alert about what was said. Who knows what happens down the line...another opponent, another year, etc. They can not only file it away
  5. I figured there was a chance it was that, so I asked before making any assumptions. It wasn't a hearing aid. I have a good rapport with this coach, so I talked with him about it between innings. He said it was approved at the conference meeting before the season. I asked if there were any umpire/state admins etc. there, and he didn't believe so. He said they were told they could only use it for a single purpose - catcher receiving pitch calls from the dugout. Can't talk back, can't have it in while he's batting. Though I couldn't recall a specific rule prohibiting it, logically I figure
  6. Fed rules. Is it legal for a catcher to wear a one-way radio and take pitch calls from the dugout?
  7. Wasn’t addressing you - it’s a common quip from travel coaches every time we don’t go for help, even when we rightly shouldn’t. I usually don’t try to react to it, but I’d love a good one liner back to a jackass travel coach. I’m much more loose there compared to a HS game.
  8. “So you’re going to miss that one all by yourself huh?”
  9. I’m having trouble picturing this. When you say passed ball, I’m thinking the ball is near the back stop. Which would mean the batter tosses a bat...towards the back stop and it hits the ball? But that doesn’t seem right. Do you mean more of.. Wild pitch, blocked but scoots away a bit, batter tosses bat and it hits the ball? I guess we’d have the same ruling as above if it moved the ball or the bat hindered the catchers ability to pick it up?
  10. It's totally garbage. It's nonsense math by schools/districts to pay us less. Plus - how do you know how far I'm traveling? I've also never received a check that separates "game fee" from "travel fee". Do we get a "waited around 30 minutes for them to eat lunch between games" fee? I called a game. Pay me for calling the game. How I get there is my problem. I don't care how they want to slice it - paying 1.7 game fees for what is generally a 4.5 hour day at the field for two games is ridiculous. Furthermore, if, in theory, I called one game...and then two entirely separate tea
  11. I’ve often had this thought go through my head while doing a travel game.... ”If every player’s parent(s) paid one more dollar for this game for umpires, my partner and I could be making 70 instead of 55, 75 instead of 60, etc” How many travel games does a “regular” travel team play? Most of those parents wouldn’t blink at another $50-75 added to their “team dues”. You’d then have umpires paid a bit more fairly, perhaps you’d be able to recruit more, etc. I’d assume almost all of us on here umpire, to some degree, because we enjoy it, it’s a hobby, etc., n
  12. I’ll take the other side here. I can work an in-house pony, JV, or travel game - say 13U and under - by myself and would rather get paid more for my time than take the help. As an aside, so many of these tournaments promote 2 umpires for every game, but there are coverage issues with games everywhere every weekend. Rather than throwing 2 guys on a 12U game at 50ish per game, pay 75/game to one umpire. I’ll come do a DH, get 3 games for doing 2 in this scenario, and the tournament and teams just saved $50 total over two games. Everyone wins. I can’t remember the last time I really n
  13. Good point. This is the line I try to use. If I’m to the point I’m sweating, it feels like I’m wearing a wet garbage bag. Any chance I sweat, I go to a long sleeve, under armour cold gear underneath. If it’s 40+ with minimal wind, I can do that. Start to get below that and/or bad wind, I think about jacket, as I won’t be sweating. The UA cold gear is a lifesaver.
  14. While I’ve never worn a long sleeve on the bases - essentially because I’ve never seen anyone do it and I have a light jacket - it doesn’t make sense that it’s “for the plate”. It’s the same version of a short sleeve, which is worn on both the plate and bases. In theory, it shouldn’t matter. Couldn’t we make the same argument about the short sleeve jacket? “That’s for the bases”. Same logic. HS ball around here, the majority of guys are in the standard pullover jacket on the plate. It looks totally normal. Not everyone is buying a plate coat, and sometimes it’s too much fo
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