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  1. He put his bat down to show him where the pitch was. He dragged/drew as he moved backwards to make it "not obvious" what he was doing. It didn't work. I don't see how this is that hard.
  2. Why? To denote where he thought the pitch was - inside. It’s clearly what he was doing.
  3. It clearly wasn’t? What’s he doing, moving a rock? I could say it “clearly was”, but it’s just an opinion. It’s a video open for interp. For the record, I do think he meant it as a line/I’ll show you where that pitch was.
  4. Handing a coach back a lineup card to have him find and write down sub numbers is not only a waste of time, it’s comically bad in regards to game management.
  5. When you're going to accuse me of collecting a check and getting out of there as fast as possible, yeah, I'll take the last word. So now you're taking a liability stance here? Nice straw man. We've all dealt with a situation like this. We've all seen the "pitcher is dominating but not working too quickly, let's just try to mess with him by requesting time constantly". I think we're both in agreement, based on your posts, that the second time is BS and we know it. A "what for (if time allows)" or "no" is acceptable. He wants to step out at that point, it's on him. These situations are pretty easy to read. He called time twice - I know exactly why he's doing it based not only on game situation, but hearing the coach tell him to do it as well (why are you willingly ignoring information?). He must be injured! That's the only explanation! Just so you can call the coach down and play the dumb card of "coach your player MUST be injured if he called time twice, right?". And then nail him for a charged conference once he says something not directly injury related. Aha! That's where I have an issue of how you go about handling this. Some of us are there to manage the game and be a good umpire. I guess you making a mockery of a "time" situation by falsely assuming an injury is just being there for the kids. The way you'd go about handling this situation is incredibly odd.
  6. He’s not showing signs of an injury. You know what he’s doing. Stick with your first reply. ”Abusing "time" as gamesmanship is a good reason not to, IMO.“
  7. Calling a coach down to check on an injury when you know there isn’t an injury is just inviting a blow up. It’s silly.
  8. You call the coach down...for an injury...and charge him with a conference? Trying to be way too cute here. And it’s an injury according to you, so that’s not correct. Either don’t grant time or learn from the first one. They want to ask time again without a reason, say no. They want to step out without it, here’s your strike.
  9. Rather than buy baseballs, keep a 1-2 from the first few games you have, assuming those ones go off with the right balls. Sure, they’re used, but you’ll have something legal so you didn’t waste an hour drive, game fee, etc. States have to be crystal clear on this. Because you know the backlash/pressure we’re going to take if we hold our ground and say “sorry, can’t play” over a baseball.
  10. It’s impossible for you to give a good review - to a person like me who hasn’t used them - at this point.
  11. Slimmer couch cushion?
  12. OTOH, is anyone walking around HS fields taking note of the white N on our shoes and going home to order them? And we don’t get commission from it? Unless it’s a company I hate and I’m forced to use it for some reason/already own it, I can’t imagine spending time and energy blacking out logos or buying plain clothing so nothing is visible etc. I hope you don’t play men’s league hockey lol. As if me “being a billboard” matters to anyone.
  13. Well you bought the product, so it follows that you’d probably like it and/or recommend it? Not wanting to provide a billboard must be a really tough rule to follow in all aspects of life.
  14. Black shoes, to me, looks too old school. Reminds me of a guy with only a navy blue, heather gray pants, and plain black shoes he bought somewhere. Some white somewhere just always looks better.
  15. At the HS level, I completely disagree. Travel is another story and is as you described. In travel, I don't think wearing or not wearing glasses makes a difference in said behavior. Clowns are clowns. I've had HS coaches leave them on and we both respect each other, shake hands, use first names. I've left them on while they do even though I usually intend to take them off. Either way, not a big deal.
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