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  1. I’m a little late to this thread, but this is absolutely the BEST sentence I’ve ever read on this forum. This should be quoted on page 1 in every umpire manual.
  2. Now that’s a video I’m looking forward to. MLB has got to either mic up the crew chief to announce replay decisions or have a “comms director” umpire in NY who can cut into broadcasts to explain the mechanics of plays like this one to broadcast team. Side question: are retired umpires somehow “forbidden” from taking jobs at FOX or MLB Network to do for broadcasts what retired NFL refs are doing on FOX and CBS?
  3. Interesting situation from BOS vs. TOR earlier today... https://www.mlb.com/video/alex-verdugo-safe-after-review-x1733 Question: how would the replay review have turned out had Gurriel caught the ball AND held the bag AFTER Verdugo passed 1B? Wouldn't TOR need to legally appeal the missed base before Verdugo returned to get an out here?
  4. Appreciate all the feedback from everyone. Like I mentioned in the OP, this sitch is a first for me and getting multiple perspectives is helpful. Some of the situations we talk about on this forum are HTBT and it's tough to convey all the context.
  5. @JimKirk, thanks for taking time to clarify that!
  6. @Scissors - I thought the same thing when I ordered the replacement pads through UA. After I got the pads in the mail and saw the color, I went back to UA website and read these subtle description differences in the pads. I think there are 2 different deerskin pad colors. @JimKirk, do my eyes deceive me? #FM4000MAG-UMP-BK/TN Description: #FM4000MAG-RP-DS Description:
  7. This situation has never happened to me in a game in 14 years. Has anyone here dealt a similar situation? How did you handle it? 14u tournament game, semi final, FED rules. I'm PU. Home team on 1B side had a Bluetooth speaker with them and played music between innings or when new F1 was tossing warm-up pitches in the middle of an inning. No "walk up" music. (Personally, I'm not a fan when teams do this period but unless a TD says something or maybe somehow music is being played in an unsporting manner, I wouldn't get involved.) Most music was Hip-Hop / Top 40 genre. You could tell lyrics were being censored. Then between 3th-4th inning, I'm standing up the 1B line watching warm-up throws as music plays when I'm like, "Did I just heard the n-word?" ~5 seconds later, there it was again. Plus two more words following that which could get a radio station fined by the FCC. I turned to the bench, looked at the HC and made a couple throat-slashing motions while telling him to turn the music off. He walked out to talk with me and I told him what I heard. He replied sheepishly, "Yeah, that's not my playlist". Turns out an adult next to the bench (I'm guessing a player's dad) was controlling the music from a tablet. He must have seen my reaction because as the coach was coming out to talk to me the music stopped. I told the coach to cut out the music for the rest of the game. (I could rant about this coach showing zero responsibility or leadership, but that's not what we're talking about here...). That team won the semi-final and played the final the next game. My partner and I switched up for that game. We could hear them playing music as we changed in the parking lot and figured they had learned their lesson and we wouldn't have problems during the final. After all, I never had that happen once in hundreds of games. I mean, c'mon, what are the chances it would happen again? So this team made a pitching change around the 2nd or 3rd inning. While I was hanging out in deep C, they're playing their music. And mid-song now we've got some rapper yelling out "my n-word" about 5-6 times in a row. I'm stepping towards their bench ready to go off on the HC and the adult running the music, when some other fans yell out "turn that off!" and the music shuts off. I was pretty hot and probably did the prudent thing in that moment to walk back and get back to baseball. That team ended up getting run-ruled by 15 in 4 innings so there's that. Looking back, I wish I had handled this differently. I think my biggest mistake may have been not telling that HC at final game pregame conference to keep the music off. I'm also curious if anyone would have EJ'd the HC during the semi or final game or asked the HC or TD to have the fan controlling the music sent to the parking lot. In my mind, if you can't say a word on the field you can't play it on a speaker. Especially that word. Have at it...
  8. I've been a steady Wilson wrap-around guy for years as my go-to "cold weather" leather pads. @wolfe_man's mask post 2 weeks ago inspired me to try deerskin LUCs in my Diamond. They fit well and I'm even happier with the feel! LUCs are a step up from Wilson, IMO. Until I held both pads side-by-side when I took out the wrap-arounds to replace with the LUCs, I never realized how thin those wrap-around pads are! From an aesthetics POV, the split-front Velcro bothered me a little when I first installed the bottom pad. But I conquered my OCD and figured it's a small price to pay the improved feel and protection. I appreciate All-Star keeping their logo off the bottom pad and only adding a discrete logo on the top pad Velcro (**cough** Wilson **cough**). The only drawback from a retail standpoint is that you have to purchase the All-Star black MAG mask to get All-Star's vintage dark tan deerskin LUCs that look like brown antique leather. The replacement deerskin pads are a lighter, more "yellow" tan - though still darker than Honig's calf skin pads. I would have preferred buying the vintage dark tan LUCs but I couldn't find them anywhere sold separately.
  9. Just my way of saying thanks for your eagle-eyed observation that kept me from embarrassing myself when taking the field next spring with an upside-down TG! I'm not a fan of their TG design either but I got sucked in by the fact it matched the mask color. But then yesterday I go back in the thread to see @kylehutson's mask and the TG he paired it with and realized he made the right choice. That's a nice looking combo.
  10. You're like the guy who tells his partner his fly is wide open as you walk from the parking lot to the field - right when he finishes talking your ear off about the awesome mask he's wearing for the first time after Tony from MASK-IT transformed its original dull gray coating into totally bad ass gunmetal. And I respect that, brother. I'll take the field with you anytime.
  11. Wow! Look what showed up at my door today from Tony at MASK-IT! F3 v2 + TG / Gunmetal Diamond ix3 / Titanium
  12. Some guy’s posting baseball videos on YouTube and his lip reading game seems on point IMO.
  13. Watching CWS opening games this weekend I noticed every PU would call pitch location on a ball (e.g. “inside”, “outside”). Sometimes the location would completely replace the “ball” call. I haven’t watch NCAA baseball this year and now I’m wondering if calling ball location is an accepted mechanic at that level. I’ve always thought announcing pitch location to everybody instead of simply calling “ball” is a recipe for trouble...
  14. That's exactly what I'm looking for in FED. Thanks for the interp reference, @scrounge - I just looked it up and posted below. And like @Richvee said I don't see why other codes would differ here. SITUATION 16: R2, on second base, rounds third and runs into F5 as he attempts to field a foul fly ball. This action occurred with (a) a count of 1-1; (b) a count of 1-2; or (c) two outs. RULING: In all three instances, R2 is out for his interference. In (a), the batter returns to bat with a count of 1-2 and in (b), the batter returns to bat with a count of 1-2 as the pitch is treated as a foul for the batter’s count. In (c), the batter will lead off in his team’s next offensive half-inning. (7-4-1f)
  15. HTBT, but at that level I'm fine with verbal acknowledgement and nipping it right here. But IMO, if players decide to act like that they'd better be swinging away on the next pitch anywhere near that location. Now A) reaching the bat across the plate to touch the other batter's box line, or B) line-drawing in general - that's a different story. I'm going right to the "that's enough" warning in A and likely tossing in B. Just one ump's opinion...
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