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  1. Just my way of saying thanks for your eagle-eyed observation that kept me from embarrassing myself when taking the field next spring with an upside-down TG! I'm not a fan of their TG design either but I got sucked in by the fact it matched the mask color. But then yesterday I go back in the thread to see @kylehutson's mask and the TG he paired it with and realized he made the right choice. That's a nice looking combo.
  2. You're like the guy who tells his partner his fly is wide open as you walk from the parking lot to the field - right when he finishes talking your ear off about the awesome mask he's wearing for the first time after Tony from MASK-IT transformed its original dull gray coating into totally bad ass gunmetal. And I respect that, brother. I'll take the field with you anytime.
  3. Wow! Look what showed up at my door today from Tony at MASK-IT! F3 v2 + TG / Gunmetal Diamond ix3 / Titanium
  4. Some guy’s posting baseball videos on YouTube and his lip reading game seems on point IMO.
  5. Watching CWS opening games this weekend I noticed every PU would call pitch location on a ball (e.g. “inside”, “outside”). Sometimes the location would completely replace the “ball” call. I haven’t watch NCAA baseball this year and now I’m wondering if calling ball location is an accepted mechanic at that level. I’ve always thought announcing pitch location to everybody instead of simply calling “ball” is a recipe for trouble...
  6. That's exactly what I'm looking for in FED. Thanks for the interp reference, @scrounge - I just looked it up and posted below. And like @Richvee said I don't see why other codes would differ here. SITUATION 16: R2, on second base, rounds third and runs into F5 as he attempts to field a foul fly ball. This action occurred with (a) a count of 1-1; (b) a count of 1-2; or (c) two outs. RULING: In all three instances, R2 is out for his interference. In (a), the batter returns to bat with a count of 1-2 and in (b), the batter returns to bat with a count of 1-2 as the pitch is treated as a foul
  7. HTBT, but at that level I'm fine with verbal acknowledgement and nipping it right here. But IMO, if players decide to act like that they'd better be swinging away on the next pitch anywhere near that location. Now A) reaching the bat across the plate to touch the other batter's box line, or B) line-drawing in general - that's a different story. I'm going right to the "that's enough" warning in A and likely tossing in B. Just one ump's opinion...
  8. (This was a situation that nearly happened to me last week in an adult league game - modified OBR rule set. Thankfully there wasn't any interference on the play but it got me wondering what the right call is...) 1 out, bases full. No count on batter. Batter hits fly ball in foul territory on 3B side. R3 interferes with F5 who's running towards foul territory to catch the ball. F5 manages to catch the foul fly ball despite the interference. So what do we have? Here are 3 outcomes I see possible. R3 is out, and ball is foul is since time is called at time of interference (de
  9. From a HS game today in Hampton, NH. https://twitter.com/JayPinceSMG/status/1119358222383632384 For that level of service you'd better be tipping the delivery guy well...
  10. Nope. See below. I've got both the slotted Champro and a Zett. Both work well on my +POS Zero G. Good call getting TW pads.
  11. Really appreciate the feedback from everyone - this will help me work in the umpire angle much better in interviews.
  12. Does anyone have stories / advice about talking about your umpiring experience as an asset in a job interview (or adding it on your resume)? I wonder if employers generally see amateur sports officiating as a "side hustle" or "hobby" that doesn't provide valuable real-life experience (as opposed to a full-time job). I'd love to hear why you think umpiring experience at any level can be a highly-valuable commodity in the workplace.
  13. Does anybody have OBR citation to support calling catcher interference (or catcher's balk) when F2 reaches across or stands on/in front on home plate to receive a pitch and the batter make contact with F2 on the swing? All I can find is 6.01(g) which only applies when runner is stealing home or attempting squeeze play.
  14. Scotty_Ump


    I see what you mean here. Still, we tend to over-value things often because of the brand name. Kudos to good marketing and branding. I also don't believe "cheap" (in dollars) necessarily equals "less safe." Those $30 masks on closeout were probably selling for close to 2x that amount before. Diamond is likely unloading excess inventory at thinner margins. But I'm also a guy who just purchased a Force3 V2 full-price at Ump-Attire because I believe it offers the best protection for the highest level of ball I call. I also have a Wlson Gold after I skimped in my early days on a cheap used Di
  15. Scotty_Ump


    Grab this Diamond iX3 on closeout ($30!) and then swap the pads for black Team Wendy pads. That's money well spent. I wouldn't recommend paying full-price for a brand-new Wilson Dyna-Lite mask in your second year. Diamond makes a quality affordable mask that doesn't skimp on protection.
  16. When coaches start yapping about my zone, I simply look away and show them my Champro harness. That shuts them up pretty quickly.
  17. Thank you all for clarifying the rule for me. The journey to getting it right 100% of the time never ends!
  18. 12u playing FED rules. With R1 stealing 2B, F2 would move up on the pitch and catch the ball with his glove over home plate. Batter was taking all the way. First time, I told F2 to stay back - more out of safety concerns than rules. It happened again later (batter takes) and I did hear DC call out to F2 from bench about staying put and out of the way of bat. Then it happens a third time (batter was taking all the way again) and OC now wants me to call "catcher's balk" and award batter 1B and R1 moves to 2B. I tell him I've got nothing unless batter attempts swing and contacts F2
  19. I'll echo what @Aging_Arbiter said. What motivates me during sloppy games or blowouts at that level is believing that this game matters A LOT to just ONE player. The problem is, I don't know which player that is. So I have to act like it matters equally as much to all of them. I still remember what is was like to wake up in the morning knowing I had a LL game that day and then count the hours that dragged through the school day because I wanted so badly to get to the ballpark. That must still happen to kids these days, right?
  20. The best pearl of wisdom I can share with new umpires is this: You earn your reputation very quickly with your fellow umpires, assignors, and coaches. You are continuously making impressions as you enter the confines of the field, during play, between innings, and as you leave. Beyond the great gems written earlier, here are a few other things I've found that can help earn a positive reputation: Keep your availability updated in Arbiter. Contact your partner ~2hrs before first pitch and communicate where you'll meet at the game site, who has plate/base, colors to match etc...
  21. Does anybody here have experience with the Amateur Umpire Courses offered by the Wendelstedt school? http://www.umpireschool.com/abbreviated-courses For somebody like me who doesn't have the time or money for a month-long umpire school - plus I'm not interested in a job as a professional umpire - this looks like an interesting opportunity to improve my umpiring skills for levels like high school, college, independent leagues, etc..., and still get something like the "umpire school" experience. Also from my (limited) research, it appears Wendelstedt is the only school that offer
  22. That could be the case. I remember the other team would have as many as 3 players swinging bats between innings - first-up, on-deck batter, and third batter due up - and I didn't see it as unusual. Funny thing is that coach didn't explicitly tell me how many batters he thought were allowed. So the next inning, I watched how many of his batters were warming up and - surprise - there were 3.
  23. I was PU during U12 tournament played under FED rules. In middle of game, HC asks me to "watch the other team" between innings because they had "too many batters" in front of their bench area between innings swinging bats while his pitcher was throwing warm-up pitches. I told him I'd "keep an eye on it" but the game ended early (mercy rule) and it never came up again. Post-game I looked up FED rules and all I found re: this situation is 3-3-3: "Players loosening up to bat shall remain in the area of their team's on-deck circle while the pitcher is warming up." Does anyone know if FED
  24. http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20180411/parent-baseball-coaches-talked-of-beaning-daughter DURHAM, NH -- Police said they are looking into allegations made by a parent of a baseball player in the Oyster River Youth Association (ORYA), who claims two coaches conspired on a plan to injure his daughter in an attempt to intimidate her and force her to quit the league. Durham Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelly said the department is aware of the situation, but as of Tuesday had not decided whether to launch an investigation. In an email to ORYA board of directors Chair Ben Genes, Dan
  25. Now I never have to wonder what would happen if Ted Nugent and a Wilson Dyna-Lite had a baby... h/t Uni Watch
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