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  1. Greetings Mr. Hickman, I am having pants hemmed for the upcoming season now. Do you have a stock# for the JoAnn's thread that you selected for the new Smitty poly-spandex pants? Going into that place makes my head hurt... ~SeeingEyeDog
  2. Thunderheads, The bit about wearing your shin guards and plate shoes at the tailor came from...and I quote, "our man Scott Kennedy...at Ump-Attire.com". He has done so many great videos regarding their gear. I don't remember which one it was (likely the one on pants), but he was the one I heard talk about doing this to get proper measurements and fit. Good tools...PROPER TOOLS are not cheap and that includes our clothing. The last thing anybody wants to happen after buying a $50 pair of pants is run into a problem with the tailoring. I thought I'd check in here to see what other recommendations people had and as I suspected it would...the Empire provided! All, thanks for all of your responses, comments and remarks. We are a small fraternity. We are a tight fraternity. Thank you for looking after my needs and I look forward to looking after yours. ~SeeingEyeDog
  3. Greetings all, Long time lurker, first time poster...I just bought 2 new pairs of Smitty Poly-Spandex pants to start the season. One pair of PU and one pair of BU. Offhand, I am extremely impressed with their quality and I'm looking forward to wearing them. I've read a little bit elsewhere online that it's advisable to wear your plate shoes and shin guards when getting the PU pants hemmed at the tailor and also wearing your base shoes for the BU pants. And that you want the rear edge of your pants one half inch to one inch off the ground. Are cuffs or regular hem preferred? If cuffs, how tall should the cuffs be? Is there anything else I should be telling the tailor directly in terms of type of thread used or the way the pants are stitched to form the hems? ~SED
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