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  1. Part of branding is quality control...when I stay at the Marriott in New York City and order a side salad with my meal I know it's going to come with 3 tomatoes. When I hop a flight to China and stay at the Marriott in Beijing and order that same salad...again, I know it's coming with 3 tomatoes. I'm sure the pledge matters to the Legionnaires. I'm sure it matters to the national tournament personnel and staff. I absolutely know it matters to the umpires. It needs to start mattering at the local level, too...or again...don't take the pledge. ~Dawg
  2. As described, allowing for the level of play, the overall "leverage-ness" of the situation...you sound great here, @ArchAngel72. Strikes and outs get us home, sure. Calling the game properly and consistently at all times...gets us more work. As for fields with lights for district play...I somewhat agree. Someday, I'd love to understand how the local, national and global finances of LL work. It seems there is a great deal of money flowing TO Williamsport but, not much OUT. To say nothing of the thousands of volunteer hours they get every year. I'm not familiar with their operations, b
  3. Oh yeah? Wait until you see my black with doeskin with said blue visor...that will be silly. But, I will be cool, if not "cool". ~Dawg
  4. Peace be upon brother Bob... Brothers, there are no guarantees...there are only the things we can do to minimize our risk. Work together in all things. Park together in a well lit area away from team buses or where most of the teams' vehicles may park. This will likely mean a longer walk. Walk to the field together and leave the field together. Avoid having anything on your vehicle that identifies you as an umpire. Do not leave your parking spot to go home until your crew are all ready to roll out. If you are working a game solo, be doubly aware of your surroundings. And wh
  5. 18U travel, summer ball, non-tournament, non-showcase, Fed rules and I am on the plate... Batter steps into the box with his head down, both hands on the bat, doing the low and slow golf waggle swing...pitcher starts his windup and I call time out of safety concerns. As we reset, I said to F2 quietly, "Please don't give your signs until the batter is ready..." and he acknowledged. Neither manager (who are both varsity managers) said anything and we continued without further incident. At the end of the inning I grabbed each manager separately and quickly explained why I called time...
  6. Greetings Brother @Mussgrass, I would check with your doctor or medical professional first, but I highly recommend a massage gun. They are about the size and shape of a power drill; some are wands...and most of them come with assorted attachments. I used to use mine at home after games on my quads, hamstrings, calves and occasionally my back but, I've started carrying it in my game-go-bag so, I can use it in between both halves of a double header. Eventually, I will likely buy two to keep one in the car and one at home. While I do not have any physical disabilities, I have found that
  7. +1...I'm tired of seeing MLB managers who either don't know the rules, don't care about the rules or just flat out wanna' go out there and go after an umpire because they wanna' "rep their squad". And this bs move by managers, coaches and or players where when they get ejected they get to "get their money's worth" and just keep cursing and cussing the umpire. Grow up! One time...just one time, I'd love to see a guy tossed and simply walk off the field. For no other reason than he simply respects the umpire's decision to remove him from the game. There needs to be additional games added to susp
  8. I'll buy you a drink, bruh...I got you. ~Dawg
  9. Blue Mon...a challenge coin is used by military and law enforcement personnel to commemorate a significant event, achievement, mission, etc. Everyone on the team or who helped support the event is given a nice coin about the size of a U.S. silver dollar. Those who have been issued a challenge coin are expected to carry it at all times. If you should find yourself in an establishment that serves alcohol, anyone from that coin group can issue a challenge. All those in the group must then present their coins. Those who do not have their coins on them are buying drinks for all those who do ha
  10. That is the player's pledge, of course. I don't work LL but, I used to handle the PA for our local All-Star teams and there is also a Parent/Volunteer pledge. Regardless, my point was, we don't need pledges to keep us well behaved and we shouldn't recite pledges we don't intend to abide by. ~Dawg
  11. No need for concern...he clearly said it wasn't a positive exposure. ~Dawg
  12. ...and gear! Lots of gear talk, bruh. ~Dawg
  13. Greetings brothers, So after nearly 12 months of use, my FM4000MAG doeskin pads are starting to show some scuffs. The skin itself is in great shape and like many natural materials, seems to be getting softer and supple with more use. Can someone please tell me how to clean these scuffs without damaging the leather? Also, how should this mask with these pads be stored in the off-season? When I was still playing the game, I used to oil my mitt and put it in a ziplock bag stored in a warm, dry place...can I do that here with these mask pads? Or some other technique? ~Dawg
  14. This is why umpires are trained that we only verbalize a foul ball and the hands up and we point it foul. Fair batted balls are simply pointed fair with no verbalization. When it's a fair ball that is close to being foul, we get to point it fair and then walk up the line away from home plate and give two or three more pump/points of the ball fair. Because after the long ball, chicks dig umpires selling fair ball calls... Umpires are also trained who is responsible for making a foul/fair call in a given situation so that what you describe, OP...should never happen. Once a batted
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