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  1. I've never understood this take...so, the ONLY people on this planet who dislike change are grumpy old men? ~Dawg
  2. From the "Nobody Asked Me File"... Just a mechanic reminder...draw an imaginary line from the point of the plate through about the middle of the 1B-coach's box. Draw another line from the point of the plate to about where the 1B-man plays. Draw the same imaginary lines on the 3B side of the field. If a ball is travelling or travels through this vector? It needs to be indicating foul/fair...and LOUDLY called foul, if foul. (We do not verbalize fair batted balls, of course...) 201 Class? If fair, in order to look like a pro and impress The Desirables...walk a few steps up the line while pointing and pumping your fist for a fair call. ~Dawg
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-set-to-implement-rule-changes-for-2023-including-a-pitch-clock-per-report/ Greetings brothers...well, we have The Dead Ball Era. Now it seems we are headed for The Clock Era, I guess. This is not baseball. This is not a baseball decision. This is a business decision. Pitch clocks, end of the defensive shifts and larger bases (but, not the softball double base because that's softball and we can't have softball innovations in the game even if it would fix the game of baseball). ~Dawg
  4. @SCRookie, every league even the same league fall versus spring has its own culture, flavor, style, etc...and as human beings I suppose this applies somehow to umpires and umpiring, too. At the same time, one of the oldest clichés in sports is, "How we practice is how we play". And it's true for umpiring, too. If an umpire works fall ball say down at 10U (and that's fine, the game needs umpires at almost ALL levels...) and that umpire starts saying and doing things like, "Oh, it's 10U fall ball...I don't have to clean my shoes." or "It's fall ball, I don't have to be there until 10 minutes before game time." or "It's fall ball, so I'll take a step or two up the line after clearing the catcher but, I'm not going further because I can see swipe tags, pulled feet and running violations from there just fine..." or "Meh...the batter just fouled that ball off the fence but, I'm not going to inspect the baseball because it's fall ball..." Well, guess what is likely going to happen next? After 2 or 3 months of umpiring fall baseball in this relaxed, casual state...you're going to put your gear away for the winter and not think about baseball and or umpiring until February when you start getting notifications for HS scrimmages and then you show up to work those scrimmages with the same half-hearted efforts you were using to work fall ball and your craft suffers and you have to un-do all those bad habits you picked up. This notion that human beings can "flip the switch" when "the games matter" is largely a myth. How we practice is how we play. Work fall baseball, absolutely. Work spring baseball, absolutely. Keep a written list of things you are working on. You know what those things are; you've heard them repeatedly from your mentors and umpire brothers that you know and trust. Part of your pre-game for ALL baseball games should be to tell your crew what YOU are working on and have them tell you what THEY are working on. Don't overload yourself. You have a ballgame to work. And then in post-game, review those "working items". How did everyone do? Take notes and consider the feedback you were given. Could any of it be positively implemented on your craft to make you a better umpire? An umpire who doesn't take the field to work on things is not working to become a better umpire. ~Dawg
  5. I have absolutely used after conferencing on an unusual play, "Upon further review..." and had similar reactions (HS and travel ball). I think it's a good mechanic and verbalization if done well. ~Dawg
  6. So, can someone sell me on an All-Star MVP5 hockey-style mask. I have been wanting to pull the trigger on one...why should I consider/choose this model? ~Dawg
  7. Smitty ComfortTech Compression Short w/cup pouch as bottom layer: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/S415/Smitty-Grey-ComfortTech-Compression-Shorts-with-Cup-Pocket ...and then UnderArmour long tights over the Smitty Compression Short. It gets hot and soupy from the waist down but, I just abhor the feeling of the shin guard straps against my bare legs...YMMV. ~Dawg
  8. Yessssssssssssssssssss, @834k3r...yes, we call that Sunday in my association. ~Dawg
  9. @Senor Azul, I was trained under FED that a Coach or player must come to the plate umpire with a check swing appeal. We do not acknowledge appeals made by anyone directly to a base umpire. My question is, the rule citation you made indicates a "Coach or captain may appeal for a reversal..." If no captain was declared prior to the start of the game, is the correct game management by the umpiring crew to then ONLY permit a Coach to make a check swing appeal directly to the plate umpire? ~Dawg
  10. Thanks @maven for mentioning that. Yes, the laces in question were indeed properly tied... ~Dawg
  11. Umpire mechanics? From the early 1900's? So...you will be working the game by yourself then? [...shows himself out] ~Dawg P.S. Seriously, congratulations! Please take pics and post your experience here!
  12. The last thing my instructor showed my class was a slide all of the non-emergency numbers for police departments in the areas we work and we were encouraged to put those numbers in our phone and carry our phones to the field. He also told us, "Feel free to also dial 911 as circumstances dictate..." Carry your phones, brothers...and know who to call. ~Dawg
  13. You've heard of shoe string catches? I once had a play at 1B where F3 secured the baseball and stomped his foot on the ground but did not touch the bag. An instant later his shoelace flailed over and landed on the base. My call for that one was, "He's on it! With the shoelace...he's out!" while pointing at the bag and grabbing the out. The fact that the throw beat the runner by 6 steps may have helped, too... No play is ever..."routine". ~Dawg
  14. I was Detroit born. My Dad worked for the Blue Oval. We moved away when I was 4 but, I still have lots of family there and get back from time to time. ~Dawg
  15. Greetings brothers, I don't work LL and have always had great respect for those that do. While watching some regional games this week, I was struck by how similar all of the LL umpire mechanics are. Hammers only, no pointers...why does LL set a standard and train to allow for so little variances in mechanics? Or stated another way...why does nearly every other brand of baseball allow for more personalization of an umpire's mechanics? As always...not a complaint, not a criticism. Merely a question to broaden my understanding of the world outside my own... ~Dawg
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