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  1. There's been a lot of talk in the two-man world about strike and strike three mechanics being executed such that they don't take PU's eyes off the batter, pitcher, plate, etc...you don't want to miss any visual information that might require an adjudication. And I have come to support that logic so, I spent this summer/fall transitioning from pointing to hammering my strikes. I figure if I ever find myself on the plate with a 4 man crew someday, my reward will be returning to pointing. What I am finding difficult with all of this is...the mixed messages. I attended a spring clinic he
  2. @Recontra, one of my mentors told me when I was first starting out, "Umpires like a good game, too and...we have the best seat in the house." ~Dog
  3. @wolfe_man, thanks for the yellow lens recommendation however, I need a prescription so, I'm looking at a bit more than $7. But, I'm still going to pursue it. Ideally, I'd like to get something with interchangeable lenses to eliminate the frame expenses. @Rock Bottom...Hey Rock, thanks for the Prizm Field Lens recommendation. What was your adjustment period like? Had you worn them extensively away from the ballfield to help you get comfortable with them? Or did you just put them on and take the field? I was reading on the Oakley website and the technology sounds sound. It's just a lot of
  4. When I'm Galactic Commissioner Sith Lord of Baseball, throwing the bat will merit an immediate ejection...at ANY level of play. If the rules reflected that, bat throwing would be reduced to nearly zero overnight. Funny thing about thrown bats, they don't know the thrower's intent. They cause the same injuries, regardless. The game of baseball is dangerous enough without players, coaches, and umpires having to also expect part of the threat risk bargain is accepting injuries via thrown bats because we're more worried about hurting a player's feelings because they didn't get to participate
  5. This is a topic that is long overdue. Thanks, OP for getting it going... Like many here, I have an assortment of masks that I am constantly tinkering with. As I've gotten older, I've noticed I am much more light sensitive. Both my parents experience this, too and my eye doctor has confirmed it's genetic. Stepping outside after being indoors I typically need sunglasses even if it's a mostly cloudy day. I have 3 pairs with different colored lenses for different conditions. At night, if I'm driving a country road with no street lights, I have to avoid looking into the headlights of oncoming
  6. Another situation where I find myself asking, "If we required all adults involved with a youth baseball league to umpire one or two games per season, how might youth baseball improve and become more positive because the number of adults wanting to hurl complaints at umpires (especially the teenaged umpires) might be significantly reduced?" A little static fired at umpires by fans is part of the fabric of the game and I hope it always will be. And the more time I spend around the game, the more appalled I get at what people think is ok to shout at umpires. And how the corollaries between how a
  7. Pardon the shameless shill... Pants were $57, now $35 https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/sale-clearance/products/copy-of-smitty-advanced-technology-4-way-stretch-umpire-pants-1?variant=17489789714497 Shirts were $27, now $16 https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/sale-clearance/products/smitty-pro-knit-umpire-shirts ~Dog
  8. Our Zoom meetings go anywhere from an hour to two hours. We have used Zoom for trainings, especially when we rolled out our COVID mechanics and then started reviewing and revising those mechanics as they were put into play, gathering feedback from people. We had originally thought we would move PU back from the catcher but, safety became an immediate concern so we went with PU at either 1B line extended or 3B line extended depending on the hitter. All of this took a few games to work out and then we disseminated it down once we got it comfortable. I do not know what the charges were or if
  9. @LMSANS, my association is slightly larger than yours and we have been using Zoom since March for all of our meetings. There have been some hiccups but, nothing serious. The key as mentioned above is to tell members to make sure they have their first and last names entered as their screen name in advance and to designate someone to manage the waiting room who can then let people into the main presentation room. Publish your start time about 5-10 minutes before your actual presentation begins to give people time to "arrive" and admitted from the waiting room. Finally, be sure to mute all those
  10. ^^^This...right here...all day long. As soon as the plate meeting is over, it becomes our field. Take impending inclement weather seriously and make decisions that keep everyone safe. ~Dog
  11. @Beacher80, definitely do some research. Dyna-Lite is not a bad choice (with Team Wendy pads) and there are other cages to consider as well. All-Star (a brand I had not considered until just this year due to some interesting videos posted here on Umpire-Empire) in particular is doing a lot of interesting things not only with materials but, also geometry and their own in-house padding. And of course, Force3 is all about innovation and advancement. Finally, a small manufacturer called Windpact have brought some new protective ideas to market that (like Team Wendy) they have field proven with the
  12. Nike and Adidas masks are the Cuban cigars of the umpire mask market. Good cigars, good masks and there are better choices. ~Dog
  13. @Vegas_Ump, hey Mike, thanks for sharing that, brother! I am familiar with some of Veeck's antics but, I had not heard this one about the home plate air-jet. An idea before its time. I can hear Joe Buck now..."And after the close play at home, we bring you the air-jet clearing of the plate. Brought to you byyyyy...Toro! A lot of power and not a lot of bull!" ~Dog
  14. @The Short Umpire, hey Short...what brand/style of pants are you using? I bought some F3 shin guards in the hopes of using them this spring but, then my association went to COVID mechanics so, I never got to use them. I really like how the F3's fit but, I'm wondering if I'm going to have to look at new pants come next spring to find another brand/style less prone to snagging. I have the Smitty Performance Poly-Spandex which have generously cut legs...thoughts? ~Dog
  15. And please (and feel free to pregame this!)...when you get together on ANY call, do NOT say to your crew, "What have you got?" or "What did you see?". There is no surer path to rear-ends in a jackpot! Ask your crew a specific question about the play in question, "Coach says the fielder pulled his foot off the bag early. I have secured possession of the ball while in contact with the bag prior to the runner touching the bag. Did anyone see anything different?" In the sample scenario, I am asking about the possibility of a pulled foot. I am not asking about a running line violation, s
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