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  1. That's a great question, @Jimurray. I have certainly spent more time on a baseball field in the sun in a 24 hour period than I have spent fishing in a 24 hour period and I absolutely wear UV protective clothing out to my wrists and ankles and across my face, head and neck when I fish. I do use sunscreen when umpiring but, I have still gotten burned because I forgot to re-apply or missed some spots. UV protective clothing provides some interesting applications for umpiring... ~Dog
  2. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Under-Apparel/CJ2_Champro-Lightning-Half-Sleeve-Compression-Shirt Well, @JimKirk made a nice pitch to try this shirt...and I did. To begin, I am an Under Armour apparel jihadist. I have been wearing their clothing since about 1998. I'm not sure if this is still the case but, for quite some time UA didn't own any patents on material. They bought bolts of public domain fabric to make their clothing and then Kevin Plank their CEO unleashed a guerilla marketing campaign. They made their bones the old-fashioned way. Plank, a UMD grad, supplied the Terps with shirts gratis knowing they would travel the country and other athletes would see the logo and want the latest thing. I cannot say enough about their HeatGear and ColdGear shirts and undergarments. UA Heat Gear is the direct competitor to the Champro Lightning. Ump-Attire has the Heat Gear Short Sleeve compression shirt in black only from S (34 - 36) up to a 3X (54 - 56) for $27.99. (Other retailers including UnderArmour.com sell other colors). I don't have the fabric composition handy but, I will post that down below in a later post once I check the tags. The Champro Lightning is a nice alternative to UA's Heat Gear. The Lightning is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. Depending on your sensibilities to hot and cold, for sweltering to warm days, the Lightning is perhaps a better choice than Heat Gear. Heat Gear excels on cool to warm days while Cold Gear is best suited to cold to cool days. Wind is also going to penetrate the Lightning more easily than the Heat Gear shirt and certainly the Cold Gear shirt. Ump-Attire stocks the Lightning in black, navy and red also from S (34 - 36) up to a 3X (54 - 56) for $19.99. The most significant difference between the Lightning shirt and all other compression shirts is the Lightning is made with half sleeves. For most people this means the sleeves will extend all the way down to the elbow joint. For some of you and your associations, this may be a problem depending on your uniform standards so, think before you select this shirt. For new umpires buying a lot of gear and apparel or anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative to UnderArmour apparel, Champro Lightning is a great choice. Also, for anyone looking for an alternative brand in the sea of people wearing UnderArmour, Nike and or Adidas or any of the legacy mainstream sportswear marques, again Champro is a unique option. I am by no means regretting this purchase and I will absolutely wear my Lightning shirt on the field. I personally still prefer UnderArmour Heat Gear. ~Dog
  3. Where there's money and patience? There are craftsman. If someone really wants black deerskin A-S pads for their Mag, contact a leatherworker and have them made. They'll rip the stitches, remove the padding and then cut new skin and sew it up. Mind you, this won't be the cheapest thing you have ever done for a mask rig but, you will be unique. You could even have the new skin embroidered with your initials or American flag or whatever other piece of flair you want that your association wouldn't ding you for... ~Dog
  4. Still an unsolved, senseless beating... I'm not sure I would ever recover from something like that... ~Dog
  5. My partner and I have lost the count a time or two. I check with the home team scorekeeper, get the count, thank them and we move on. I usually approach them after the game, thank them again and make a joke about "sending an invoice to our association" which never fails to send everyone home smiling... ~Dog
  6. By the way, that lower of the 2 pictures is a good example of how to hold your mask. That's a pro using the pro grip. ~Dog
  7. Oh man...no, no, no @ArchAngel72. THAT was a nice one! If you ever have any doubts about whether your money gets to the right person or not, either identify a family yourself who needs financial assistance for their child and give them the money directly OR...hand your money personally to the league treasurer and say, "This is a donation for your scholarship fund for any families who can't afford league fees."
  8. Doh! I forgot! That will be the Diet Coke ad, I guess... ~Dog
  9. A few weeks ago, I was calling a youth travel game. I was on the plate. About two innings in I was very aware of a maternal voice behind the fence saying, "Yes, honey. That's the man with the blue shirt. He's the umpire. He's working right now. He can't talk to you." Skip forward to the end of the game and I hear a small child's voice say, "Hi, umpire!" It took me a moment to realize it was a 3 year old boy right up against the fence, about knee high to me. His wee fingers wrapped tightly around the mesh of the fence. I look down and say hello and ask him his name and he says, "Steven..." I asked him if he had a good time at the park that day and if he plays baseball and he said, "Momma says we are here to watch Nate. But, I am here to watch you..." He then added that he wanted to be an umpire someday. I had no choice but to spray and wipe down my indicator and then bend down and push it through the fence to him and say, "Well, Steven...", I said, "if you're going to be an umpire, you're going to need one of these..." To paraphrase William Goldman...Since the invention of the smile, there have been only 5 smiles that were rated the most happy, the most pure. This one left them all behind. This particular field is a grueling uphill and downhill walk back to the parking lot. I walked a little brisker that day back to the car. It must have been the weight I shed handing off that indicator. Also, the trail was a lot more "dusty" walking back than I remembered when I arrived... A great opportunity to film a new Coca-Cola ad was missed that day. ~Dog
  10. @Rock Bottom, nothing official but, that's the question that everyone is asking of course. I thought I read somewhere on here that the Under Armour mask frame is based on a re-badged mask from another manufacturer. Don't quote me on that and others will no doubt provide more insight. The closest mask configurations to the shape of that Under Armour mask will obviously be the best bets for fit. If and when these pads become available, I will be purchasing a set immediately. I will fit them in my 3 masks and then post comments and pics of the rigs here. Thank you to @wolfe_man for posting the remarks from our contact over at WindPact and we will continue to share any information as it becomes available. What's ironic about this entire situation is that I personally have yet to see one of these Under Armour masks on the field in my area. Now, part of that is because we are working under COVID mechanics and many of the brethren are choosing to forego plate equipment given their vector to the hitter. I would offer that if WindPact makes the decision to green light this, they will sell more pads as accessories than they would have sold as part of Under Armour masks. Of course, technically they sold pads in bulk to Under Armour to fill that order but, likely less overall profit on a transaction like that than selling individual pads wholesale/retail. ~Dog
  11. https://smittyapparel.com/collections/baseball-shirts/products/bbs300-perfomance-mesh-umpire-short-sleeve-shirt?variant=14094984544319 Greetings brothers, I have available for sale two, new without tags, Smitty BBS300 Performance Mesh Umpire Short Sleeve Shirts (Carolina Blue). I have one 2XL shirt and one 3XL shirt. Neither of these shirts have ever been worn. I ordered these not realizing I clicked the wrong color and my association does not wear these. My mistake is your gain. With apologies to the non-US based and or Hawaiian and Alaskan based brethren, the price is $10 per shirt shipped to anywhere in the U.S. I will accept PayPal, money order or check for payment. Once I have received your payment (checks must clear), I will ship out and provide you with a tracking# within 24 hours (M-F) or next business day if (Sat, Sun or a holiday). As always, if you have any questions or want pics, please PM me. ~Dog
  12. That's absolutely, correct @BT_Blue. Thank you. ~Dog
  13. To add to @wolfe_man's remarks... My daughter started playing softball a few years ago. Last year, we watched the NCAA Softball World Series. I'm embarrassed to say, I never gave softball much consideration until my daughter started playing. I'm a huge fan of softball now. It has many nuances and quirks apart from baseball that really make it its own sport. The spirit and camaraderie of the players is also unique and special. They are a team and yet, their game allows for individual expression. One thing I do NOT like about softball (and perhaps someone more knowledgeable can enlighten me...) is the coach asking for time, receiving time and having a defensive meeting usually on the mound....after EVERY hitter. As Wolf said above, I get that it's the CSWS but, any college athlete has been playing that game for many, many years at a high level before arriving to play college sports. In the case of softball, these players KNOW defensively what play needs to be made. Fielder's choice? Sure, the coach may have a preference. That can be signaled into the catcher and signaled to the team without having to stop the game for a defensive meeting after every hitter. In closing, if we could also prohibit coaches signalling pitch selection and or location to the catchers above Little League? That'd be great...thanks. As HOU 1B-man, Bob Watson famously said in 1977, "Let the kids play." By the way, Rest In Power Mr. Watson. Bob Watson passed away from kidney disease in May earlier this year. He was 74. And we all hope they are letting YOU play, sir...wherever you are. ~Dog
  14. Thank you, @wolfe_man for posting those links! If you want these pads or if you want to help support those of us trying to acquire these pads, please send in your request! I also wanted to tag @JimKirk. Jim we know Ty did an excellent 2 minute review of the Under-Armour mask and again it was featured on your virtual summit posted to YouTube recently. WindPact appears to be a company that is bringing technology and science to bear on the world of umpiring equipment in new and unique ways that many of us are very interested in. Any chance you could reach out to your contacts there and conduct a similar product highlight as we saw from All-Star? How they test, what their data tells us and what makes their products competitive? Who better to tell us and show us about their gear than the guys researching it and developing it? I personally made an All-Star purchase as a result of that video and I am giving serious consideration to the Cobalt CP. Perhaps a WindPact CC chest protector is on the horizon? ~Dog
  15. Speaking of replacement pads and my apologies for the shameless shill... All-Star sells all of their replacement pads direct! Here's a link to a catalog search showing all of their current offerings. LUC, Deerskin and LMX: https://www.all-starsports.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=pfm ~Dog
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