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  1. I could not agree more @kylehutson. I don't use it because of the polished finish. Matte would be great...of course, oil rubbed would be sublime. ~Dawg
  2. https://www.tommiecopper.com/2-pack-community-wear-face-masks/ Greetings brothers, With the start of the 2021 season hopefully right around the corner for most of us, I've heard and seen a lot of discussion about suitable PPE masks for umpires. Before I talk more about the above link I posted, I wanted to take a moment and say I don't want this to turn into a political argument about PPE masks, whether the public should be wearing them, whether umpires should be wearing them, etc. Some of you have struggled to find the right PPE mask. I did, too and simply wanted to share one I
  3. My sample size indicates a lot of this (not all of it!) is generational and occupational. I work in an association with a lot military and law enforcement personnel. Those in that line of work have a much finer degree of detail to their umpiring uniforms and on-field appearance. Generationally, (military/law enforcement or not...) older guys are more particular about uniforms and younger guys are less particular. The following techniques have served me best...First, acquire as many different shirt colors, sleeve lengths, undershirts, ball bags, caps, shoes and jackets as your budget
  4. https://www.force3progear.com/f3-sport-shoe-bag.html Force 3 also sells them directly. (Make sure you click the gray, LARGE button below the price to select the correct size.) Admittedly, if Ump-Attire is out of stock on these, the manufacturer might be, too so you may want to contact them prior to placing an order. ~Dawg
  5. 😲All-Star...please...take ALL my money now. I want all the colors, charge it please and thank you very much! Thanks for posting this! ~Dawg
  6. https://www.tommiecopper.com/2-pack-community-wear-face-masks/ I will leave a full review on this mask on another thread but...these are very comfortable masks. @Gfoley4, I wear glasses, too. Make sure you get a mask with wire sewn into the nose area so, it can be shaped around your nose to seal your warmed exhalations from leaking out the top of the mask and condensing onto your glasses. Be sure to clean your glasses (with an alcohol based cleaner...) before you have to wear your mask. There are no fog proof chemicals or techniques but, cleaning with an alcohol cleaner helps minimiz
  7. @Stk004, sorry for not mentioning the "red paint" smell. I let mine out-gas in my basement for a few days and then there was no more smell. They must bag the pads right when they come off the production line and not let the smell wear off at the factory. ~Dawg
  8. Thanks, @BT_Blue. I won't be working above high school ball. ~Dog
  9. I was raised and trained that for umpires and officials, the administration and management of the game from start to finish should never be political. Arenas, stadiums, ballparks, fields, rinks, etc. and the contests that occur there are one of the final bastions that bind us as human beings. Umpires and game officials have a responsibility to conduct themselves apolitically on the fields of play we work. In 1996, in the wake of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf's refusal to stand during the National Anthem, the NBA established specific rules in either their rulebook or CBA which now require all players
  10. Thanks for the feedback as always, brothers. I've got a solid relationship with my assignor and neither he nor any of my partners has ever brought this up. We're getting ready for pre-season cage work, clinics and scrimmages here soon so, I'll see what some of the instructors have to say on this, too. ~Dawg
  11. So, I've always grabbed my mask by the throat guard. (Not the dangling throat guard, the integrated throat guard bars.) One, it's what's comfortable and what works for me. Two, you get more leverage from there than any other place on a mask. Then today I saw Ty's video. What technique do you guys use and is it time for me to change to this mechanic? ~Dawg
  12. I bought a black FMMg with leather pads last fall and it's the best mask I have ever owned. It's lightweight yet strong. I like the looks of it, especially this color combo and I've gotten quite a few positive remarks about it from the brethren, coaches, players and parents..."Nice old school mask, blue!" is a common one. I haven't tried the LUC pads but, I have sensitive facial skin (wind, sun, shaving and cheap umpire masks are all irritants). The AllStar leather are extremely soft and comfortable. I have not used this rig in summer yet so, we'll see how that goes with all the sweat. TW
  13. @Kevin_K, thank you for sharing that. It's encouraging to know there are areas of this country with that kind of partnership between umpires and coaches. ~Dog
  14. @Matt, yeah that makes sense...I don't know that I'm reciting the rulebook definition of a strike zone when there is a "problem" but, for interpretation related calls when there is a specific rule being applied, knowing the "salad" can be very helpful. ~Dog
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