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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2020/2/15/21138987/michigan-batter-ejected-bat-swipe-baseball-unwritten-rules-nonsense-vanderbilt I completely understand why this player was ejected. And yet, my read on this was not challenging PU's call but, disgust with himself. Perhaps the message here then is don't put an umpire in that kind of position to make a decision about your intent...? I don't call college ball and I have no ambition to do so. I have encountered players who have waived their bat out where the last pitch was that they were caught looking at and met that with a, "We'll have none of that today, sir..." and that was the end of it. Pardon my ignorance, is this where we are in leagues where the players shave?
  2. Greetings brethren, I have been wanting to pull the trigger on the above mask for a few months. HQ4sports.com has it listed at $89.99 minus a $5 coupon and plus $9 for shipping. Has anyone seen a better price on this mask? Also, has anyone ever ordered from this website and was it a clean transaction? ~SED
  3. Greetings brethren, As part of my pre-season prep, I am having my eyes examined next week. I have always worn glasses to see better far away from me. However, for the last few months, I have had to start removing my glasses for reading and to see things up close. I suspect I will be receiving a prescription for bifocals. For those of you out there who wear glasses, can you please talk about your experiences with this change in vision as you lose your ability to see clearly closely? Was it a difficult process relative to our craft? What might I expect? Do you wear your bifocals behind the plate, on the bases? Never? Again, just curious what others' experiences were/are...what has worked? Not worked? And what to do and not do. ~S.E.D.
  4. Jimurray, I am calling baseball. Man in Blue, yes...exactly. I had always heard that hammering a strike call was a softball specific mechanic. And thank you VERY much for referencing the NFHS rulebook as I was also not aware of this. ~Dawg
  5. Greetings Brethren, So, I'm with a new association this spring. Like many associations around the United States, they have contracts from LL up to D-III. I attended a cage session recently, which I always make a part of my pre-season preparation. There were a number of veteran umpires there working with each umpire who had scheduled time. My strike call is a verbalization followed shortly thereafter by a pistol with my right hand. The only feedback I received following my session was that my strike verbalization and mechanic MUST be synchronized and I MUST use a hammer motion. I've always tried to be a student of the craft. I am not a professional umpire and I was raised that anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of my abilities and that's been my approach to the craft. We live in an era of nearly limitless umpiring resources at our fingertips and I take advantage of them whenever I can. I maintain an open mind that the craft is always evolving. The way we umpired 5 years ago is not the way we will umpire in 5 more years. That being said, without naming my association, I have the following questions to all of you: 1) I've read a great deal that the pointing/pistol mechanic should only be used with a 4 man crew because you are taking your eyes off your prime responsibility...everything at the plate. Old habits die hard and I will be working this pre-season to utilize a hammer mechanic to maintain my focus. Is this the choice all of you would make? 2) I have never heard that the mechanic and the verbalization MUST be in synch. Again, I am open to working on this because I want to send my new local brothers the message that if they have taken the time to work with me on their own time and expense that I am willing to listen and conform to what the association's understood written and perhaps un-written standards are. Can someone here provide some additional context on the need for these things to be in synch? Is this simply standardizing the call on the whole for the association or is there another practical reason for this? Thank you and as always, I'll hang up and listen off the air... ~Dawg
  6. Greetings Mr. Hickman, I am having pants hemmed for the upcoming season now. Do you have a stock# for the JoAnn's thread that you selected for the new Smitty poly-spandex pants? Going into that place makes my head hurt... ~SeeingEyeDog
  7. Thunderheads, The bit about wearing your shin guards and plate shoes at the tailor came from...and I quote, "our man Scott Kennedy...at Ump-Attire.com". He has done so many great videos regarding their gear. I don't remember which one it was (likely the one on pants), but he was the one I heard talk about doing this to get proper measurements and fit. Good tools...PROPER TOOLS are not cheap and that includes our clothing. The last thing anybody wants to happen after buying a $50 pair of pants is run into a problem with the tailoring. I thought I'd check in here to see what other recommendations people had and as I suspected it would...the Empire provided! All, thanks for all of your responses, comments and remarks. We are a small fraternity. We are a tight fraternity. Thank you for looking after my needs and I look forward to looking after yours. ~SeeingEyeDog
  8. Greetings all, Long time lurker, first time poster...I just bought 2 new pairs of Smitty Poly-Spandex pants to start the season. One pair of PU and one pair of BU. Offhand, I am extremely impressed with their quality and I'm looking forward to wearing them. I've read a little bit elsewhere online that it's advisable to wear your plate shoes and shin guards when getting the PU pants hemmed at the tailor and also wearing your base shoes for the BU pants. And that you want the rear edge of your pants one half inch to one inch off the ground. Are cuffs or regular hem preferred? If cuffs, how tall should the cuffs be? Is there anything else I should be telling the tailor directly in terms of type of thread used or the way the pants are stitched to form the hems? ~SED
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