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  1. Good question... My preference would be for the low-pro. But, I'd try a reg-pro if that's what you have... ~Dawg
  2. Hey @maven...Mr. Spock, Capt. Kirk and I are sitting down to some Fizzbin later. We have an open chair if you would like to join us. You may want to bring a pencil and paper for your ummmm..."rule book". ~Dawg
  3. The AS Mag deerskin pads are also varying colors...because leather is an organic material. They use the same processes and chemicals and dyes to prepare the deerskin but, no skins from two different animals are going to end up the same exact same color. ~Dawg
  4. We all kick calls. We all make mistakes. Do NOT under any circumstances ever apologize to a player or coach for missing a call or making a mistake. If you apologize for a missed call or mistake, you're going to find yourself in repeated jackpots with those coaches any time something questionable happens going forward. "Hey Blue...do we get an apology on that one, too?" and that of course would lead to warnings and or ejections but that is a situation that you created. Remember...the play is NOTHING until we call it. You could have let that thing go several seconds beyond jumping fair before wa
  5. Thanks guys...I was pretty sure this was the case but, I wanted to check here before going back to him with clarification. ~Dawg
  6. What chest protector is Barrett wearing? ~Dawg
  7. I really like what was said here about overcommunicating. There has been a modern trend of "stuff that Grandma can call" doesn't need a signal or a verbalization. I don't subscribe to this. Can of corn catch gets a hammer mechanic minimum from me. Trouble ball in a high leverage moment? On a catch, that's getting two hammers and "That's a catch! That's a catch!". On a non-catch, that's getting two safe signals and "No catch! No catch!" All foul balls get at least my hands up. I disagree with the notion that an umpire doesn't look "as sharp" or "as professional" motioning the ball dea
  8. Greetings brothers, I have not worked LL in over 30 years so, I am not familiar with their current regulations. I have nothing but great respect for those who work the small field, especially the adult volunteer LL umpires. I was chatting with my neighbor the other day and he told me he is the UIC in one of our neighboring town's LL. I told him a little about working for my association, working the big fields for travel, scholastic and adult leagues and he said he is "looking forward to those levels eventually" but, he did not want to "jeopardize his LL eligibility for local, state,
  9. THIS! THIS! THIS! ...and THAT! All day...all night long! Yes, sir! This is part of the reason why we are encouraged to arrive early for games. For most levels (check local rules and regulations), the decision to start a game is the home team manager's. Once the plate meeting ends, the field (and the decision to start or continue a game) belongs to the umpires. I have lost count of the number of times I have arrived at a field and there's people on the field diligently working to get the grounds prepared for a game and it is obvious it won't be. But, because they have been out there for t
  10. @Vegas_Ump, wow...although I have always worn a throat guard, it has never occurred to me that I could catch a bat there, too...yikes! Thanks for pointing that out! ~Dawg
  11. I'm looking to acquire a Wilson Ti. I have a gently used silver, Champro Rampage I'm looking to include with the transaction. Please send me a private message to talk terms if you're interested. ~Dawg
  12. Yup, that's the right move @philaump. I've also had lots of coaches argue being over the time limit. Same deal...if the crew extends the game, we are assuming liability unnecessarily. The game is over, coaches. We are over the time limit. If you want to stay out here and play? That's your decision... ~Dawg
  13. Repectfully, in my judgement, nothing should be called a "World Series" which does not include teams from more than two countries. Of course not every country would be interested in fielding a baseball team. For what it's worth the DR and Japan have both won the correctly named WBC. That's just my opinion. I could be wrong. ~Dawg
  14. I'm sure the UIC meant well and I am certainly no attorney but...who is liable if an umpire draws a line in the dirt and tells F2 to stay behind that and he/she still manages to get whacked? For 12U and under, I would consider speaking to the manager about it. Call time and go over and tell whomever took the plate meeting from that team. That way if there are any questions directed to the umpire(s) after the game ends, regarding an F2 injury, you can say I called time and spoke to the coach about F2's positioning. And hey...in this day and age, you might even be on camera having that conv
  15. I gotta' say...you put a bunch of umpires in a room (physically or virtually) and ask them about this call and mechanic and you're going to get as many answers as there are umpires. So, what does that tell us? MAKE SURE YOU ARE PRE-GAMING WHAT THE CREW IS DOING ON D3Ks! On a D3K, my current PU mechanic is the right arm and hand ONLY making the safe motion whilst I verbalize, "No catch! No catch!". On a caught third strike (if Grandma couldn't call it), my current mechanic is an out hammer whilst I verbalize, "That's a catch! That's a catch!" I had a partner last fall who was an MiLB
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