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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone! So, does anyone know who to contact about maybe getting a chest protector retrofitted like Team Wendy used to do? I have called upholsters, and all say they can’t do it. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. In search of a team wendy chest protector. If you are willing to sell im willing to work a fair price.
  3. Used, but certainly not abused! Black Team Wendy mask pads, used on and off for a season, been sitting a while. Good shape Please PM me with an offer .... Thanks
  4. Have an older (late 90s early 2000s) black Douglas CP and was looking for advice on whether the TW Retrofit would be a better padding "refurbishment" than sending back to Douglas and having them put on new Douglas padding. I know when I used a WV Gold with the TW padding I was surprised by the heaviness and density of the TW padding. Also, has Douglas instituted a better and smaller shoulder gap modification piece than the one in this attached photo? I have seen the posts where folks took the black instep protector flap off their triple knee Wilson leg guards and riveted these to their Douglas but that's not something I'm interested in - or have the ability to do. I know people were doing the large Douglas flaps in the attached pic a few years ago but I was curious if Douglas does something that is smaller. All replies are much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Designed with the same expertise used to develop the US military’s preferred helmet pads, Team Wendy's UMPS™ umpire mask replacement padding is lightweight and comfortable. It's the first commercially available padding designed using Zorbium® foam, known for significantly lowering the impact severity index and peak acceleration forces. Manages impact up to 40% more effectively than other commercially available umpire face mask padsLowers peak acceleration forces up to 30% better than similar productsMade with Team Wendy’s energy-absorbing Zorbium® foamMachine washable and quick dryingCovered with soft, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial microfiber fabricAvailable in black or tanCompatible with most umpire face masksThis product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
  6. Very nice Douglas 12" with Team Wendy Retrofit, and the original chest pad only. This was one of the first ever Team Wendy Douglas retrofits before they stopped doing the Douglas (they currently do them again, but stopped for a couple of years). This is the all black model from the 2010/11 time frame This one was customized by Team Wendy by its original owner (Fittske24) and the extra padding was cut at the bottom making it more like an 11 or 11.5" Very comfy, collarbone plates formed nicely. This has an All-Star Delta Flex harness (shows some use but still fine) and t-hooks. Also comes with a NEW set of t-hooks from Douglas. You'll get everything including the Douglas original chest padding. $125 + shipping. US only, paypal only (friends and family) photos coming PM me with interest
  7. Hey all ..... Well, .....I did it, and I gave it a shot, but ....... I MUCH prefer the Douglas padding compared to the TW padding. I had my Douglas TW retrofitted but as you can see, ... I don't really like it, so .......here it is up for grabs. This TW retrofit is only for the chest portion (not the shoulder cups). I wore the TW's w/ the Douglas about 6 times (at the most) Again, this is for the retrofit TW padding only that will fit a 15" Douglas. PM me, .... Paypal only (friends & family) $110 + shipping or, make a reasonable offer
  8. I am looking for the Team Wendy Retrofit for the West Vest Platinum CP, anyone interested in selling theirs please let me know! Thanks
  9. this is a rebooted thread that has turned it more into 'buy-sell-trade' , so I've moved it here.  The 'sale' discussion starts torwards the bottom of the first page   All ....   Hypothetically, ....if you had an old WV Gold, or the "Vintage West Vest" (as described in Fittske24's post of the list of CP's worn by MLB umpires thread) before it became the Gold, and had it retrofitted with Team Wendy's pads, is the value of this CP more than just the retrofit?    For example, would it be the cost of the retrofit + $30, $40, $50 more??   Would you pay MORE than $130 (TW retro cost)  for , say, a Vintage West Vest Gold with a Team Wendy's retrofit?   Just wondering ..........
  10. Here is my west vest gold retrofitted with team wendy pads. holy s#!t this thing is thin and low profile! This weekend I had the chance to see the unequal chest protector up close. I would say that my west vest is as thick as an unequal + the plastic plates! The padding is about 3/4 of an inch thick. Here are a few pics...
  11. I'm looking for some replacement pads for a Honigs double bar that I just recently purchased. It will be used as a back up mask to my Wilson Dynalite. I still want high quality pads and I'm thinking Team Wendy or Wilson doeskin pads, however I will consider purchasing anything. Thanks
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321332505092 Hey guys. Listed it on Ebay 2 minutes ago but wanted to give you the Buy It Now opportunity. $75 for the rig, shipped. Would cost about $109 to do it yourself. Only flaw is the slit on the TW pads, as I used them on an All-Star fm4000 mask. Bought an All-Star TI from boyinr, so this one became expendable. Diamond ix3 mask is a lightweight beast, if you're not aware. Should easily last a decade.
  13. Those gear junkies that have had your shin guards retrofitted by team wendy, I would love to hear your reviews. I just sent my set of WV gold equipment to Team Wendy today. I have not seen a post about retrofitted shin guards and really wondering if anyone believes that its worth the money to have them done.
  14. Has anyone blacked out the white part on the bottom pad on the Team Wendy's. if so what did you use? I was thinking about using a Sharpie but figured I'd ask first.
  15. Have new, unused/unworn Team Wendy retrofit chest protector padding for this protector. Asking $115 shipped to you in the continental 48 states. This service costs $119 by Team Wendy and that does not include shipping to & from their headquarters. I can provide pictures upon request. Please PM if interested or would like pics....Thank you! edited to update b/c Platinum padding has been sold
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