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  1. This is the type of show that i will wait until the day of to buy tix. If I can get them for a price I am willing to pay, then I go. If not..... 2022 fall I got to see Alice Cooper from the lawn in Nashville for $8/ticket. At that price, i had no choice but to go. Some upcoming shows I am attending here in So Cal Face to Face- Night One of Three SOLD OUT shows at Belly Up Tavern Placebo- Night One of 2 SOLD OUT nights at Pappy & Harriets Hot Water Music @ Observatory in Santa Ana Pearl Jam in Sacramento (tix not on sale yet BUT I got a guy who has access to a suite and have 100% confirmation) Lining up to be a good summer
  2. I'm a more of a 7.5" opening and a more modern slight break guy (maybe we should have a "UMPIRE FASHION" section) 🤣
  3. Didn't take a shot. Felt protected though. It has a different feel up around the neck/collar bone for me as I wear the S7. It was pulled up tight and seemed to offer full coverage. Kid on the bump is committed to Vandy and was at 92-95 all night.
  4. So, I had the chance to wear this classic with my plate coat twice this spring. WOW. It fit me like a glove. Lowest profile of all. Even got some comments from my partners about how low pro it is. Felt like i was wearing a custom made piece of equipment, and I was. Now, it is made of leather and vinyl, and the CP has no air channel, no fancy lettering for the pad inside, and almost nothing is removeable. However, will I wear it again, most definitely. Will i wear it in a game when the temp is above about 75degrees, no way. I will say that in the plate coat and the Carlucci, I walked on the field feeling like i had to perform at the highest level i could. With great gear comes great responsibilities.
  5. It aint scientific, but here is an unpaid video of how well ThighPro works..... https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2hzoshrefs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  6. I would love to see someone actually spend the money and resources to really TEST a new CP. What force does it absorb/dissipate? What types of proprietary padding is used and why? What is different about it? Is it just a 'mod' of a 30+ year old design, or is it really innovative? Think of the force 3 when it 1st came out. It was a market innovation. The CP and mask were unlike anything seen. There is something to be said (mostly financial I'm sure) that umpire CP do not have NOCSAE certs. Do the CP we wear really WORK, or do they just 'work' because they are what is available? My .02
  7. This thing is a blast from the past. The craftsmanship is top notch, while still being rudimentary. (Not a knock, just reality). It truly is amazing. Putting it on, is like it was (almost) made for me. If someone here is interested, let me know. A friend of mine was given this year's ago, it doesn't fit him and he is willing to sell.
  8. After looking at it, I am pretty sure this one has never seen a pitch!!
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