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  1. RIP Ebags. My black Motherlode got a hole in it, They sent me a replacement one no cost. Glad I got the exchange when I did!
  2. Not a CHANCE @grayhawk works 2 plates this weekend! LOL
  3. HA!!! It is less about the prices/service fees/convenience fees/customer service fees/Prop 65 fees/gas prices/state tax/local tax/county tax/downtown corridor tax and more about the fact they want me to buy a ticket for a show that is 6-8 months out!! SH!T, I barely know what I am having for dinner..........TONIGHT!
  4. My umpire shoe collection took this personally
  5. at this level of ball, when the AC starts to chirp, I like to turn to the head guy and say "Tommy- who is this guy and why is he talking to me?"
  6. Orange. I am going to take it for Ms ThighPro and have her take it for herself and me. See if we get the same.
  7. There are a few...........LOL I mean yes, this is decent, but how long has it been at or near $80/game? Prices have grown about 20% overall since 2020, according to an analysis by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office based on the most recent consumer price index data. Nashville, TN pays $90 for the same games/time limits..........and I know gas there aint $4.79/gallon ($2.69). I mean, I can CONFIRM the Liquor By the Drink (AKA SIN TAX) is 10% additional but. "what we permit, we promote"
  8. This should also terrify us all. 5 years????
  9. Guys, we need to stop using the phrase "there is an umpire shortage" (or any variation of it). There is not a shortage of umpires. What there is a shortage of is: respect for umpires, affordable points of entry, training, willingness of umpires to accept one-man games, and........PAY. IMO, since I started umpiring in 2006, Respect has gone down, $$ point of entry has gone through the roof, training is minimal or costly, assignors in OC are still trying to get guys to work one-man on the 90-ft field (and other umpires will work "free man" to 'get reps', allowing the assignors to continue to assign one umpire)and the pay............don't get me started. If these things changed, there would be no (perceived) shortage of umpires. How hard would it be for a league/assignor to get umpires if the following was met: League Officers/TD's actually cared about parent/fan behavior If instead of keeping old/used/outdated gear, we veteran umpires donated it to a young gun who is trying to take our place on the field If we veteran umpires accepted 2/3 man games with the young guns (still trying to take our place) and trained them STOP ACCEPTING ONE MAN GAMES If Leagues/Tournaments kept pay in line with COL (how does travel ball in TN pay more than in So CAL???) I should probably go have some coffee
  10. AHHHHH the ol' "plate brush has no pocket in the plate coat" conundrum
  11. concertman1971


    Another way you can think about it is Did the ball hit HIM (HBP) OR Did HE hit the ball (Stay in the box)
  12. concertman1971


    Its an umpires way of telling his partner "great call"
  13. Funny follow up, but I just had a 15 min convo with Ms. ThighPro about why one does not wear a shirt over the CP while wearing the PC...........
  14. I'm a "never wear a jacket on the plate" guy as well. I too wear a plate coat for 'big' games. I feel good in it. Just don't put your ball bags on with it!! (OH ya, it is also the opportunity to flex my CC......)
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