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  1. My vote is for a Douglas with the tee hooks and one of the neoprene harnesses (all star, force 3, ump life). I do understand that makes this a $250 cp but it is the best balance of low profile and protection IMO. I am a similar size 5-8, 180. I also have a S7 that I wear. I can wear a M shirt with the Douglas, but with the S7 it's a L shirt Personally, I would rather hear "dang he took that shot to the chest and it never bothered him one bit" than "dang no wonder he is hurt, it doesn't even look like he's wearing a chest protector". I'd look like robocop if it guaranteed I would never get hurt. I have never been in a situation where I wished I was less protected. Regardless of the level, I wear the exact same gear. That's my choice.
  2. Congratulations!! I will be there for some of the games. Not sure which ones yet.
  3. I have had my Diamond 33" bag now for 8+ years and have never regretted buying it. I love knowing that with one bag I have everything I need.
  4. I will start with the two that I commonly see and have experience with. The Diamond iX3 (non Big League pads) and the pads that come on any Champro frame including the magnesium.
  5. Great transactions with #1 seller @wolfe_man. Also a great transaction @jwclubbie.
  6. SOLD. @Thunderheads please do your thing and lock it down.
  7. The purpose of the frame is to stop the ball from physically hitting your face and to hold the pads. Almost any frame will do that. Materials vary but the actual performance of the two design requirements is minimal based on what the frame is made of. It is more about the design/shape and how it suits you and the pads you put the frame that you prefer. A pair of Team Wendy's in your present frame would be better for upper level ball than a exotic frame with some sorry pads.
  8. Wilson Dyna-Lite Aluminum mask. Like new. Never worn in a game Tried on and messed up the harness during trimming . Still in the plastic bag. So the harness is scrap (no one seems to like the MLB logo harnesses anyways) but he mask and pads are brand new. Will ship to you for $70 PP F&F. Stock photos until I can upload the actual pics.
  9. IMO "A" would be batting through the line up "B" would be batting around.
  10. https://www.pressherald.com/2019/05/19/his-only-home-is-the-plate/ A nice article about being a minor league umpire.
  11. they likely sold too many and could not keep up with the demand .
  12. Picked up a pair of these and wore them for the first time tonight. I really like these and I think I will wear these more than the NB. As stated above they are flatter than the NB. The toe area is more roomy than the NB in the D width The traction was fine even on a poorly maintained field especially for a turf shoe They cleaned up well and look great IMO Highly recomended.
  13. How tall are you? Are they the right size? I have had some issues like this in the past with the 17" Wilson Plat. and the 17" All Stars. Both were too long for me. Switched to the 15.5" Platinum and the 14.5" F3's and the problem is gone.
  14. With the exception of the Force 3 there is no technology in one frame vs another that makes it any more or less likely to result in an injury. Some frames may have a shape that promotes deflection vs others that are more flat but, I think the actual measurable impact of the shape is likely very small. The only purpose of the frame is to physically keep the ball from hitting your face and to hold the pads. IMO the weak link in this case is more likely your pads.
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