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  1. June and October of 2020. The scars tell the story.
  2. Another option would be a 12” Douglas. Picking one up used at a decent price might be possible.
  3. I have had both the CP and the SG. I love the CP. I know it is more of a line backer look than some prefer but, the way it fits me and the design how it hangs literally make me forget I am wearing it. The design is such that it doesn't need to be drawn tight against you to stay in place. It is as protective as anything else out there. I will note that I also have a Douglas that I wear and like. The shins never worked for me. I am 5-8 and they always would spin when I would run on a rotation. I was constantly needing to turn them back around. They, as opposed to the CP, were a con
  4. Assuming that they are in good condition, I donate them. We have a local thrift store that supports victims of domestic violence. Each Spring and Fall we clean out closets and drawers and load up at least a couple of bags.
  5. 3/4 length tights from Academy. Lightweight, prevents any chaffing and provides some wicking. i like these vs the full length because th y don't have the rubber grippers at the bottom. Crew length UA socks.
  6. @MadMax I am not bragging but, mine was in better shape than those two examples BEFORE it went to Tony.
  7. Just received my pandemic project back from Tony. I chopped the throat extension off my steel All-Star FM25 and sent it off to Tony/Mask-It for powder coating in gloss black. As always great service a fast turn around. Tremendous quality finish. This frame has a sentimental place as it is came with my first set of gear. Everything else has either worn out or was up graded.
  8. Seeing these masks close up makes me think of the shower shoe scene in Bull Durham.
  9. On other items they are what is known as a Gray Market seller. Not sure on Oakleys. They buy the product through an authorized dealer and resell it. On these items even though it is new, you are buying it "used" so you don't have a warranty through the manufacturer. Any warranty would be handled by Jomas.
  10. As always @MadMax is spot on. I didn't care for the way the chin pad of the TW pads fit on the shape of the bars. Bought it right, tried it out, sold it quick at a small loss. Done it many times in search of the perfect mask. Not sure why I do it as I always seem to come back to my original steel All-Star FM-25 (currently with Tony getting a make over) and a Diamond BL.
  11. I wore this for many years. It’s a great mask. Traditional shaped. Works with any pads (LUC or TW). Absolutely bullet proof. Got mine on sale for far less. Like a fool I sold it when I had a short lived love affair with a Rampage.
  12. I have worn either the All Star S7 or the Douglas for 10 years. I am not convinced that any CP is good in the heat. Prior to this I used a Gold, Platinum and a Champion. With the S7 I like that it hangs from the shoulders. I kept the two I have because they fit me and are protective. Getting hit every now again is an occupational hazard. Sometimes you just got to wear it. Embrace the suck. " An umpire is a person that's wears $500 worth of gear and gets hit where he wears $0.05 of sunscreen."
  13. I typically have an extra mask and 2 pairs of base shoes (one turf, the other more aggressive) and 2 personal protectors when going to a game. I wont include the consumables (indicators, brushes, etc.). I focus my prep on looking over the gear fairly regularly and being proactive in replacing something that is worn. I learned a long time ago those last few miles aren't really worth it. I also carry spare shoelaces, a roll of 1" Gorilla tape, a few zip ties and a swiss army knife. MacGyver saved the free world with less, so I figure I can get through a simple gear repair if I need
  14. I suppose you could but, they are made of foam and foam will very likely float on the surface and not get very clean. I would hand wash them, rinse them well and dry them in the sun. This is what I have down with my TW and All Star LUC pads.
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