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  1. I am generally the same size as you are, 5-8, 175. For what you describe, I like the Douglas/Smitty CP with an upgraded harness (S7, UL or F3) and the T hooks. I am waiting to order an All-Star Cobalt when they come back in stock. There is always going to be some bulk there as it needs to protect the collarbone.
  2. There’s still Smittys and 3n2. There would be choice.
  3. I have long since stopped recreational running due to knee issues. I still cycle or row during the season as my schedule permits. I think it aids in the recovery process.
  4. @MadMaxcan really chime in but I don't believe this to be carbon fiber. I believe it is a resin of some formulation. There is a lot of history behind this frame.
  5. I wasn't much of a player back in my youth but, if the pitchers hat falling off is distracting to you, you might be looking at wrong thing.
  6. That's why Smittys did what they did to offer an alternative to NB. Acquired the old model and remarketed it.
  7. I would not think that Nike would miss a logo placement opportunity like that. The swoosh on a a pair of shoes can be much larger than on a shirt. However, it is within the realm of possibility that these are going to be like the Nike titanium masks and the Majestic jackets. Made in small numbers with a very limited distribution. I have no idea how many umpire plate shoes are sold in a year but, the demand can not be worth shifting production for. IMO, we are lucky to have what we have for a reasonable price.
  8. Yes, all the time. Not to be disagreeable but I am not a fan of the measure and see if you need one concept. It is easy to have a "perfect/ideal" position once but, we all get tired and do multiple games. Our positions will change even slightly as we tire. The other day, I neglected to tuck my hand behind my knee for a few pitches and guess what. Ouch. I always wear a 6" attached to the frame. Gotten "clacked" a couple of times. Definitely, worth the $9.95 to not find out what would have happened had I not been wearing one. It takes one tenth the force to crush your throat than i
  9. Hopefully you worked out some equitable split and it didn't really cost you $2 to give away the CP.
  10. Any more updates to this since the seasons have started? Thinking about pulling the trigger on this exchange once they are back in stock at U-A.
  11. Congratulations @MadMax Have fun and enjoy the game.
  12. Worn once, washed once. The XL is just to big for me behind the plate. The L is a little too small. I feel like Goldilocks. $28 $25 shipped via PP F&F. Thanks.
  13. Absolutely is a V1 FM25 TI. I had one and sold it. Regret letting that one go. Great maskframe. Enjoy that one.
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