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  1. Would cost you $20 to find out, if/when they come back in stock. A Douglas is another low profile option but, by the time you add gap protection, a new harness and the T hooks it’s close to $275. I am all for buying American (yes I do own one) but that’s a lot of $$$. I would rather have an All Star Cobolt AND a Shutt/Adams.
  2. Welcome aboard. You are correct. That plate is useless if you have plate shoes. Que up @MadMaxabout the Yellow W's failure to keep up with the industry and adapt. It likely dates back to before plate shoes were a common gear item. The easiest way is to just cut the strap and melt the edges. You can drill out the rivet and fill in the holes replace with a couple of short chicago type screws also.
  3. Welcome. While you are correct about the velocity you will be seeing, you will be getting hit more often. Especially down low. BTDT. Here is my recommendations. Starting from the bottom: Smitty plate shoes Wilson platinum shin guards Nutty Buddy cup Adams XV HDX or Champion Body Armor chest protector. Either way get a F3 harness. Diamond Big League Aluminum mask with a 6” Champro throat guard. It isn’t a cheap hobby to get started. This package will be about $400. All this is suitable to almost any level of baseball. Buy good stuff the first time. Its cheaper in the long run. You will never regret having more protection than you need.
  4. Moved the shoulder caps forward. Wore it today for the first time. I liked it. Took one deflected shot off a foul ball. It did very well. Used a harness that I had from a Douglas. I think it will be even better when I get the F3 harness on Tuesday. It was a warm day but I could feel some circulation of air.
  5. I agree about the harness. I had one laying around from the Douglas that will work until I order one. I think this is going to be a keeper. I like that I can get down to one size of shirts. Simplifies things.
  6. Just picked one up from Hibberts. $56 with discount applied. Can’t go wrong.
  7. Thanks for the information. The Champro might be good enough. But, if I go that route, I will buy an All Star MVP2400 or 2500 (the only difference is the removeable padding). All Star sells the 2400 for $99.99 direct with free shipping over $99.
  8. Based on the above, any idea whose helmet this is? I have never worn a bucket but there are a few fields that I think I would like one on. I like the price point. https://www.douglaspads.com/collections/protective-equipment/products/hockey-style-catchers-helmet
  9. I suppose if I did have it dangling our of my pocket it could serve as true indication of my speed to an evaluator. Kind of like a wind sock. Coupled with my shoes with the white trim someone could be tricked into thinking I was fast.
  10. Back on topic for Jeff’s sake. I personally hate the look of the lanyard hanging down like a tail. We know you have a watch. To me I would almost rather see a wristwatch. Loop it on your belt and put it in your pocket. Only a inch or two of the string needs to show. Keep things nice and tidy. Just my opinion.
  11. It was played in daylight, was a great platform for wagering and finished in less than two hours is how. I am willing to bet than the "Founding Fathers" of baseball never contemplated a 4 hour baseball game.
  12. I would go navy/navy, silver/navy or navy/grey. IMO I think that the red would be garish.
  13. Just picked up an Adidas Icon and already put the TW pads and a 6” Wilson TG before it ever sees a pitch.
  14. I like the defensive side as long as things are going smoothly. The on deck batter is in front of me vs behind me and I can easily keep an eye on him if he is getting too close to the circle. As also mentioned by @noumpere that is the likely source of the changes. If I think there might be an issue I will stay on the other side line. But, I am not sure the extra 15" of distance is an effective deterrent to bad behavior.
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