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  1. How much for all 4 pair of pants? Pics please?
  2. I hate the way Richardson feels. I wish I had bought the right size of New Era.
  3. Greeting U/E Land, Does someone know of any retailers who sell the black New Era 59FIFTY 4 and 6-stitch fitted caps BESIDESSSSSSS OutWest Officials? I ordered 7 1/8 and need a siz 7 instead. They're sold out and they don't know when they will have stock again.
  4. They fit my going’s PBS pants. But I bought the poly spandex. S392 are the plate pants. I was contemplating on getting the GD pants, but wanted try the Smitty first because it’s half the price.
  5. Hi, Just bought Smitty S392 poly spandex plate pants. Also bought my third pair of Wilson WV Gold leg guards (A3409 16/17) The fit is not what I want it to be, as the triple knee cap is very noticeable from the outside of the pants. Has anyone else had this issue? Should I just wait til the leg guards to conform? Or did I just get a bag cut of pants?? Feedback……..
  6. Correct. Sorry for the confusion. What’s the deal with Wilson adding that??
  7. Hi, Anyone have any new/surplus of the New Era 59FIFTY black fitted umpire caps (4 and 6 stitch) size 7? Will offer full market value for them. looking for 8-10. Retail vendor who sells them are currently out of stock. Thank you in advance.
  8. To Whom It May Concern, I bought New Era blank umpire caps from a UAttire competitor (I felt so bad shopping elsewhere). Caps are too big and the size needed are out of stock. I notice that MiLB caps sold on UAttire are New Era branded, obviously restrict to Minor League umpires only. Will UAttire ever stock New Era blanks for retail? I loathe the competing brands. Please stock them in and I'll buy the first 8-10 caps!!!!
  9. Hi, Selling my pair of leg guards. Never game worn. I cut off the ankle plastic things. Tried them on, too long for me and too bulky for my combo pants. Pictures to follow soon. $85+shipping, paid $106 at ump-attire. Price went up
  10. Hi, Interested in the seeing the shins. Please send pictures, tags will help as well.
  11. So what brand are they using in the bigs? I’ve worked one year in the Gulf Cost League, so I’m aware of the weather. Just looking to see which pants are being used now. Haven’t had any responses from my MiLB contacts.
  12. Greetings, What pants are they using in the bigs? I'm still using my Honig's poly/wool from 2011-14. Going back to pro school next year. Being a graduate from Evans isn't that appealing anymore on my resume after they shut down. Thank you in advance.
  13. Didn't Judy's nephew Daniel take over?
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