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  1. @Thunderheads Couldn't you get 3 outs on R2, R1 and BR for passing? Abandonment is better! For the offense!
  2. Wouldn't the second need to be an appeal of R3 missing HP?
  3. I remember seeing this yrs ago and thinking, damn, I go out there pressed, shoes shined and mechanically sound, but if I would have missed that pipe shot down the middle for strike 3 I would have got reemed! No one said a Fu@$/#% word to this guy
  4. Looks like his head was in the "Slot(h)" to me.
  5. Wrong slot? That was the only thing he had right!
  6. Tborze

    Tagging up

    Post this under Ask the Umpire.
  7. And in any case, the ball is dead
  8. Coach: What's your strike zone? Ump: When you're on offense or defense?
  9. Found this in the 2006 BRD pg. 222 OBR: To disengage the pitchers plate the pitcher must step back with his pivot foot and drop his hands to his sides. PENALTY: None listed. Note: He does not have to separate (drop) his hands until he prepares to re-engage the pitchers plate. Also mentions it is 1/4 "Don't do that" Sorry if this was already mentioned! Senor may have!?
  10. And in basketball the HC is assessed a T and has to sit.
  11. Apologies to Brian! I read the title and posted the rule but didn't comment. I noticed the time and realized I was running waaay late for a game. FWIW My comment would have been along the lines of what others have said, your ump was taking the rule too literally. AFAIC once he steps off, he can do jumping jacks! But I guess in doing that, he would have to separate his hands.
  12. Rule 5.07(a)(1) Comment: In the Windup Position, a pitcher is permitted to have his “free” foot on the rubber, in front of the rubber, behind the rubber or off the side of the rubber. From the Windup Position, the pitcher may: (A) deliver the ball to the batter, or (B) step and throw to a base in an attempt to pick-off a runner, or (C) disengage the rubber (if he does he must drop his hand to his sides). In disengaging the rubber the pitcher must step off with his pivot foot and not his free foot first. H
  13. Rule 5.07(a) Comment: Pitchers may disengage the rubber after taking their signs but may not step quickly onto the rub- ber and pitch. This may be judged a quick pitch by the umpire. When the pitcher disengages the rubber, he must drop his hands to his sides. Pitchers will not be allowed to disengage the rubber after tak- ing each sign. The pitcher may not take a second step toward home plate with either foot or otherwise reset his pivot foot in his delivery of the pitch. If there is a runner, or runners, on base it is a balk under Rule 6.02(a); if the bases
  14. Why not bold "as the throw goes..." ? How long does it take after release to reach 1st, a sec? But I can see how it reads. The point is, I made the call based on the release. But, what did the BR actually INT with?
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