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  1. I concur with your assessment! Ex: Pitcher on rubber during HBT
  2. That’s not a balk to second base. IIITBTSB
  3. I’m not sure of the legality of it. Maybe because there was a pinch hitter? I can’t recall who they played. Check “close call sports “ on YouTube. It might have been there.
  4. I saw highlights of this. It took the umpires a while to come to the conclusion that it was legal.
  5. Is there a protest fee? If not, protest before the game starts. If so, don’t let them steal your money too! I would definitely have someone recording from every angle and every minute until you leave. Does this coach have a kid playing? If so, I’ll just say, he wouldn’t be getting any hits. Not literally anyway;) Let us know the outcome! GOOD LUCK! PS: Let your kids know, no matter the outcome, they’ve already won!! But, let’s go kick their azz again!
  6. I would think that once the winning run has scored, the game is over. The opportunity for an abandonment call has passed. @Jimurray
  7. I believe the rule now has more liability on the BR. If he delays in his advance it is more likely INT.
  8. Talk about letting the inmates run the asylum! Try telling the parents to STFU and start supporting your officials!, Commish!
  9. Tborze

    Noise Maker

    9U? If a kid hits a HR they can shoot off a Howitzer!
  10. Always wanted to get your thoughts on this
  11. Tborze


    Up until he “pauses”.
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