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  1. Tborze

    Did he go?

    No. You should acknowledge the coaches appeal and over-rule your partner who obviously missed it, based on your opinion
  2. Tborze

    Missed Base

    Yes. No. Well, they can appeal, doesn't mean it would be upheld.
  3. Tborze

    Feint to Third

    A pitcher is required to THROW to 1B while in contact with the rubber. Feinting to third does not! If a quick feint to 3B followed by a feint to 1B while still contacting the rubber, it would be a balk.
  4. Tborze

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    Foul ball seems to justify the umps decision, not saying it was!
  5. Tborze


    Thanks for the clarification @spark2212. But, there is no sign (signal) for obstruction. I was thinking of the old DDB signal.
  6. Tborze

    Hit by illegal pitch

    I read it the same way. A pitch is a ball delivered to a batter. How is it a pitch if there is no batter? Do warm up pitches count in LL? I'm confused here. In your sitch, you say the pitch was illegal, thus no pitch. Then state, "If time was called, sucks he stays there and its a ball". Did the OP mention what was called?
  7. Yes. 8.4.2 SITUATION L: With two outs, R2 on second base and R1 on first base, B5 singles. B5 passes R1 between first and second base (a) just before R2 touches the plate or (b) just after R2 touches the plate. RULING: In (a), the run does not count, while in (b), it does count. A runner is called out at the moment he passes a preceding runner, but the ball remains live. Acts such as attempts of a runner to profit by running too far from the baseline to avoid a tag, or outside the three-foot lane while advancing to first, or running the bases in reverse, or other-wise making a travesty of the game may not be appealed. The umpire calls the runner out without waiting for the defensive player to call attention to the act." That change and removal of 9.1.1M, confirms that FED is now with the other codes in making this a time play.
  8. Tborze

    Hit by illegal pitch

    The ball was dead. The pitch never happened.
  9. Tborze


    I'm curious as to, what obstruction sign?
  10. Sounds illegal by rule. Once he lifts his non-pivot foot a second time, he needs to deliver the pitch. Advantage:OFFENSE. FED: During delivery, he may lift his non-pivot foot in a step forward, a step sideways, or in a step backward and a step forward, but he shall not otherwise lift either foot.
  11. Looking for clarification. OBR-RLI is TOP in this situation. Runners return. FED-TOI, always. So R3 scores in this situation in FED. ?
  12. Tborze


    Sounds like the pitcher came set, started his motion (with non-pivot foot), paused (while looking at 1st), then delivered. Correct? As noumpere stated, HTBT. Assuming the "pause" is what's being questioned. If anything was moving during delivery, the answer to the OP is, no.
  13. NOT 6.1.1,2&3 PENALTY 6-1-1,2&3 PENALTY EDITED. THKS @Jimurray
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