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  1. You ever heard my RLI story? This sitch happened in my 1st HS game. BR way inside, F2 pumps. In my mind I was thinking, if he throws it I’m calling it. Well, he did, 10ft over F3s head. To keep it short, the SH*# show began. I”ll never make that mistake again!
  2. Tborze

    Balk 2?

    I’m aware! But on a jump turn there is no possibility of a pitch. I was always under the impression that the above applies when the non pivot foot is lifted first.
  3. Tborze

    Balk 2?

    Never seen it but I don’t see why not on a jump turn.
  4. Would a “safe” signal hurt on the play @ 3rd?
  5. Before starting his motion is irrelevant, If pitching from the stretch, he can throw to 3rd before he has “committed “ to pitch. For FED he can also feint there. So to answer the only? NO
  6. If there’s no other play being made call time and announce the award. Otherwise, I would give a half hearted safe mechanic, as in a U3K, and allow play to continue. I may even throw in with the mechanic, “on the OBS” with a point. As far as your NCAA guys, isn’t the OBS rule similar to FED? Seems that way from others above.
  7. 3-3-3 Players (plural) loosening up to bat shall remain in the area of their teams on deck circle while the picture is warming up.
  8. There are only 3 situations that allows a “choice”. 1. C/O 2. Illegal defensive player 3. not BOO
  9. Its one continuous motion once he BEGINS his motion! Thats what you’re not getting! I quoted a CB play. Did that not help?
  10. 6.1.1 J With R1 on first base, F1, from the set position and prior to bringing his hands together while in contact with the pitchers plate, (a) abruptly and quickly turns his shoulders toward first base in an attempt to drive back the runner or (b) casually turns his shoulders to observe the runner at first base. Ruling: legal in both A and B
  11. My point about F1 stepping off mid stretch is no different than turning! See my response above. If F1 adjusts his hat, is that part of his motion to start his stretch?
  12. I think you are missing the “hands coming together “ part of “coming set”. ?
  13. What movements constitute coming set? Looking at 1st isn’t one of them. He can do both simultaneously but otherwise they are two separate moves. Once he begins his stretch he must continue etc… Can he step off middle stretch?
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