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  1. Tborze

    balk rules?

    That is exactly what I'm saying, well, the rule says it. Your Umps screwed the pooch!
  2. Tborze

    balk rules?

    As mentioned,, depends on the rules set for the first question. For the second, if you meant he stepped behind rubber toward 2nd it is legal to throw/feint to an unoccupied base provided he is attempting to retire/drive back a runner. Any rules set
  3. Tborze


    ? That is not the OP!
  4. What rule set? I believe FED differs here. OBR double whammies you with INT and a balk. I believe I read a OBR interp somewhere that if the batter is not interfered with, there can be no INT. Enforce the balk,IF... Fed: Catchers OBS. R3 scores because he was stealing on the pitch. Batter is awarded 1B. All Other runners advance if forced.8.3.1B
  5. Our association recently received an email (supposedly) from our assignor stating he was out of town and asking for money to get home. Hmm...?
  6. Tborze

    Fair or foul ball?

    I believe you answered your own question in your first sentence! Whoever hit that should be golfing
  7. The Coach seemed to know the rule! Was the batter his son by any chance? This is why I always give a 2-1, 1-2 or 3-2 count. 1-1, 2-2 and 3-1 is given so only the batter and catcher can hear. In this situation I would have shown the count and verbalized, "3 balls, 1strike" as the batter started toward 1st.
  8. Fan: "Hey Blue, did you lose your phone"? BU: "No"! Fan: "We thought it might be yours because there's three missed calls on it".
  9. Tborze

    Runner out run count

    There was another thread by a different poster which posed the same question and same situation that was flagged, "duplicate".
  10. Tborze


    Who said this ^ Mr. Ives? To the OP. Think of it like a gate. You can open the gate, you just can't lift it to open it.
  11. Thank You for Your Service! It's good to see you're striving to improve, and by coming here and sharing your experiences and seeking advice proves it. I have read previous posts, and the one thing that stands out is in every situation, someone is yelling at you. Stop that behavior quickly! Sometime, we have to keep coaches in the game so we can educate them, not only for ourselves, but for the next guy. Not to mention, a lot of these coaches move up as their child does, at least in my area, so you're likely to see them for years to come. We have to be more professional than them. We have to gain their respect. Ejecting them doesn't get respect, it just gets you scratched A couple thing to share. Well, a few. Appearance! Shoes cleaned, shirt and pants pressed, hat cleaned and pleated , ball bags too is a start. I once went to do a game out of town, AAAA school, nice stadium, I had the dish. At the end of the plate meeting, I asked if there were any questions? One of the coaches replied, " not today, you look like you know what you're doing and I plan on sticking around". Positioning and crisp mechanics! Long fly ball down 3BL, get down there! Normally the manager is coaching third and has a better view of it. Once had the coaches son hit a shot that was definitely going over, only question was if it was fair/foul. Before he could turn around and plead his case it was fair, "FOUL"! He said, "You scared the SH*# out of me! You're the only umpire I've seen make it this far. (with a smile) Good call". I asked, "about a foot"? He replied, "ten inches". Don't yell back! Well, try not to. If you do, don't be justifiable. "Not today coach". "Time! You have something you wanna say to me coach come and talk to me, but you're not gonna yell at me from 90' away"! Sometimes it works for both sides because the other coach hears that you're not going to tolerate that behavior, as well as the players and fans. There is also the line up card technique. There is also a lot of time during the game you can have a little 1 on 1 time. I prefer " The Look". Don't have rabbit ears! What you can't hear can't offend you. Run away when you can and get back in position. Especially after a close call at the end of an inning. The coach may want to question it but he sees you running into RT CF, he may just abandon his efforts! As I understand it, you're doing games solo. Be in control but not controlling. "Coach, in my judgement..." Is a useful tool. They seem to understand their next words can have consequences. An assistant coach was coaching 1st as they usually do. The first banger of the game, of course, he jumps up yelling and signaling safe! "OUT" was my reply, along with, "Coach, if you're not going to make any OUT calls today, please don't make any SAFE ones". He smiled and nodded his head. On the next banger, I looked at him, he looked at me with his eyes wide open holding his breath trying to restrain from his usual antics. There was a disturbing pause as I pointed to him to make the call, "OUT" he said. I confirmed his call. Everyone in the ballpark laughed. One more coach I never had to worry about. This is coming from a guy who once dumped 3 coaches in 40 seconds. They deserved it but I also wanted to show I wasn't gonna tolerate their SH*#. I was the new guy in town and still here. They, on the other hand, were replaced the next season. Sometime they have to go. Make sure they deserve it. Good Luck! Disclaimer: Some things mentioned may not work for everyone.
  12. Once, when asked, "Do you not hear the thunder or see the Lightning"? PU...Yeh, this is the last inning! How true that could have been!
  13. I don't see an attempt to advance. Obvious exception to what? Runners ending up in fair territory? Turning toward 2nd?
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