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  1. Tborze

    tag up from third

    Coach, can I at least get a "like"? I believe the "err" is relevant.
  2. Tborze

    tag up from third

    Are you asking about OBR? FED allows for dead ball appeals, so putting the ball back in play is not necessary, but is an option. For OBR, an appeal is a play. Or, they count the err as one. Once the ball went OOP the defense has lost their right to appeal.
  3. Have you ever pre-gamed differently? Ex: U1 goes out but comes back in to help with coverage. He can get a back pick, help with a rundown, or cover the plate.
  4. I would categorize that as a fake attempt but, an attempt all the same. He had time to get back to the base and not leave it to umpire judgement. Blame it on 1BC. He said go and Yelich took a step towards 2nd. What's the first thing you take when you attempt to go, a step? I'm ok with th call. Especially in slow mo. Love @Jomboy_
  5. Tborze


    Maybe he's learning? Seems he took your advise and STFU
  6. It’s usually slow here on Sunday. 1. Yes 2. Depends on rule set and game ending procedures. FED allows DB appeals. Usually after the game ends, an appeal must be done before all infielders leave the infield and/or Umps leave the field. 3. Have them make a note in the book with reason for protest and sign it.
  7. Tborze


    I think Little Johny has had enough! Or, he ran to Facebook for some support.
  8. Tborze


    Your video doesn’t help your cause!! Scorekeeper or not, do as Richvee suggests. And, I love this part, he wasn’t going to throw you out until you confirmed you weren’t a KID! Some KIDS just don’t know when to STFU. That’s a HINT. Hopefully we made you a better ADULT today!
  9. “And, PU can (and should have) help here”. His PU thought: “PU says no , thatsalways a balk even if stealing”. So not much help there!
  10. “there were norunners. So either Mr. mavendid not recognize that fact“ I’m sure this is the case, because we all know you can’t balk without runners. I usually treat it like a quick pitch and correct it moving forward. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was unaware of the rule as most coaches do.
  11. If it helps me? Nah, I’m good!
  12. R2 is always @ 2nd. Who’s on 1st?
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