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  1. When your partner renders a call without being asked. D3K (unchecked swing) or caught 3rd strike, for Ex.
  2. are you talking about? I was simply saying I'd rather ask on my own knowing they're going to. Doesn't make you look unsure. You are unsure Sometimes it's a confirmation. Jesus Christ, Cmon Coach! And there is a right or wrong. Either he did or he didn't. 50/50? Don't ask for help on a swipe tag or pulled foot!
  3. I'd rather be unsure and ask for help on my own and get it right than allow them the opportunity to appeal and prove me wrong! Personally, I pre-game this but only if P is in A (D) will I ask voluntarily.
  4. Tborze

    Illegal Pitch?

    At least the announcers knew what they were talking about
  5. Tborze

    Intentional Walks

    I don't do much LL, but I thought if a pitch was thrown, the difference is that remaining pitches on an IW would be added to the pitch count. ?
  6. Runners can tag once the ball is "touched". It would be cool though to see if the OF'er could bobble it all the way to the plate. OR, hot potato it there!
  7. Tborze


    Was that for Joe?
  8. Tborze


    Coach, in my judgement, the pitcher was not comfortably engaged!;) You know it when you see it!
  9. 7.3.5 F (<was going to use -here) @The Man in Blue A batter is entitled to an uninterrupted opportunity to hit the ball... Once the batter swings, he is responsible for his follow-through. OK MODS, I think we're done here
  10. This isn't a rule change, it's a new rule, right? There are now 2 DH options.
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