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Community Answers

  1. Um, maybe just give him another baseball, from your right bag!
  2. @SeeingEyeDog I didn’t say I wouldn’t address it.
  3. As U3, I’m not giving an official warning for arguing balls and strikes. Nor as U1 or U2.
  4. Well damn, that conversation went LEFT in a hurry!
  5. I wish I knew all this b4 I posted, otherwise I would have recommended you tell him to go himself!
  6. #1. Sometimes SH*# happens. As PU, you have to recognize when it does. Once there was no call by BU, come out big and make the call. The last thing you want to do is have a no call which makes it look like neither of you saw it. #2. A little nit picky. Not sure why BU going out or pivoting makes a difference. Either he does or doesn’t shouldn’t matter, just react and cover as needed. As a side, this is your first playoff game? Your responses should have been, “OK THANK YOU”!!!
  7. Tborze

    Run scores?

    R2 2 outs. B4 singles to RF. Play at the plate is not in time, R2 missed HP. F2 throws to 2nd and retires B4. R2 comes back and touches HP. Defense appeals R2’s miss. Safe/Out? I don’t have my books to confirm. Thks
  8. What was the fiasco afterwards? Was it just that Skip went after the rook or was PU thrown under the bus?
  9. IMG_1117.mov @Richvee Or RF!
  10. There are different penalties though, correct? One is TOP and one is TOI?
  11. I thought you didn’t need INT on a FPSR? <blue font
  12. I would say first movement with hands together is TOP. The pause between has me baffled though! I am curious if R3 stole home during pause with a step off if they would have called it!?
  13. “Sorry Coach, you lost, I’m “OUT”!
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