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  1. Each play is a play! Illegal sub hits a dbl to score R3. Not recognized (appealed) prior to the next pitch to B4. That solidifies the run scored. The next pitch, B4 hits HR. R2 now recognized. He was involved in the play. R2 is out and restricted. If less than two outs the HR counts. If NOT recognized before the NEXT pitch his run would score. Making sense?
  2. If the player should score, advance etc… In G the illegal sub scored. Appeal must be made before the next pitch. IOW directly after the play the illegal sub was involved in to negate his actions. ex: R2. Illegal sub hits safely scoring R2. Appeal must be made prior to…to negate the run. Any time an illegal sub is discovered on the bases, he is out and restricted.
  3. You didn’t quote the first part of the rule!
  4. I love it! We use to call this mechanic “stealing your banger”.
  5. And how did you come to those conclusions? Better how?
  6. There is no MAY to it! And you may have proven it with your questions!? YES you call the balk! And YES the HR counts! Why? An IFF is still an IFF whether you signal it or not. Why? Because all the conditions were met prior to the pitch. Just because you failed to technically signal the ball in play, all other conditions were met to create a live ball. Do you verbalize and signal on every foul ball? Just because you erroneously put the ball back in play doesn’t change the fact that it is not. Even your declaring the ball live when it wasn’t, what would you declare if the pitcher picked off R1? But, once he engages and all other requirements are met, the ball becomes live whether you declare it or not. I once called a whole game without technically putting the ball back in play. Hmm maybe I should inform my association the game is invalid?
  7. I have INT! J/K What level was this? I have heard of rules at lower levels where if the ball rolls through the infield they can only achieve a certain base because of throwing errs.
  8. The award is a “minimum” of one base. We can award additional bases in order to nullify the OBS. In the OP, I have him protected to 3B only since he did not acquire it prior to the OBS.
  9. You ever heard my RLI story? This sitch happened in my 1st HS game. BR way inside, F2 pumps. In my mind I was thinking, if he throws it I’m calling it. Well, he did, 10ft over F3s head. To keep it short, the SH*# show began. I”ll never make that mistake again!
  10. Tborze

    Balk 2?

    I’m aware! But on a jump turn there is no possibility of a pitch. I was always under the impression that the above applies when the non pivot foot is lifted first.
  11. Tborze

    Balk 2?

    Never seen it but I don’t see why not on a jump turn.
  12. Would a “safe” signal hurt on the play @ 3rd?
  13. Before starting his motion is irrelevant, If pitching from the stretch, he can throw to 3rd before he has “committed “ to pitch. For FED he can also feint there. So to answer the only? NO
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