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  1. Technically yes but if you’re asking me, I’ll always say no. I’d much rather wear a long sleeve or plate coat than a jacket on the plate. Unless it’s the MLB plate jacket with the gray shoulders or another jacket cut for the plate, I wouldn’t consider it. Only time I’ve worn a jacket on the plate is for high school ball bc the shirts with the vertical stripe are crap in the long sleeve and they barely keep the wind/cold off of you.
  2. eBag all day every day. I also use their weekender backpack when I travel for baseball. Lifetime warranty on all their products too
  3. Yep, he does a lot of those videos for our high school group
  4. I’m usually a 7 1/2 hat guy but they didn’t have XLs yet when I ordered so I got the L. It fits perfectly
  5. I went to Harry’s this year. I was hired into MiLB and returned to a full college and HS schedule
  6. I can guarantee they no longer use MiLB umpires for these leagues because they will no longer be affiliated with MiLB. I’d assume someone like John white, who already has a handful of leagues, would be given a crack at putting crews together for these league
  7. Nobody knows outside of those who work for MiLB as of now. I’d assume that they either are kept in the MiLB umpire development system as a development league much like the CPL or they are given to a coordinator to hire guys for those leagues.
  8. I’ve heard platforms such as google classroom are good for meetings but I’m not sure if that would work for 200 people
  9. It’s not necessarily the pads. It’s the frame. It’s hollow steel but for some reason, it’s super heavy
  10. The mask is super heavy. Cool looking but it probably weighs as much as a F3
  11. I got my SSKs for about $200 off eBay
  12. Any idea what brand they are?
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