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  1. Cory blaser, Chris Conroy and will little are the only ones but a bunch of MILB umpires use it. Pat Hoberg uses a chopped Wilson
  2. She’s one of the best, if not the best, out there
  3. I have yet to see a titanal adidas. All the ones I’ve seen have had the magnet stick
  4. No. I couldn’t find a direct number for force 3 and my emails were unanswered
  5. What you said and then you just put T-hooks on the harness and strap the hooks into the gold plates. I cut off the F3 straps as they get in the way. I didn’t do the zip ties like @Razzer did but it’s the same thing
  6. I looked on their site and they don’t have them for sale. I suppose i could call them. Thanks
  7. Anyone have a F3 CP neck extension that they don’t use? I lost mine a little while ago and would like to have one again. PM me if you do. Thanks
  8. Looks like he’s using Wilson pads too
  9. I don’t think an AA or vsport will either
  10. Champion won’t work. It’s not wide enough
  11. I’d say probably in the $125-150 range. Maybe a little less
  12. Yes. Team Wendy used to retrofit shin guards as well as CPs
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