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  1. Have you loosened it? I’ve never seen a harness that was still too small if you loosened it all the way
  2. Got the CP. It’s basically a knock off WV gold. Padding is the same and everything. Not a fan. Gonna get rid of it. I’m accepted offers lol
  3. Any update? I just ordered one so I’ll see what it’s like too
  4. Cheaper to just buy a Nike and powder coat
  5. I haven’t worn a gold in a while but I felt pretty exposed with it on. Don’t remember exactly what it covered
  6. To this day, the best chest protector I’ve worn is the TW power. Fits me perfectly. A very close second though is the F3 V2 with Wilson plates. I loved that thing but I got rid of it to make room for the TW power I now have(good trade IMO, lol) If I had to choose the new Wilson, I’d use the gray one just because of the new “updated” padding. And I like the looks of the gray on black. But I’m vertically gifted and it would be too short so I’m sticking with my TW power, which is a real tough choice lol
  7. MiLB umpire development/medical highly recommends that pads are replaced every 1-2 seasons. I get new pads before every season
  8. Interesting that magnet won’t stick. I too thought it was hollow steel. @MadMax what is your explanation
  9. Put a magnet up to it. If it sticks, it’s steel. If not, it’s titanium. Aluminum is slightly magnetic
  10. Big league pitchers wouldn’t dare pitch with a MILB ball. Are you crazy??😜
  11. I wear one ball bag and have no issues holding 5-7 and running. And keep your brush in your back pocket
  12. It’s the “plate” jacket they’ve worn for a few years now
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