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  1. Yeah, they’re wearing Jordan retro 11s
  2. Freshly chopped Nike, mizuno pads, mizuno harness and samurai shovel (no dent, just the angle lol)
  3. Lord knows I’m on my phone during a machine pitch game
  4. Now I just need to get gap protection on it before I get smoked again
  5. I have an old style, regular profile, chopped Wilson titanium. I’m looking to either trade straight up for a chopped Nike or sell it. PM for pics. If you buy it, it’ll come with pads. I’ll have to see what I have for options
  6. They’re saying that the batter attempted to bunt and then the BU said he didn’t
  7. That’s different. That’s a HBP vs a foul ball. You can fix that. But once you call a swing, you can’t take that back
  8. Not if he called it a swing/attempt already but I do agree that this should be fixable. Especially if it’s clear that the batter did not attempt
  9. Because once you call a strike on a swing or attempt, you can’t take it back
  10. That should be the rule everywhere for HS
  11. There you go. And the squared ear guards too!
  12. RIP to that Wilson aluminum. May it rest in peace
  13. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1060554374/
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