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  1. It won’t bend but boy will the bars completely fracture 😂😂
  2. samuraigears@gmail.com
  3. Just a couple belts for my crew. And FYI, it is still So running it. He left me a note in the package
  4. Got my stuff!!! Whoop whoop
  5. Well, I got a shipping notification. That’s a good sign
  6. Not with that attitude you’re not
  7. I received a response from the new guy so I’m gonna order some stuff and hope for the best. Hope it works out
  8. They fit on everything except F3 and AS
  9. Those pads are well worth it. I know a few guys who have belgard CPs and they compare them to Carluccis. Great quality
  10. Where did you find that? That’s going on my gear bag
  11. That Barber Nike is clean
  12. Well SH*#, that was fast. Lol
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