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  1. You can get em from samurai gears. Did you ever make an account?
  2. When you get them hemmed, wear your shoes and shin guards so they can be properly measured. I make sure that the bottom of my pants are almost touching the ground when standing straight up
  3. I should’ve told you that I took a shot with Hongis and never went back to them. That’s why if I do leather pads, they’re belgards
  4. They just rebranded it. Same with the smitty by Douglas CP
  5. I prefer the smitty over the majestic. The convertibles suck but the shirts are as good or better
  6. And in my opinion, nearly everything made in Japan is higher quality than stuff made in the US. Pads, way better. Pants, way better, chest protectors? Don’t even get me started
  7. Feel and fit. They are the most comfortable pads I’ve ever worn. Never been hit with them but the way that they wrap your jaw makes me feel they’re protective
  8. I have a pair of 12.5 black Reebok zigs. Used but in good shape. Right shoe has some small knicks on it. $100 plus shipping. PM for pics
  9. It won’t bend but boy will the bars completely fracture 😂😂
  10. samuraigears@gmail.com
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