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  1. Let me know if you like it more than your power
  2. My buddy working in the Carolina league just sent me a picture and his “exploded” upon impact. Very interesting
  3. You knew it would get that high, as you mentioned that when I messaged you with a decent offer from what you bought it from. I’m just a little disappointed. And I know my power would get that much but it never will because I got it from a professional umpire and if I ever do sell it, it will go to another professional umpire, not some knob on eBay
  4. I hated the F3 harness and I took it off the moment I tried it on. You’re better off using Ray’s harness or a MLB harness
  5. Hopefully. Pretty irritating that he just wants to make a quick buck over something like this
  6. I get that. But he got it for so cheap and now it’s close to 1K. Let someone buy it next time who will actually use it. There’s buying and selling and then there’s just gouging. I bought my Team Wendy power for way less than this one is now going for
  7. So why did you turn around and sell it?
  8. Who cares, just chop it 😂😂
  9. That is straight out of research from MiLB and MLB doctors
  10. You need to replace mask pads every year to every two years at the most. The minute you take them out of the plastic, the foam starts to degrade. That goes for all pads brands, not just TW.
  11. I offered her 200 to your 50 lol
  12. So you’re the one who stole that from me off eBay. I messaged her to ask for a buy now, she said she couldn’t and then she went and sold it to you. 😂😂
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