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  1. I think he’s saying that he’s using those shoes for 2020
  2. I’m looking to get a bigger one. I’m still freaking growing.
  3. Contact Gosney. He’s working the tournament
  4. That’ll do it too. Do you still work for Gary?
  5. I guess word travels rather quickly. Thank you
  6. I have a size 48L black plate coat from Honigs in great condition. Used less than 10 times. $250 OBO. PM for pictures
  7. Go get the champion chest protector. I think amazon has it for about $60 shipped
  8. Cory blaser, Chris Conroy and will little are the only ones but a bunch of MILB umpires use it. Pat Hoberg uses a chopped Wilson
  9. She’s one of the best, if not the best, out there
  10. I have yet to see a titanal adidas. All the ones I’ve seen have had the magnet stick
  11. No. I couldn’t find a direct number for force 3 and my emails were unanswered
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