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  1. I’d say probably in the $125-150 range. Maybe a little less
  2. Yes. Team Wendy used to retrofit shin guards as well as CPs
  3. I have a chopped Nike titanium for sale. Great condition, will come with harness but no pads or TG. $300 obo
  4. All of the adidas I have had have been hollow steel
  5. I have a size M majestic convertible in navy. In excellent condition. Looking for $60 OBO
  6. 2 Bermuda blue TOC: 1 L with #18, XXL with #55. Great condition SOLD 2 pink smitty: XL no#, XXL #55. Great condition; $15 each, $25 for both bright pink TOC: XL no#. Great condition, used 1 time. $18 Creme: 1 TOC L #47, 1 smitty XL #9. TOC in good shape, smitty in excellent shape. $15 each, $25 for both PM for pictures. Prices include shipping. All prices are OBO
  7. I’d go a size smaller bc you don’t wear a belt
  8. My first year doing basketball was last year and I went with the smitty nba style pants
  9. Im looking for a pair of size 13 or 14 NB 450 plate shoes. If someone has a pair that is in good condition, please let me know
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