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  1. I have gold team Wendy retrofit. Haven’t umpired in two years as I started doing triathlons now. I am seriously considering selling mine. Still trying to decide if I am going to umpire again
  2. dl1340

    Burn out

    Since June, I been trying to get back into better shape. I have started back running and cycling. Up to 60 miles on the bike during a ride and 6 miles on the run. Just started swimming for distance and it is kicking my a---------s. My goal is to do a Half Iron Man next year. So I am either going to cut back to one night a week umpiring or step away for a while to take a break. I love baseball, but I just can't continue to go 5-6 days a week on a ball field. Life is to short.
  3. dl1340

    Burn out

    On my 7-8th year of umpiring. My work schedule will not allow me to get out early enough for high school ball. I do call some middle school games on occassion. Last season and already just two weeks into fall season, I find myself not enjoying umpiring as much. I think I can chase it back to the fact, I am tired of bad baseball and stupid coaches and parents who don't have a clue on how baseball should be played. I think I might need to step away for a season or two to get fire back or get a new job that will allow me to call high school or better baseball. Just need to vent
  4. I have used the UDC indicator for the last three years. I ordered a new one to have as a backup. I had the metal markwort before and prefer the UDC over it
  5. dl1340

    CWS Jeff Head

    I didn't start this thread to say he is a bad umpire. I just notice how his strike mechanic was different and he was very fast on his delivery of strike calls. Some of the other guys that I seen at CWS, took a second to call a strike and their mechanic looked sharper to me. Was just throwing it out there to see if anyone else had noticed it as well
  6. Watching OSU/Cal State the other day. Did anyone think Jeff Head Strike mechanic was fast. Watching the other games most other umpires wait a second and then call strike. He had a very different strike mechanic
  7. dl1340


    Problem is most guys I call with that have pro blue with black collar and black don't have the panel shirts, so I need something that matches them. I have the new hongis with the small stripe on the sides in pro blue and black. I wear the black sometimes with partners that have traditional black shirts, that one is close enough to get away with.
  8. dl1340


    I need to replace a few shirts. I have older model honigs shirts and have bought a few newer honigs that have a lighter material, feels cooler on hot days. SInce my local honigs went out of business here in Raleigh, NC. Wanted to see what you guys thought are the lightest material shirts for these dog days coming up
  9. my v3 got a spot on the toe, looked like the finish wore off after a week. Ump attire gave me a credit and I ordered older 460's. I love the weight of the v3 but the finish scares me and the toe area is also a concern to me compared to my old reebok magistrate plate shoes.
  10. I have done 6 games each day for a two day event once in the 8 years I have been umpiring. Never again. 4 is my limit in a day and even that is not easy.
  11. I have done 6 games eacj dau for a two day event once in the 8 years I have been umpiring. Never again. 4 is my limit in a day and even that is not easy.
  12. So I had two games on Monday night, made the mistake and reached in the truck and pulled out the honigs polywools. After wearing the new smitty for last two to three weeks straight, by the top of the first inning behind the plate, I found myself wishing I had the smitty on. I think I will put the polywools up until fall baseball starts. They just feel better
  13. So ump-attire is going to give me a credit back as they said these are defective. Now should I order same ones again, or get the old 460's at a good deal. I still have my rebook magistrate low tops that are in good shape
  14. No I contacted Ump-Attire and waiting for a response before i do anything
  15. See my post, I had mine for less than two weeks and a spot on the finish has came off. I too posted on here about the meta plate protection and several chimed in that it had more protection designed inside the shoe. It is a very comfortable shoe
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