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  1. There are quite a few players wearing UnEqual Technologies Dome. The reason you don't see it is that the company isn't endorsed by MLB yet. The MLB Umpires wear a product called Headsaver a Protective Cap Liner if they choose too. I got one of these from the USMC MLB Camp.
  2. What would one be worth? I think I have one.
  3. Got it today... Little beat up but gonna check with Team Wendy about doing a custom job.
  4. My friend just bought it and all the other gear he had. He also included a trash bag full of uniforns. Waiting for pics of all the gear. Now I owe her dinner and drinks at Flemings...
  5. twood71


    Used to be Palm Desert now North County.
  6. twood71


    No samples for you!!! Lol
  7. twood71


    Feel better now??? Lmao
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