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  1. Is the older style black douglas any better than the newer style?
  2. Thanks for the help guys! Now i just need to find some!
  3. He just replied, they don’t work on non douglas products. He also said i could not purchase parts from them.
  4. @Thunderheads jeff was my first thought so i went digging through old posts for his info. I asked if I could send it, but just buying parts would work too if they will do that.
  5. Not at all, i want to add gap protection to it.
  6. Best way to add gap protection to a power?
  7. @umpstu my guess would be belgard or mizuno or ssk. They are the masks alot of the japanese guys and few from korea who I have met in the game wear. Samurai gears has all of them on his site.
  8. @umpstu do you have photos?
  9. There is a couple, right before they stopped doing refurbs i was in contact with them. Im going to take their word for it. Gave them the serial numbers and a bunch of photos.
  10. @Chris Hickman @Thunderheads @wolfe_man so I sent a bunch of photos to riddell and they confirmed it is in fact authentic.
  11. What do you guys think of this color combo?
  12. Thanks guys. I didnt get it this preseason but since my college season was short i figured id get for next year
  13. All my college umpires. Im thinking about getting the smart timer for next season has anyone used it, if so what are your thoughts on it?
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