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  1. I still havent heard back from him since my last post about the shins.
  2. @Jglopez7i sent you an offer on the shins a couple days ago. And what size are they?
  3. I wore the F3 for 2 seasons in the minors. Saved me from missing several games on a few different occasions. I took a 95 straight to the jaw that the catcher missed. Sore jaw but no concussion or missed games. https://www.facebook.com/force3progear/videos/2200709420025497/
  4. What blue said. It was the allstar throat guard they offered before the mag mask came out.
  5. Ok sounds good! Guess i wasnt quick enough!
  6. So i quoted @Jglopez7, that is his team wendy. Mine has no stickers other than my former police dept.
  7. @Jglopez7 ill take your shins! I missed out on those!
  8. @Thunderheads sold please lock it up.
  9. I have an adidas frame powder coated silver by mask it sports. No dents or cracks, asking 80 shipped OBO. Frame only
  10. So I sold the platinum to someone but i may have a friend who is selling his. The gold im going to hold onto for now. I will reach out to my friend.
  11. Here is what they look like.
  12. I heard september/ early october.
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