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  1. @Thunderheads sold please lock it up.
  2. Price drop to 70. Just want them gone.
  3. Size 10 NB all black plate shoes in the “old” model. A little dirty but no cuts and have been polished for use. Asking 85 OBO.
  4. @Thunderheads sold, please lock it up
  5. Does anyone know how the sizing worked for the power? Does width increase as it goes up or is it just length?
  6. 12 inch TW platinum for sale. Asking 400 OBO
  7. Had to snuggle atleast once hahaha. But its just where i opened the box because my wife put it in the room while i worked.
  8. Made friends with a gentleman on here and it came up in convo and we made a deal for it.
  9. Stayed the same. Just had to go down a whole size
  10. @Thunderheads i had the previous style in mid that are 10’s.
  11. @Thunderheads i did. I went down a full size in the lowcut From 10-9. Put on a pair of My mags, 10 are perfect.
  12. @Thunderheads sold please lock it up
  13. For sale 80 includes shipping. Some rub marks on the N from shin guards
  14. Looking for a size small in black.
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