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  1. @mbkcoach you missed a bunch of powers on ebay!
  2. Im skinny enough I just cut off those wings.
  3. My inspiration, I have never owned one, and only seen some on the facebook marketplace but in 15 inch.
  4. If anyone is looking for a cheap CP. +pos 13 inch for 9.99 starting bid. Looks in great shape.
  5. @MadMax sounds almost like the all american minus the scales.
  6. Any one have feed back on the +pos chest protector that looks like samurai armor?
  7. Is the older style black douglas any better than the newer style?
  8. Thanks for the help guys! Now i just need to find some!
  9. He just replied, they don’t work on non douglas products. He also said i could not purchase parts from them.
  10. @Thunderheads jeff was my first thought so i went digging through old posts for his info. I asked if I could send it, but just buying parts would work too if they will do that.
  11. Not at all, i want to add gap protection to it.
  12. Best way to add gap protection to a power?
  13. @umpstu my guess would be belgard or mizuno or ssk. They are the masks alot of the japanese guys and few from korea who I have met in the game wear. Samurai gears has all of them on his site.
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