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  1. Stayed the same. Just had to go down a whole size
  2. @Thunderheads i had the previous style in mid that are 10’s.
  3. @Thunderheads i did. I went down a full size in the lowcut From 10-9. Put on a pair of My mags, 10 are perfect.
  4. @Thunderheads sold please lock it up
  5. For sale 80 includes shipping. Some rub marks on the N from shin guards
  6. Looking for a size small in black.
  7. Looking for plates for a west vest gold 12 inch to replace mine.
  8. I just ordered mine. Im 5’10 and 155 i got 42R
  9. I have a size 10 new balance mid cut with white bottoms for 50. And low cut plate shoes size 9.5 for 90. Both worn for 1 season. The plate shoes have some rub marks from the shin guards
  10. I need to replace the plastic on my WV gold. Will the team wendy fit on another gold thats the same size or any other CP?
  11. @MadMax i would be interested to see how that turns out. And yeah it sounds like turning this into a shorter one would cost a good amount over the 120.
  12. Damn a little to long, if only i could take the bottom part off.
  13. I took the pillow off my TW platinum too. I feel like whoever trades with you is getting a steal.
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