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  1. That was amusing. @wolfe_man yes it's lightweight. Thanks @EAA_umpire_Sam! And y'all did it without the help of @MadMax
  2. About a year and a half ago a person from my other job said he hadn't umpired in forever, and gave me his old gear. Included was this mask frame (no pads or harness) and I can't figure out what make/model it is. It looks a lot like an All-star or Rawlings, but I haven't found any exact matches. Any ideas?
  3. I'm a Red Sox fan but yeah, I was super mad about that. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Too bad about Hinch. Now we won't get to see him get tossed from a spring training game again this year.
  5. Oh, okay. Didn't realize the FM25 was 22. I have what I think is an old one and I don't mind the weight.
  6. Sounds like it just applies to stealing signs... Even if it did apply to any unsportsmanlike conduct, it certainly wouldn't prevent the umpire from immediately ejecting someone without giving a warning.
  7. Yah, but Nike's are so narrow that a wide width in one of their shoes is about the same as a normal width in any other brand.
  8. No you're definitely not being naive and your expectation isn't unreasonable. Before I ever started umpiring I was a baseball nerd and I had actually read the rulebook through. I got into umpiring a little over 2 years ago when I was 15. I primarily do LL games, but not as a volunteer for LL. Pretty much all of the local Little League's here use our association to cover their games. Before I got put on any games I went to 5 class room sessions, a field session, and 2 supervised scrimmage games. Then my first season I did mostly low level minors games, with experienced umpires. I feel that I had a pretty thorough training. Since then I've read and watched a ton of helpful resources online, and I make it a point when I work with veteran umpires to ask them for feedback and any advice they have. Yes my question was rather ignorant and I willingly admit that I should have already known it. I'll learn from it, which is what I always try to do whenever something happens in a game.
  9. Thanks @Thunderheads. Definitely always trying to learn and get better. I lurked on this site a long time before I made an account, and I have learned a ton!
  10. Okay wow I definitely did not know that (which is awkward to admit ). Thank you!
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