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  1. What's their email? Phone number doesn't work. Not buying unless I get a confirmation.
  2. Went on the website today out of curiosity and it's not a jumbled mess of code anymore...maybe something is happening. All I know is I still want those brown leather pads they sell.
  3. How does the Elbeco fit on you for the plate? From what I've seen on this site we're a similar size and both wear Douglas CPs.
  4. Brand new 15" Douglas pad, never worn on the field, only tried on in the house. Brand new from Douglas I think these are $95 plus shipping costs. I'm selling this for $85 SHIPPED. Saves you a good $20 if you're looking for that all black look on a newer Douglas.
  5. What do we think about the blue? I kinda dig it
  6. It's simple, I just think this Looks better than this
  7. Thanks! This looks like a contender for me. Even though I really like my Douglas.
  8. @The Short UmpireHoping for a review from you 😁
  9. I tried out the F3 and hated it, but one thing I'll say is I loved how long it was. 18" covered almost my whole stomach, it was great.
  10. Takes them 5 years to make some new pads and they can't even offer longer sizes...the platinum I owned didn't cover all my ribs and I doubt the gold would either. I'm not even that tall.
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