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  1. @Thunderheadsplease lock this up
  2. Looking for any standard, hollow steel frame. Adidas Icon, +POS ZeroG, Wilson aluminum maybe, I don't really care. In either black or silver. Frame only, no harness needed.
  3. I don't use facebook much but it does seem pretty controlling. Seems like you can't even mention MLB guys/their mechanics or you get muted. Thanks for having more freedom on this site
  4. What does "on the naughty list" mean? I've bought Ray's CP harness but don't know much about his overall practice.
  5. Just to let you know, you can email yourself the photos, then make them smaller on a computer application like microsoft paint. If you add a picture there, at the top right there is a button that says "resize" which you can change the resolution with to make it fit on this site.
  6. Very insightful Max, you seem like a great umpire and I really appreciate what you've contributed to this forum, it's helped me a lot since starting out a couple years ago. I have a question for you though, I am starting college this year and intend to get my 4 year degree and then go to pro school. If that doesn't work out then at least I have a degree to fall back on. Currently I am mostly assigned 13-18 year old travel ball, men's league, and started doing JV this year. Partners I've worked with have said good things and some have put in a good word for me with higher ups in the organizatio
  7. Wow, what an insightful article. "Joe West sucks, anyway, here's what random people on twitter have to say."
  8. I've noticed a lot of guys in my league don't call this but I wanted some clarification. On a jump spin pickoff attempt to 2nd, do F1s feet need to land simultaneously? If his pivot food lands first, then I am led to believe that would be a balk because he did not step off directly behind the rubber. I attached a picture to help illustrate.
  9. Not for sale anymore, sorry
  10. I never let my mask leave my hands in fear I have a partner like that...
  11. I always keep mine very loose. I don't see how having more energy transferred into your noggin is a good thing
  12. Icon with the leather mag pads, forgot how comfortable they are
  13. Someone's selling those plate shoes in a size 13 on facebook I think.
  14. Looking for these brown +POS pads, but also if you have any other +POS gear you're looking to sell, I'm interested.
  15. at last count I have...5. guess I have some work to do.
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