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  1. Only had 9 games so far, all rec. Had all my JV games cancelled due to bad weather a few weeks ago. Wish I had as much time as some of the guys on here do for games, but balancing school, work (after school!) and a couple other hobbies lets me only have three days a week open.
  2. I always get rid of the loose ends, sticking out like that looks bad and unprofessional. I've been taught that the calling umpire makes the call after a conference.
  3. Hey I don't know why Virginia's getting tied in here too, we can wear black now. Most guys don't because the shirts are expensive though
  4. The little detachable pad at the very top
  5. Update for me, took another hard foul in the neck extension last week, and it hurt more than it should've. I felt the sting for the next 15 or 20 minutes. I lost confidence in it after two shots that I really should not have felt with most other CPs... just sold it and got a Douglas 15", I feel a lot safer behind the plate now.
  6. In VA, VHSL has said we don't have to wear them but my organization requires us to for high school games.
  7. sold @Thunderheads
  8. whoops, didn't read that you'd already tried that one. let me know if you find one though, i'm using the one off ump attire with the bat measuring hole so it's easier to grab out of your pocket
  9. Found this thing on the +POS website...https://www.pluspos.com/baseball-umpire-equipment-umpire-gear/brushes/scrapper-brush.html but we all know buying from there is a gamble
  10. What I don't really understand about +POS is how it fell off so hard. I was watching some MLB games from the 90s and you see guys with the POS samurai CP and that POS resin (?) mask that I heard explodes sometimes. I can't find any history on the company so does anyone know why/how they fell off so hard? I'm guessing it has something to do with the West Vest patent but I'm sure there's more to the story.
  11. @Scotty_Ump Where did you get those pads? It's odd that they're a different shade of leather and also the ones that came with my mag don't have the all star logo on the top strap.
  12. @Thunderheadsplease lock this up, I have some new ideas for modifications
  13. Let me know if you need a spare...
  14. Selling this Force 3 V2, basically brand new, used in about 5 games. Has everything including stock harness, velcro wings, and the gap protection (? I can't really remember what they are) plates. $160 shipped.
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