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    Former Navy (Submarines), Baseball/Softball, target shooting, NASCAR, Hold 'Em Poker, trying to please a house full of women, trying to learn as much as I can about umpiring and not sucking at it.

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  1. bluejerred

    Too Quick?

    Good "Verbal Judo" to try and diffuse the situation. Guy didn't want to see the forest through the trees and was going to incite others with his actions. Did what you had to do to control the situation.
  2. That Coastal/Florida game was really good. I enjoy watching the game and watching how the crew does things. A lot to learn.
  3. I have the first model - in your opinions, is the V2 so much better that it is worth the money and trouble getting the V2 and then selling the V1?
  4. Bought these shin guards from Ump-Attire for about $120. As stated by @Big_Mac14 below, your money will definitely be very well spent. Pros: - Super comfortable right out of the box and forms very well to your legs. Padding inside makes for a comfortable feeling and the protector wraps around the ankle nicely to protect your tibia and fibula from hits. - Machine washable pads - The buckles are great and you hardly even notice they are there - Light weight, low profile, and the design of the shin guard allows for natural leg motion while running. - Easy to clean and store with shin guard bag accessory (included in purchase) Cons: - None As soon as you get yours and wear them for your game, you'll see no need for any other pair of shin guard.
  5. Had a tourney last weekend. Was on a break and then was on the bases for the next game. My partner had issues with a team during his game when I was on break. Same team was on the same field for the next game. When coaches were called, one of the assistants came out to the meeting instead of the head coach. My partner tells the AC that the head coach needs to be at the plate meeting. AC begins to argue with my partner using the excuses such as "never been a problem before, etc." Partner insists that the HC comes out. HC begins to hobble out of the dugout saying that he tweaked his back when he flew out of the dugout to argue a call in the prior game. (I find out later that the same HC didn't show up at the plate meeting the game before and the umpires initially thought he was an AC when he came out). We eventually get through the plate meeting but the tensions were obviously high. Have any of you seen anything like this where HC's feel they are too good to come out to a plate meeting or send a designated coach? What would your actions be for the above situations? (AC's being initially non-compliant at the plate meeting, HC who didn't come to the plate meeting flying out of a dugout to argue, etc.)
  6. Wore my UE shins for the first time this weekend and they are awesome! Very comfortable and easy to run in. I may need to make a few slight adjustments but I definitely felt both extremely comfortable and extremely safe in them.
  7. Decided to take the next dive. Figrued I got the shin guards, might as well get the CP too. Cheapest I saw was from All Sports Officials in Pennsylvania ($230.00 + $11.00 shipping). It will probably be about a week before I see it but I'm hoping it will be worth the wait!!
  8. I love it when new gear arrives!
  9. Does the UE CP fit real well right away or does it take a long time to get it where you want?
  10. Does the UE CP have a similar break in period? Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  11. @gnhbua93, I live in CA so ump-attire (based in KY) UPS ground normally takes about a week. My shins came over 4th of July so there was probably an extra day added on to the wait.
  12. They finally came!! I tried them on and they are form fitting and comfortable. Can't wait to try them out on the field!
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