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  1. guyinaredhat

    Quick pitch

    If the pitcher delivers too soon and the batters lot ready call time . Work with your catcher to make sure he gives the batters reasonable time . A good f2 will slow his pitcher down just enough so it's not a problem . If they aren't shaving age then talk to the pitcher and let him know . But don't let the batter get quick pitched .
  2. When you warn you warn both teams . If you deem it intentional it's an immediate ejection . If it happens again I'd eject the manager and the pitcher .
  3. False i mean it really depends on your area you live in . But most areas it's getting harder and harder for those of us without MILB experience to break in .
  4. Buy Honigs poly wools . Worth the price when you don't have to replace them as often .
  5. Runner gets home . Unless he goes to retouch then the award is 3rd.
  6. How many freaking teams are named Bombers ?
  7. guyinaredhat

    Fan on Field

    "( you )...don't know what a balk is . " Personal enough for me . .. boom
  8. Smitty shirts DO NOT match honigs shirts . It's a bad look .
  9. BBUC wil be in SO cal this year. 2016 they should be back in Sacramento. Mark Beller and his group Professional Officiating runs a 3 man camp in Reno, NV in Oct. MIB runs in So Cal. Not much in Nor Cal this year. Hopefuly someone can correct me if i am wrong.
  10. guyinaredhat


    The difference is in the feint . If a runner feints to 2nd then an umpire is still liable to balk the step to 2nd .
  11. guyinaredhat


    Re OBR :The pitcher is allowed to step towards 2nd to drive back or put out a runner stealing 2nd .
  12. There are no limitations to how many conferences the offensive team can have . The umpire should not allow prolonged or excessive number of conferences.
  13. Well after a strong week , camp ended on a down note . Heavy rains washed out most of the Sunday games . After final evaluations I was not offered a job in independant minor league baseball , but I was offered a job this summer calling ball in a well known collegiate wood bat league. I will be paid to travel a hit and call 60+ higher level games . This camp helped me accomplish exactly what I wanted to . Being relatively new to umpiring , less then 5 seasons I have moved up every year that I worked . My goal was to get as much experience as I can because even though I am part of the juco group I want to be a more established member and the only way to do that is through more experience It's about improvement , being a crew guy and working hard for the fans and players . I'm looking forward to taking my game to the next level and it carrying over into seasons .
  14. We have been staying in Tomball an working out at the various fields In the area . I can't say enough good things about this camp . The level of instruction was excellent . Most of the staff was from TUS . Ron Teague is the head instructor and Darren Spagnardi assisted teaching . They really helped breakdown the 3 man system in a way we could understand . After class room in the morning we ran through field drills in the afternoon . Instruction ended yesterday and we begin games today . My crew has a 730 HS game tonight and this weekend we expect to work 6-8 travel ball games . Hotel was very comfortable and they did a great job feeding us . Overall I was very impressed with how smooth camp has gone, they are very organized.
  15. I have some 36 you might e interested in. I have some 36 you might e interested in.
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