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  1. I don't have any specific stretches to post, but I've found attending hot yoga classes really work well for opening up the muscles used from umpiring. When I'm on the road in the summer I try to find classes in whatever city I'm in to help recover my muscles.
  2. Ebag mother lode 29" worked great for me completing my first year of pro ball. No issues with airlines and easy to travel from place to place with it on the road.
  3. I'd say 22-25 is the prime age. But every person is different and everyone matures at different levels. 25 is definitely not too old.
  4. As someone who just went this year, I can tell you that they definitely want plate umpires using indicators and in pro ball the plate umpire must use an indicator.
  5. Instructor B is correct, but the Plate Umpire on a fly ball will mirror R1. As soon as the ball drops for a base hit, the PU should communicate, "I've got third if he comes." If the ball is caught, the BU should glance over his right shoulder after all the requirements of the catch are completed and look to see if R1 tagged up properly (if he does tag). If the R1 does tag, then the BU will take the play into second base.
  6. I will be at Harry's in Daytona Beach. Good luck!
  7. Now college (NAIA) needs to get rid of the first game being 9 innings of a doubleheader and just have both games be 7 innings. Would be so much better.
  8. Good advice. I would add that appearance matters. Keep uniform looking good. Control what you can control and let everything else play out. Know the rules inside and out.
  9. What are people's thoughts on the new Adidas Speed Trainer shoes from Ump Attire? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Base-Plate-Shoes/AD-SPEED3SL_Adidas-Speed-Trainer-30-SL-Black-Silver-Field-Shoes
  10. From the video it looks like the BR runs the entire way in fair territory, so he was never in the lane to begin with. The rule states that the BR can leave the lane for the sole purpose of touching first base, but in this play the BR never was in the lane. This is a tough call, though. I think his foot is on or close to the line. I can't tell if the PU did this or not, but this is a good time to say, "That's nothing!"
  11. Yes this is what they taught us this year.
  12. I just graduated from the Wendelsdent school this January. I would tell you that I thought I was in shape for school but turned out I was not. You need a combination of strength exercises and endurance exercises. I usually pick three different exercises 3x12 reps and do three or four sets of exercises. For example, I might do leg presses on the machine, but then do squat jumps or mountain climbers for agility.
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