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  1. Let me post my thoughts using my perspective as an assignor: If my state high school league sent me this video, it is going to be difficult for me to defend you (the umpire). I'm going to hear from the league that "your umpire is supposed to be the adult and not sink to the kid's level." I'm also going to be told, "if you want me to defend your umpires when they eject a kid for drawing a line in the dirt, then I have to punish your umpire when he does the same thing." Don't get me wrong, our high school league will suspend the player. But, I'm willing to guess that you (my umpire) are also going to be suspended...and there's not much I'm going to be able to do to stop that. IMHO, there are things we used to be able to do (things that were "arrows" in our quiver of "preventative umpiring") that we can no longer do now that every moment of every game is being recorded by someone. (I, personally, believe FYC's have to go the way of the dodo bird (if they haven't already) because of videos.) In this age of "everything ends up on Youtube"...just eject the kid and move on. It makes my (the assignor) life so much easier.
  2. I'll just add as a long-time user, that the ads on this site have exploded in the last 3 months or so. Just corroborating what others have said.
  3. My dream since I was a child has been to go to London. Last fall I bought a long family trip to London (which we gave to our children on Christmas Day) for this June to, in part, celebrate my son's graduation from college. At this point, I'm just glad I forked out the extra $500 for the travel insurance...as I see this trip going down the drain. (sigh)
  4. Well, it happened...but if I had to bet it will be the last high school game I umpire in 2020.
  5. When your weekly food budget quadruples because your son is home for college for spring break. Then, you find out from your son he's home for a month (because the school is shut down) when he says, "let's go to the liquor store, Dad, 'cause I'm on a Coronacation!!!"
  6. Unfortunately, it didn't work out the way you hoped with our Governor announcing at 4 p.m. on Sunday (3/15) that all public schools in the state are closed for two weeks.
  7. Well the good news is that the SCHSL has not canceled high school sports in South Carolina, yet. So now, thanks to Coronavirus, we have four college umpires working a high school game tonight. The game is scheduled to be played at the Columbia, SC, minor league stadium. We all won't be paid (they only pay for 2 umpires during the regular season), but we said "screw it...we'll divide the money up into fourths. Let's just go have fun!"
  8. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/ncaa-cancels-remaining-winter-and-spring-championships
  9. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/ncaa-cancels-remaining-winter-and-spring-championships This includes baseball.
  10. That's right up there with my paralegal's response when I asked her how tall her son is (her son plays for a local high school). "He's five-eleven or five-twelve." (Yes, this is the same paralegal who last week told me her son's teammate needed "Jimmy John's" surgery.)
  11. Being honest, look at the litigation history: Plaintiff's lawyers went after helmets first. Then, when helmet standards were established, they starting going after bats. (Hence, BESR and then BBCOR.) The attorneys for leagues, entities, etc., then had to start asking: "what will the Plaintiff's bar go after next?" The answer, of course, is baseballs...which lacked detailed standards. The adoption of NOCSAE standards for baseballs are, without a doubt, in part to head off the next wave of lawsuits.
  12. Except that is not what was happening in the real world.
  13. The manufacturers will do their own testing, of course, but the baseballs will be independently tested by one or two (I can't remember which) independent (university based) labs retained by the NFHS using the standards promulgated by NOCSAE. I have personally met the professors who run the sports testing labs at these two major research universities.
  14. They are now subjected to stringent (scientifically based) testing by an independent organization to ensure that each manufacturer's baseballs comply with the standards for baseballs set by the NFHS.
  15. As someone who has been teaching amateur umpires for 21-years, it seems (based on what you wrote in your OP) that your association needs to find some better things to do. If a trainer sees that you are taking your eyes away from the field inappropriately while making your signal for strike (such that you may miss a batter's interference on a steal, for example), then it would be appropriate for them to discuss with you correcting that (and one such "correction" would be for you to use the hammer). Likewise, I have seen one trainer suggest to students/campers who come out of their "crouch" too quickly (and, thus, have poor timing) to use a bifurcated call for strikes (that is, verbalize the strike while still down in the crouch and then come up and signal the strike). The goal was to get the students to slow down and track the pitch all the way to the catcher's glove. But, to just universally say, "all umpires must use the hammer and must marry their call with their signal," is a waste of time. It is true that at umpire school they do have all students use the hammer strike mechanic. Then, the first thing Dick "Sarge" Nelson told us at PBUC (MiLBUD) camp (held a week after umpire school ended) was that each umpire now needed to develop their own "style" when making calls as they didn't want "robots".
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