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  1. You're already addressing your problem of being psyched out. You said that you are calling the close ones "strikes". Good for you. When that first "nut-cutter" of a curve ball is pitched in the game (a pitch that could be called either a "strike" or a "ball" without it constituting a "gross miss" by the umpire), call it a strike. Then, stay consistent with it. For the next few weeks, months, years (whatever it takes until you are at a point where you are no longer "psyche(d)... out" about breaking balls) make a promise to yourself that you are going to call the first "nut-cutter" breaking pitch in every game a "strike"...no matter what. When you call the first "nut-cutter" pitch a strike, it will be that much easier to call the second "nut-cutter" a strike. The third will be even easier. And so on. Before you know it, you will have the game in a defensive flow. When you have the game in a defensive flow, you will quickly become relaxed and able to just focus on umpiring (instead of playing mind games with yourself about being psyched out). This is the number one piece of advice I give to any umpire (new or veteran) who ask me for advice on how to deal with nerves (for instance, before working a "big game"). I tell them: make a promise to yourself that you are going to call the first "nut-cutter" pitch of the game a "strike". That will tell everyone in the dugouts that borderline pitches will be strikes. That gets the game in a defensive flow. When the game is in a defensive flow, the batters are swinging and you have few deep counts. Game personnel have no time to argue or complain because the game is moving at good clip. You then start to relax and are able to focus on all of your mechanics...which makes you even better as the game progresses. Before you know it, you realize this SH*# is even fun, sometimes.
  2. lawump

    First One

    Congrats and good job.
  3. South Carolina does, too.
  4. lawump

    Ruling on this play

    The call made in the MLB playoff game was called exactly as I was taught, as a professional umpire, to call it. I would have called it exactly the same way if it had occurred in one of my minor league games, and I'm pretty sure close to 100% (if not 100%, outright) of MLB umpires would have called it exactly the same way. Once an infielder turns his chest towards the infield and waives off the outfielder...he has shown ordinary effort (as that term is understood on the professional level). This was really not a hard call on the professional level.
  5. lawump

    Ruling on this play

    This Coronavirus, no-baseball, isolation is getting to a lot of you guys, huh?
  6. Other than the time I had a three-man crew comprised of all veterans (all had worked at least one state championship game) kick the CO rule 3-times in the SAME playoff game against the same team (they took multiple runs off the board against the that team...who ended up losing by one run)...I've never seen it incorrectly administered in a game. (That's a true story.) With that said, umpires not doing their job (learning and administering the rules correctly) shouldn't result in a kid having a home run (or even a hit) taken away from him, IMHO. I know that it doesn't happen often, but it has absolutely happened. (It has happened in my district a couple of times over the years.) And I know one could get into a debate about "how many times does this actually happen" to justify changing the rule...and I appreciate the dissenting view...but for me, one time is too much as you're penalizing the offense for the mistake of the defense which is, IMHO, against the total "spirit" of the rules. I know this has been hashed out and argued a number of times on these boards over the years...so I won't go further. Outside of this forum, I just know that twice I had enough votes on the baseball rules committee to change this rule to the OBR rule, but that twice the NFHS executive committee rejected it. So, while I am not privy to the executive committee's thinking, I don't see this rule changing anytime soon...even if 100% of all umpires in this year's survey state they want a delayed dead ball. So, in reality, I've moved on. I expect the current rule to be the rule for a long, long time in NFHS.
  7. LOL. One of my rationales was that almost all (not 100%...but I'm guessing a super-majority) high school umpires officiate other levels of baseball besides high school. And whether they umpire Little League, Dixie, USSSA, NCAA, American Legion, Babe Ruth, etc...they have to know the delayed dead ball balk rule. So, I would expect that a super-majority of high school umpires should already know the rule. Maybe I'm wrong; but this is certainly the case for the four states I have umpired amateur baseball in my life: Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.
  8. I voted to change to a delayed dead ball balk rule, twice, while on the committee.
  9. I have it from a very reliable source that there will not be a 2021 edition of the NFHS rule book. Due to the virus, there will be no baseball rules change process this year. The 2020 edition of the rule book will be the rule book for the 2021 baseball season.
  10. lawump

    Illegal Pitch?

    I am because I think that was the drafter’s intent. Thanks for your reply.
  11. lawump

    Illegal Pitch?

    Okay, @maven: I'll throw myself out there. When I saw the video on my social media feed (and without looking at a rulebook) I immediately thought it was a balk (if the pitcher was pitching from the windup with the bases loaded). Specifically, I thought it was a balk because the pitcher removed his hand from the ball without delivering it to the plate (or to a base on a pickoff). Some people on other sites have argued that although this pitcher removed his hands from the ball multiple times during this course of this wind-up/delivery, this is legal because of the language in the rule which reads "other than in an actual pitch." I, personally, have always read that rule as providing an exception which allows the hand to come off the ball as the ball is being propelled (pitched) toward the batter (or to a base on a pickoff). One would be hard-pressed to convince me that the rules drafters intended "other than in an actual pitch" to mean that the pitcher can remove his hand from the ball multiple times during the entirety of his wind-up;delivery.
  12. American Legion Baseball National Tournaments (World Series and Regionals) Canceled https://www.legion.org/baseball/248077/legion-baseball-registration-open-2020-season "With the unpredictability of the current worldwide COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the manner in which the virus spreads, its duration and the resulting public health regulations and restrictions across the nation, The American Legion is facing an improbable situation. The Americanism Commission, in consultation with National Commander James William “Bill” Oxford, announces cancellation of all 2020 American Legion Baseball national tournaments, inclusive of all eight 2020 Regional Tournaments and the 2020 American Legion World Series. Questions regarding regular season play within your department should be directed to your department baseball committee chairman. The awarding of American Legion Baseball scholarships for 2020 have also been completely suspended. "The decision to cancel was extremely difficult but deemed necessary, first and foremost in the interest of health and safety, and in the face of uncertainty. As Americanism Commission Richard Anderson noted, “These times are unparalleled. And while it is distressing to think of all those youth across the nation who are disappointed to learn of the cancellation of American Legion programs this year, it would be a much, much greater tragedy if even just one of those youth were to fall ill during a program. The Americanism Commission feels this is the right thing to do".”
  13. Let me post my thoughts using my perspective as an assignor: If my state high school league sent me this video, it is going to be difficult for me to defend you (the umpire). I'm going to hear from the league that "your umpire is supposed to be the adult and not sink to the kid's level." I'm also going to be told, "if you want me to defend your umpires when they eject a kid for drawing a line in the dirt, then I have to punish your umpire when he does the same thing." Don't get me wrong, our high school league will suspend the player. But, I'm willing to guess that you (my umpire) are also going to be suspended...and there's not much I'm going to be able to do to stop that. IMHO, there are things we used to be able to do (things that were "arrows" in our quiver of "preventative umpiring") that we can no longer do now that every moment of every game is being recorded by someone. (I, personally, believe FYC's have to go the way of the dodo bird (if they haven't already) because of videos.) In this age of "everything ends up on Youtube"...just eject the kid and move on. It makes my (the assignor) life so much easier.
  14. I'll just add as a long-time user, that the ads on this site have exploded in the last 3 months or so. Just corroborating what others have said.
  15. My dream since I was a child has been to go to London. Last fall I bought a long family trip to London (which we gave to our children on Christmas Day) for this June to, in part, celebrate my son's graduation from college. At this point, I'm just glad I forked out the extra $500 for the travel insurance...as I see this trip going down the drain. (sigh)
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