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  1. The AL pledge DOES matter at the national tournament level (regionals and world series). Trust me, I have spent a lot of time working those tournaments (6 regionals; 4 World Series) to have spent a lot of time talking and getting to know the national Legion Baseball staff. They are well aware of that pledge, they take it seriously, and they tell all the game participants at the beginning of the tournament that if you violate the pledge and get ejected...you are going home. I have never, ever received anything but support from the national legion staff when I have had an ejection in a nation
  2. Drawing a line is one of those actions that warrants an immediate ejection...even without any prior warnings. It is a "skip go, don't collect $200, go straight to jail," offense. This is true at the major league level, it is true at the little league level, and it is true at every level in between. So, we can debate warnings all day. But, the player should have been EJ'd the second he drew a line. There was absolutely no need to wait until he flipped you the bird before you ejected him. However, as for warnings, as I posted in the other thread that is currently on-going in the
  3. Not that anyone asked, here's my two cents (both as an umpire who was nicknamed "Mr. Red Ass" by his classmates at umpire school and as an assignor of high school umpires). 1. There are not enough ejections in amateur baseball. I get very tired of a lot of umpires complaining about the behavior of coaches (and my umpires (that I assign) will complain to me about coaches all year long), but then when a coach commits a serious transgression in a game they don't eject him. When I ask why they didn't eject, they then give me excuses such as "I didn't want to write a report," or "it was lat
  4. June 8th was the 8th day of our American Legion season. All eight days so far have been washed out. We're stuck with tropical moisture being pumped into our state from the Gulf. Every afternoon is storms. Heck, 10-miles down the street from my office, the finals of the Columbia regional between Virginia and Old Dominion got rained out on Monday night. They played at 10 a.m. on Tuesday hoping to beat the afternoon storms. Its a good thing they played that early because it freaking poured starting mid-afternoon.
  5. lawump


    You guys have hit the same points I did while discussing this play with various stakeholders (the umpires, the defensive coach, league administrators) in a real world play that generated my post. First, when I say "this play"...the play that actually happened to one of my umpire crews was "a". I just added "b" and "c" to my original post to get everyone's wheels spinning and to compare and contrast. And yes @maven, I was trying to make them as parallel as possible. Also, to clear up a factual matter, the hindering coach in my real world play was an offensive bench coach. In the real
  6. lawump


    What would you have on these plays under FED rules? No runners. B/R hits ground ball. Throw to first base is wild. Catcher is backing up the throw when he makes contact with a BENCH (not base) coach who was out in front of his (first base) dugout. In, (a) the hinderance/contact is minor. The B/R takes a stop toward second base, but F2 is able to quickly pick up the ball, so the B/R quickly returns to first base. In short, the contact did not change the play in any way, shape, or form. (b) the hinderance/contact is significant allowing the B/R to advance to second base (the
  7. Update: nothing has changed; “(s)till in South Carolina NFHS”.
  8. My worst game, ever, was caused by my immaturity. It occurred during a four game series in the minor leagues. In the first game I was evaluated by a MiLB evaluator (I had no idea I was being evaluated...I found out after the game when he walked into the locker room). It was the best verbal evaluation I could ever have hoped for. It literally included the line, "do not change a thing! If anyone tells you to change it, you tell them I told you not to. You are on your way." Needless to say, as a young 20-something my head swelled bigger than the size of Texas as a result of this ev
  9. First, let me say from personal experience Rojas is a piece of SH*# and I'd tell him that to his face if he walked into my office right now. I had the pleasure of throwing him out at a plate meeting; he's that big of a POS. With that said, to answer the question in the OP, I'd want to know what level of baseball I was working. If it was a professional game, there is no way I'm brushing off the plate. And, I'd hope for the next pitch to be right down the middle. I would then "ball" the pitch. And when F2 asked where that pitch was located, I'd respond with, "how do I know, I can't see
  10. The universal DH is a collective bargaining issue. For now, the union will not agree to the universal DH. How strongly they are opposed to it is unknown, as it is very likely that at this point in time they just are not going to concede to any management request on any CBA issue since the negotiations on a new CBA are expected to be very contentious. (The current CBA expires at the end of this season.) Personally, I would be very surprised if the 2022 season starts on time as I would expect a strike/lock-out...just because its baseball and they (both sides) never do anything right with
  11. As an aside to this thread, I think a CR should be allowed. (Not that what I think counts anymore...it used to count 1/11th...but not anymore.) The purpose of the CR rule is to speed up the game; that is, it is a "suggested speed-up rule". I, personally, don't think that it should matter if F1 or F2 is also the DH. The purpose of the rule is to speed up the game. So, under this interpretation we don't allow the F2 to go into the dugout and get his gear on while his team is still batting (thus, speeding up the game) simply because he's also the DH? That doesn't make sense to me. If the C
  12. I suggest going through each potential answer to a question and asking yourself, "is this potential answer true?" [I am going to change the nomenclature from the OP to the correct nomenclature] Is "R2 scores, R1 is awarded third base, and B/R is awarded second base," correct? No. So, we eliminate "A". Is "R2 scores, R1 scores, and B/R is awarded third," correct? As discussed above, it is. So, we know "B" is a correct answer. Is "R2 scores, R1 and B/R are awarded a minimum of one base and potentially more based on the umpires' judgment," correct? We all know this is i
  13. There was that time when I said, "screw it" when I had a Division 1 game with a game time temperature of 29-degress and a wind chill much lower (one of the coldest days in SC history). On the bases, I wore my long sleeve shirt (on top of some thermals). On top of the shirt I wore my insulated zip up base coat. On top of that I wore my plate coat. So there you go: I wore a long sleeve shirt and plate coat on the bases, at the same...and at the same time I was wearing a base coat between them. I dare anyone to criticize my fashion choices!!! (For the record, four years later and
  14. lawump


    Not to hijack the thread...but I'm sick of all these "Canadians are so nice" posts all over the internet. I mean, Blue Jays fans are complete buttheads (see the "beer throwing at umpires as they walk of the field" incident from a few years ago) and there are a TON of videos on YouTube of Canadian parents going batSH*# crazy at youth hockey games. I'm beginning to think Canadians aren't really that nice...they just have a great marketing department.
  15. lawump

    Uniform question

    https://www.southcoasttoday.com/article/20081016/sports/81016013 https://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/24/sports/baseball/24capecod.html Just an interesting piece of history about uniforms and who "owns" them...at least when it comes to copyrighted logos/names of MLB teams.
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