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  1. Out of curiosity, why are head-first slides now considered legal in travel baseball? Just like SeeingEyeDog, my association also covers games for a travel league that used to ban head-first slides at home plate. Is it because the organizers feel that players no longer need the "training wheels" rules that Little League has up through the Majors level? (Little League has Intermediate, Junior, and Senior divisions, but teams in those divisions are not as common)
  2. In hockey, a player on the offending team serves a 2-minute bench minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, if not a 10-minute misconduct penalty. The bench minor penalty gives the other team a power play (they play with 1 more player for the duration of the penalty, unless they score). So in hockey, a coach being ejected gives the other team a better opportunity to score.
  3. This would be considered interference. As such, interference penalties would apply. The runner from 3rd would have scored, as he had attained home before the batter interfered with the catcher's throw.
  4. I had a few scrimmages in the spring, then one 13U/14U doubleheader. That's it.
  5. I am not afraid to forfeit a game when the rules allow it and the situation warrants it. I have forfeited the game described in an earlier thread. I was also the U2 for a varsity girls basketball game that ended in a forfeit when the home coach walked off the floor to protest that his player was ejected for using profanity directed at an official ("these are some Bull$#!t refs"). He was arguing after the free throws were shot, I had to assess him a T (He waved off my partner in the Trail, the Referee, and told him "that's ridiculous" after being warned by the U1(the Lead official) for coming towards him to argue an out of bounds call and kicking the ball), and I told him that he lost coaching box privileges. I did this because I was the only official not involved in the original sequence of events. He chose to leave the court, so the Referee decided to declare a forfeit. That said, I really prefer not to forfeit games unless I have to. A coach not complying with sportsmanship rules, especially after ejection, is definitely grounds for a forfeit where the rules allow for one.
  6. Congratulations Chris! You deserved it. Finally #96 is in the big time to stay.
  7. That has to be a joke. No way USSSA will really be adopting that. How would plate specialists be reconciled with MLB's push for automated balls and strikes systems? If the better balls and strikes umpires become plate specialists, maybe we wouldn't need ABS (not that we need it now).
  8. If the ball is not batted, then only the runners have to advance one base safely. If the ball is batted, then the batter and all runners have to advance at least one base safely (including missing the following base, since the runner is not out until his base-running infraction is appealed and the opportunity to correct said infraction is lost). Jimurray, R1 was protected to 2nd base on the balk. Once he advanced to 2nd safely, the balk no longer is relevant. The out at 3rd base stands, since R1 advanced to 2nd, the base he was protected to, and went beyond his protected base at his own risk.
  9. Missing the next base is also considered advancing a base for the purpose of the balk rule. Everyone has to advance at least one base to nullify a balk.
  10. If you want to mess around with DHs also fielding, why not adapt the NCAA P/DH rule, and modify it to apply to positions other than pitcher?
  11. In my area, adult baseball is OBR, as is Babe Ruth, some rec baseball, and some travel baseball. One of the travel leagues uses Fed rules. I, too, call BS on the fact that umpires will kick the live ball balk rule. It's simple to umpire. Identify and verbalize the infraction, then let the play finish, and afterwards call time to decide what will happen (if not everyone has advanced safely).
  12. I disagree. I would rather have 3 umpires, even if they get paid less individually. This is because 3 umpires = more slots, which would lead to more assignments for each individual umpire. This would allow umpires to earn more money over the course of the season than they could if they worked only 2-umpire games. This would be the same for high school, lower-division college games, and the bottom rungs of the minor league ladder. In addition, having 3 umpires during the regular season at the high school level would make it easier for umpires come playoff time, because they will already have consistent experience working with 3 umpires, and would not have to learn a new system from scratch just for a few games after the regular season ends. 3-man would also make it easier for umpires to learn 4-man, and perhaps use that in the playoffs. I, for one, would love to see 3-umpire mechanics become a standard part of professional baseball at the lower levels, and for the MiLB to release more materials on 3-umpire mechanics.
  13. I hope that happens, and that Umpire School also starts teaching 3-man. This would encourage college to universally go 3-man, and maybe trickle down to high school as well.
  14. How do I get in touch with him? I've emailed the address on the USA Baseball website, have yet to here back from anyone.
  15. I think Umpire in Chief is trying to say that if the number of minor league baseball teams is reduced, fewer umpires might be needed. This would mean that either fewer people get hired out of umpire school, or more people currently in the minors will get released.
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