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  1. If he saw it, it wasn't concealed 🙂...LL rules state no firearms or ammo on the field. Don't know about any other leagues/codes.
  2. 50 with 13 more scheduled by the second week of July.
  3. LL Majors. Top 4. None on, one out. Rung up the batter on a called third strike pretty much right down the middle, 2-2 count. Each called strike the batter showed visible frustration...right after the 3rd strike he turned out of the batters box and slammed his bat two-handed into the ground, like he was chopping wood with an axe. Walked into the dugout and threw his bat and helmet. I walked down the 3rd base line to the HC and told him #26 is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, calm and no drama from HC...he told Joey to pack up his gear and go sit with his parents, he was done. No screaming parents, no waiting to confront me after the game...had to say I was a bit surprised by that. Figured it would be worse.
  4. I use Flat Billed hats worn by a late 20s to early 40s coach as a reliable "DB" indicator. Combined with a pair of over knee length athletic shorts and white Oakleys, you know exactly what you're dealing with.
  5. LL 9/10-$45 11/12-$50 13-15-$60/$90 single Travel 9/10-$65 11/12-$65/$80 single 13/14-$70/$110 single
  6. cjroman


    "Mature and professional" wasn't displayed by the Coach in the video. You're using conjecture for things that didn't happen in the video. All I'm saying is based on the video, good ejection, but not going to get into the forfeit countdown without more background/context.
  7. cjroman


    "Coach, the strike zone is defined by the rulebook. I had that last pitch up/down/out/in/a strike, Ok, let's play."
  8. cjroman


    Overall...this needs to happen more often. Maybe, if it happens with some regularity, parents and coaches may finally start to get it. Definitely not going to judge the nuances of the video based on that short clip. Maybe there is history with that coach, maybe the assignor have instructions to limit time to end the game to 15 seconds. Who knows. Bottom line is "Coach" arguing balls and strikes and crossed the line. Nothing worse than a 12u "Coach" who acts like they're God's Gift To Baseball. To echo comments I've seen here: There aren't enough ejections in youth baseball, period.
  9. This Umpire is doing all those things you highlight above...signaling the batter out...and repeating, pointing and signaling the batter is out...2,3,4 or five times...sometimes little Tommy behind the plate still sees the Red Mist and just hears Coach Testerone...or Mommy screaming and that BRWIAtRB is doing the same in his own world.
  10. I agree with @beerguy55sentiments...if the defense is responsible, the offense should be also and a lower level of culpability for Interference should come into play, especially when two of three coaches are screaming RUN, RUN, RUN...because isn't that something that " interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders, or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play"? I've had a couple 11u/12u coaches tell their kids "Just run on ANY" uncaught third strike. I'll usually circle back with the coach and ask them if it wouldn't be better to properly teach the players the rule, and it can benefit them even more defensively by ignoring the unexpected runner (who's out anyway) and try to get the other potential outs if there is,a runner on first of first and second and they try to advance...some get it, some don't. Either way, it's an amazingly misunderstood rule at all levels.
  11. I'll take a set of the Belgard pads. Please let me know how much total with shipping to 20689 Zip. Thanks
  12. All-Star S7 (FM4000) has a flatter, angular profile and has a good field of view. Another vote for the Adidas Icon also. https://www.all-starsports.com/fm4000ump-black.html
  13. 12u "Higher Level" travel game, two local affiliates of National programs. Travel league game. Normal/Standard pre-game conference. Working solo. Started in the first inning. No out, runners on 1st and 2nd. Two runs already in. BR swings and drives a single to RF. L batter and F2 stood up a bit anticipating a double steal, which happens. Result of the play was R1 scored outright on the single, R2 makes it to 3rd and the throw is cut off by F6 with an attempted back pick to F3 to get BR off first. Ball goes out of play and I award bases R2 scores and BR to 3rd. HTHC is out of the dugout and asking about catchers interference...saying it should be a dead ball. Didn't I see/hear it? I believe he was wanting it to minimize the damage. I told him I didn't have CI, but a single and subsequent action. I saw or heard nothing to indicate CI. He insists I missed it and it should be a "Dead Ball" with bases loaded. I reminded him CI is a delayed dead ball, not automatic, and I had ball in play, clean hit, runners advancing on the ball out of play. He says "Dead Ball" again and I restate, I had ball in play, clean hit, runners advance on out of play throw. Let's play. Visitors put up 7 in the first. Throughout the game there were several close, and several ball out of play calls. HT had 4 runners picked off...Two outright, two rundown. He again pushed on a call where he had a runner move from 2nd to 3rd on a passed ball. I cleared out in anticipation of the play and heard F2 say, "Blue it's out". I noted the position of the runner was about 6 feet from 3rd, glance over and confirmed the ball was under the backstop, called time. HTHC was adamant R1 should get home because he was "past" 3rd. Again didn't ask to come speak with me, just came out and pleading his case. A couple of times telling him I had ball out of play and runner not at third. Let's play. He also didn't agree and was warned on another pickoff, where I had his F1 stepping off and throwing out of play...he pushed the angle that F1 just pivoted and threw...Again trying to reduce the base awards. He was again adamant and said three times I saw it "that" way and he didn't step off. I warned him about arguing judgement and just rushing out of the dugout. Bottom 5 they are down 10-2 and have another runner get picked...R1 tries to go in standing up and ball and tag are well on. Base coach helps down to HC that his foot beat the tag. Again HC is out down the baseline, this time saying I missed it and his guy was safe. I held up the "stop" sign and said, Joe, stop, you've been warned...he said his guy was safe and "you missed it". Popped him. Then the fireworks...I was told how much I suck...each and every call I "missed", questioned why he paid me, and then told I ruined it and would never work in their league or county again...I told him he need to leave and asked for assistance from his assistant coaches. He only moved (with assistance) when I told him if he didn't leave the game would be over and a forfeit. He left and the VTHC asked if we could finish for the kids. I asked which HT assistant would be HC and if we were going to finish the game without issue. Game finishes and the Ejected Coach is coming down from the parking lot and confronts me leaving the field...wanted to know why I ejected him and in 25 years coaching he's never been ejected...repeatedly yelling this...I told him I didn't have anything to say to him, the reason will be in my report and to back away and leave me alone so I could leave. He kept walking next/in front of me saying "I'm done, I've already called Jason and Steve (Association President/Assigner) and I'll never ump again"...I stopped walking, asked him again to leave me alone, I have nothing to say. Started walking, he gets in front of me continuously yelling and asking why I ejected him, I owe him an explanation. I told him if he didn't stop I was calling the police, and started dialing my phone. His tack then changed to, I needed to get off his field because he had the permit and he was kicking me out...by this time his assistants and some parents kept him away so I could leave. Association has my back.
  14. Are tomorrow. 12u travel doubleheader. Looking forward to being back at it.
  15. We gained 9 more bodies for our first meeting last week than what we finished with last fall. However, our numbers are half of what they were 10 years ago and we barely have enough to cover all that is asked of us. It's very hard to recruit younger umpires and I'm trying to appeal to the 40-50 year old set (like me) who possibly have high schoolers and might have a little more time.
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