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  1. If I've ever heard a textbook, ironclad, ejection scenario, this is it. If ejected, he has to answer to the league BOD. Without ejection, he may or may not. Possibly, the only way for him to have to deal with his behaviour is for you to push the issue through your association. If I was your assignor/evaluator the first thing I'd ask is why you didn't run him.
  2. Great transaction with @Stk004, items exactly as described and quick shipping. Thanks
  3. Just dropped you payment for the Adidas frame and All-Star harness. Thanks.
  4. Would you consider a package of the Icon frame only and the All-Star harness? Thanks.
  5. Lots of great suggestions here. I can say, but once, cry once. As a newer umpire who does a lot of lower level games, you need good equipment because you WILL get hit, a lot. I can definitely recommend the Champion Armor style CP, the Diamond ix3 leg guards and the All-Star S7 Umpire mask (FM4000UMP) with the LUC pads. The LUC pads are great and don't soak up sweat. I also use the All-Star Cobalt Umpire Skullcap. It gives me the additional head protection while wearing a traditional mask and still weighs less than a hockey style helmet.
  6. Long time coach, fort time umpire this fall. My 15 year old son is joining me. We are both having a good time. Our association covers games in four counties in Southern Maryland at all levels from Little League, Travel, Middle and High School, up to adult leagues.
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