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  1. Roughly. 🤪 Next year I won't be doing any solo (60' fields) games, and I anticipate doing more 3-man. When I realized this (I was ball watching, big time--a bad habit kept in my repertoire by working LL games) in my own actions/practicing of The Craft, it was an epiphany. By that I mean it became much easier to get better looks at plays when I thought about moving constantly. I know experienced umpires will respond to that statement with a resounding, "DUH!"; I will suggest inexperienced umpires (at least when I was inexperienced) are taught to move, but the games move too quickly for them to think about moving on top of all the other things that are going on. I'm much better about moving now without consciously thinking about it, but I still struggle with it at times.
  2. 97.62983% of my games are in a two-man crew. After experimenting last season with setting up in very deep B (on the infield fringe), I found the "book" setup in B works better for me. Last year, I found I actually had to move at an angle (roughly towards the 45' line on 1BL) to avoid getting straightlined for plays at 1B. This year I moved to the "book answer" B position; for throws to 2B from F1 or F2, I'll pivot and take a step or two after letting the ball clear me. For pickoffs to 1B, I can take a few more steps directly to towards the bag and have a good look. Ultimately I found the advantage of being positioned nearer to 2B (as I was last year) not worth the cost of a less than ideal position for plays at 1B. In a three-man crew, a U1 could be closer to 2B when in B with fewer issues because obviously there is zero chance of a pickoff or backpick to 1B.
  3. It wasn't really an issue at all. I can PM you the vendor I got them from, but all I did was find the size I wanted for a Buy It Now price, and a week (or so) later they were on my doorstep.
  4. Swings lead to strikes. Strikes lead to outs. Outs lead to quick innings. Quick innings lead to early games. Early games lead to earlier beer and barbeque.
  5. The sizing is identical; I wear a 29cm (US size 11) for both shoes.
  6. Background: I have worn the 3n2 (hello, boat anchor), New Balance mid-cut (patent leather shiny!), and US Mizuno plate shoes before ordering the Japanese version. A week ago I bought off eBay from a Japan-based seller the Japanese version of the Mizuno 11GU2300. Yesterday I received them and here are my initial thoughts and some photos. Overall, the two versions are nearly identical, with only a couple of visual cues differentiating one from the other. The US version has the Mizuno "Runbird" logo in white on both sides of each shoe, with the Runbird on the outstep of each shoe having an embossed border. The Japanese version on the other hand has only the outstep logo with an embossed border (no white coloring); the instep logo of the shoe is absent completely. The two pictures below show the Japanese version on the left; US version on the right. The other small difference is the toe box and toe cap. One of the things I like about the US Mizuno plate shoes is how much more roomy they are compared to my NB plate shoes (I don't have a wider-than-average foot, so I obviously can't speak to that aspect). I put on the Japanese version of the plate shoes and the difference is immediately noticeable. I feel like I can move a couch in to the toe box of the Japanese shoes and still be comfortable. In the picture below, you'll see the toe cap is wider on the Japanese shoe (on the right); that difference looks slight but it is absolutely noticeable. Everything else I've checked--insoles, sole tread, sole design, laces--about the shoes is identical between the US and Japanese versions. The only thing I don't like about the shoes is the embossing on the metatarsal protector, and it's the same pattern on the US and Japanese versions. I've obviously not worn these for a game yet, but my initial assessment is I like them. I like the US version, but I expect to like the Japanese version even more.
  7. Same, except we don't get the manual. I do wish the case book and rule book were full size instead of miniature.
  8. Do you mean *wasn't* NFHS? In NFHS, OBS is a minimum of 1 base from TOI. (Rule 8-3-2) Could be more with umpire's judgement.
  9. 834k3r

    EJ Warranted?

    After that inning (which passed without any further drama) he pitched through the 5th--again with no further drama. In the second game (his team had a DH against a different team, I was BU) he was R2 and during a pitching change he went to talk to the 3BC. As he passed me, he said "hey blue, sorry about last game." To which I simply responded "thank you."
  10. 834k3r

    EJ Warranted?

    100%. I failed to provide one detail that caused doubt to come into my head. There was probably a full second or two before the pitcher delivered the pitch--it seemed like a long time in the heat of the moment.
  11. 834k3r

    EJ Warranted?

    I was big and vocal for sure. I'll change where I clear to--I appreciate the feedback.
  12. One out of three qualifies in my book.
  13. 834k3r

    EJ Warranted?

    I know the F2 and he's a good kid, so I trusted his assessment of the pitcher. I was trained to go behind the batter for additional protection. If that's incorrect or not current (@wolfe_man? @MadMax?) I'm happy to retrain myself.
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