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  1. It was an honor just to be nominated.
  2. Umpy


    Truly working solo is underappreciated.
  3. I worked with a guy who used a different one for every strike. No one ever complained except my raised eyebrow.
  4. Why would you assume they attend a clinic? I have to say, I'm a convert -- there's no reason for rotations on a 60' diamond with 6 umpires. If you haven't worked a 60' field, keep in mind that U2 could take 3-4 quick steps and rule on anything. If you can't rule on a catch/no-catch and then turn and make a call at second (from the outside, naturally), there's something wrong. You can fit three 60' fields into one 90' field and have room left over. I was working 3B on 3-Man last year on 60' and our assignor criticized me for not going out on a fly ball to left field. I looked at h
  5. Noone makes girlie throw jokes? I would! Nah you can't even tell its my off hand! It just looks like a lazy toss. If I'm working a 60' diamond it doesn't even look lazy!
  6. I am also left handed, but with practice I've mastered lobbing balls to the mound with my right hand.
  7. Umpy


    It looked like he just called a ball foul because it landed in foul territory before going fair. That's the impression I got from his hand motions.
  8. Umpy


    I can't say I've ever had a worse one.
  9. Umpy


    I'm watching the replay. They said his name at like the 23:30 mark. I pointed at the screen and shouted "I know that guy!!" Only to remember that no I don't know that guy and I'm watching it alone on my computer at 1 in the morning. Awesome safe call at home for Kentucky's second run.
  10. I like Black because I'm too cheap to buy any more colors.
  11. The guy in the dugout looks like he's telling the catcher to punch the runner in the face.
  12. In my experience Infield flies always cause a SH*# storm.
  13. If they're not hitting it over the fence now, changing the distance of the bases isn't going to make it easier for them to hit it over the fence.
  14. Did he come to you for an appeal after that?
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