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  1. Nope that softball Me just wish they would leave it out of the rule book .. no leading but if you left early.. meh so what..
  2. Well yeah.. That had to be a bad "BLINK" Moment I do not think gambling was involved..
  3. So I am wondering. Other than basketball. Has anyone seen anything about Umpires or Refs doing anything horrible to alter games ? Or look like they were influenced possibly by betting?
  4. Although now kiss my grits Its back in stock and can be purchased.. When I went only color available was the blue
  5. Correct I went to website and the black is out of stock Mad Max bought them all.. or maybe was given the last batch and told to try them out and critique them. /shrug
  6. I been telling them all its reg season only No playoffs or tourney rules
  7. Im just happy if coaches can warm up during the year keep it moving please
  8. Well to be honest no Max I do not think anyone here would think you would be like " Ohhhhh Heeeeyyyyyy" point... More like the Hermione Grainger with a "Swish and FLICK"
  9. Thank you for sharing. That must be rough at times. I personally struggle with being diagnosed as diabetic, and not having treated it very well when I was younger. It was not so much denial as it was dilligaf , which also led to myself being diagnosed as an a-hole. Which of course leads to its own challenges. The diabetes though I have nerve pain in my legs some days. Makes you feel like you got stuck with a tazzer in that area. Very unpleasant Also have no feeling in the skin of both my feet which reaches up into all the way to my knees. I do still have feeling and sensation in the calve muscles but this leads to other things such as not being able to hydrate well enough if my sugar is out of wack cause I will just pee it all out as fast as possible trying to get the sugar out of my system. But yeah I have had a few catchers that the coach tells me they have ADHD and man one of them was bouncing all over the place one night trying to keep himself into the game. It was hard to find a decent spot in the slot.
  10. Do you not have to stop and start it in between innings or anything?
  11. Played LL up thru Legion Ball. I was a team Mgr in Legion and could only play non district games but my batting ave. for both of the years was over 600 each year. Coach did not like me I swear it was cause I was a decent hitter ( for average ) Tried out in college fall ball and got invited back to try out again in the spring.. Never went back.
  12. LL Instructs us a firm crisp snap point and as its snapping "PLAY" is announced Least thats what we got in Bristol last I was there 3? weeks ago..
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