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  1. Had it happen to me in a game, 10U Batter let go of bat on a hit to the infield came around and whacked F2 in the legs well enough I heard the shinguards "CLACK" from the bat. As I was watching the play I did not see it clearly but could tell by the catcher yelped and was knocked to his knees what happened. BR was put out at 1st. After the play I called time took a step towards the O dugout with the D dugout behind me hollering he should be out for throwing the bat. I said coach. Thats his one warning. Coach nodded said "understood" and also " "We have been working on that with him" M
  2. Just curious what level is this? I would LOVE to see that at 12 U and I am nearly positive there are at least 3 or 4 Catchers I COULD see doing that. Just based on what little fall ball we had this year. But that is Just Awesome.
  3. Ok yeah .. "A friend of mine wears tights" just admit its you we do not judge here Cool mod though I will be checking mine now, I do not recall them snagging anything but the bottom seam on my pants. I keep blowing one set out all the dang time on that lower left hem/seam whatever you call it.
  4. Yep outside the fence is not your area.. I want myself want to kick them out but I been told as others here have Tell the coach of that side and let them handle it. If its a tourney talk to the TD and let them handle it. Unless it comes onto the field then its out of your AoR.
  5. Stay down in stance dont move anything call "Ball" wait about 2 seconds if you can and nothing else is going on and then reset to get ready for the next thing
  6. Unless the call is questioned by the coaches and/or an appeal is asked you do not offer your knowledge without the BU asking for your help. Then and only then do you relay it to the BU only and let him change the call based on your input. I had a similar thing being in BU in C R2 no outs, ground ball to F6 who fielded it and made a good throw. From what I saw the throw beat the runner easily, however I suspected that F3 may have come off the bag a bit early but my angle from C I could not see his foot actually off the bag. It appeared still there. I called the runner out. Ther
  7. If this has been posted here before or not I do not know. I am giving a complete and serious WTF I would if I were a coach or parent be so upset if this is truly a umpire who is under the influence. I mean I hope he is just suffering from some sort of medical issue like dehydration or something else to cause him to be this way but some of the comments man this is awful.
  8. Pre game in a 10U LL game I had one of the coaches say. ":Gonna be a big zone tonight right blue." I said "Barn door" The other coach said "Oh thank God" LOL..
  9. So can I attack this from the other side. definition of a Balk from MLB.com Balk Definition A balk is an illegal act by the pitcher when one or more runners are on base. The rule is in place to prevent a pitcher from deceiving the baserunners. When a balk is called, the ball is dead and all runners move up one base. However, the play proceeds without reference to the balk if the batter reaches first and all other runners advance at least one base. A balk will be called when a pitcher who is on the rubber makes any motion natur
  10. "Did not mean to sound like I was being a dick", But I was being one.. LOL just kidding.. Sigh sorry need some laughs nowadays
  11. I got a pair of these to put me over the top to get free shipping. Gotta say best extra add-on I ever have done. EVER.. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/F3-ULT-SOX-BK/Force3-Ultimate-Referee-Umpire-Socks
  12. Sorry nope, with the Red Sox playing like this year did not matter, I have not followed baseball much at all. Too bad would have been nice to see him call a good game
  13. So are we all under agreement that if P1 had drilled the runner in the back that would have been RI ? I mean that would have been a quality throw and catchable at that point, other than the BR blocking the path to F3 and being out of the running lane.
  14. LOL I love it when the catcher and the batter know each other and they start a back and forth. Some of the quick jabs back n forth and etc nearly have me in stitches some times.
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