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  1. I did see them there too I see that they do have a 36 inch one also but its not the ABS plastic bottom style
  2. What rules level? Pretty sure LL gives them all the way to the dugout before the BR can be considered out by abandonment
  3. @MadMax Hey curious if you fly with that I assume thats checked correct? I am assuming thats too big to carryon
  4. PS watch where you buy that FuL seen it as high as 230 yet wally world shows 102 https://www.walmart.com/ip/FUL-Workhorse-30in-Rolling-Duffel-Bag-Retractable-Pull-Handle-Split-Level-Storage-Black-And-Blue/48750612?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227036285371&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=78201294394&wl4=pla-181407065794&wl5=9002353&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=48750612&veh=sem&gclsrc=ds
  5. To note Max's bag I do like and I would probably get if I were more "traveling" but what I do is work out of the truck all within either 30 min of home or 30 min of work So 2 different needs... I will "tidy up" my area and see if I cant get a shot of it this weekend. Its about time I went thru and neatened it up again
  6. Yeah sorry guys I got hung up in my head thinking about when the swung the bat for the at bat and NOT when they stepped in.. My bad
  7. With me in the bag 2 pair of F3 shins 2 AS FM4Kmag masks 1 Champro hollow steel mask with TW pads 1 AS system 7 CP 1 AS Cobalt CP 2 cups 4 plate bushes 5 or so indicators 3 red flags 2 pair of f3 socks 4 under shirts compression style cause yeah they wick and OK yes DAD bod 1 skully now that I type this I realize I need a 2nd 1 stopwatch which I never ever carry 1 notepad and pen holder Else where in the truck My shoes I keep on the floor of the truck 2 pair of plate shoes 1 3n2 1 NB460v2 my pants and shirts and jackets I hung on a custom coat rack I made in the back of the truck 2 pair smitty's base pants 2 pair smitty's plate pants 2 pair champro plate pants shirts ?? I dunno probably 24 shirts white, powder blue, light blue, navy blue, black. 4 jackets 2 heavy 1 blue 1 black 2 light 1 blue 1 black 2 jocks hang with the champro pants 3 belts cleaning supplies I keep in a box on the other side of the truck
  8. I have the Wilson and I just got the Champro I like the layout of the Champro a little better. In the end though they both store stuff nicely.
  9. See and here is one of those times I completely hate the LL rules book because if they hit the ball their foot can be anywhere they want as long as a part of it is touching the line, including touching HP As they are considered inside the box as long as they are touching a piece of line
  10. I am not saying we do not need to be diligent about lightning. However let me point out the stats that TMiB posted 418 people from 06 thru 19 , I correct myself from prior post, 14 years of that study found 5 baseball players were killed in the US from lightning strikes. That's a tick over 1% from the study and 1 player every 2.8 years. Think about HOW much baseball is being played in the US at all levels. The odds of it happening are unreal low. Also ball players probably die from all the other possible things like heat stroke, seizures, heart disease, etc. about as much. I am not saying it cannot happen either. But I get up every morning and risk my life putting my first foot on the wood floor while wearing socks. One of these days I may slip and fall and not be able to get up. Then again God may strike me down tonight while I am out running the bases...
  11. No their feet have to be completely out of the box for them to be illegal and THAT is what I was talking about with that reference was their feet
  12. Fixed it last night on both my masks and updated the black one to an Ump life harness with the clips. fitted it last night, jury is still out I do not think it hugs the skully as well and those clips hanging out off it well I do not care for it. I do like the way the hold but I may go looking for the other version But thank you @wolfe_man for the harness!
  13. Little league if a kid freezes or turns the wrong way, So long as he is in the box and not hit outside the box I give them 1st base. I have called several times early in the season now. Kids that hang out over the plate and get hit a strike and made them stay there at the bat. Its time and time again these kids do not get enough time at the plate practicing stance in the actual box, they just do not know where to stand. With LL they can actually be considered in the box with their feet on the line and on the plate at the same time because the box is only 4 inches from the plate. If I see a kid that close or even nearly touching the plate I will call time and ask the coach to address it. It usually only happens in the 1st 3 weeks of the season then they usually have it sorted out..
  14. Thank you for sharing this post. Thank you for your service. Best wishes and prayers going forward in dealing with the PTSD. I hope you have someone you can really talk to to work this out. Holding that anger is probably not a good sign. Again thank you for the share. Prayers.....
  15. Yep Sorry to hear about those 2 folks. Thank you for those article links. Seems fishing is far more dangerous than I thought. As is Soccer we should ban that sport. Between the flops and the crazy fans the lightning strikes should be enough... /sarcasm off. Glad I do not ref soccer. Eesh Edit: working out the stats from that 1st report I figure the # was 5 for baseball. Over the time of that report 13 years.
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