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  1. I Actually had this happen where R3 stepped over the plate and R2 came in behind him. I called R2 out for passing the runner. I was told here I should have let it go and then waited to see if there was an appeal on R3 missing the plate. So in the end I think I would have let it go if there were 1 out because it is not the last out of the inning and thus needing an appeal to be called ( In this situation ) However I like the abandonment call with 2 outs because it ends the inning right at that spot. I forget though is abandonment a time play? I d
  2. I would say No 1 out for Abandonment and then the rest score properly, so long as they all run the bases and touch HB properly
  3. OP States 2 outs Film shows 2 outs
  4. So based on what I saw R3 out for abandonment and its out #3 no one behind him should score. And BR should beat R3 with a baseball bat for being a moron kidding obviously but damn that was awfully dumb
  5. If the throw to 1st does not beat the runner crossing the plate the run scores. Its not a force out it is an appeal play and thus a timing play.
  6. Swap them with the base coach?
  7. Its not written it was taught in class by Doc and I cannot recall the name of the other older gentleman there. Its killing me I forgot it.
  8. Well damn.. Thank you guys for all these wonderful responses. Makes my homeruns stories pale by FAR in comparison. I hope all I ever have to do is call safes, outs, balls, fouls, and strikes the rest of my time ever and never have to deal with anything like what some of you guys have been thru. But yeah a lot of you guys are Heroes. great job guys Bravo!
  9. My own lil Glory story, 12U I was a decent player I could hit and pitch well and was a good 3rd baseman I typically hit line drives into the outfield and was good for singles and doubles and the occasional triple or better if the fielders botched the cutoffs well I get up this one time it was against someone I knew in school and he was not a hard thrower and had issues with control. I So desperately wanted to smack one out of the park on this kid. He tossed one way outside ball one one just barely outside I swung hard 1-1 . next pitch was over my head but over the plat
  10. It does for LL Doc states a kid in LL gets smacked send him to 1st Even if he was swinging I think he was talking 10-8 But also the OP did not point put who' rules and what level.
  11. Thanks Thunder appreciate that 3 fingers in the air gesture at the runner and move 3 bases Yes?
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