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  1. This is why I love my LL Minors/fall ball strike zone top of shoulders to bottom of knees and it extends the the batter box on the opposite side of the plate. If its horseshoe close its a strike.. man my games go so much faster now 😁
  2. Rules n Regs.. but yeah I get it.. That one though for sure is O_o 🤦‍♂️
  3. I was talking to the fence cause it was fall ball and all we are out there to do is have fun and try to bring the 10U kids into the 12U realm its much better than the 8 U going into the 10U however I do tell the coaches at the meeting my K zone is expanded and have them swing away. never had a coach complain ( during fall ball ) Plus I knew I was gonna be a bit rough and I was watching everything and his calls to make a back up issue if he seemed to be one sided. He was good and honest as the day was bright and sunny I saw NO favoritism and I got approval from BOTH coaches so if the HTC complained I would have said hey you ok'd this. To be honest their team was really no match or that team and the VT came up one run shy of 10 running them out of the game early so it was not like a close game where things mattered too much.
  4. Well he did tell me after he would love to come down and help in any other games. I encouraged him to go the LL website as they will handle the back ground check there for you. He did mention he did not want to get behind the plate. I'll see if I can get him down to a bunch more games before I push him that way. But yeah it felt cool actually pulling someone into it
  5. Edit I just finished watching the video I missed the slow mo replay. I think that should have been foul tip. to me thats clearly now on the exchange. at real speed I admit it looks like it squirted out. slowed down replay it looks like the ball is not spinning or moving and he sticks his hand in the glove and then it drops as his hand knocked it out.
  6. Top of 1st inning of a double header I have at this field. Ball bounces away from catcher R2 takes off for 3rd P2 throws to P5 gets R2 high on the leg but none the less R3 is out by 2 feet or so. I make sure he held the ball. OUT I call. it was the 3rd out so I turn from where I was which was now a couple feet up the line and I head back to the back stop where I left my water bottle. As I am walking by the visiting teams stands I heard dad hollering to his kid. "Dont you worry that ump missed that call you were under that tag easy" Im thinking what game is he watching the kid never made the bag on his slide for 1 for 2 he got tagged just under the knee which was sticking way up when he was around 2 feet from the bag before he stopped short of it. I stopped and was looking at this guy. looks much like a fire hydrant made love to a bull dog. Hes shorter but tatted up and looks like he works out for his job. ( some of the tats I recognize as military) I say to him. " Are you really gonna start on me THIS early? its only the 1st inning" He says " Oh yeah and Ill be here for the 2nd as WE have a double header" he's smiling. "Thats funny you should say that as I have the next game here too" well this got us into a friendly banter and yeah he's 19 years in just got back from over seas 5 weeks ago and etc. I tell him Hey tell you what I got another shirt in my truck why dont you go get it and you can run the bases for me. He was eager to. Well that game went by and after I went back to my truck and changed my t shirt and CP out took off my shins and let them air dry as best they could. I got 15 min of a/c in the truck and then went back with two more bottles of water and a spare shirt on a hanger. He was not there so I hung it on the fence in front of where he was sitting some of the parents asked me if that was for him. I said yep when he comes back tell him to suit up he is gonna run for me. LMAO he did! I asked both coaches if it was ok to use him they both agreed on it. So I gave him some basic knowledge on positions and calls He did fine I saw only one bang bang play he called that he did get correct from my view too. I gave him a couple more tips as the game progressed. we go to the middle of the 5th and the President of the League showed up, not unusual specially on a fri or sat game II said Hello Brian He says Hey "Arch" I see you got someone on bases. I say yah he was heckling me 1st inning of the last game so I put him to work. Ah he says nice.. So how did his back ground check go? My heart dropped and I had a lump in my throat. Yeah I did the pooch hard on that. I Say " well um yeah I guess I missed that and it did not " He says Dont worry I am busting yah I know Adam he coached for us in DLL for 10 years or more before you started umping. He's fine I know him ugh... well phew on that but yeah I messed up Im still a bit upset with myself on it now. But sigh at least I did not pick some child molester out of the stands Adam had told me he was a major in the military and well I never thought anything about yeah back ground check... But I do feel cool about yeah I took a "heckler" out of the stands and put him to work. I wont ever do that again.. but Heh it was fun
  7. I been lacking in my hydration bad since I had a month or so off. Took about half of a 20 oz bottle of water after a 2am pee break and I could feel my body scream in joy for the water.. Yep drink drink drink!!! all the time
  8. I was about to say, But didn't the scissors stance die out, then I looked at the OP's name.. /facepalm..
  9. Don't expect anything. Be ready for anything On calls see it, was it a ball strike out safe?, "rewatch it in your head" (verify), make the call timing.. slow down and just make the right call.. btw welcome and try not to suck. 😃
  10. I agree at the beginning of the season for the 8-9 yr olds but the ones that really honestly like the game and get into it, by the end of the season No I disagree. There are those typical kids that are tossed out there by parents to give the kids something to do but the kids themselves are not into it. Those kids I wish would be weeded out and stuck into another system. Or their parents would not stick them out there on the field when they know the kid has zero interest in being there. To be honest this is one of the many downfalls of Little League. Travel ball you do not see this as much because if a kid does not want to play a coach will tell the parent save your money if the parent cannot figure it out.
  11. Well Just had all my weekends snatched up from the 12th on thru Oct 3rd plus two Thursday games. Just hope the new class of 7yr olds moving up are decent.. ( they never EVER are)
  12. To me it looks like the player stepped on home plate and slipped causing his stumble into the catcher. It's not on purpose but to me still causes INT by the Runner
  13. I love this video for learning and how to call it. My 2 cents you need to know what your league wants. If they want a warning 1st then do it and then call them. If there is no warning then call it and call it as you would any other situation and game. If you don't call ticky tack balks than dont subject them to unreal close scrutinization of it. If you see something you would clearly call than call it. Its not your job to coach them its your job to umpire them
  14. Copyright Law and Fair Use Copyright law allows "fair use" of small parts of copyrighted works without the permission of the author. If the reproduction is for the purpose of criticism, news reporting, teaching, or research it is more likely to be fair use than if it is copied for commercial purposes. It is difficult to make this determination in advance, however, since they typically depend on a number of case-specific criteria. An example of fair use would be a book reviewer quoting a few lines from a book in an online book review. The U.S. Copyright Office maintains a Fair Use Index to help attorneys and non-attorneys get a better understanding of how the courts have ruled on fair use claims.
  15. the outside corner when the hitter crowds the plate and the catcher is shading inside.
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