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  1. My assumption is they tried to make a throw to 1b and thru it OOP either over the fence along the side or into the dugout area.
  2. ArchAngel72


    The way I read his 2nd post is that he is trying to say because of the "tag up" and the over run past the base, that R2 is now actually a R1 as well as the original R1 and must get to 2nd before the force out. Which is not the case.
  3. ArchAngel72


    R1 is out by force and R2 must be tagged to be out off the bag as there is now no force at 2nd
  4. Replay I saw, it did not hit anything but the yellow on the wall, pretty sure the article also said that's what replay saw. Quoting the article now, So did you actually watch the video and read the article? Or are you just trolling me?
  5. Oof try to take out the human part of making a call and whoops its still there because of communication errors. ouch this one hurts though gotta feel for all 3 teams.
  6. Major League Suck right there... sorry to hear of that situation, hope it gets better and fast
  7. Thanks for the visual, good to know what you are doing on the Jon I have 4 copies of the green manual 2 digital 1 on my phone 1 on my iPad, 1 is always in my equip bag, the other is on my table near the TV So ultimately here is the thing People come here to post and ask questions 1. because they cannot find it in the manual 2. because they found it and they want someone elses interpretation on it 3. because they found it and they do not understand it as it is written and are looking for help understanding it So why are you preaching go read the F manual? hmmm? 2 threads and you are upset with people asking questions they are looking for help Jim please try to be helpful instead of snarky
  8. I looked in the green book and I do look in the manual occasionally, I noticed no one here pointed or copied the section in the manual where this is explained. But thanks for the correction on how I thought it was supposed to go down, I mistakenly thought I had a passing the runner situation, But I will look again
  9. Ok LL Majors (11-12u) Runners on 2nd and 3rd , 1 out I am working solo Batter hits a ball in the gap over the 2nd baseman’s head. I am watching the runners keeping very darn good care to watch the runners coming home and the kid running to1st I saw R3 miss the plate R2 had touched 3rd and crossed and touched the plate I see Batter touch 1st and head for 2nd on the out fields wild throw home. I keep watching the plate and r3. He comes back to the plate and purposely stomps on the plate ( as if to say I know I missed it) Play stops I call time and announce R3 is out as he touched the plate after the R2 and thus R2 has passed R3 on the base path (Now I am running this off from one base runner passing another) 1st I know I called the wrong runner out after some research I should have called the R2 out for passing R3. but all things aside My thinking is If the R3 had not come back and purposely tagged the plate and just walked to the dugout I leave it alone and don’t say anything unless they appeal to the plate and the missed tag of home. But because he purposely tagged it and its now out of order I banged them for runners passing the runner in front of them. SO? Aside from my gaf at calling the wrong runner out. Did I apply that correctly? sigh .. here comes the pain I can feel it..
  10. Oh agree but your 10u kid was just told "You home" by an official, who is he going to follow at that point?
  11. please forgive me then at my level and this is my coin test I bounce these things off would a 10 year old understand it. my fault as I was assessing this to LL where an errantly thrown ball over the right side fence or dugout is probably going to happen a lot more than other leagues Op said OBR I guess my own feelings are I would not begrudge a 10u kid whom I said "You Home" takes off and rounds 3rd and goes home not thinking about anything else. where as a kid whos 17 yrs old and playing HS ball well ok then yeah they ought to know better but then again maybe he's a nervous kid and gets worried about disregarding the "orders" of an umpire. anyway just kicking this around here Im wrong in my feelings on the matter I guess
  12. God Bless you sir! I clean the plate in between innings right after the ball is thrown down and after anyone slides into the plate making it a mess other then that if a catcher or pitcher or batter ask for it because they kicked dirt on it.
  13. But hang on is it truly a "lack of knowledge of rules" when you say to a player "You home" and he/she obeys you and then they get called out for it? See to me its a bad "command" you are as an umpire setting the kid up for failure. Now that's just me I'm chatting about this because I see and understand what you are saying and I get that's how it is. But just this one instance does that not go against some moral code? I mean I put myself at that point and say "You Home" he gets home we put the ball in play the other team appeals to 1st and he/she is banged out. I feel like a complete yutz cause I told him basically "free ride to home" sigh. "not your circus, not your monkeys" But you're the acting ringleader for that night.
  14. This is why at this point I would point to the runner and say "You 2 bases" Let them decide where they are supposed to go and how they are supposed to act. This way I am not pushing him anywhere but what he is awarded and its still up to him to play his path correctly. If I tell him he has home he goes back to 1st and retouches do I then tell him YOU 3rd? I get what the verbage is and thus what is supposed to happen but to me it causes more possible issues after you have said "YOU Home" because you either give him more bases than he should be allowed based on the retag, or you have to "correct yourself" and reissue the order based on him actually retagging. sigh.. Im sure you see my point. I'm just saying for this one instance maybe we should change the verbage to not tell a runner "what to do/where to go" I just see a crap show after he goes home, they appeal and then the at bat manager is protesting because you told him "go home"
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