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  1. I did so in a menacing voice to get my point across that I had made my call and unless he was there to ask me to appeal it GET OFF THE FIELD AND SHUTUP.. anyway that was my point to him.. Maybe I should have told him something along those lines but more political
  2. runner on 2nd I am PU pitcher tosses an inside pitch, the R batter "matrix's" out of the way and it ticks off the catchers mitt and heads for the backstop. Being in the slot I got a VERY good view of it and I call "BALL" pretty loud. the kid on 2nd takes off to 3rd on the WP and slides in safe. Immediately the Defensive team is hollering that was a foul ball it tipped his bat ( this is from my right side the 1st base dugout). I ignore it and am waiting on the catcher to get back in place and get ready for the next pitch. Out of the corner of my eye I see the runner start to go back to 2nd. I stand there waiting and the D teams HC asks for time. I step back look at him and give him time ( no one has really come set yet P or C) he walks out and he's stammering Blue that was a foul, can I, what did," I say I called ball and I saw it tip the catchers mitt and go to the back stop I never saw it hit the player or the bat nor did I hear it hit the bat. DHC "well I heard" .. ME: WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO APPEAL IT? him ah yes can we ask the BU. Ok I approach the base umpire."John what did you see?" John, " I saw it hit the mitt and carry to the backstop." me "Do you think the batter fouled it? John "NO not at all" ME "that's what I saw too." I turn "Coach appeal says I called ball and he saw it hit the mitt and carry to the backstop. It stands." He goes "What about the guy on 2nd you gonna give him 3rd back?" I look at John "Did you ask him to go back?" John "No, No I never said anything you called Ball" Me "Well how did he get there?" John " the base coach sent him back". I'm smiling now cause this is Really odd.. I ask the Base coach "You sent him back?" He says "I did not hear what your call was because I saw the ball go by and was hollering for my kid to go." Me "So you sent him back because? Base coach " I did not hear what you said, sorry " Me to John. "well it was still live and he retreated on his own accord.. He stays on 2nd yes?" John "Oh yeah we did not send him back his base coach did." I announce Runner is on 2nd and that's where he is. We did not ask him to go back the Base coach did. Thats where he stays. I look at the defensive coach he shrugs and walks off the field 2 pitches later he was back on 3rd with another WP Sigh.. Is it me or is it just cause its my 1st yr behind that plate that I am getting a bit of these weird ones?
  3. Large Cluster Flop If the fielders thru the ball to 1st and the runner never made it there, and the PU called strike 3 batter is out then the batter should have been out. Error on the PU yes but based on not making it to 1st, BR is still out.
  4. Sigh did research on this way too late just ordered one of those vests.. hoping it makes it before next weeks tourneys doubting I will get it next week at all though. Damn should have looked here earlier.
  5. Heh I worked a 10U tourney game last Saturday whew 95 degrees and a cluster getting it going cause the VT was short 1 player. Anyway my partner shows up 20 min before game time the DA told me she was sending a "new" guy to me to get his feet wet on tourney stuff. Yep shows up 3 earrings in one ear 2 in the other. I looked at him and said I got nothing against jewelry but I have to tell these kids they cannot wear it. I hate to say this but we need to be a good example and lead by it. Would you please remove those for the game. Good sport he was he did so. After that I helped him out with giving him a proper hat and a counter which he had neither. before the game we went over more than just basics we went over what I expected of him for mechanics in the field and positions. after the game the UiC that showed up and I offered him tips on cleaning up what we observed and more pointers on what to do in the field on the bases. he seemed very receptive all while he was smoking a cigarette .. sigh Im in my truck soaking in AC from my sweat soaked position taking in gatorade as fast as I feel I can and hes huffing a cancer stick .. well one thing at a time.. anyway I was very happy he lost the ear bling so easily.. I hope to help him out some more as this tourney season goes.
  6. ArchAngel72

    Caught ball?

    With that argument, could it not be assessed when the umpire did not signal OUT that there was no catch.
  7. ArchAngel72

    Caught ball?

    Sorry meant that I point down and fair.
  8. ArchAngel72

    Caught ball?

    If its a catch an out signal and verbalization should be made. If no catch nothing I suppose. for me if is close to the fair line I point down if its fair if its not caught
  9. Ok HE got 2 games.. I am triggered! What the hell. He probably put that catcher out for a week if not more and all he loses is an undisclosed amount of $ plus 2 games ? That's not enough.. I'm ok with the fine but seriously needs to be 5 games or more make it 10 and let the players union argue it back down to 5. But 2 pfft slap on the hand. What if that catcher suffers from some career ending thing due to concussion issues. sigh sorry just NOT happy
  10. Ok So.. Could you resolve this like this. You see a pitcher obviously shaken or bothered by said chanting while he is pitching. You see him give the slightest twitch that is not normal for his delivery. "That's a Balk" "Time" " No bases awarded" call Offensive Coach over warn him chanting while pitching must now stop as you have deemed this effected the pitcher. Move on from there. I dunno I'm spitballing..
  11. Strike Zone ( as defined by LL) is the space over home plate which is between the batters armpits and the top of the knees when a batter assumes a natural stance. The Umpire shall determine the strike zone according to the batter's usual stance when that batter swings at a pitch. MLB from their website " 1996 - The Strike Zone is expanded on the lower end, moving from the top of the knees to the bottom of the knees. 1988 - "The Strike Zone is that area over home plate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the top of the knees. The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter's stance as the batter is prepared to swing at a pitched ball." So slight differences in LL to MLB obviously. I have heard guys say this is from the letters to the knees and it differs top of knees to bottom of knees. I get all that My question is why are some guys so tight on the Kzone? I have heard guys call say they call it like a bread box maybe a little bigger. I'm thinking um huh? It should vary in height player to player but to me its roughly letters to knees ( top or bottom would vary by league) over the plate. Including any portion of the plate. If it nicks a corner, the front edge , or the back point that's all that matters. Why do some guys squeeze that?
  12. I must be a computer.. I call the front edge of the plate no different than the rest of the plate corners and etc sometimes my partner says I'm calling it low but If in my judgment its knee high at the front of the plate but drops and bounces near the catcher ( mind you this is LL so arms are sometimes weaker) I call it.. I call it the same for both teams and sometimes they both complain.. but at least the both know I call it for them both.
  13. OK So here's how I understand it. Its part of the fence so if it hits it and bounces back on the field its in play no different than any other part of the fence. However if it hits it and bounces over the fence its a home run. So now I am wondering why that would not be a ground rule double... Help..
  14. ArchAngel72


    Personally I have been checking bats and helmets for all 3 seasons I have been doing this. At the LL level its amazing the # of bats kids have for other leagues that do not conform to LL spec but they show up in the players bag cause they keep all their equipment together. We just tell them pre game take it out of the dugout and or give it to the tourney director to hang on to during the game. I would say its on average 1 bat every other game during the season per game. Last year we have only seen 1 or 2 cracked bats vs last year there were a lot of them. But as far as the question sigh As the HC of the other team tourney Not his problem. If he’s a good sport then he will let you but don’t plan on it.
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