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  1. I agree at Bristol they use pitching machines and while its great to watch the ball approach the plate and cross the plate we are behind back stops typically with no catcher so you see Everything but the pitchers motion. To me its a good start but leaves out a part that well cannot be imitated by a pitching machine.
  2. Heh I already got them . Been noodling on how to pick up the CP and mask but I think winter tires for the truck are a wee bit more important at the moment
  3. Unless you are George Brett and have a pine tar incident. What I mean to say is if a batter is ejected for an illegal bat than the hit in question would be counted as an out. I suspect the hit being a HR as I do not think I have seen a seeing eye single have a bat checked on. Of course there could of course be a corked bat that broke apart and its discovered during that at bat or after a hit. Then same result that hit is then scored an out. However do the rest of the at bats then that day stand or are they scrubbed? I would think they stand.
  4. I agree I do too But I see both situations as different due to the angle of attack on the throw from the fielder. Hence why I see 2019 as proving there needs to be some verbage and or boundaries added to the rule and or field possibly to help with when to call this and when not to.
  5. I disagree the throw from the 2019 ws was by the pitcher within a yard of the base of the mound. And this is exactly where I have issue with 2019's call . 2018 to me was clearer and should have been called the Defensive player has to throw the ball down or nearly down the same path as the runner. The runner by rule needs to be inside his lane which he was not. However 2019 the runner I concede was also not in his lane. BUT and this is where this rule rubs me. The Pitcher fielding the ball at the base of the mound has a MASSIVELY different angle of attack and target to throw to the 1st baseman. He can see the whole side of the bag as well as the whole body of the 1st baseman. Him throwing it at the front of the bag basically in hopes of causing a runner infraction to me is putting the offence at a disadvantage, why because the defense in playing the ball is not at the same disadvantage to make a play to get him out. The catcher standing at the plate throwing that is at a much more disadvantage. These two comparisons are exactly why I feel the 2019 one is pushing the boundaries of the rule. I mean should a 3rd baseman throw the ball that pulls the 1st baseman off the bag and in front of the runner do we still call him outside the running lane for that? I don't think anyone would as the fielder throwing is NOT at a disadvantage in actually completing the throw. I think it needs to be revamped there becomes a point where the disadvantage to the fielder becomes considerably lessened so maybe there should be a mark on the field to establish where that delineation is.
  6. I did watch the slow motion replay . look at johnnyg08's post the third replay in slomo shows it hitting him in the back of his right knee as he hits the bag. Hes ahead of the throw. He beat it. Now he was clearly NOT in the running lane and he did interfere with the catch the 1st baseman was attempting to do. But did the 1st baseman not reach into the last step area of the bag right in front of the bag? what path from anywhere going down the line does that leave the runner? my point is if he had been in the proper base path and had transitioned onto the line path at the last step that same "collison" would have occurred. Now I will repeat again. Its a Runner not in his lane violation I get that. And Im just playing the "other side " guys cause well I feel for the player and his team. But here is another thing. When is this rule usually used? A non caught 3rd strike, possibly a bunt or dribbled hit that the catcher fields. The angle of this throw is from near the front of the pitching circle. As an ex player that Pitcher made a crap throw and the BR should not be penalized because of it.As an Ump I too would have made that call in LL where I am but more likely than not the BR I am dealing with and the 1st baseman would have had a train wreck instead of a knocked off glove.
  7. So the way I see it its called RLI because he did not run the full lane? Its a judgement call right? I'm having a tough time with this because the runner did not interfere with the throw until it was at the bag. But the runner has the right to the front of the bag. From my views on it he got there as the balls getting there. Pretty sure he beat the ball as it hits him in the right leg back of the knee as his left foot is touching or a inch from the bag. Again I get the call, but the call is because he was left of the line and not right of the line. My point is the throw was not interfered with. The catch was. but the catch is at the point where the runner has right to. I think had he been running in the lane and veered at the last second to the front of the bag this discussion would be different and he would be safe. But anyway just saying I see why people are so upset But yah I get the reason why out. thing that killed me was the damn delay. Seriously if the PU knew the rule and called it correct why does NY need to get involved and why did they get them involved? Seemed Very odd to me. then again I would want to get it right too. not to mention seeing what the PU saw from his vantage point yep he got it right. Slowing it down and seeing it replayed over and over is when I start to feel nit picky But also 1st base ump heck of a few bang bang calls wooooo one of those was like 1 inch of foot off the base.. loved seeing that replay in slow mo and him nailing it.
  8. no it depends on what happened for the obstruction. If a kid inadvertently tackled another kid and they are laying in the base path and R1 is rounding 2nd well then that imposes a danger to both those on the ground and its my job to make sure also that no one is hurt. If they are scrambling to both get up its one thing but if they are both laying there rolling around its another
  9. Eh true I was thinking LL as that's all I do.
  10. there is delayed obstruction and obstruction. Would have blown it at the point where F5 obstructed r2 that R1 passed him. WTH did F5 do tackle him, trip him, put them in a bear hug?
  11. I agree with the above don’t say anything until they make an appeal. with only 1 out though does the runner still score?
  12. I am assuming LL Minors/Majors rules As the question is written I take it the catcher is not in the box nor near it. Yes the runners may take off. The Pitcher may also throw to the base in front of the runner with just stepping towards the base. He does not have to step back off the plate if in the windup. ( Its weird but its allowed) Its a question on the test. The way its been told to me "be ready to catch a pitch" does not mean squatting behind the plate. It means alert and in the box behind the plate so if a pitch came in he could catch it. IE a purpose thrown ball ( intentional walk style)
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