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  1. two tone? Is that even a thing with masks? I'm gonna have to go dig for photos now
  2. Curious is there anything to be brought into this in the fact the fielder that gloved the ball did not make the next move with the ball ? I am wondering if OP thought the catch was not completed because F1 took it from F4's glove that was on the ground. Not sure about Fed rules but I do know LL has bases awarded for gloves or hats thrown at a ball. Not that this is the same thing. This is an injury. Although I am thinking it is a catch because the player came to a stop after catching the ball and it is in control of them in their glove. If there is noting else going on with runners then as far as the fielder is concerned the play is over and they being hurt removed their glove. Of course to me also webbing up or down would matter too.
  3. I'm poking about the issues regarding baseball operations and penalties up coming but YOU are the one that keeps dragging the political portion of what he did into it and keep pulling up that portion of it. But really What portion of Cora's cheating did he say was a political statement? hmm I in all my years of surfing forums have never seen an admin Troll so hard.
  4. Yea I do believe they will go after him as well. How long I don't know. I do not believe they will suspend him or Cora for life. I'm thinking 2 yrs but that would be really harsh.
  5. And we do not have to follow his bad example do we?
  6. Ok thanks ! I was thinking of leaving Allstars pad on the bottom and running Wendys on the top course I will have to see how it looks
  7. When it comes to Politics and Sports I wont post anything here about it. I may Grumble about Kap and his stupid ways but, not gonna drag this discussion into that arena I feel the same way you guys do but Eh He's gone from baseball at this moment, lets not drag it into anything else please. Anyway I wonder what this will bring for the Sox organization. My bet is Max fine loss of draft picks and maybe loss of international spending
  8. ugh Do wendys pads fit the AllStar Mag?
  9. So Cora and the Red Sox came to an agreeable split. /jawdrop.. Being a Sox fan this puts a large tarnish spot on 2018. I sincerely wonder what they will pull up if anything on him and now that they "split sheets" I wonder if the Sox organization had proof he did something there and they were cutting bait. ugh..
  10. I told the seamstress I was an umpire I do not think that she understood me because I took the pants back 3 times before she reinforced it.. /ugh
  11. Holy lower the boom. Man MLB has decided they really do not want sign stealing done eh.
  12. My condolences to Grayhawk and his family. Prayers for you brother..
  13. Well that was a fine Happy New Year Message Damn sorry to hear all those aliments. AA is right LOL Good luck to you on going under the knife. prayers for a speedy and good recovery.
  14. What pissed me off about the whole thing and I was there when it happened. I learned later that the same teams had played earlier in the week with NH winning and then during that game the RI team was reported to the umpire of that game for doing the same thing. ( this is what I was told by coaching staff from Gtown later during Fall ball ) So my point is with History of the issue earlier in the Tourny why was there not something said before the game to the coaches and or told to the PU or 2nd base U and also "how to handle it" The thing that tipped me up about it then is stupid or not the rule is THE RULE and it was put in there specifically for the incident that happened. Why was it not enforced as such. But after talking to Doc and some other folks as well as a friend of the PU who gave me some other info .. Here is what I say it is what it is , it happened and its over. I do not agree with it but hey I umped those kids most of my season this year and I hated a rule broken not being doled out as the book says it should have been so was I a fan then yeah I was.. Now as an Ump I do not like how the rule is written now. It leaves out some possibilities to occur that could then be judged as unsportsmanlike causing more crap later. SO My suggestion would be to amend the rule because it is part of the Tourney section to read "For the duration of the tournament" the team shall be warned after the first offense. Those responsible including any player(s), coach(es), and/or manager shall be ejected from the game for a team's subsequent offense. This way a team only gets one warning while in the tournament and it keeps it so If one team gets nabbed on it they cannot have another kid go out there in the next game and do it so on and so forth. I say this because its a Tournament rule and not for use as a season rule unless the local leagues want to adopt it.
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