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  1. - Little League Rule Book states: "The strike zone is that space over home plate which is between the batter's armpits and the top of the knees when the batter assumes a natural stance. The umpire shall determine the strike zone according to the batter's usual stance when that batter swings at a pitch."' Thats why its how it is defined in the book and when I originally was talking to other umpires in my area they said knees to armpits and I went ok bottom of the knee is still knee. So now when it just ticks the zone there and I call it it is really actually low. I re-read the book and saw it specifically says top of the knee and knew then I was mistaken so I adjusted and no one has complained or said I was calling them too low since. I should note this is for the 10-12 yr olds for me for the 8-10 yr olds yeah I open it up shoulders to bottom of knees and nearly batters box line to batters box line. Otherwise there would be barely any strikes at all.. LOL
  2. That's exactly how I saw it he was letting the machine call the game and that was how it was gonna be called.. sad really.. Something to point out they felt you were calling your zone over all too high. What is your K zone defined as IE how do you define it. For my purposes with LL I go armpits to top of knees, my own mistake was originally calling the bottom of the knee too and I caught some flack for that although the coaches both agreed I was consistent as all hell on it. LOL . I been in that top middle picture position before and MAN talk about being nervous What I was afraid of was the catcher setting up outside and the LL Pitcher gunning a fastball inside right at me. Never happened of course but You do feel left out to dry
  3. Ask him to see the copy of the rule book he uses...
  4. just to bump this and add the lines are fair so if it touches chalk/paint its fair Yes? same as the plate is in fair territory if it settles on the plate its fair.
  5. Did you read what I said? I said out of play I never said it was foul. Also there is no need for personal attacks. Maybe you need the fresh air from the reading of these posts.
  6. Would over the fence be considered fair territory? Would it not be, out of play albeit a fair ball ? I would cover that as IFF if fair. same as foul lines.
  7. So where in there does it say must be around or in the vicinity of the infield? I think as a fact of matter it states "the infield dirt and outfield grass does not form a boundary line of infield fly purposes. Now I get that the OP has given a flight of fancy post but going by what he posted to me if this is on a LL diamond its IFF
  8. Waiting to hear how the meeting with LL District 1 went last night from my UiC. He told me we may start practices and etc sometime in June and have a season July and State playoffs in August. 2 options for Umps normal behind plate or if wanted behind pitcher. Oddly though I thought he said behind pitcher you would need a mask behind plate no. Maybe I got those backwards. I gotta check on that when he gets back to me Whoops Try not to Suck!
  9. ArchAngel72

    How Many Bases?

    Using LL rules.. We did this one at class. You tell the player they are awarded home. If they are smart and retouch 1st you MUST correct what you said and tell them they are awarded 3rd. If they do not go back to 1st and an appeal is made they are out at 1st with a proper appeal. IF the appeal is botched they score and there is no appeal available after a botched one.
  10. Yeah I worded that wrong. I was looking at the wording and thinking I had something there off but couldnt place my finger on it. Got a lot on my mind sorry..
  11. What league or level? 2019 LL Rules Rule 4.09 A The A.R of that section is this expressed example other than the appeal to 3rd but that would be an appeal to 3rd and must take place immediately, with all defensive players on the field and in play with exception of the catcher.
  12. ArchAngel72

    dead ball

    I don't believe that. I think a player being wise could toss a bat on the ground in front of a rolling ball and that is intent to me purposely causing a redirection or interaction of bat with the ball to me is intent
  13. ArchAngel72

    dead ball

    Does it not matter whether there was intent of the batter to hit the ball again with a thrown or dropped bat? What I mean is there is not enough description on the OP did the batter toss or drop the bat and the ball rolled back into it or was the ball rolling back and the batter dropped and or tossed it to keep it fair? me thinks there is more info needed
  14. Again I said it will never likely happen However lets put some math to it https://www.dimensions.guide/element/little-league-baseball-field the layout is the infield is a 50 foot arc off the center of the pitchers rubber which is 46 feet from the plate the fence is 200 feet from the plate that easily puts F6 at a possible spot of 98 feet from the plate and if its a generous warning track lets say 30 feet ( yah thats big 10 yards) that means they would have to move 70 feet while the ball is in the air to get to that warning track and get under the ball. Lets say its not 30 feet but 15 feet so that puts them at 85 feet roughly to move while the ball is in the air. If its a really high hit fly ball that should be a home run but is pushed back a bit by the wind I could see it happening if its a 12 yr old who's an athlete. Not likely as the left fielder should be hollering him off it but If he started back saw the left fielder fall and knew he had to go get it himself. possible... Not ever likely but possible. And look guys I am not arguing the fact that this situation for the OP is not likely to happen. BUT I am going by the rule as the OP stated it in his post
  15. I called one similar to this in a LL playoff game batter hit I towering pop up 30 feet behind the 1st baseman. F4 settled under it calling everyone else off I put my finger up and called it IFF The PU a younger kid never acknowledged me So i hollered it out. Needless to say we had a huddle after that and I was scrutinized for calling it. I was at 2nd and I could clearly see the fielder had zero issues getting under it and did catch it with ease the 3rd base Umpire agreed with me but the 1st base umpire did not but he is one " if its in the OF its not IFF" well we had a discussion and I said well I saw it as IFF and I called it because its to protect the Offense. If he purposely drops it he could get an easy double play. After the game in the break down the UiC for the district agreed with my call and told the other 2 umpires they need to change the way they felt about that call as I was correct. I stand by it I will stand by it Just because the situation is not ordinary DOES not make the fielders effort extra ordinary. If a fielder has to sprint to a spot but is settled under the ball thats still ordinary, If an OF would do that why couldnt the IF do that? I at higher levels would say if a IF is fading on a tailing ball that he originally settled under than that would be correct also just because the ball is tailing does not mean a fielder adjusting for it makes it extra ordinary. ( Now in LL no.. thats not routine maybe 12 yr olds but not the lower levels) Now I have seen quite a bit of blown calls on the ole YT of MLB not calling for it. One instance was a 1st baseman purposely let the ball bounce caught it off the bounce tagged the now F1 trying to get to 2nd and stepped on 1st for a unassisted double play. To me that was not the way it should have been called and that was a missed call.
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