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  1. Ump kicked the call. Fielder gets one chance to field the ball if they boot it such as told he’s lost his protection. What noumpere said OBS on fielder fo sho
  2. Now see I was told by someone at a class that a ball bouncing off the CP and back into the glove would NOT be a foul tip strike out. It had to go direct to the glove. This is why I ask..
  3. Question on the change Does this mean if it hits the bat then the catchers glove or hand and then bumps his mask and then back into his glove or hand and he controls it from there it is a foul tip strike? just trying to wrap my head around the change and make sure I am clear on it.
  4. Oh I get that, But Im saying at my age group that I deal with a wild pitcher knocks a kid back a few steps to avoid the wild pitch by an 8yr old. And the catcher gets a lucky hop and plunks the kid standing just outside the box.. To me "that's nothing" the pitcher forced him out of the box avoiding a pitch its not his fault then he is out there. But then again Im talking LL minors.
  5. hrmm thats unfair to the batter is it not?
  6. LOL was standing observing a few weeks ago at the 1st base side near my UIC for the district just watching mechanics and etc. Batter got plunked and the PU said "Dead ball" LMAO both of us the UIC and me standing at the fence pulled off our caps and lowered our heads in a moment of silence for the ball. I don't think anyone else caught our act. But both of us laughed at each other over it. SIGH I have to admit I am good at calling "TIME" however when I find myself repeating "TIME, TIME, TIME" to get the little tykes to stop action I have said in follow up "The ball is dead Time is out!" Its weird but that is usually what gets them all to stop and listen. Or at least the ones that are still playing.
  7. What if he left the box avoiding a wild pitch?
  8. ArchAngel72

    sac fly

    Its not an appeal as she already tagged up and its not a force. So a tag should be needed to put R2 out
  9. Nice one Dog! I got 2 games this Sat both LL fall ball minors, meaning a good mix of 7 yr olds included in this as they will be 8 next yr. Believe me you use your head more in these games then you do your legs. Anyway after 2 games the local leagues treasurer, whom was the 2nd HT's Manager also, we got to BSing a little while I waited for a check from him. He was also grounds worker that day and was dragging the infield. Well after our laughs about stuff that went on during the game which turned to covid concerns and the over all way that play is now trying to deal with it and continue playing. After that solemn note He says well let me get you your pay. I said "Eh wait, You got any parents that struggle to pay for their kids with the league." He says "Yeah we do have one single mom with 4 boys that has a very hard time." I said " Give it to her towards her fees". He thanked me and I said no worries have a good night. I'm gonna do this all year at that location. I do hope it actually goes towards her kids fees.
  10. Let me know if you want to sell it used .. I just got the S7 AS CP and it had these 2 little wings on the side. I used it 3 times and after the 1st time they kept sticking out. So before my last 2 games I checked and they were velcro'd on so yep off they came. YAY. But as Wolfie mentioned I too want one to try out myself but me myself and I will be waiting till this winter, maybe tax time to get it.
  11. So he had a false positive? hmm wonder how many others have had this happen.. No not really, just thinking it fits "the narrative" if there are more false + issues to help raise the panic level. ie if there are false positives who is to say there are not false negatives too?
  12. ArchAngel72


    Different situation though. One is a physical act where someone was "spooked" the other is a mental mistake in believing something is not. If none of the Umpires heard it I think its the coach either making something up or he/she may have said it themselves in a mistake thinking it was and is covering thine own arse.
  13. MLB to me good no call.. lower levels yeah more likely a call .../agree with Max
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