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  1. I assume you are asking about a pitchers glove?
  2. I am curious what size hat do you wear? I got that same "champro kit" and it loosened up ok for me to wear, But I do have a smallish dome. 7 1/8 shaved and 7 1/4 with hair grown in.
  3. That has some piping as well as stitching and has parts of the fingers in white. Even bigger no no..
  4. I did too odd thing though I was looking at it about a week before that notification hit and I swear it already said 2022 on it.. /shrug
  5. I would concur as an app that search needs to be updated. However when was the last time you used a search function on the paper manual? To me that app works great then 😄
  6. Which one would help Little League does sell them off their website, but they were available on amazon too last I knew However the online App is great stick it on your phone, tablet whatever and its the LL rulebook and it updates every year So it stays current.
  7. based on what I read yeah... Sad though sucks when people let something like that take control of their life.
  8. Welcome and try not to suck... Btw foul tips never get to you foul balls do though.
  9. I have been offered a drink before at an event I was at before a game and the looks when you tell someone "Nope sorry cannot gotta go umpire tonight" heh.. Then again there were nights/days when I WISHED I had a few.. But no I save that for medicinal purposes after I get home when I have been beat up by the little league battery. I kinda wonder if the Umpire in the video had some bad reaction to meds he was taking?
  10. I am not bending over backwards to protect the defense I am going by the way OBS was explained to me. Its up to my judgement to understand if the runner would have reached the next base safely if he was unobstructed and or the one after that. I am purely looking at that going would that runner have crossed the plate with ZERO chance of a play being made on him from the time he was obstructed. Everything after that makes no difference on that particular moment because we now have a tangent in the time line. Reason being Lets say the runner rounds 3rd slightly off his line and he steps on the bag and slightly slips now because the fielder pushed him off the corner where he would have had good traction. Do I now count that stumble into the equation? NO its at the time of the obstruction should I judge he would have made it to HP and been safe. I'm saying in my mind what I saw that if OBS was not there, there may have still been a play on him that to me is close enough I cannot say he would have absolutely been safe at home. That's how I see it to me its like 75% he would have been safe 25% not.. Thus he gets third anything else is on him.. Now again all I am seeing is what's in the video.. Maybe if I was there in person observing the speed of the runners in person I would say YES he would have been home safely 100%.. right now my vision and vision only from a video is telling me mehh there maybe something there of a play at the plate still.. So I cannot in good faith say he would be safe in every and all outcomes of further play.
  11. Well the way I see it if the runner is not obstructed the outfielder makes a different throw too as well as the infielder. I work mostly with 8-12 yr olds and this year did 13 up to 16 yr olds My judgement as I stated.. But my point is the whole play is changed and what I saw still keeps it a close play YES closer but I see the ball beat the runner by 5 feet It was offline but still got there 1st. And again to me if it were closer I would have given him home but I do not see it that way.. The OP no OBS was called at all. 2 man crew issues yep a lot to cover at that point. I was not there but the OP stated some Fed umps argued because he went home they would award it. I also do not have sound. Is the base coach or dugout urging him to run home too?
  12. Based on the amount of "slowing down" and I do not feel he would have gotten to home safe if he had not been slowed down. My judgement based on the video and replay. and my 2 cents I could be wrong maybe he would have made it, but, what I saw makes me think it would have been a close play at the plate and I cannot say he would be safe at that point. Thus only 3rd.. from there he is on his own.
  13. Based on what I see OBS but only to 3rd I would not give him all the way to the plate. But that is me "monday morning QB" based on what I saw in the video.
  14. I'm going digging because I think LL did put something in last year.. be back in a few.. edit. Well yep found nothing SO far. I think I must have read it in stuff they were proposing for that year. I'm gonna keep digging though.
  15. Should have listed that ironing mistake as a 90+ mph foul ball that the catcher missed.. 😜 Good luck on the sale, A few of them peak my interest,, Just in the fact they are something different. But I cannot as no one else around me has them too. lol
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