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  1. I have no plans on stopping my umpiring at the level I am at. ( LL) and I do not plan on jumping UP at all either. I plan on doing it as long as my legs allow me to.
  2. Great question and example. I can see this actually happening more than once in a blue moon
  3. What was the count? Just kidding, Its a strike he swung and offered at it and missed it.
  4. Ok admittedly I only watched without sound a couple of times I missed the phlem flying portion of it but still. My thing would be in front of kids like that "to turn the other cheek" move away from the guy and put distance between he and I. Not to lay hands on him. That to me for youth sports is too far. You are an example for the kids, to me that was a bad example of how to handle that situation.
  5. Not defending the coach but to me it looked like the ref pushed him to the ice 1st... that should be a firing too should it not?
  6. I have foul as he was not offering at it. no offer = no attempt . Its no different than if he were standing in the box and dove to get out of the way of a pitch and it hit the bat and went foul.
  7. nope just overly cautious college staff
  8. Just had a LL Seminar canceled due to the location that was supposed to host it told everyone NOPE cancelling all events Thank You Covid-19 My opinion Tufts University taking it just a little bit too far, but eh what am I gonna do?
  9. Yes just pointing out that you stated "They must be tagged" while yes they must be tagged at the next base but the option to put them out at the base they left is still an option. I would not want someone who did not know to see what you had written and think "Oh they have to be tagged its the only way to get them out" which well sigh sometimes happens in forums.
  10. If they left early could not the bag they left be tagged as well?
  11. I have heard Chants which were "3-2 what you gonna do walk him walk him" coming from the batting teams side and I stopped that. I said You can cheer on your batter but you cannot be negative towards the opposing teams pitcher. That is unsportsmanlike. Coach agreed and stopped it immediately.
  12. 55$ a month membership to Massage Envy..
  13. If you miss a pitch that's something that is not "In the zone" or it could be in the zone and you called it a ball by mistake that's a missed pitch not adjusting your zone. two totally different issues. You're original statement was about borderline pitches and you suggested basically to widen his zone and call those strikes. thats how I took your statement previously, to me thats not the way to handle it.
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