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  1. This has nearly turned into "Queer eye for the straight guy" material when it comes to do's and don'ts for what to wear while at the plate. 🤣
  2. Their new base path would be from where they were to the next base/plate. Should they have not collided but he slid past the catcher who ( I'll make this up) dove at the sliding runner missed the tag but the ball squirted loose. If the runner gets up and starts to trot to the dugout then turns around realizing or some one tells him he missed the plate, His new base path is from there to the plate. How another runner scoring before him works, That I do not know. I'm thinking it would make it so the runner who slid past lost his chance to touch the plate and an appeal would call him out
  3. So I checked they offer in a heather grey as well as a charcoal grey. I have 6 on my wish list 2 black,blue and charcoal grey
  4. I honestly was not answering the OP I was comparing to the previous poster
  5. So here I am day before doing BU as part of a two man crew for 12U yep that spare bike tire is now a spare harley tire never realize how bad it is till you see a photo
  6. I prefer the champro one https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/A038P/Champro-4-Dial-Optic-Yellow-Steel-Umpire-Indicator-3-2-2-Count But if you want the 3 dial they do one of those too https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/A039P/Champro-3-Dial-Optic-Yellow-Steel-Umpire-Indicator-3-2-2-Count
  7. My thoughts on this past game there were 5 maybe 6 balls I called that could have been strikes in the regular season, But after some more thoughts on it the pitchers were just that bad.
  8. Nope black LUC pads on my black FM4KMAg and Double up on the Charcoal Grey Smittys Bags with the LL Light Blue shirt and a Navy Blue cap Damn I got a pic of me during lineup introductions pointing at fans out in center telling them to move. Whew I need to lose some weight BAD
  9. No Joke I always said to myself I would if I won a large power ball buy property and build a large very nice field with lights and etc here in my town. I'm figuring something around 4 million worth at least So if you ever hear of some nut up here in New Hampster bulding a "field of dreams" well that would prolly be me..
  10. Interesting Statistics Very Interesting When I look for stats on that stuff I look at what the FBI says, Not that the Feds do not lie too but heh, I like the .gov source. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s
  11. Have no tried it yet Does it come in charcoal grey?
  12. D1 All Star Last Elimination game Loser goes home winner takes on the winners bracket for the championship 10U LL So during the normal season I have a more open zone for 10U I go shoulders to bottom of knees and all the way to the inside batters box line, for the opposite box. ( figure a ball and a half off the plate) Last night being an ALL star game I made it what LL is supposed to be armpits to top of knees ( I still call bottom of knees cause I call a little low consistently). Bit damned if it weren't impossible for pitchers to find the dang strike zone..
  13. Honestly yes and I asked here based on the check swing OP and the responses, trying to get more of a conversation going
  14. Based on what I am reading it sounds like R3 scored and the defense attempted an appeal to 3rd, however the appeal throw went out of play. Based on that the run scores and there is no other appeal that can be attempted. Least based on my interpretation of that OP
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