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  1. Been on fields where any throws from F4 or F6 cannot be seen by F3 and had to call a 5 to 10 min break But at the level I do LL both coaches oh yeah its a safety thing. Wait it out, it'll be past in 5 to 10 and we got lights so no big deal
  2. I resemble that remark.. I assure you I am NOT as bad as some here at least in Umpire gear but I do have 2 working sets of stuff. Its all the other EDC stuff I speak of.
  3. He had a count of 1-2 and then kept fouling off pitches each time I thru in a ball and called 1 ball 2 strikes play, So on the 8th time I said "ground hog day play" if you have not seen the movie ground hog day you should
  4. This kinda ties in. Game I had last week batter in the 4th inning was battling hard, 1-2 count and he had fouled off about 9 pitches, On the 8th instead of saying "one ball, two strikes. Play!". I stuck up the ole 1 2 and said "ground hog day, Play" I got about half the parents on both sides laughing with that one.
  5. So to follow up I saw that catcher in another game where I helped my UiC out by doing the bases for him while he was at the plate. last 2 innings "AJ" I see got the gear on and humped behind the plate. WOW I thought kids still in there swinging, AWESOME!! I stopped after the inning and talked to both AJ and the coach told him I was impressed he was keeping at catching and told him I was glad he was not hurt worse and hoped he was healing ok coach was his dad. " Eh nothing a icecream on the way home did not fix, besides he's hardheaded like me cause we are both Italian's"
  6. 21 games scheduled all at LL level split pretty evenly between Minors (8-10) and Majors (10-12) and I have also jumped in and helped my UiC and DA on 3 games where I helped train a couple noobs and helped the UiC as we both enjoy having each other out on the bases once in a while to keep sharp on those areas. To note I did do one intermediate 50/70 scrimmage too Of my 21 scheduled I think 6 have been canceled for weather now. Of the talent on the field I see the 8 to 10's being just that 8 to 10 yr olds not much of a change 10 to 12's well yes there does seem to be 50% or so
  7. Hmm Ok.. I was running this thing of over running 1st turning left but no attempt thru my head, but then again they did not reach 2nd and then go back to 1st so scenario does not apply.. thank you for that rule point out I had never run that scenario into my head. after all why would someone retreat to the previous base LOL, but yeah it happens
  8. What do you wear for an under shirt? I had a particular issue with some of the slick "wicking- compression" shirts allowing my uni shirt to slide up ( for me its in the back ) I ordered the shirt stays but before they arrived I tried a different method. I wear boxer briefs and when putting on my under shirt I always put that shirt over my jock ( which was over my boxer briefs). I found that if I wear the shirt over the boxers and then put the jock over the under shirt the jock band holds my uniform-shirt in place Very Very well now and I do not need the shirt stay
  9. So if a runner rounds third and takes a step towards 2nd they are out if someone with the ball touches the bag? Huh?
  10. Because if this was a defensive player that pulled this bonehead of a moment BR scores. It matters on which team did the INT
  11. Who’s spectating player offensive team or defensive team? Where was BR at time of throw?
  12. ArchAngel72


    I think on a force the 1st baseman is allowed to tag the base with any part of his body, foot, knee, other hand once in possession of the ball. On a force to the bag. Tagging on a non force on the player it had to be with the ball. From ll rules def. A TAG is the action of a fielder in touching a base with the body while holding the ball securely and firmly in the hand or glove; or touching a runner with the ball, or with the hand or glove holding the ball, while holding the ball securely and firmly in the hand or glove. I would question control of the ball being
  13. Scene 1 safe still must be tagged off it once he is safe at the bag. Scene 2 Forced out is forced out no run scores.
  14. The only people I have telling me to do it are UiC’s whom have an average of 20 years of umpiring in LL and both whom have been to multiple trainings and have both conducted trainings. So I guess its just us North Eastern Gentlemen whom care to pause a second and make sure F1 knows the current status of outs and men on base. I mean yeah it wastes a whole 30 seconds at most? Personally I’m just gonna keep doing it cause I stopped after reading all the hub but here and my UiC asked me why I did not. I told him you meanies said its not needed. He said stop reading forums. We do things how
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