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  1. HokieUmp, I'm just north of you up 35 and I was REQUIRED to assign TWO umpires to Shetland for PONY Sectionals (which is before Regionals). PONY actually has a "Foal" division now for 3 and 4 year olds, which because of the age cut off date means 2 and 1/2 year old kids are now playing in an organized division. This was our first year for this program. Every other kid after hitting the ball off the tee would chase the ball him/herself and some would cry if a defender got the ball before he/she did. So far I have fought off any attempts to put umpires at this age group.
  2. We had one get close, about two feet on the fair territory side, so it wasn't controversial. This is a NCAA D3 field. School is hosting a select/travel tournament. The guy that laid down the "line(s)" (who shall remain un-named) wanted to get the lines down the night before, BUT, the school had a "lights out policy" for that night in support of an Astronomy program, so the field lights could not be turned on. He figured he'd done this enough times that he could literally do it in the dark. He got 3B line done just fine. On the 1B line he fell victim to the string getting caught up
  3. Hopefully the image will come through this time. Like I said, might as well fail a second time!
  4. Yes, I actually called games all weekend on this field. If at first you don't succeed, might as well fail a second time.
  5. NavyBlue


    Don't get too excited, the pitcher must "legally deliver the ball" in order to get the strike in (a), (b), and (c). You do get the first strike for (b) without the pitch. One of the things that has always bugged me about this rule is that in (a), (b), and (c) the pitcher must have "stopped or hesitated in his delivery". Is it possible to stop or hesitate and yet still "legally deliver the ball"? If he stops in his delivery doesn't the pitch become illegal and therefore you can never meet the criteria to get the strike for the delivered ball?
  6. Senor Azul, regarding the 2010 Situation 13 caseplay, I thought a base belongs to the runner who last acquired it until he touches his next base, so can R2 "legally" acquire 3B while R3 is still in a rundown? If R3 was NOT tagged out in the caseplay on the rundown but returned to 3B and R2 was also on 3B, and both were tagged while on the base, R2 would be out because he could not legally acquire 3B, right? Therefore, at the instance of interference by R3 during the rundown in the caseplay, 3B becomes open to be acquired (because R3 is now out), but it also seems that at the instance o
  7. My safety concern is the flash distracting the pitcher and him losing just enough control of that pitch such that B1 gets hit by the pitch. "Ma'am, for the safety of the players would you please turn off the flash? Thank you."
  8. FED rules. No, I did not encounter this. Just contemplating rules and this came to mind. Probably never going to happen...I think. IFF is declared, F4 catches the ball (or at least touches it with his glove). Offense claims F4 using illegal glove. You check, and indeed it is illegal. Now what? BR was called out before the ball was touched by the glove, so the glove had nothing to do with the out. Everyone should be awarded three bases per 8-3-3b. What takes precedence, the IFF or the illegal glove?
  9. Would it be considered runner (batter-runner) interference if his follow through hit the catcher and that contact made the catcher unable to run down the line and grab the ball as it rolled fair? It was still in foul territory and called foul in the OP so the play is dead, but what if the BU had not called it foul and what I proposed had happened? Would this be an example of the OP's question about interference with no one on base? Thanks.
  10. I got a specific confirmation e-mail from them last year so look for that shortly.
  11. I believe the team can refuse to advance on the balk. OBR 5.06(b)(3) "Each runner, other than the batter, MAY without liability to be put out, advance one base when: (A) There is a balk." Doesn't state that they have to.
  12. I understand experience is the best teacher and it takes time. Even though I may have called every pitch correctly, it's just awkward discussing pitches with a partner and not having the pitching lexicon to say, "Yes, that last pitch in the top of the sixth was a great (fill in the blank) ball", or being asked, "How's that pitcher's (fill in the blank) ball?" Asking the catcher what was just thrown doesn't do much for your credibility either. Will just be patient and keep working to develop ability to recognize the pitches. Appreciate the help.
  13. Is there a good reference (training presentation, book, or video) that effectively explains or shows, 1) what pitches look like from the umpire’s perspective, and 2) what pitches to expect based on both the batter’s count and positioning of the catcher? Most videos are about how to throw the pitch and the ones that do address the delivery path from catcher or umpire GoPros are not always clear enough to give a good view of ball movement nor are they aligned with the umpires’ eyes (most with catcher's mask), and most are shot for fun and not for instructional purposes. Havin
  14. I have both. Bought the 6 inch. Didn't like it, stuck too far out of shirt pocket. Bought the 5 inch, fits nicely. Get the 5 inch.
  15. Welcome to Texas, Hokie. Prayers on the way.
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