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  1. "ARE YOU ACCUSING ME OF CHEATING?" This would appear to be a confrontational and even rhetorical question. If you want to eject him based on his answer, then you might as well do it now.
  2. Looks like he was trying to duck under the throw, but intent isn't an element.
  3. The USSSA FP wording is: Sec 18. Any runner is out when the runner (O.) Is detected passing an unobstructed preceding runner before such runner is out (including awarded bases). So once the appeal is made, and the runner was out, you can pass them all you want without penalty.
  4. flyingron

    Tagging up

    I assume you by "called out" that the defense made an appeal by either throwing to the base or tagging the runner. This is a "time play" so it comes down to whether the runner who scored (presumably the runner who started on third) crossed the plate before the appeal was made.
  5. [QUOTE]Never take your eye off the ball[/QUOTE]
  6. For a second there I thought we had a 106 run baseball game.
  7. It the umps have been doing this, it's just that the directors and the guys with the microphones are doing a much better job of putting it on the TV feeds.
  8. It's been pretty consistent in the playoffs. I'm wondering if their was some formal guidance on this. Maybe with the prevelence of the guys pointing the directional mikes at the umps (I suspect these are the guys holding the large plastic dishes down on the foul line right behind the ballgirl typically) seeing how popular it seems to be with the TV audience.
  9. Obviously the ump had declared control had occurred by ending the game. It's over at that point.
  10. Ya think they'd have agreed to pull the plug on the thing earlier on in the game. We've done similar things when our automated scoring in NASCAR took a dump and we resorted to the old school method. Presumably the "home plate computer parrot" still knows how to call balls and strikes?
  11. Who's forcing the batter/runner? The definition is "runner loses his right ot occupy a base by reason of the batter becoming a runner."
  12. Depends what you mean by "turn left." Any move toward second is considered as an attempt to go there rather than returning first under the overrun rule. If steps toward second, he loses the overrun protection. If he's just turning 180 degrees to go back to first, it doesn't matter which way he rotates.
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