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  1. flyingron

    Live ball

    And they may still not. Thousandths of a second maybe within the error range of the timing devices. The lower number in that place may just be randomness.
  2. flyingron

    Game 4, NLDS

    Don't see anything in the Nationals Park or general ground rules on this. The closest is that: A ball lodging behind or under canvas on field tarpaulin is out of play. similarly: A batted or thrown ball lodging in the rotating signage behind home plate or along the first base or third base stands is out of play.
  3. I was expecting the Naked Gun dustbuster scene.
  4. https://deadspin.com/red-sox-and-rangers-cast-aside-all-dignity-in-battle-ov-1838506027
  5. OK, agreed. I see what you are saying now. The fielder needs to be off the bag for that to work.
  6. Then it would not be "via force out."
  7. 5.05(b)(2) covers this. If he swings at it or the ball is in the strike zone when it hits him, it's dead and a strike.
  8. Even little leaguers know this. If you're trying for a double play via force out, you need to throw the ball to third then to second.
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