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  1. Close Call Sports did their usual good coverage of this: https://www.closecallsports.com/2021/05/umpires-call-as-dozier-and-abreu.html
  2. If it hadn't been caught looks like there might have been interference on F2. BR ran into the catchers glove hand as he was fielding the fly,.
  3. In most rule sets, it is specifically called out as "batter put out before reaching first." While it's essentially a force play, they list it seperately.
  4. There's definitely a problem. R2 wasn't the obstructed runner. He was out and should leave the field. Even if he were obstructed, then he could stay and NOT be out. There's no way he can be called out and stay on the field.
  5. The way I'm reading it is R1 was put out at second base (FC is fielder's choice presumably, means nothing to the umps, but the scorekeeper will care). BR is the one tangled up at first. R2 continues to third and home. R1 was the "runner who is out" that was put back on base.
  6. Or tegwar if you want a baseball book/movie reference (Bang The Drum Slowly): You don't know how to play tegwar? Stands for "The Exciting Game Without Any Rules."
  7. OBR says: APPROVED RULING: When the batter is touched by a pitched ball which does not entitle him to first base, the ball is dead and no runner may advance.
  8. I think me meant by "lack of requiring a tag" that the out can be made by tagging the base alone, such as either with a force play or an appeal. This is opposed to making a non-appeal out on an advancing (unforced) runner, where you have to tag.
  9. Perhaps they feel (though I disagree) that replay has obviated the need for a further level of protest.
  10. It changed in the 2021 rules. It's been covered by the sports press. I found the link for the new rules (why MLB still has the old one, I do not know)... https://pressbox.athletics.com/Publications/MLB Media Guides/MLB Publications/2021 Official Baseball Rules.pdf
  11. JIM is right if I understand the situation. Tagging a runner is an appeal in itself. Standing on the base only helps if it's the base you're supposed to return to.
  12. flyingron


    Not interference (that is when the runner interferes with the defensive player), but obstruction. From the men's slow pitch rules: The definition of OBSTRUCTION: A. Obstruction is the act of a fielder while not in possession of the ball, or not in the act of fielding a batted ball or taking a proper position to receive a thrown ball (thrown ball must already be in flight) which impedes the progress of a runner who is legally running the bases. And the applicable penalty: E. When he is obstructed by a fielder between the bases or as he rounds a base, unless the fielder
  13. The question about what happened to the runners (or what might have happened with a different ruling) in the previous post.
  14. Only one out. Even with the BR out, the R3 easily scores. Had there been two outs he wouldn't. Despite the play-by-play argument, it looks like he was planting both feet in fair territory all the way down the line.
  15. “He was definitely not egregiously running inside the line,” said Maddon, who went on the field to argue the non-reviewable call. “It looked like he was right on the line from where I was at. Furthermore, it was a good play by Greinke. Just try to hit the runner in the back. You almost always get the call.”
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