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  1. How about eighteen months of umpiring prison ballgames.
  2. I used to live there, but I got better. Spent a few years as a Rutgers Administrator.
  3. Note NJ is a bit odd with their definition of crimes. There's really only Assault/Aggravated assault. The qualifications (youth sports, etc...) just determine what the degree of crime is. The degree here isn't describing the assault but the severity of the crime (what NJ calls felonies, misdemeanors are disorderly person offenses). Causing or threatening bodily harm to a youth sports official is always at least a crime of the fourth degree. Aggravated assault (which is a third degree crime) requires either extreme indifference to the value of human life), or a firearm, or be directed against a LEO, FIRE, EMS, or other listed school/government employee. Third degree crimes are 3-5 years and/or $15000. Fourth degree crimes are 9-18 months (though jail is usually unlikely unless there's something else going on) and/or $10000 fine. Pretrial intervention is available. Both are "felonies" under federal and laws of other states with the incumbent bars on gun posession, etc..
  4. The municipality can't ban concealed carry from the park but the league almost certainly can ban them from participation in the game. The concealed carry law doesn't preempt the rules of the game.
  5. The only thing I've seen recently along those lines (and it did show up on CCS involving the Yankees) was not the three batter minimum, but whether the manager could make a second trip to the mound to switch the pitcher. This is allowed because there was a pitch hitter announced prior to the 5.10(l)(4) says the manager can go to the mound a second time to change the pitcher. He had pitched to five batters at that point, so that wasn't the problem. https://www.closecallsports.com/2022/06/ask-uefl-16-minute-pitching-change-or.html#more
  6. The batter becomes a runner as soon as the umpire calls ball four. He's just free to go to first without liability to be put out.
  7. flyingron


    If the ball kills the runner, is it dead?
  8. Actually, they did have a team, but they didn't wear the hoods (at least not while playing).
  9. Often the umpire will drop in a new ball just for expedience while the catcher gives him the current one. The ump looks at it and either puts it back in his bag or tosses it aside.
  10. Not sure which exactly USSSA ruleset you are under but the ones I'm familiar with is that you can't us intimidate, bait, or taunt (and obviously profanity is out). Of course there are the general "not behaving in the manner of fair play" or "commit unsporting acts." Frankly, I agree this is probably an overreaction, but once you're warned, you need to tone it down as requested. You may wish to follow up with the tournament people as to what is permitted.
  11. This is tangentially related to a question asked last week. The pitcher lineup card rule exception applies only to extra innings or six run or more blowouts. No player on the lineup card other than those designated as Two-Way players or pitchers by the Club may appear in a championship season or postseason game as a pitcher, except that any player may appear as a pitcher following the 9th inning of an extra inning game, or in any game in which his team is losing or winning by equal to or more than 6 runs when the player enters as a pitcher; provided, however, that any player added to the Active List as a 27th Player prior to September 1 shall not count toward the maximum of 13 pitchers
  12. The following is for USSSA softball, but I think it's pretty typical: There's no penalty for the fielder touching the orange side of the base. During a normal play, it's just as if the orange stuff wasn't there. They were off the bag in foul territory and they aren't tagging the base. There are three exceptions to that rule: EXCEPTIONS: The defense and batter runner can use either portion when: 1. The ball is thrown from the foul side of first base line. 2. On any force out attempt from the foul side of first base. 3. On any fair batted ball or errant throw that pulls the defense to foul territory. You'd have to decide if #3 applies in your situation.
  13. Actually, the pace has picked up when they cut down substantially the time between inning halfs. This will remain until the TV/Radio people demand more commercial time. Right now, the game restarts pretty quickly after the two minutes of commercial break expires. You need not just a pitch timer but a batter timer/counter as well. Most of the delay in my opinion is excessive time out of the batter's box by the offense, rather than slow pitching.
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